Is Sergio Perez the driver that Red Bull NEEDS?

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Sergio Perez will drive for Red Bull Racing in the 2021 Formula One World Championship. After a stellar year in 2020 which included his maiden win at the Sakhir Grand Prix, this seems like the logical solution, right?'s a bit more complex than that...
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  • Yes... Red Bull needs a Bottas like driver and I think Perez is the perfect match

    Leo CharlesLeo CharlesDag sedan
  • People moan it's a bad move red bull ruin careers but without red bull the ones they dropped had no career !! Paid millions to drive a prototype on the best tracks in the world flown round the world first class and in return ? Think of it like paying your plasterer to plaster your room and it's 1.2 metres out but it's ok he's a nice guy don't get it twisted this is business £200 million constructors money so pay a slow driver millions and hold yourself back to give it away ? Gtfoh Perez is the perfect fit for that seat and I'm a Big Max fan but Perez is a beast he'll be a 0.100 off but make max raise his game ! tyre wise and patience especially and just think mistake wise 2 or 3 mistakes and Perez takes a huge lead over max but after this max will become unbeatable but he has to beat checo first I believe checo brings at least 0.200's to red bull minimum !! And McLaren will surprise quite a few remembering Mercedes have lost D.A.S Mercedes may be 3rd fastest at best 🤔

    Chevy ChazeChevy Chaze4 dagar sedan
  • No

    JamyJamy5 dagar sedan
  • what's up with this guy/song at the end?? dude it is not that great have to be honest :)

    Aleksandar VidicAleksandar Vidic9 dagar sedan
  • Checo will certainly be in at least 2 podiums and if RB is fighting for a 1º place in a race he'll be a more helpful team mate to Max tan VB to Lewis

    ACIDesignsUYACIDesignsUY17 dagar sedan
  • 6:33 hahaha for fucks sake... at least you're self aware

    AldinAldin18 dagar sedan
  • This man has the best segues into ads, not gonna lie.

    Jack SteinJack Stein20 dagar sedan
  • wonder why people arent talking about how bringing in Perez also helps RB have one experienced driver should Max leave end of 2021 due to the performance clause.... tough to believe RB machinery will close the gap to mercedes.

    shouvshouv21 dag sedan
  • no should have signed a top driver like george russell

  • I've said it many times, and I'll say it again. Albon is not the problem, and Perez will not be the solution.

    Marcus HoMarcus Ho22 dagar sedan
  • I've come from the future, Checo gave Max a run for his money and both won 2 times. Checo would score more points for consistency and has a bright future with the team.

    Jamie SantosJamie Santos23 dagar sedan
  • When pronouncing the last name Perez, make the accent on the first "e", not on the last "e'. Like this: Pérez (PErez). Not PerEz

    santabananasantabanana23 dagar sedan
  • I think he can actually stay in the top 5 every race, he has tons of confidence right now and a decade of experience. I think he will be able to handle the pressure at redbull much better and that he will be able to figure out the car thats "only made for max"

    Shawn WalshShawn Walsh23 dagar sedan
  • The believes that “Red Bull team is built around Max Verstappen” is nothing but a whole lot of bull crap...

    Ton AMGTon AMG24 dagar sedan
  • Shout out kerbal space program music 👌

    Chris WChris W27 dagar sedan
  • that shitty youtube red made me give you 2 comments and 1 dislike idk if me making comment helps the vid more than disliking but i hope it hurts it more than helps idek what comments do for a vid bu i imagine sum good shitty youtubers are asking for them every 5 minutes

    liam Andersonliam AndersonMånad sedan
  • damn ive heard that exact same skillshare script like 3-4 times now the ol "ppl are always asking me how to make amd edit video and i send them to skillshare" smh idk if its a coincidence or the more likely skillshare sends tham a basic script so they can make a similar ad for them not exactly the same but just ge the jist of they script lol i kinda like it bu i wish they wouldn't send the same general thing to say to differently youtubers it just makes it jarring seeing shitty skillshare ads eberywhere i make it my mission to never get anything that youtubers advertise in their vids and if i for sum reason do id rather pay full price then get the discount and give the utu er money fuck them and fuck those annoying ass ads i have to slip like goddamn i have adblock and youtube premium for a reason i don't wan to see ads and they make me spend more time thani would take to skip a regular ad i will literally spend 5-8 seconds tryin ro skip through the pos ad amd not miss any of the pos video that shit pisses me off sum fierce

    liam Andersonliam AndersonMånad sedan
  • Can someone please explain the song on the outro lmao

    Ruben AguirreRuben AguirreMånad sedan
  • When your fruit is to green and there is some ripe fruit availble the choise is not so difficult.

