Thief: Deadly Shadows Review

Thief Deadly Shadows was going to be called Thief 3, but they were worried about the Xbox so it's only technically the third game. Time for a Sneaky Upgrade!
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00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Issues & The Sneaky Upgrade
5:07 - Game Premise
5:40 - Visuals
9:30 - Music & Sound Design
13:52 - Gameplay Mechanics
22:00 - The City Hub
27:44 - Storytelling
30:37 - Story (SPOILERS)
40:58 - Conclusions
41:57 - Credits
43:00 - Animated Statues
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  • Deadly Shadows on GOG - Sneaky Upgrade - Creative ALchemy for EAX - THE LIST - Might do the Dark Mod sometime later.

    MandaloreGamingMandaloreGamingMånad sedan
    • Homeworld: Deserts of kharak is not on THE LIST. Hopefully we get homeworld covered here soon.

      Marko LomovicMarko Lomovic29 dagar sedan
    • Talking about the list, Subnautica got a "sequel" called Below Zero: same planet, slightly later chronologically, new cold mechanic, some related characters, main characters got nothing (I think? haven't fully played the EA right now). And Below Zero is almost out of early access (last update before breaking out). Good chance for dual feature.

      R4dioS1lenceR4dioS1lenceMånad sedan
    • What is the ending song?

      Gameplay SufferingGameplay SufferingMånad sedan
    • mandy-kun there is a sequel on gen 7 and a fan made game too please review those as well

      asd dsaasd dsaMånad sedan
    • There was a comment here. It's gone now.

      KorstmahlerKorstmahlerMånad sedan
  • Arkane would do a great remake

    HarrysoundHarrysound20 timmar sedan
  • Did you have any trouble with the brightness on Win10? The defaults are way too dark for me and I can't seem to get the brightness slider to actually change the brightness levels, even after patching

    AtlanticZealotAtlanticZealot2 dagar sedan
  • The Sneaky Upgrade reminded me a lot of DX2's Visible Upgrade. The interface, options, the names themselves. It was almost like a coincidence. Yes they are both made by the same person. What a madman.

    JKTwiceJKTwice2 dagar sedan
  • Now to wait for the reboot

    Literally a pile of shitLiterally a pile of shit2 dagar sedan
  • 28:24 This triggers the Bleach fan

    Nic YTNic YT3 dagar sedan
  • For some reason I really like the look of this game. The colors, and the way textures look are just pleasing to me for some reason. It reminds me of the things I like from Oblivion.

    mtgAzimmtgAzim3 dagar sedan
  • My favorite line, "No tiff taffin way"

    RandomassnameRandomassname3 dagar sedan
  • are you going to play the fourth thief game

    TheZero AnimeTheZero Anime5 dagar sedan
  • I gave up on blizzard and just about any gamedev that went 'we release a game in our series soley on mobile!'

    TheAngryDanishVikingTheAngryDanishViking5 dagar sedan
  • Ion Storm - blaming console for their shortcomings and getting away with because most of my fellow pc gamers are morons. (other games on xbox or xbox/PC multiplats were able to do complex things that Ion claimed could not be done, only to later admit as much, but no one wanted to listen to THAT and just repeat lies)

  • Man I would watch my friend play this all the time. Right now I'm playing through a vr thief style game. Its decent but I have some critiques, I'm going to make a review on it after I'm done with it.

    SpartanArkSpartanArk6 dagar sedan
  • I think somebody on the team played a lot of N64 games, thought "console players love pushing their faces against every wall to find collectibles" and thus the inconsistent loot was created.

    Fones R PhunnyFones R Phunny6 dagar sedan
  • Theif 2014?

    AlbertusAlbertus7 dagar sedan
  • If you ever make a video on dishonored I'll take a day off work so I can make popcorn and watch it on the big screen. I love the thief games, but dishonored has a special place in my heart. Either way i love the videos and hope you're well

    Good guy DanielGood guy Daniel8 dagar sedan
  • 19:19 Actually when the animation gets stuck instead of reloading you can fix it by drawing and using your bow and then putting it away.

