Repairing John Deere Gas powered Air Compressor and Old Water Pump.

Need to complete a task? Sure! Have all the proper tools? Yes! Do all the tools you need work properly? HAHAH no......
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  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu3 dagar sedan
  • Good job Matt!

    Kirk RogersKirk Rogers5 dagar sedan
  • I quit rebuilding the carburetors, I just order a new one! They’re cheap just to order them and throw the old ones away!

    Kirk RogersKirk Rogers5 dagar sedan
  • All you have to do to prevent the carbs from acting up is make it a practice to run it out of fuel

    Michael HartloffMichael Hartloff9 dagar sedan
  • Wassup

    Michael HartloffMichael Hartloff9 dagar sedan
  • Hi is there a special reason you use universal sockets

    Ken HarnessKen Harness10 dagar sedan
  • See the end of the square shaft has a hole and stamped into the metal is the word 'OIL'. All that is needed is every so often, remove the cover, grab the oil can and squirt a few drops into that hole.

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker12 dagar sedan
  • Is that what happens to small engines if you put gasohol in them??? :(

    platonicsolidplatonicsolid15 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you like J.D. ?

    RICK ErbRICK Erb16 dagar sedan
  • One gauge might be calibrated in kilo-pascals and the other in pounds per square inch. With a Subaru motor, metric measure would not be a stretch.

    Victor RobisonVictor Robison16 dagar sedan
  • I like to unwind a strand of wire cable from a bike cable or some type of strand cable and I use that to clean the jets. It’s been the only real thing I’ve found to easily go into the smaller jets.

    Jason The Municipal MechanicJason The Municipal Mechanic17 dagar sedan
  • Take a drink of beer every time an aerosol can falls off of the work bench!!!

    Dan E. BoydDan E. Boyd18 dagar sedan
  • that water pump seems pretty easy to pull. maybe it has bad compression too?

    levi strnadlevi strnad19 dagar sedan
  • let me give you a tec tip....when you have the cover off take sand paper(160/180) and sand the magnets on the side of the flywheel. its the main componet of the ignition system yours were rusty.(fixes hard starting by boosting the fire to the plugs.there magnets. great channel for us working men.james from louisiana

    Opie TaylorOpie Taylor19 dagar sedan
  • Holy cow! That looked heavier than i thought! I jumped a little when it slipped. Watch your finger digits there.

    Pyronious520Pyronious52021 dag sedan
  • We're just gonna pretend like that didn't just happen LMAO (5:20) ... love ya love ya show

    RyRoRyRo21 dag sedan
  • 19:40 I looked through the soundtrack but could not find this song in there, what’s the name?

    The Kansas WorksThe Kansas Works22 dagar sedan
  • I hate carburetors. Freakin Achilles heal of engines

    johnmbjohnmb23 dagar sedan
  • Sweet, one can't have enough Kroil . That penetrating oil does a good job to lube and especially to keep your balls clean and shiny :))) Kroil won't let you down . :) Nice job 👌 keep up the good work.

    John LorraineJohn Lorraine25 dagar sedan
  • The reason they punched holes in the air cleaner WAS...THEY were STUPID!

    AngeliqueKagaAngeliqueKaga25 dagar sedan
  • That is called a "Sprague clutch", don't use heavy grease.

    Steven TalbottSteven Talbott26 dagar sedan
  • one corner of that recoil drive is should always be in the up position before installing the recoil and cover

    JustAnAverageBradJustAnAverageBrad26 dagar sedan
  • Smallest string from a guitar works great for those low idle jets.

    Patrick WilkersonPatrick Wilkerson26 dagar sedan
  • if you like rebuilding carbs-try rebuilding antique clocks and pocket watches/wristwatches!!

    charles currycharles curry27 dagar sedan
  • That one way bearing on the B&S must be a common problem because I have three of them on various machines and I've fixed that squeal 3 damn times.