    Thomas JagerThomas JagerMånad sedan
  • Sergio will be another Webber. Solid number 2 driver.

    TheRealBennyMackTheRealBennyMackMånad sedan
  • Checo will excel than you think becoz he is a matured driver now. Of course it takes time to fit in a new team but I predict second part of the season he will be the one to reckon with. Love from India 🇮🇳 to Checo! 🔥

    Jithendra ParlapalliJithendra ParlapalliMånad sedan
  • The sore goose radiologically wave because cougar interspecifically prepare with a guttural H habitual april. jazzy, uninterested output

    Majed MarjiMajed MarjiMånad sedan
  • Thanks Josh, thanks for making a video that keeps showing up in my recommended so I can no longer stay in a state of denial about Albon..... I’m still waiting for Stoffel to get announced to replace Lewis at Sakhir as well.

    Moose17mMoose17mMånad sedan
  • I think Red Bull, consciously or unconsciously, understood that they should make a balanced car and not just a car for Max and that is one of the main reasons that Sergio has come to Red Bull. Hill already said it, Verstappen is a beast but it isn't the best to turn an entire team into someone so young and above all, so specific in his driving style. Hopefully that changes and that both drivers develop the car enough to actually compete with Mercedes.

    Alberto RiveraAlberto RiveraMånad sedan
  • Checo will do really well, and I believe, could help Red Bull achieve the Constructor's World Championship for Red Bull.

    Jack-D RipperJack-D RipperMånad sedan
  • They need something so yes

    Edison73100Edison73100Månad sedan
  • One word: *No*

    Epic FranekEpic FranekMånad sedan
    • Two words Stay mad

      FogFog2 dagar sedan
  • I think you forgot to mention money. Checo has big sponsors and red bull are gonna lose honda next year, and if they want to buy and/or repurpose some of their facilities to maintain or even develop an engine, they are gonna need those good ol euros

    Mateo CignettiMateo CignettiMånad sedan
  • Man, that cartoon is creepy when the mouth doesn't move.

    Don T. PaydemoffDon T. PaydemoffMånad sedan
  • I am amazed that how Josh ignored the glaring fact that Mclaren had a poor car in 2013 which finished 5th in the constructor standings and ended with no wins and not even a single podium

    StormtrooperStormtrooperMånad sedan
  • Sergio’s role will be as tail gunner for Max no question. He won’t be there to challenge Max and he won’t be assisting in developing the car as Red Bull are only interested in a car that Max can challenge for wins. Red Bull are all in on Max which regrettably means his team mates of late have been cannon fodder.

    gcm747gcm747Månad sedan
  • impressive how u cant find any comentarios en español XD

    Luis RivasLuis RivasMånad sedan
  • The year Sergio drove for McLaren, that team was and still is inconsequential in F1. My take is, Sergio will qualify around P4 or P5 and will work his way up the field to a podium position.

    Russ SerpicoRuss SerpicoMånad sedan
  • History will repeat itself, Perez will flop, He is not as good as most are making him out to be. Albon will show he was the better driver out of the 3.

    tito88tito88Månad sedan
  • I don’t think so we can see what Alex did in the last two races

    Leslie GeorgeLeslie GeorgeMånad sedan
  • Also Perez brings Mexican $$$ that could possibly help RB buy the IP for the Honda engine.... Just sayin'

    Joy MeyerJoy MeyerMånad sedan
  • if Sergio Perez was in a decent car he would probably have challenged Lewis Hamilton for a driver’s championship I mean he is really talented, and I am not joking

    GamingWith JoshGamingWith JoshMånad sedan
  • I love how I already watched this, but only today I get the notification

    Shinbi ManeShinbi ManeMånad sedan
  • Out of context here a bit but just the fact that Mick Schumacher REEEAALLLYY finished his last F2 race in style by winning the WDC was the coolest thing I have seen it was almost like he was proving Haas more that he’s REALLY F1 material even though he’s gonna be in F1 this year

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castilloMånad sedan
  • If Sergio does not perform well in Red Bull's car, it will prove that car has a Dutch curse and no one will ever do well in that forsaken car.

