As many of you have guessed, the big news is that we're moving! We're moving from Chicago, IL to somewhere east of Atlanta, GA. The move is happing in ONE MONTH so its going to be intense!
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  • Duuuude when I started watching your channel I remember getting excited everytime you posted a new built or bought its crazy seeing how far you've come

    Infinite_strikerInfinite_striker5 dagar sedan
  • I have been reinvigorating my interest in old Volvos with V8 swaps (I used to have an 1988 740 with a 302HO) and just started watching your videos. Now I find out that I live about 30 minutes from where you lived in IL, but you bailed and now are in a better state. Oh well, if you're ever back in the Chicago area with the 240, I would love to see it. I'll even trade you some good barbecue for a ride.

    Bryan WhiteBryan White6 dagar sedan
  • Super hyped you will be in Georgia you should definitely do some videos in chattanooga I’ll most definitely show up to meets!

    Will DavisWill Davis6 dagar sedan
  • The Gingium Compund when?

    Dan LazaroDan Lazaro16 dagar sedan
  • Not being able to use fun cars during winter... I'm guessing there might not be a lot of stuff around winter cars then? Folks tend to make winter cars here if they're car builders, that or their fun car has a winter mode with ice race tires, as there are track days on frozen lakes here. (Here being Norway.) Volvo 240 being a popular ice racer, I know mine goes sideways in fun ways, though I had to swap to studless winter tires, as I kept throwing the studs out of my studded tires from wheelspin. :P Though I'm unsure about your area, as I don't know which parts of the US have some similar habits about winter driving as here, using actual winter tires and the such, instead of trusting useless M+S tires, they do not work well in winter.

    VampyrMyggVampyrMygg19 dagar sedan
  • "Georgia, is gonna be nice all year" 😂😂 Oh buddy, your gonna love the humidity... and the pollen count... and the 4 seasons every day

    Melessio QuarlesMelessio Quarles21 dag sedan
  • Good move amigo the car scene her is absolutely bonkers bro you’ll never get bored here fam you definitely have to visit us down south in Warner Robins for sure

    Juan FloJuan Flo21 dag sedan
  • Moved from Illinois to Georgia about 18 years ago. It's the right move. Don't want to dox you but will you be near Columbus?

    Ben LastnameBen Lastname21 dag sedan
  • Of all the places georgia? Lol And hell nah, never Seattle, we're full and plus it's very expensive.

    Tyler DoepkerTyler Doepker21 dag sedan
  • awesome to see ya keep movin up.. been here since some of the forza stuff maybe a year before you actually started to work on cars in the parents place. Keep it going and hope GA treats you well. cheers.

    Chi GuyChi Guy22 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to GA, Fellow IL transplant myself.

    Mykal AnstromMykal Anstrom22 dagar sedan
  • Georgia boys welcome you.

    Markus PeekMarkus Peek23 dagar sedan
  • We'll be happy to have ya in this great state!

    IllIlIlllIIlIlIlIllIlIlllIIlIlIl24 dagar sedan
  • Another guy still here from Forza! 🤟

    JLJJLJ25 dagar sedan
  • so you're gonna be three hours away from me! GOOD!

    Gasper BellGasper Bell25 dagar sedan
  • Lets goooooooooo!!!!

    Zachary SaundersZachary Saunders26 dagar sedan
  • hey man, i live there. help me fix my s430 benz.

    Jerz BeatzJerz Beatz27 dagar sedan
  • No matter what anyone tells you, youll never get used to the heat and humidity. But it will be pretty cool to actually see that Rally Miata at Caffeine and Octane at some point!

    paul robertspaul roberts27 dagar sedan
  • You will have more freedoms and better weather!!

    Spanners Auto & Computer RepairsSpanners Auto & Computer Repairs27 dagar sedan
  • Good luck brother! Also been here since the Forza days 🤘

    Michael DessureaultMichael Dessureault27 dagar sedan
  • Make sure you get disaster insurance down there

    Domenic PallottaDomenic Pallotta27 dagar sedan
  • Really hope to see you at caffeine and octane here in Atlanta

    Hemin BhattHemin Bhatt27 dagar sedan
  • wishing you all the best and look forward to your vids

    dvsn23dvsn2327 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t realize you were in St. Charles, right next door to me! Congrats on the move, it’s gonna be sick. FYI you’re content this year has been amazing despite what you say 😂 Been binge watching your Volvo project lol

  • I’m excited for you brother!! ...side note, Axel got FAT!! Lol

    Dean WellsDean Wells28 dagar sedan
  • You moving to walton county??

    Gk GamurotGk Gamurot28 dagar sedan
  • Collaboration with thatdudeinblue?!

    Malik BoldenMalik Bolden28 dagar sedan
  • Mopar boys ruined it for us down here. Many counties are now targeting all modified cars because of the takeovers so gotta be careful where you move

    Chris CybulskiChris Cybulski28 dagar sedan
  • how much the cat?

    Michael FernandezMichael Fernandez28 dagar sedan
  • I remember watching the drag racing forza builds. Man you are inspirational. much love

    NisusNisus28 dagar sedan
  • Adam LZ has a sick compound, with some housing. Maybe a viable option.