    Felix PrimeFelix Prime9 dagar sedan
  • "The soundtrack is not memorable" Ekhem, what about the stonemarket ost?

    Lord TeaLord Tea10 dagar sedan
  • Damn you still on thief games

    fck stickfck stick11 dagar sedan
  • imagine a remake faithful to the original thief...

    tutorial bosstutorial boss11 dagar sedan
  • Dude, your videos are like gold mine.

    RhuiRhui13 dagar sedan
  • 9:59 AI grapples with the pros and cons of walking straight into a wood support beam.

    HalfLifeOfHumanityHalfLifeOfHumanity14 dagar sedan
  • A page in the notes with just "heart" written on it? KUBOOOOOOOOO you've done it again.

    High Admiral BittenfieldHigh Admiral Bittenfield17 dagar sedan
  • Sum goemon at 15:20 cool

    EvitoEvito17 dagar sedan
  • You know 'Shalebridge Cradle' is a great level when it has its own Wikipedia article.

    Matthew JamesMatthew James18 dagar sedan
  • when I got to the keeper enforcers part of the game the streets were just bare like everyone was to scared. I was also really young so when I got to the cradle I had to ask my dad to play the level for me.

    pennding 34pennding 3419 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, no, that ending is indeed both cheesy and rad

    EsperEsper19 dagar sedan
  • So negative, already had enough after two minutes in the video. Sure its your opinion and all but gosh I did not have any problem with 70% of what you are complaining about.

    Fr3unenFr3unen21 dag sedan
  • In regards to Shalebridge Cradle, looking back I think overstretching that level was not such a bad thing, since from the start I really wanted to get out of there, and more than few times it was like "just that and I'm done" but it wasn't done, and the dreadful desperation and fear that it will never end really amplified the horror feeling.

    OffOnTangentOffOnTangent21 dag sedan
  • Does he not know the 2014 Theif?

    Zachary MatheyZachary Mathey22 dagar sedan
  • heart.

    Mr. BearMr. Bear22 dagar sedan
  • 29:30 THANK YOU HAHAHAHAHA!!! It aways gets me!

    dd4nt388dd4nt38824 dagar sedan
  • So the ultimate question what was the better thief game thief 3 or dishonored

    Orc War Chief reviewsOrc War Chief reviews24 dagar sedan
  • What was 1:22

    orion arorion ar24 dagar sedan
  • Keeper Orland was part of the group that dragged Garrett to listen to the prophecy on the metal age, so you've definitely seen and heard of him before.

    RidnarhtimRidnarhtim24 dagar sedan
  • sauce for 1:21 ?

    E KE K24 dagar sedan
  • are you jewish? you always use that yiddish music in your videos.

    RawrItsTayL0RRawrItsTayL0R25 dagar sedan
  • this game was too scary for me as a kid ;-;

    Pup PyzPup Pyz25 dagar sedan
  • Didn't know it had a 3rd person until now. Mind blown.

    Joshua LeggJoshua Legg25 dagar sedan
  • What is the high concept album on 1:20 ?

    Al1987ac AAl1987ac A25 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know the song at 1:20?

    UnrealmannerUnrealmanner25 dagar sedan
  • It really does seem like they were trying to make another Deus Ex game instead of another thief game. AI opponents fighting each other, different factions you can side with (sort of), increased focus on the ability to kill vs mercy, hubs with side missions and secrets you can find through exploration, and a tonne of text dumped around the map with lore about the game. Thief: Invisible War indeed...

    Syndicate OperativeSyndicate Operative26 dagar sedan
  • Seriously Mando do you have my steam library cause 90% of your reviews are of games I have and played as well for the PS2 ones!!

    DeinFermDeinFerm26 dagar sedan
  • Honestly the best games to do a delete knowledge of would have thought be story driven like mass effect 2 or maybe nier automata, however the endibg to 2017's prey was so good i often dream i could get that wtf moment they do both in the begining and the end

    ilove bigbrotherilove bigbrother26 dagar sedan
  • The panic in Mandelore's movement as the guard's voice rises in volume at the beginning is hilarious to me.

