Colt Claims He's Changed Then Proves Himself Wrong

Reacting to TLC 90 Day: The Single Life where Colt swears he's a changed man. He immediately proves himself wrong that he's still a trash man. He wants to date Vanessa and bring her to a dinner with Jess and her husband to rub it all in.
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  • Trash man!

    CinnamonToastKenCinnamonToastKenMånad sedan
    • Y’all are one of the best duos ever

      Cass PerCass Per10 dagar sedan
    • @Mary Elizabeth Ed is just as bad as Colt, maybe even worse. He's psychologically, emotionally and verbally abusive. They are both awful humans.

      meanderer121meanderer12112 dagar sedan
    • @Sonja Birch Sorry, I don’t know how that happened ~

      Sylvia JohnsonSylvia Johnson18 dagar sedan
    • @Sylvia Johnson yes?

      Sonja BirchSonja Birch22 dagar sedan
    • @Sonja Birch ‘

      Sylvia JohnsonSylvia Johnson22 dagar sedan

    Bob BifitjfufjjfBob Bifitjfufjjf4 timmar sedan
  • My head literally recoiled back when she hit him with the "darlin'!" oh honey nnnoooo.

    Sam DavisSam DavisDag sedan
  • Colt got a hot chick once and now thinks he can get all the hot girls now while being an ass.

    Go GlurtGo GlurtDag sedan
  • Is that a seven deadly sins tattoo I see 🤔

    Shreya NuciShreya NuciDag sedan
  • Colt changed from a potato in a potato with a bandana

    1234Daan43211234Daan43212 dagar sedan
  • Colt does the smart anime guy glasses thing amd its irritating

    Mrs. DeVilMrs. DeVil2 dagar sedan
  • **BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP BLOOP... PING** You can count on me!

    robsmorsrobsmors2 dagar sedan

    Crypto LIVECrypto LIVE3 dagar sedan
  • Your shirts are getting better, realy nice.

    Barbara HrenBarbara Hren4 dagar sedan
  • 16:33 weird talk

    Luiza MelloLuiza Mello6 dagar sedan
  • Lol I would of never showed up

    ImNotWorriedBroImNotWorriedBro6 dagar sedan
  • I think I'd still take Trash Man Colt over Egg Man Ed!

    TheDUDERulez1TheDUDERulez17 dagar sedan
  • People might make fun of him calling him a momma's boy and this and that but I'm reality he gets loads of girls and that's all that matters

    pavy415pavy4157 dagar sedan
  • They both got balls for even going back to tell Jess, it was throwing it in her face. And Vanessa saying she felt bad,-please bitch, like Jess said You feel bad, but you keep doing it??" Jess deserves better..

    HopeHope7 dagar sedan
  • colt tries to date older women, then he tries to boss them around. like, bro.

    RandomtologyRandomtology9 dagar sedan
  • Jess' new husband looks like he's going to take me on a vacation to Sweden to meet his cult

    Suzette C.Suzette C.11 dagar sedan
  • Why does he wiggle his glasses every time he has dialogue.

    Coby PickettCoby Pickett11 dagar sedan
  • Seems like colt can downgrade

    WM OWM O13 dagar sedan
  • They're MARRIED NOW??? WHAT??

    hippopajamashippopajamas14 dagar sedan
  • It's gotta be so awkward for that husband as Colt is confessing to jumping back and forth boning both of these chicks lol

    Wolfgang VonBerkeWolfgang VonBerke16 dagar sedan
  • Jess shut up. ..christ she never stops going on about colt even the recent one's she's still calling him a trashman and whatnot, your married get over it and move on

    S SS S16 dagar sedan
  • how can he even cheat on somebody for sure he got cheated on and he be like jup was me i am soooo cool

    XanZonXanZon16 dagar sedan
  • Seriously, his tell is adjusting his glasses.

    Melissa MartelMelissa Martel18 dagar sedan
  • Does your large friend have a gf? I'm not hahha Edit: I like popeyes too!!

    Sandy OttSandy Ott21 dag sedan
  • How would one update someone about the status of their cats, well he is still a cat

    yuna48910yuna4891021 dag sedan
  • Colt is Austin powers unattractive but gets so many women..true man of

    Tami GormanTami Gorman21 dag sedan
  • What's with stupid handkerchief?

    Renee WentzRenee Wentz22 dagar sedan
  • Her new husband looks like Andrew Lincoln

    Anthony PiuntiAnthony Piunti22 dagar sedan
  • That's so funny

    Laura BuchananLaura Buchanan22 dagar sedan
  • I used to work at CFA and the Popeyes comment had me crying 😂

    Ginny CherryGinny Cherry22 dagar sedan
  • You can count on me... to cheat on you.