    NisusNisus28 dagar sedan
  • Come on down to Georgia

    The Beige WonderThe Beige Wonder28 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to the moving and shop setup videos

    WiLLWiLL28 dagar sedan
  • Sweet. Take Molly to AMP, CMP, VIR, Road Atlanta, etc.. Lots of racetracks within reasonable towing distance in the SouthEast. Downside?? E85 is harder to come by. Get used to tuning on 93.

    ch_chonech_chone28 dagar sedan
  • first of all, my english is not good. i've been here for a long time and i really miss your game videos, i hope you can bring back a few content

    Andres Felipe Caicedo CorredorAndres Felipe Caicedo Corredor28 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to the neighborhood. Try to avoid the fast food by TDIB's shop. Most of it is gross.

    Russell BastionRussell Bastion28 dagar sedan
  • I just moved 1800 miles away from Cali, best decision I ever made - goodluck bro, can't wait to see what the move brings

    The Dank FarmerThe Dank Farmer28 dagar sedan
  • I moved from Buffalo, NY to South Carolina and I’ll just warn you now about the pollen. Holy shit the pollen down south. Woof. The allergies down here are different too. Just a FYI

    ODC DATSMEODC DATSME29 dagar sedan
  • smh all these northerners and Commifornians moving to the south / texas better not ruin it

    Javier EstradaJavier Estrada29 dagar sedan
  • What do you mean you can't drive your fun cars in the winter? We Finns do it all the time.

    Topias SalakkaTopias Salakka29 dagar sedan
  • Give away the ralliata and use that money to take your next build to the next level!!!

    adam theissadam theiss29 dagar sedan
  • Come to caffeine and octane and meet everyone in the miata club!! We do cruises after the car show together in the Georgia Mountains!! Would love to have a fellow miata enthusiast come along!!

    Chandler MottChandler Mott29 dagar sedan
  • Yo I would support you but I’m trynna support myself rn😂. I believe in you

    Stephen B.Stephen B.29 dagar sedan
  • I wish you both success and happines, now that you're thinking bigger, would you like to build a bigg ass off road lifted super truck?? Texas style haha

    Ricardo GomezRicardo Gomez29 dagar sedan
  • Hey man been a huge follower for years, just started my own SEslow channel and would love to do a collab with you, I also live in Georgia, check out the channel and maybe hit me up if you’re interested! Hope to see you around!

    Southbound.ScrapingSouthbound.Scraping29 dagar sedan
  • As a GA local, unless you wanna live in "not so nice" ATL or the sticks, don't move east of ATL! There's some nice neighborhoods close to the city, but they suffer from the hellish traffic problem you'll grow familiar with around here. Look north of a line from Athens to Lawrenceville to Kennesaw and south of a line from Cartersville to Dahlonega back to Athens. Still is suburban enough to have nice things, but suburban/rural enough to not suffer from the HORRENDOUS ATL traffic. Just "bad" ATL traffic ;)

    Ryan NickumRyan Nickum29 dagar sedan
  • My name is Hunter and I'm moving 30 minutes south of Atlanta in a few months so I high fived my screen.

    HunterHunter29 dagar sedan
  • Ohhhh fuck yeah. Hope to run into you in Atlanta

    MoMoMånad sedan
  • Ayy, I'm in Georgia, welcome to the team!

    Aaron T.Aaron T.Månad sedan
  • Like most people who live in high taxed states it's more financially viable do to so....

    frestkdfrestkdMånad sedan
  • Wait until you see the atrocious health insurance in Georgia, it's a fun time.

    ian raschian raschMånad sedan
  • man it’s sad to leave you leave st. charles where i saw you ripping around the streets before.. but good luck with the move!

    cole maahscole maahsMånad sedan
  • I know u don’t read these but I need u to link up with me I live in Georgia and I need a tig welder for my Subaru exhaust I’ll pay u

    Ameer KarimAmeer KarimMånad sedan
  • You're moving to my time zone now!

    Demitrius GrantDemitrius GrantMånad sedan
  • Welcome to GA

    pokythornespokythornesMånad sedan
  • Can you please bring back the FC RX7 please i really miss the car...

    Muji_ DujiMuji_ DujiMånad sedan
  • dude I have been wanting to move to Atlanta and then you go and move there! I gotta save up but I'll be there soon!

    Derpy CandycaneDerpy CandycaneMånad sedan
  • greetings from germany, best content already. looking forward to georgia, good luck!!

    GhOsT _526GhOsT _526Månad sedan
  • You should grow a beard my man it would be lit af

    luke pmluke pmMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: I live in Georgia and I bought my 3 bedroom house on an acre of land for $80,000. The further from Atlanta you are the cheaper the prices get but, the internet gets worse about 30 miles out of any major city.

    TehGonTehGonMånad sedan
  • Sad to see you leave especially because you were the closest SEslowr to me, but so so excited to see how the move grows the channel!

