FPL DEADLINE STREAM | Gameweek 19 | BENCH BOOST TIME! | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/2121

The FPL Gameweek 19 deadline is less than an hour away, lets discuss all the last minute questions you have for Fantasy Premier League.
Let's lock in those last minute draft changes and get our final team selection in.
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  • Did I miss the memo on stones or something, wtf, im looking back now to see what others did and suddenly EVERYONE has STONES?!

  • im so regretful of not adding antonio had no subs left

    Julian MoraschJulian MoraschMånad sedan
  • where is your faith in Salah now ???

    James MorganJames MorganMånad sedan
    • @Let's Talk FPL 🤣😂

      James MorganJames MorganMånad sedan
    • Still there.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMånad sedan
  • I sold Trent and Son, for Stones and KDB 😁

    Tshegofatso MatlalaTshegofatso MatlalaMånad sedan
  • U had a good week it seems

    Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir TekchandaneyMånad sedan
    • @Let's Talk FPL u must be in the top 10k now?

      Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir TekchandaneyMånad sedan
    • It's going pretty nicely so far yeah!

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know why my de bruyne captain only has 7 points ?

    Ok DokyOk DokyMånad sedan
    • He has 14 mine only says 7 too but if you count up the points you have so far you’ll realise it’s 14 mate

      Greg BrennanGreg BrennanMånad sedan
  • When u back Andy?

    Johnny BoylondonJohnny BoylondonMånad sedan
  • Should have captained stones lol

    Kedis CangajKedis CangajMånad sedan
  • Who's here after stones 2 goals 💪

    Mário RodriguesMário RodriguesMånad sedan
  • Your here after stones has a double

    Callum HennessyCallum HennessyMånad sedan
  • AZ’s mike never works

    Rhys KempRhys KempMånad sedan
  • All praise sir Antonio if he’s fit🙌

    djmorley718djmorley718Månad sedan
  • Yoooo Antonio did it andyyyy!!

    Chinedu MgbemenaChinedu MgbemenaMånad sedan
  • Those Leeds players just killed most of the managers that bench boost........

    Olajide JohnsonOlajide JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Unfortunately my team selections are not saved .......arrrgggggghhhhhh. Wilson on the bench and Bamford in the team

    Olajide JohnsonOlajide JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Who's back here after a cheeky Antonio 9 pointer?

    Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMånad sedan
    • @Phil Wright good shout

      Cal McGrattanCal McGrattanMånad sedan
    • Antonio in for Bamford

      Pratip Ghosh DastidarPratip Ghosh DastidarMånad sedan
    • 88 on my BB with 14 still left to play, life is sweet. 👍🏼

      Jacob HowellJacob HowellMånad sedan
    • And a cheeky 21 points for stones

      Rhys Bish’s Barmy ArmyRhys Bish’s Barmy ArmyMånad sedan
    • No. But back after the "Cancelo is nailed on" comment 👏👏

      Robbie BernieRobbie BernieMånad sedan
  • GW19 bench boost team: Martinez, McCarthy, Coufal, Trent, Cancelo, Justin, Dallas, Soucek, Foden, Marhez, Salah (c), Bruno, Bamford, Watkins, and....Antonio! Started with a bang thanks to Andy’s favourite Antonio 👍

    FPL Squad PicksFPL Squad PicksMånad sedan
  • Andy what if villa match will postponed?KDB have 1 match on captian

    Aleksa SekickiAleksa SekickiMånad sedan
    • It will not get postponement btw

      Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir TekchandaneyMånad sedan
    • @K T no

      Maahir TekchandaneyMaahir TekchandaneyMånad sedan
    • @K T no it won’t

      Ok DokyOk DokyMånad sedan
    • Vicecaptain will take over the other

      K TK TMånad sedan
  • Bench boost active Mccarthy martinez Stones dias Chilwell coufal Justin Bruno salah(c) soucek son c.jones Kane Bamford Antonio

    BrilloBrilloMånad sedan
  • I'm one of those not playing a chip. Was going to bench boost but after the change of fixtures I figured it wasn't worth it.

    c knottc knottMånad sedan
  • I used my wildcard and this is my team: Schmeichel, Cancelo, Ogbonna, Justin, Fernandes, KDB, Foden, Soucek, Son, Vardy, Antonio (I was gona transfer Son out for this gameweek but decided to keep him in, in the end.