    Card SharkCard SharkMånad sedan
  • Ive been watching JR videos for awhile now, and still dont know whats up w the RnB outro at the end of his videos lol. Not complaining I think it bumps, but can someone explain it to me?

    Machine Spirit MiamiMachine Spirit MiamiMånad sedan
  • F#$% off Josh, another kid believing is an expert.

    Jwolf MunsterJwolf MunsterMånad sedan
  • "Land of the free, home of the terrorists".. that hurts man. We literally voted him out and are arresting the terrorists.

    Amanda TreiAmanda TreiMånad sedan
  • Did you call the usa the home of the free and the land of the terrorists???

    Long JohnsonLong JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Hope they don't give Checo last years parts like they did to Albon

    Jason C PJason C PMånad sedan
  • Big mistake. RedBull don’t need two 33’s racing and crashing each other. They need a faster car, and future drivers.

    Phineas StarterPhineas StarterMånad sedan
  • You are so annoying to listen too.

    me33042me33042Månad sedan
  • This is a rare F1 channel that's actually funny too.

    One Door FilmsOne Door FilmsMånad sedan
  • I also heard readbull approached Russell before signing checo

    RecommendedRecommendedMånad sedan
  • Need a video on the Mercedes golden egg in a William's still waiting .......

    RecommendedRecommendedMånad sedan
  • Don’t forget that OCON outqualified Perez in equal cars in 2018 He’ll have a very hard time against THE Verstappen

    Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMånad sedan
  • Mate stop trying to push product on us. Not cool.

    Phantom096Phantom096Månad sedan
  • guys danny ric would never leave if it was not a shit seat

    უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენუწმინდური მამაო ღორმენMånad sedan
  • Dope music

    OzzzieOneOzzzieOneMånad sedan
  • Probably hanging around the middle for Checo this year. Knowing that RB will devote their resources to the one man that can tackle the Silver team much more effectively.

    Ooi Tze YuanOoi Tze YuanMånad sedan
  • Video idea: is tilke the man f1 needs? Also: wtf happaned to a1gp

    2000 denes2000 denesMånad sedan

    F_1TEDF_1TEDMånad sedan
  • Yes, because Christian Horner finally realized he has two good cars that deserve to be in the hands of two good drivers instead of the usual composition of a #1 driver and an overhyped young driver getting chucked into the wolves.

    Romi ArkanRomi ArkanMånad sedan
  • Im not expecting him to beat verstappen at all. But I hope he is closer than Albon or Gasly were

    stan stanskystan stanskyMånad sedan
  • Man your video edits are so much tighter than the amateurish cartoon character.

    smAsPasmAsPaMånad sedan
  • Well Josh, we know about Perez his past. Bringing that back in the video does not answer the question you made. This is now. And we know Helmut will kick his ass back to NASCAR if he doesnt listen ;)

    eukatecheukatechMånad sedan
  • New video ideas: sergio canamassas or johnny cecotto jr

    Yankı BeyYankı BeyMånad sedan
  • Why would anyone want to share their skull, Josh?

    OsellaSquadraCorseOsellaSquadraCorseMånad sedan
  • The problem is that Perez is experienced enough to change the second seat fortunes at RBR. If he is successful in doing that it will look even worse for Albon, Gasly (and RBR's driver management in hindsight). If he's successful, he has a chance of outperforming Max - which will make things VERY messy over there. If he doesn't, then RBR's problems will be fully exposed and Sergio was just another bucket they used to throw water out of the sinking ship.

    Dolphino EggletDolphino EggletMånad sedan
  • Bruuh am I cappin or does checo look like a Rafa Nadal

    El Charro NegroEl Charro NegroMånad sedan
  • That skillshare plug was russel at mercedes good

    Pedro MarquesPedro MarquesMånad sedan
  • Me a mexican: *amigo, you got a big storm coming*

    Erika Alumno Secutec 1Erika Alumno Secutec 1Månad sedan
  • A1 GP..... Damn I miss A1 Grand Prix.

    Biswajyoti MukherjeeBiswajyoti MukherjeeMånad sedan
  • bRUH I still want Checo in a Ferrari tho, so he can "do el s🅱️iñadero"

    ForessTube YTForessTube YTMånad sedan
  • What is that jet like thing at side of f3 British car

    SachitSachitMånad sedan
  • Yes, he is.