    Michael DavisMichael DavisMånad sedan
  • Yooooooo, he’s gonna live decently close to me! Lets goo! Maybe he can show me where some good tuners are lmao

    Rusty RetardRusty RetardMånad sedan
  • Love you bro, yall got this. We will be here

    xSatansCat TwitchxSatansCat TwitchMånad sedan
  • Congrats. Only been to Chicago once and I can't say I ever want to go back. NC native and now live in TN. GA is one of my favorites too... Best of luck to you.

    Alex PopeAlex PopeMånad sedan
  • 💀💀💀💀that shop is bigger than my house☠️☠️☠️

    Bean GarnerBean GarnerMånad sedan
  • Congratulations on the upcoming changes!!

    196BOSS 429196BOSS 429Månad sedan
  • The Athens area is a great place to start looking if you haven't already found a place.

    Gus PlymaleGus PlymaleMånad sedan
  • Who else has been here since the forza days???

    Chantz ShookChantz ShookMånad sedan
  • is it because of water... for the votes?

    Czarek PCzarek PMånad sedan
  • Can you please make a video of how to locate a rental garage/ shop? And the break down of cost?

    灰灰灰灰Månad sedan
  • You’re a legend!!! Super keen to see what’s next

    Ryan ChalmersRyan ChalmersMånad sedan
  • If you move to Charlotte nc you have alot of that good stuff but best of all you have less chances tornados toataling your nice cars and that drift truck will come in clutch at the truck meets my friends host

    Tearz The GamerTearz The GamerMånad sedan
  • Greetings from Marietta, GA. We would be happy to have you

    johnathanhenjohnathanhenMånad sedan
  • Congrats caleb, really happy for you and excited for the new content!, let me know if you want to get one last shoot in before leaving ;)

    Jorbi HerreraJorbi HerreraMånad sedan
  • I’m from Illinois and it’s sad to see you go man been watching since you worked in your parents garage

    Miguel PerezMiguel PerezMånad sedan
  • Awesome welcome to Ga

    Neobone007Neobone007Månad sedan
  • GINGIUM IS ONLY 23?!?!?

    Tyler BauerTyler BauerMånad sedan
  • just got back from a vacation from georgia, super fun place!!

    Tyler BauerTyler BauerMånad sedan
  • really glad for you gingium , I've been following your channel for about a year and i absolutely love your works . wish you all the best !!!

    Shadow Of The ForesterShadow Of The ForesterMånad sedan
  • wait you live in st charles like bro st louis is terrifying to me, ive lived so close to my fav car youtuber

    IkonikIkonikMånad sedan
  • Ayyy Glad ya made the move hope to see y’all at some events here in Georgia!

    Tyler CardenTyler CardenMånad sedan
  • Well if you ever need help packing up the shop DM @sa.ul.4118 I’m from elgin so basically neighbor to saint charales and wouldn’t mind helping ya pack if you need a extra set of hands

    Craze Lion moraCraze Lion moraMånad sedan
  • Got my Sleeper status shirt today! Thx Gingium! And Godspeed

    David BergDavid BergMånad sedan
  • Goonzquad in GA, make some video ging ✌🏻

    Yanuar WibisonoYanuar WibisonoMånad sedan
  • "the majority of you guys have been here since forza days" : Goosebumps! We want videos when setting up the garage and house as welll :-p Good luck

  • I would specifically like my merch’ in cat hair 😂

    Rōnin VirtuesRōnin VirtuesMånad sedan
  • Well damn had I realized you were so close when I first started following you I'd have made a point of going to car meets you attended.

    JediTimJediTimMånad sedan
  • You go dude I'm in Missouri been wanting wanting to move to Georgia for years (maybe I will when my ls swapped volvo gets done)

    TerracarTerracarMånad sedan
  • finnegan collab?

    Felipe BarbozaFelipe BarbozaMånad sedan
  • congrats!

    Emile Brousseau-VaillancourtEmile Brousseau-VaillancourtMånad sedan
  • Ayo bro congrats! We’ll show you how the boys down South do it and soon we’ll have some 24x14 Forces on that bus of yours 😎

    D T WaynickD T WaynickMånad sedan
  • Do lots of videos of the move and setting up your house and your new shop for some reason I love that kind of content.

    Ryan WolfeRyan WolfeMånad sedan
  • When you decide to buy a house in Florida. I’m your guy;)

    David KCDavid KCMånad sedan
  • Y'all need to just buy a small piece of land and build a shouse. That way you can have things exactly the way you want

    Jacob RiceJacob RiceMånad sedan
  • Atleast you got practical moving vehicles, the truck, the volvo and the bus

    Miguel Den BoerMiguel Den BoerMånad sedan
  • Could we get one last meet in Illinois? Only met you once at the Chris fix auto zone meet up

    Matthew VanProoyenMatthew VanProoyenMånad sedan
  • Been her since the beginning gingium, love the content.

    Matthew VanProoyenMatthew VanProoyenMånad sedan
  • i live east of Atlanta too... Interesting

    Deondre BrownDeondre BrownMånad sedan
  • how has it already been 3 years with that shop!?

    Edward ChristensenEdward ChristensenMånad sedan
  • Good luck and best wishes

    The Sock Monkey!The Sock Monkey!Månad sedan