My 50 Cal Exploded

“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Ladda ner



  • Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

    Kentucky BallisticsKentucky Ballistics19 dagar sedan
    • 🙏🏿🙌🏿

      Nino MartinezNino Martinez2 dagar sedan
    • @༆ How? He said it himself, there was no way of knowing that the round was at hot as it was.

      Mason HernandezMason Hernandez4 dagar sedan
    • Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load

      Been WashedupBeen Washedup5 dagar sedan
    • I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

      Paul AlejandroPaul Alejandro18 dagar sedan
    • That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

      theyetirulrstheyetirulrs19 dagar sedan
  • God has nothing to do with this. This is the talented and devoted work of the doctors and nurses

    Oliver ColeOliver Cole9 minuter sedan
  • "I think God is trying to tell you some-um".

    Markus PatientsMarkus Patients11 minuter sedan
  • Thank God for your thumb and thank God for healing.

    Trina TylerTrina Tyler12 minuter sedan
  • I got my shirts today! Really well made and I will sport them with pride! Glad your good buddy

    1997TL10001997TL100013 minuter sedan
  • God bless you. You're grown and Dad is still there for you. Big hero God had protecting you.👍

    Jose CaraballoJose Caraballo19 minuter sedan

    khood5595khood559523 minuter sedan
  • Modern medicine is amazing and the people that provided u care are not god just professional that can do unreal things.

    none ofyourbiznone ofyourbiz31 minut sedan
  • And that my friends is why you ALWAYS wear safety glasses while shooting

    Chase JohnsonChase Johnson36 minuter sedan
  • Jesus this man belongs in the Guinness book of world record best damn ballistics man ever I know that hurt it’s time to retire now u definitely made some badass video salute

    brent whitisbrent whitis40 minuter sedan
  • Glad you're still here.

    Brett GrimwoodBrett Grimwood42 minuter sedan
  • Nothing to do with god mate, you had luck on your side and a good medical team. Best wishes from Australia xx

    AlanGBAlanGB45 minuter sedan
  • GOD is great...!

    Mehedi HasanMehedi Hasan46 minuter sedan
  • Amen brother 🙏

    AndrewAndrew48 minuter sedan
  • Maybe things like this wouldn't happen if you weren't able to buy such powerful rounds.

    Sam WalkerSam Walker54 minuter sedan
  • Thank God your still here

    Mike OxlongMike Oxlong58 minuter sedan
  • Aman praise God

    Hunter LaffertyHunter Lafferty58 minuter sedan
  • Scott no fingers

    Sam WalkerSam WalkerTimme sedan
  • Scott, did the first blown 'ear' tear across your jugular and down into your chest .. (to be removed later in the hospital)?!

    Pixie PostcardPixie PostcardTimme sedan
  • Thank you for explaining this event, we were all devastated to see it unfold. Very happy you are on the mend.

    DiamondplateDiamondplateTimme sedan
  • Can your dad do a video on his fitness/weight routine?

    TheDoublelouisTheDoublelouisTimme sedan
  • Glad you made it through . Be careful next time boss!!

    Alaa HusseinAlaa HusseinTimme sedan
  • Thank goodness your gunna be ok!

    Chris RussellChris RussellTimme sedan
  • Thank God that he saved you from this serious incident. Pls recover as fast as you can.

    Kangaroo GangsterKangaroo GangsterTimme sedan
  • I hope thats never happened again to you !!!

    Tomasz MichalskiTomasz MichalskiTimme sedan
  • Epic story. FYI The jugular vein does not send blood to your brain it recovers it all veins lead to the heart. Hopefully someone in the hospital didn’t tell you that because that would be scary not knowing that information

    Ferdinand RooneyFerdinand RooneyTimme sedan
  • Ur Father was at the right place at the right time. What are we thinking for a Father’s Day gift? Ford Raptor? Ram Longhorn?

    frank columbofrank columboTimme sedan
  • gun looks like a homemade pipe gun compared to the barrett .50,no wonder it exploded with your choice of ammo.

    catsaretastycatsaretastyTimme sedan
  • Glad to see you are still with us. I will be bringing your thumb with me now😁

    snowskier13snowskier13Timme sedan
  • Happy that your survived this and that you're healing at a 'wolverine rate' ...