    DatCameraMONDatCameraMON26 dagar sedan
  • Has he mentioned if he’s going to cover the 2014 Thief? Wondering.

    Benjamin TrejoBenjamin Trejo26 dagar sedan
  • TDS is still a masterpiece if you compare it to the travesty that the new Eidos/Square Thief was.

    NiiloNiilo27 dagar sedan
  • Yo, is that papyrus undertale?

    enginseer92enginseer9227 dagar sedan
  • "Who else seen the hag say yeah!" - brilliant leprechaun reference!

    Mr MinotaurMr Minotaur27 dagar sedan
  • Fish people

    R.J. MacreadyR.J. Macready27 dagar sedan
  • I love how powering the Cradle causes the passage from which you entered to close.

    Mythos SpecialistMythos Specialist27 dagar sedan
  • A fellow Call of Cthulhu fan?! EDIT: NO, NOT THE MODERN ONE!

    Mythos SpecialistMythos Specialist28 dagar sedan
  • I'm kinda shocked he didn't like the music - That's the best aspect of the game to me.

    Japanese GuacamoleJapanese Guacamole28 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    EL Barto 666EL Barto 66628 dagar sedan
  • Yes, it wasn´t perfect at release, but the atmosphere sucked me right in. I remember that day i bought the game, started playing at noon, reached the asylum level at midnight....

    Wannabe OperatorWannabe Operator28 dagar sedan
  • What was the song that played when Mandy said high concept album?

    Thomas GibbsThomas Gibbs28 dagar sedan
  • "after some experimenting I found out they were meant for neither"

    Bradford ChadwellBradford Chadwell28 dagar sedan
  • would you ever look at The Saboteur its one of them games that was good for the time be overlooked

    rusty bananarusty banana28 dagar sedan
  • i dont know why but i think you would maybe get a good video out of "koudelka" ps1 :)

    KleamBrapisonKleamBrapison29 dagar sedan
  • Orland appears in Thief 2 but the VA is different.

    Honecker StanHonecker Stan29 dagar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion incoming. Robbing the Cradle is the worst mission in the game.

    Honecker StanHonecker Stan29 dagar sedan
  • 15:10 "Dark times" joke

    Gurm YigollGurm Yigoll29 dagar sedan
  • Kenshi

    Prince RicardPrince RicardMånad sedan
  • Okay weird question, what is that song you played after making fun of papyrus font, I can't find it anywhere and it dosen't sound terrible

    MnjetsterMnjetsterMånad sedan
  • Can you review Darkseed? That would be awesome!

    LiquidHexagonLiquidHexagonMånad sedan
  • Now that it's remake is out, I HAVE to suggest my favorite game of all time for The List. Geneforge. It's an isometric RPG in a custom setting. The primary gameplay gimmick is the ability to make new lifeforms to act as disposable pawns.

    KaguroDravenKaguroDravenMånad sedan
  • 5:27 I see you Limbo of the Lost

    Dylan PorterDylan PorterMånad sedan
  • Aah we're finally here, but I'm so happy. Fantastic work with this series. Was so much fun to revisit and listen to your perspective.

    Designated RedDesignated RedMånad sedan
  • I know this is out of context but dude your review of StrongHold is great. Could you ever do Rise of Nations? Really a game of my childhood.

    Seppe SnellenbergSeppe SnellenbergMånad sedan
  • recently got into this channel and i admire that you prioritize genuine down-to-Earth honesty in your reviews above trying too hard to be quirky and funny, even though I find myself disagreeing with a lot of your takes. You should have a look at Cruelty Squad.

    Takumi InuiTakumi InuiMånad sedan
  • you should do a heavy gear review

    Alvadar65Alvadar65Månad sedan

    Way FamilyWay FamilyMånad sedan
  • Bro you have to play cruelty squad

    Benjamin BurnsBenjamin BurnsMånad sedan
  • My God, what a good channel! Just found it today and you've reviewed a lot of my favourite classic old games! Gothic in particular! Well done mate!