    Shoaib KhanShoaib KhanMånad sedan
  • Andy do you think you could get top 100 one year?

    Samuel BischofSamuel BischofMånad sedan
    • I'd love it! Very difficult though and given I've used my wildcard already I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPLMånad sedan
  • Bench boosters in absolute shambles....and im one of them 😂

    JasonBourne28JasonBourne28Månad sedan
  • If you don’t have Antonio you’re not a loyal Andy fan.

    James GolightlyJames GolightlyMånad sedan
    • came back and got 9 points last night, no wonder andy is obsess with michail “if he’s fit” antonio :) i have him as my only forward in a 4-5-1

      poinkedpoinkedMånad sedan
  • Just woke up with a -60 point hit on my account, captain neto after I 200% made those transfers Kane ----> Antonio Neto -----> de bruyne (Captain) I have screenshots with bugged transfers between antonio and kane 8 times. If this is not solved then you robbed my time and effort and destroyed my season. Help me please

    Asser RostomAsser RostomMånad sedan
    • Did u get this fixed??

      Daniel MiltonDaniel MiltonMånad sedan
    • That must be really heartbreaking man

      drybonesdrybonesMånad sedan
    • Lol wtf

      K TK TMånad sedan
  • My team for GW19 is MacCarthy, Chilwell,Walker-Peters,Coufal,Son DeBruyne,Rashford,Fernandes,Soucek, Bamford,Kane

    Al RockmanAl RockmanMånad sedan
  • After all that "When Antonio is fit" talk im surprised he didnt C him :D

    Magnus SjöstrandMagnus SjöstrandMånad sedan
    • I bought him but would never captain him. Big risk. Dont know if he play 180 this DGW despite a good start

      Magnus SjöstrandMagnus SjöstrandMånad sedan
    • He should have cause rirght now the guys on fire lol

      K TK TMånad sedan
  • 24:16- can someone make a vine and edit this in as an intro for Darude Sandstorm? 🤣

    06kiely06kielyMånad sedan
  • I put Johnstone as my bench boost GK and he's tested positive for Covid. I had Meslier and Martinez before that too and their games were cancelled. Can't win!

    Elias VergessenElias VergessenMånad sedan
  • I sold Button to get Areola for a combination of minus 8 to bench boost. At least i did not get Johnstone, but despite that i am very angry. Button will probably outscore Areola. I also sold Grealish ...

    Alexander TodorovAlexander TodorovMånad sedan
  • I hope antonio blanks ffs y'all overhyping him like crazy

    omar mamdoohomar mamdoohMånad sedan
    • 9 points 👌

      djmorley718djmorley718Månad sedan
    • Yes and he scored ffs

      K TK TMånad sedan
    • Guy in my leauge tripled him, so I hope so aswell lol

      TheFlyingMonkeyTheFlyingMonkeyMånad sedan
  • All this Salah talk, but historically Mcguire marks Salah out of the game almost everytime we played vs him even when he was at Leicester, so hes not the right choice here. The right choice would be Mane for the United game. Maybe Salah for the burnley game, BUT AGAIN historically Mane scores Vs Burnley, so in fact, its 2 for 2 Mane is the better choice in this fixture run than Salah, but you can probably count on some Penalty action in the United game

    September90September90Månad sedan
  • I was planning on doing Son to Salah yesterday and had exactly the amount needed in the kitty. Thought I would wait for some last minute announcement, but Son dropped in value and I overslept past the deadline. Gotta hope Salah has another 2 blanks which is risky business.