    Reddman67Reddman67Timme sedan
  • My Question to you after watching this video the first time was, "Did you pack your own rounds or did someone make them for you?" My Question went unanswered... You fired three rounds; First round seemed normal; Second round(a little more hotter); Third round(a little more explosive). So I did some research... what could have done this? Hey GOOGLE (you know that little speak into the phone feature) what is the most flammable substance on EARTH?" Here was my second search, "Hey Google what is the most explosive substance on EARTH?". HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF DOING THE SAME?

    Richard GladleRichard GladleTimme sedan
  • 👍🏽

    Chris WilliamsChris WilliamsTimme sedan
  • I’m glad you’re going to be ok!!

    SUTB: Anti-Bullying OrganizationSUTB: Anti-Bullying OrganizationTimme sedan
  • Damn, literally unreal. Glad your still up here with us brother!

    Oregon LifeOregon LifeTimme sedan
  • honestly you gotta give it to the medical staff

    Spector_2612Spector_2612Timme sedan
  • So glad your okay, blessed that's what you are! Just wasn't your time, thank God! Maybe buy6 some normal AMO and chill on that super stuff! Namaste

    Cali GCali GTimme sedan
  • You need to own this severe error in judgment. "rare, very old, no way to ever know what has happened over time"(to the ammo) and it wasn't your fault. Extreme bad judgment is clear, the question is, is it a genetic flaw or a "yall watch this" manly man stupid judgment. No body in their right mind should chamber that round in anything. 3 tour combat vet retired, FF/EMT retired. I am surprised you haven't put on SAPI plates and had somebody shoot you with a high power round- but I would bet you have thought of it!

    David HalopoffDavid HalopoffTimme sedan
  • Get a scale (0.001) and weigh your big loads. Find the average and use a bullet puller to remove excess powder. The round that got ya had more than 1.5x the correct powder load. 3 or 4 grains variance is fine. 60 grains, uh uhh. That's a no go.

    TracybemeTracybemeTimme sedan
  • Hope you will be alright you are my favorite SEslow and I’m thankful you are still here

    Blaine SmithBlaine SmithTimme sedan
  • Ahh damn it hit your neck there?! Cant believe your still alive mine

    ThePsychoCatThePsychoCatTimme sedan
  • I need to invest in that table

    Ramzie PhillipsRamzie PhillipsTimme sedan
    • Legends say its the same table wich saved hitler

      janjanTimme sedan
  • I thought veins carried blood back to the heart to be resupplied with oxygen and arteries carry oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body.

    DaleI founf DaleDaleI founf Dale2 timmar sedan
  • Now just figure out how to properly erase that hot ammo from the face of the earth You had me tearing up man, glad you're here God bless

    Tiger Tan TitanTiger Tan Titan2 timmar sedan
  • Glad your okay brother! Just know god has your back always 🙂

    Stratus ToxicStratus Toxic2 timmar sedan
  • Man, that was hard to watch. I don't know what brand safety glasses you wear, but this video should be their only commercial from this point on. Glad to hear that you're on the mend. Praise God for keeping his hand on you and your dad.

    Caleb GibsonCaleb Gibson2 timmar sedan
  • Glad you're ok! Ordered a shirt! Thanks for my new saying! Stick a thumb in it! One lucky dude! The Good Lord looking out for you!

    Joyce JohnsonJoyce Johnson2 timmar sedan
  • Dude you r sick

    Oliver FletcherOliver Fletcher2 timmar sedan
  • NO brasil esse video rodou muiiito

    itamagoshiitamagoshi2 timmar sedan
  • Why exactly does slap 1 show the shot, but when you shoot slap 2 it does not show anything at all, when you show the clip in slowmotion slap 1 looks the same but slap 2 goes up in flames? They both appeared the same.

    amano uzakiamano uzaki2 timmar sedan
  • of course it exploded. Kentucky + Guns + Southern Hick = Disaster. LOL

    wakajumbawakajumba2 timmar sedan
  • Thumbs up to you! god bless

    tie oneontie oneon2 timmar sedan
  • Wow glad that you are able to share the story. Good luck recovering.