    Santiago RemediSantiago RemediMånad sedan
  • hes gonna fail like he did on mclaren

    José CunhaJosé CunhaMånad sedan
    • if he does el s🅱️iñadero

      ForessTube YTForessTube YTMånad sedan
  • You lost me after the second plug for Skill Share.

    Pits750Pits750Månad sedan
  • There's a reason why the richiest man in Latin America invested on him: he's worth it. Also, i don't expect to beat VER (but as i'm a biased Latin american fan, if he does it'll be beautiful), being P4 every race and in standings is all i ask. But if somehow Bottas underperform, i want him to be P3 (right before max P2 with only a couple of points of difference) Let's hope Red Bull does not screw this up PS: thank you for saying NO to Mazepin

    Mauricio Correa MezaMauricio Correa MezaMånad sedan
  • I was waiting on the Mahaveer meme lol

    LucasRich 1026LucasRich 1026Månad sedan
  • Crap

    Yfffad KcudYfffad KcudMånad sedan
  • He'll be 'transition driver' for Yuki

    Lazuardi FirdausLazuardi FirdausMånad sedan
  • Only question is will he/the car be good enough to cover Mercedes's strategy? I think that's all they want. Consistent P4s. Heaven for them would P3s with max P1-2.

    Danny BoyDanny BoyMånad sedan
  • Dude...that Ad segway...smooooth operatooor!

    Alejandro DomínguezAlejandro DomínguezMånad sedan
  • Top tier video yet again Josh 👏

    AsecAsecMånad sedan
  • Where is Mahaveer ?

    Piotr GancewskiPiotr GancewskiMånad sedan
  • Checo will swim big time at Red Bull, trust me.

    sneakeypokegumssneakeypokegumsMånad sedan
  • What is the name of the outro song?

    Fredrik HoltFredrik HoltMånad sedan
  • Is he the 1 year kinda guy they need? yes. Is he the second coming of Giovanazzi (aka Jesus)?nah.

    NJNJMånad sedan
  • I think Perez will get a 5 podiums, one win. And I have no shame in bragging that I picked him to win Sakhir.

    crusherbmxcrusherbmxMånad sedan
  • Love that Sir Lancelot shirt, please say a real one exists!

    crusherbmxcrusherbmxMånad sedan
    • They do check out his online store!

      Gordon RitchieGordon RitchieMånad sedan
  • Now let's talk about honda in Formula 1 NOW!!!!!

    Arief BudiArief BudiMånad sedan
  • Checo will outperform Verstappen

    Robert PercyRobert PercyMånad sedan
  • Fuck this video 4 minutes in I've watched 2 ads for skill share already?.... Easiest unsub ever

    ehyoumonehyoumonMånad sedan
  • Checo is one of my favourite drivers on the grid, after Sainz, Ricciardo and Norris of course :)

    REDEXREDEXMånad sedan
  • So every Mexican in F1 has won a race? Noice

    I forgot My NameI forgot My NameMånad sedan
  • Driver: signs for a team Josh Revell: do they *NEED* him doe?

    cx2055607cx2055607Månad sedan
  • Some curse by some Dutch witch lmao

    Max VerstappenMax VerstappenMånad sedan
  • Bring Albon back to the F1 grid

    Andreas MeyerAndreas MeyerMånad sedan
  • Fkn hell that ad in the middle of the story really pissed me off

    Arthur SmetsArthur SmetsMånad sedan
    • Why dont you skip it

      OreoOreo9 dagar sedan
    • Why?

      Gordon RitchieGordon RitchieMånad sedan
  • Pierre with Alpine 2022, Albon back to Alpha Tauri.

    synth15synth15Månad sedan
  • Checo has always been really underrated and this year he has become a top driver, I don't think he'll beat Max overall, but sometimes he can, and unlike Alex this year will be there on the podium when Max can't

    Sam O'GaraSam O'GaraMånad sedan
  • 1:27 song?

    Manyues ZManyues ZMånad sedan
  • Shannon noll Respect

    Jon McDonaldJon McDonaldMånad sedan
  • Also Ricciardo had unbelievable reliability issues when he was Max's teammate. Something is very off at rb that's for sure

    Juho StènJuho StènMånad sedan