    Pop PopPop PopMånad sedan
  • 16:54 rip

    SebSebMånad sedan
  • I over slept 😂luckily everything in my team was how I wanted

    Deli 07Deli 07Månad sedan
    • Hhahaha I did the same and good job I set it last night!!!!

      Luke ByrneLuke ByrneMånad sedan
    • I did mine last night specifically for that reason

      HYDRAxHYDRAxMånad sedan
  • I could listen to Andy talk about Antonio all day.. such passion!

    Matt McCreithMatt McCreithMånad sedan
  • KDB Triple Captain. Let's go!

    Jean Du ToitJean Du ToitMånad sedan
  • preferred to go for a -8 and bring in trent, zouma and soucek ... instead of shaw (on a yellow), aina and son .... salah too would ve been great but hard to hv them all.

    Robert BugejaRobert BugejaMånad sedan
  • I missed making my transfers and setting my lineup by 8 minutes, wahhhh. Bye bye cup for me. Need to hope Bruno goes off as captain and Kane dominates. Was going to have KDB as captain and trandfer Kane for Antonio.

    LordofSalvationLordofSalvationMånad sedan
  • Rip to everyone who put johnstone in for their bench boost

    Rhys Bish’s Barmy ArmyRhys Bish’s Barmy ArmyMånad sedan
    • Messier as well

      djmorley718djmorley718Månad sedan
    • fr what a scam hahaha rip

      poinkedpoinkedMånad sedan
  • Good luck guys! Used my bench boost so lets hope for the best!

    Aaryan ChawlaAaryan ChawlaMånad sedan
  • Anyone know if when I did my transfers and pressed confirm it saved if it went straight onto the this page is updating bit otherwise my bench boost is wasted

    Joshua_WRJoshua_WRMånad sedan
    • @LordofSalvation I was doing my nana team lol

      Joshua_WRJoshua_WRMånad sedan
    • bad bit of luck, happened to me earlier in the season. I now try and get mine done 15 minutes or more before deadline because the website messes up all the time.

      LordofSalvationLordofSalvationMånad sedan
    • @LordofSalvation if was done at exactly 11

      Joshua_WRJoshua_WRMånad sedan
    • Needs to be done 90+ minutes before 1st match kickoff.

      LordofSalvationLordofSalvationMånad sedan
  • I've triple captained antonio for no reason!

    AjansteadAjansteadMånad sedan
    • He just scored :)

      K TK TMånad sedan
    • Goodluck Brother

      Mudu_ShineMudu_ShineMånad sedan
  • I accidentally captained cresswell🤣

    RE SETRE SETMånad sedan
    • I am a misery, i didn’t realise i forgot to change my captaincy! I was on Soucek! fml

      poinkedpoinkedMånad sedan
    • @RE SET who are in the many lol Well I am feeling the zouma effect. How's he benched!

      K TK TMånad sedan
    • @K T the pain goes straight to soucek owners 🤣

      RE SETRE SETMånad sedan
    • Well am sure anyone captaining Antonio is smiling right now :)

      K TK TMånad sedan
    • it may end up a genius move, they have two good games and creswell does have cleansheet potential and attacking returns

      poinkedpoinkedMånad sedan
  • Drinking game idea: Take a drink every time “Antonio” is mentioned

    bmw 335ibmw 335iMånad sedan
    • You'll overdose if anto gets returns in both games

      PSTPSTMånad sedan
  • 4:01 start

    Billy WalshBilly WalshMånad sedan
  • Can you cancel a tripple captain before deadline???

    alexanderkarlsson97alexanderkarlsson97Månad sedan
    • @PST yea you can lol

      Neal Caffrey Jr.Neal Caffrey Jr.Månad sedan
  • 4:20 stream starts

    Zyan JrZyan JrMånad sedan
  • First bby

    Zyan JrZyan JrMånad sedan
  • Definitely not second.. .

    Zyan JrZyan JrMånad sedan
  • What a day ufff

    Zyan JrZyan JrMånad sedan