    Triple ATriple A2 timmar sedan
  • Scott - 1 ::: .50 cal - 0 WINNING!

    James PayneJames Payne2 timmar sedan
  • I guess making a gun with threaded cap pointing straight at your face isn't the best idea

    Ferd The TerdFerd The Terd2 timmar sedan
  • Unbelievable... God was watching over you bro.. sadly he wasn't watching when you fired lol

    Ω Ohm's Law ΩΩ Ohm's Law Ω2 timmar sedan
  • the force absorbed by shearing off the ears lessened the impact of that big cap

    Mike WhiteheadMike Whitehead3 timmar sedan
  • Got to tell you as a husband and father, my eyes were welling up, when you were having the talk with your wife before the surgery. Thanks for giving God the glory. No end to His love and goodnesses.

    Commander Peck94802Commander Peck948023 timmar sedan
  • Happy you alive brother 💯

    B YB Y3 timmar sedan
  • Prayers brother.... God's speed!

    Jim LishJim Lish3 timmar sedan
  • Thanks to your dad....!!!, Father's Day is coming ....!!!

    Parrot SarnosoParrot Sarnoso3 timmar sedan
  • Please gift me pistol

    BB-ONG TVBB-ONG TV3 timmar sedan
  • Jeez, the shrapnel in the throat is gnarly. The survival instincts were top-notch. Shows the importance of safety measures and quality ammo

    dik2bikdik2bik3 timmar sedan
  • Safety glasses completely did their job.

    Ronnie WilsonRonnie Wilson3 timmar sedan
  • i hope you are healing well pleas take it esy

    Ronnie LenoRonnie Leno3 timmar sedan
  • Seems like it was worth shooting a useless round! FIND ANOTHER HOBBY!

    Stand AloneStand Alone3 timmar sedan
  • Lot of us can talk about having reloads we've bought doing damage or even new rounds as small as .22's exploding but this story is a life lesson. Sabotaged rounds, possibly? At any rate glad for you and your family that you made it!

    Steven CurleySteven Curley3 timmar sedan
  • Wow!!! I normally do not leave comments or subscribe to videos. I have to do both. That is such a scary story. That is a really scary story. God was definitely looking out for you that day. I would give your dad two thumbs up for keeping his cool and helping you get to the hospital but under the circumstances I would say one thumb up and one thumb in might be more fitting. Seriously though God Bless you and your family!

    Justin BatchelorJustin Batchelor3 timmar sedan
  • If god healed you then why did you need doctors?

    YiotisYiotis3 timmar sedan
  • God saved you for some reason brother, and that's your family. May you be with them forever. ❤️

    Azaab YTAzaab YT3 timmar sedan
  • Damn. Dunno why this was recommended as I'm from the UK and have no interest in guns but I'm glad you're OK!

    William WynWilliam Wyn3 timmar sedan
  • Would have made a great boxer

    JohnnoJohnno3 timmar sedan
  • God bless you man... 🙏... its a blessing you are here bro.

    Andrew GortonAndrew Gorton3 timmar sedan
  • Good ?

    Storm MørchStorm Mørch4 timmar sedan
  • garanteed u have life insurance and a wife

    gone elsewheregone elsewhere4 timmar sedan
  • Dude, you should be in the advertisement for any proper professional safety glasses, its 100% proof they can take a serious beating and wont break. But hell you been lucky, massive credits to your dad and your proper training, anyone ever use guns should have such proper background or just watch what can go wrong.

    karremaniakarremania4 timmar sedan
  • Glad your okay🙏🏼

    Owin RileyOwin Riley4 timmar sedan
  • that is insane that your barret blow up glad your still here

    darknessdarkness4 timmar sedan
  • I can't imagine the pain you're in

    Che NanaChe Nana4 timmar sedan
  • You are strong man

    vikky sonivikky soni4 timmar sedan
  • 2nd youtuber injured by 50 cal Let’s drop .50 cals guys! I love guns but it’s not worth it! There’s not much use for such a caliber in civilian use

    Hayden RoyerHayden Royer4 timmar sedan
  • Hope you heal up man realy fast. All The best from sweden!