    Alien DeVitoAlien DeVito23 dagar sedan
  • 4:48 General Kenobi

    NoéNoé23 dagar sedan
  • This show is the worst it teaches boys to be A hole and teaches young girls to be COMPLETELY STUPID AND WEAK Whenever you meet a guy who acts like Colt,just don’t waste your time on second date sis.

    Swallen JafariSwallen Jafari24 dagar sedan
  • How did you know this was my fifth video?

    Chuck MaynardChuck Maynard25 dagar sedan
  • I hate cheaters and homewreckers

    Brittany JesionowskiBrittany Jesionowski25 dagar sedan
  • The first time I heard him say his name I thought it was 'sementoastken' cause he says it so fast.

    N AN A25 dagar sedan
  • He’s the type that could be in an open relationship successfully....but the problem is he forgets to see if his partner is also down for that (oops, he missed a step) I really want someone to analyze I’m very interested in him from a psychology standpoint

    Taylor CoxTaylor Cox26 dagar sedan
    • i think he's just a chubby socially oblivious asshole. talk to anyone else online and you'll get some sort of colt equivalent lol

      pessimisticbastardpessimisticbastard24 dagar sedan
  • Why does colt ALWAYS have a pretentious concerned look on his face.

    Mandie MarieMandie Marie26 dagar sedan
  • HOW? How is he getting these women? Personality??? if i couldnt get past the face & bod I wld never know what personality they have. Some say thats shallow but IDC, im married 20 years & i love looking at his face in the morning.

    Mz CheeMz Chee27 dagar sedan
  • Vanessa ... guuuuuuuuuurl.

    T. Robert JohnsonT. Robert Johnson27 dagar sedan
  • It's almost like he doesn't think people can see his facial expressions and he's just expecting people to take his word for everything. Like they'll just ignore the crazy googly eyes and wild eye brows flitting all over the place.

    chocoboasylumchocoboasylum27 dagar sedan
  • Popeyes the bomb

    CriTiiKaLREAP3RCriTiiKaLREAP3R27 dagar sedan
  • Here’s how it should have gone. Vanessa spills THE WHOLE TEA. The other girl freaks out because how bad colt is. Vanessa agrees The other girl agrees They both make a scene and cus our Colt. Vanessa and the girl steal his car, colt ends up in a ditch. And the husband has to pay the bill and is alone at the restaurant.

    Katie AsburyKatie Asbury27 dagar sedan
  • ...... he creeps me out.

    Katie AsburyKatie Asbury27 dagar sedan
  • Colt should be an inspiration to the typical incel that proves to everyone it is actually not that hard to find a woman willing to hook up with you. It’s all in the confidence

    Tourette's MajesticTourette's Majestic28 dagar sedan
  • He’s changed guys. He’s changed.

    Sadly BeansSadly Beans28 dagar sedan
  • Jess literally has no filter and I love it.

    Sadly BeansSadly Beans28 dagar sedan
  • If your current girlfriend is asked by your ex, “So are you dating?” And she replies, “We’re working on it.” Then you’re in trouble.

    Sadly BeansSadly Beans28 dagar sedan
  • hes just a trick

    askquestionsplzaskquestionsplz28 dagar sedan
  • People ask the question, "Why Colt?" but they should be asking "Ya kult?"

    Barry HillBarry Hill28 dagar sedan
  • Colt looks like a pumpkin when walking into the restaurant

    Robyn HibbertRobyn Hibbert28 dagar sedan
  • Larissa was right. Vanessa is a Crocodile Girl.

    Luiza MelloLuiza Mello29 dagar sedan
  • That’s a constipated look 🥴

    Denise HolcombDenise Holcomb29 dagar sedan
  • How does this pile of soup get so many women!?

    Cardinal HordrissCardinal Hordriss29 dagar sedan
  • Oh, don’t bother getting up as the beautiful girl arrives at the table. Pudd.

    Newts revenge, AGAIN!Newts revenge, AGAIN!Månad sedan
  • Popeyes chicken sandwich rocks! So do their mashed potatoes and MAN! Have you had their fried pumpkin cream pie during the holidays? SMOKING!

    Newts revenge, AGAIN!Newts revenge, AGAIN!Månad sedan
  • Colt is the sim you design to murder 100 different ways

    Sadia RahmanSadia RahmanMånad sedan
  • Plot twist: He's actually working through Step 5.

    Kirsten MS3Kirsten MS3Månad sedan
  • He has Changed!!!

    Milima ProductionsMilima ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Colt stressed his new girlfriend out so much she aged ten years between the clips

    Parker P.Parker P.Månad sedan
  • ...What'd he expect? A pat on the back by someone who was hurt bad by him?