    BlackwaterBlackwaterMånad sedan
  • We need a Garry's mod review

    Ya Boy CivilianYa Boy CivilianMånad sedan
  • I Like Watching Your Thief Videos In A Bar Eating Beef And Rice. They Taste Good. And Thief's Good Too

    The EternalThe EternalMånad sedan
  • Spoilees! The Cradle level scared the shit out of me, when I was cuaght in the "Cradle's memory" I was spooked, then went running towards a nearest door and shut it behind me, but a frigging huanted patient came on to me the momment I opened the door. I just wanted to get out from that place then.

    Le Pooper ManLe Pooper ManMånad sedan
  • Just found your channel yesterday and I love your breakdowns and gameplay. Especially the Dead Space series. Just thought I would make a recommendation for the BioShock series. Keep up the amazing work!

    Andrew AldujailiAndrew AldujailiMånad sedan
  • 26:17 Unexpected Kung Pow. Truly you are a man of refined culture.

    TheDanishTheDanishMånad sedan
  • heart. (no heart.)

    Bogdan BogdanoffBogdan BogdanoffMånad sedan
  • Oh my god, I just noticed you added the Woodgator to the flashbacks in the intro. I thought I was going insane for a second. Damn these videos are amazing.

    Warrior CrabWarrior CrabMånad sedan
  • They did bring it back, tho. The latest game in the series came out in 2014.

    Aidan VichinskyAidan VichinskyMånad sedan
  • What a useless and stupid review...

    Christoff NavaChristoff NavaMånad sedan
  • If you havnt already you should do majesty 2 i love that game. Lol

    GGA007GamingGGA007GamingMånad sedan
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows was released before Doom 3 and looks better imo.

    strydom666strydom666Månad sedan
  • The virgin Enforcer VS the chad guardsman

    A Void InhabitantA Void InhabitantMånad sedan
  • It really hurts when you all speak of the fourth one in that way. I’m saying it as someone who has a deep connection with the first two games like with no others and considers them the best stealth games the world has ever known. Thief 2014 is not bad. Please :(

    DimaJeydarDimaJeydarMånad sedan
  • I rented this game 3x as a kid, and every time the game would freeze and crash when the first level started. I never got to play the game, so glad i could at least see it some now.

    Chris EvansChris EvansMånad sedan
  • alright, what the fuck is the music video at 1:20. I've looked for those lyrics, but found nothing.

    ColdAnalogColdAnalogMånad sedan
  • That moron Razorfist seems really butt hurt with you. He doesn't even deserve the attention, but the way he is seething is quite hilarious to see. Literally calls this the equivalent of reading a Wikipedia page. Some people were just born stupid

    Joe ZapalloJoe ZapalloMånad sedan
  • I recomend you reviewing the syberia games. Its the most nostalgic game for me and playing the 3rd game was so much fun even tho the controls were a little bit harder on the launch of the game

    Señor ChickenSeñor ChickenMånad sedan
  • Regarding rope arrows being cut from the game, the developers couldn't make it work in the new engine. This is why they put in the wall climbing mechanism instead.

    TheBansheeSheriffTheBansheeSheriffMånad sedan
  • Ever thought about reviewing Rayman 2?

    BrunoBrunoMånad sedan
  • The frightened frightening full fumbling functional wallaby quickly satisfy because check splenomegaly wave qua a wry worm. same, stupid protest

    Kevin BudzischKevin BudzischMånad sedan
  • 3 games and they all needed fan patches, bruh.

    TheKnightDrag0nTheKnightDrag0nMånad sedan

    JurchinJimJurchinJimMånad sedan
  • what is that at 1.20

    kieran grahamkieran grahamMånad sedan
  • That Hammerite at the beginning sounds like he definitely fucks.

    QuoteveQuoteveMånad sedan
  • “No...the answer is no and I don’t know what you’re talking about” A perfect answer to the unspoken question. But this feels like you're admitting that the Mystery of the Druids is a better game than "that which will not be talked about".

    Snarky McSneSnarky McSneMånad sedan
  • What’s the intro music/theme he used called?

    Torsten MadsenTorsten MadsenMånad sedan
  • you should do a review of harvester

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