    Hillgrens Måleri&SnickeriHillgrens Måleri&Snickeri4 timmar sedan
  • Thank god for safety glasses or you might’ve lost an eye or 2! I posted that mid video prior to you mentioning the awesomeness of safety glasses

    Hayden RoyerHayden Royer4 timmar sedan
  • WOW!!! God Bless man, NEVER give up!!! And Never stop doing what you love.

    Mike FuMike Fu4 timmar sedan
  • The motionless libra spontaneously crush because open morally smell about a new competition. groovy, royal july

    Thought RankThought Rank4 timmar sedan
  • SUE..!!! Glad you are fine.:)

    Casper BeckCasper Beck4 timmar sedan
  • Gave me chills!!! You don't look like what you went through, stay blessed!!!!

    Raechelle McfaddenRaechelle Mcfadden5 timmar sedan
  • Sometimes old rounds have been jostled around to the point the powder is broken up. The burn rate goes up with finer granules and increases pressure.

    wlsonomawlsonoma5 timmar sedan
  • "If it wasn't for god, I wouldn't be standing here" - kind of downplaying the role your doctors (and other medical professionals) played in your recovery, don't you think?

    Kevin LyonsKevin Lyons5 timmar sedan
  • where i am from we call those kind of bullets a DUMMY ,not true the second bullet gave you a warning ! but ego and youtube took over !

    scroeffiescroeffie5 timmar sedan
  • I'm going to through in my two cents worth in. I am a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Three, (CW3). I have been around many .50 BMG Caliber weapons like the M2, M85 and sub caliber devices that are designed to fire .50 BMG rounds through Main Guns on tanks for training purposes. The ones that I am more familiar with were bolt action. Sometime in 2004 I got into a conversation with a manufacturer concerning S.L.A.P. Rounds that were acting irregularly. His complaint was that the rounds being fired through the barrel of his sub caliber training device were all over the target and not grouping like they should. He was not having any trouble with Ball or AP rounds just the S.L,.A.P rounds. Watching the footage of the S.L.A.P. rounds reminded me of this conversation. I also heard through my sources at APG's Ordnance Center & School that the troops in the field were also experiencing lack of accuracy. I did not hear of any BMG's failing catastrophically. I believe that the problem is in the SLAP round and not the gun.

    cannoneer155mmcannoneer155mm5 timmar sedan
  • Please stay safe brother

    Antoine ClémentAntoine Clément5 timmar sedan
  • broken orbital bone....broken nose....facial surgery....lacerated jugular....hole in lung.....chest open up....hand screwed up............YEP...........god is can i go get me some of gods goodness..................never understand that part..........................sincerely glad your alive brother

    Harry RobertsonHarry Robertson5 timmar sedan
  • At 18:54, who put an onion around me...

    Samfan SamuelfanaiSamfan Samuelfanai5 timmar sedan
  • Lmfao this is like a cartoon ad for why high powered weapons should not be in the hands of regular folk.

    Andrew SaizAndrew Saiz5 timmar sedan
  • God bless he’s still here

    That Kid TXNThat Kid TXN5 timmar sedan
  • Glad you lived, I can't imagine the fear your dad had seeing that. Moral of the story, always check your ammo, I had my 270 blowback and pepper my eye and cheek with burning powder, no safety glasses. But the shock of the incident really had me gun shy for a few months.

    Eric JueEric Jue5 timmar sedan
    • I should note the 270 win. Malfunction I experienced was 100% due to buying reloaded rounds from a friend who bought them from another friend, If I had weighed the round I probably would have seen it was double loaded.

      Eric JueEric Jue5 timmar sedan
  • That was inspiring you stood hard God bless

    Travelling TechnoTravelling Techno5 timmar sedan
  • GREAT reminder to USE SAFETY GLASSES! :-)

    The BS ShowThe BS Show5 timmar sedan
  • god bless dude, thank you always for ur content

    Hardeep kalarHardeep kalar5 timmar sedan
  • You are a very lucky man, God was with you all the time Praise The Lord God was with your father also

    Carl BairCarl Bair5 timmar sedan