    CodenameTurtleCodenameTurtleMånad sedan
  • The man the legend Colt

    ACaged DragonACaged DragonMånad sedan
  • . Y’all are a breath of fresh air with all the negativity in the world, it’s great to be able to laugh with y’all.. Buzz , your laugh is beyond infectious.

    anna irwinanna irwinMånad sedan
  • How come sometimes when they say “porn” it’s censored and other times it isn’t

    R HobbsR HobbsMånad sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    DonnaDonnaMånad sedan
  • Colt is the man

    LandOfSandLandOfSandMånad sedan
  • I want to break his glasses everytime he does the two finger adjust.

    Lexi LueLexi LueMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Forever BlessedForever BlessedMånad sedan
  • He always has that I’m takin a shit look on his face at all times

    tommyolivotommyolivoMånad sedan
  • new husband rocks

    Katherine MartinezKatherine MartinezMånad sedan
  • Honestly I can’t stand to see colts face. It’s like he’s constantly seeing a ghost behind people.

    Diablos718Diablos718Månad sedan
  • I feel like colt gave his new gf this lame story about how it's alwaaays just been about her, but in reality he is just a cheating "trash man" and a serial cheater. And the reason this whole meet up with his ex happened was supposed to be some sort of proof to his new gf that he's trustworthy. Seems like a manipulation tactic to me, she's right when she says he will cheat on her too, because he will.

    Kayla SKayla SMånad sedan
  • What's up with the neckerchef he think he's on Scooby-Doo??

    M RichM RichMånad sedan
  • I’m just so confused how HE could have other ladies 🤮😬

    Holly SmithHolly SmithMånad sedan
  • Colt and big Ed should just date

    Alisha DipAlisha DipMånad sedan
  • Why do any of these women even care about this gross guy?

    Alisha DipAlisha DipMånad sedan

    Alisha DipAlisha DipMånad sedan
  • I don't understand how any woman would want to date this guy. His mannerisms alone are so unattractive, let alone his personality and lack of anything to offer another person. So confusing.

    ltreder05ltreder05Månad sedan
  • I love how Colt tells Venessa to bring two outfits for their date but he’s just dressed like he’s going to Walmart 😂

    uhohdreauhohdreaMånad sedan
  • I do think that the Brazilian lady is part of the problem, she's very bitchy

    Ob1 KenobiOb1 KenobiMånad sedan
  • I don't understand how Colt doesn't have constant headaches with how often he folds his eyebrows like that! Makes me so upset ugh

    alecia kirbyalecia kirbyMånad sedan
  • I hate this man's eye brows! Ugh irritating

    Nichole ManuelNichole ManuelMånad sedan
  • Genuinely surprised that anyone as attractive as Vanessa would tolerate anything like colt

    Infinite PickleInfinite PickleMånad sedan
  • Colt is the real world equivalent of Jerry from Rick and Morty

    Infinite PickleInfinite PickleMånad sedan
  • Why’s his friend look like Scott disick

    Mirna AguirreMirna AguirreMånad sedan
  • Trust me ... I believe EVERYONE is wondering “WHY COLT?” 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Jessica JeffersJessica JeffersMånad sedan
  • "How you get em is how you lose em."

    Asia PorterAsia PorterMånad sedan
  • Calling him a trashman is an insult to professional garbagemen everywhere.

    MichellleMyBellleMichellleMyBellleMånad sedan
  • How the hell does Colton get all of these “ladies”? Who would want a “man” or “partner” that treats them like he treats these women?!

    Melinda WrightMelinda WrightMånad sedan
  • I never understood how the ugly ass dudes are always the really is a phenomenon...

    Lauren HallLauren HallMånad sedan
  • Jess is my spirit animal.

    BesfolkBesfolkMånad sedan
  • 😩 spicy chicken sandwich

    Nicola ArcareseNicola ArcareseMånad sedan
  • 5:01 "Maybe it's cold outside" Yep... he is

    Paul KönigPaul KönigMånad sedan
  • not "shiny," mr. ken, "glistening" or "glowing," where were you raised?????

    CaliCaliMånad sedan
  • This reminds me of Sadam's song in the South Park movie, "I can change, I can change, I know I've been a dirty little bastard" haha!!😂

    Taran YoungTaran YoungMånad sedan
  • You know Colt kinda reminds me of the Beast Titan.

    Butterwolfie Ch.Butterwolfie Ch.Månad sedan
  • What? Colt is evolving! *Blinding flash of light and epic music* Congratulations Vanessa! Your Colt has evolved into Trashman!

    Omega MysterioOmega MysterioMånad sedan
  • love you guys 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

    sinead Kentsinead KentMånad sedan
  • Super awkward

    boostkicksassboostkicksassMånad sedan