    Matt Carding-WoodsMatt Carding-Woods27 dagar sedan
  • I think your videos are very educational 👍

    Jerry KramerJerry Kramer27 dagar sedan
  • @19:38 in UK we call that an "emulsion tube" It mixes air and fuel together.

    jonka1jonka128 dagar sedan
  • I can't put a finger on it when it comes to carb rebuilds. There are tons of rebuild videos to watch and what makes one more watchable than the other is a mystery. Your videos seem to keep me interested. Maybe its the tone or cadence of your voice or maybe the whole conversation you have with the camera while you discuss the procedure or and your thought process while doing it. Whatever it is that makes your videos successful is hard to tell so don't change a thing. You keep putting out the content and we will keep watching. Thanks Matt

    Robert LindseyRobert Lindsey28 dagar sedan
  • You're good and meticulous and because of that you get a well deserve positive result. That was very instructive. Thank you. I really enjoy your videos. Can't wait for the rest of the job for the grader.

    Guy CarignanGuy Carignan28 dagar sedan
  • I had to chuckle at the parts flying all over the place with the vibration. That's exactly what would happen with me. Except, I wouldn't have gotten it back together.

    Roger bamatutzRoger bamatutz28 dagar sedan
  • I am VERY familiar with Fix it to USE it! I just picked up an old Hitachi hot dog type gas air compressor for EXACTLY the same reason as you! Your compressor might look a little better with a little black spray paint... lol.... just a thought!

    Salvage WorkshopSalvage Workshop28 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂👍🏼

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek28 dagar sedan
  • These days I'd rather watch you do it than do it twice myself.

    s kingjrs kingjr28 dagar sedan
  • Need's a new wobbler value for sure...Also must be mine same name on the case there

    Matt WagstaffeMatt Wagstaffe28 dagar sedan
  • When your brand is so bad that a random Chinese OEM is a huge jump up

    demmidemmidemmidemmi29 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek28 dagar sedan
  • I got an older Ford 9000 if you or anyone else is interested set up as a grain truck I pull started it a year ago popped right off comes with tall side boreds and short foot or so and bale rack if wanted 8062026858 text me frist

    Tony DelkTony Delk29 dagar sedan
  • "Balls! screamed the Queen, if I had two I'd be King"

    William bestWilliam best29 dagar sedan
  • I like to take the ratchet apart and clean it if you have time. In a pinch you can usually just squirt atf in that hole in the end till it runs out the other. Cleans and lubes it well. Oil will gum it sooner. At least a little lube in that end hole or while apart will make it last much longer. Kroil is very thin and doesn't last near as long. I like the air compressor. Haven't seen a small one like that. The compressors are very simple and tend to use standard ball bearings if needed.

    dkdj5dkdj529 dagar sedan
  • the project before the projector before the project, for me, was the church

    Phil MoorePhil Moore29 dagar sedan
  • 21:27 I know that you just meant when you said Honda Clone engines. Just letting others know that the Subaru/Robin engine you have is definitely not a Honda Clone and I found them actually be more reliable than the Honda engine and it's clones. I find that they give far less issues even sitting for years.

    esqueueesqueue29 dagar sedan
  • Carb rebuilds are great to watch. Calming. Plus, you get to.see all different types and styles. You can never see.all the styles and parts to a the carbs. Always something to.learn. Wes is completely wrong.

    videodistrovideodistro29 dagar sedan
  • John Deere, the most overhyped equipment made. Manipulative company that wants to eliminate farmers/people working on and fixing their own property. They have been fighting "right to repair" since the beginning. DON'T BUY JOHN DEERE!!

    phinfan1972phinfan197229 dagar sedan
  • What's up

    Ryan BeyeaRyan Beyea29 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Ryan BeyeaRyan Beyea29 dagar sedan
  • The wire in a bread tie is the perfect size for carb jets. Keep making awesome content. Looking forward to a dozer job

    Axel LoveAxel Love29 dagar sedan
  • Tedium...

    Jay YoungJay YoungMånad sedan
  • Matt I love your channel well until you said wasn't a fan of John Deere. Ha ha ha Just kidding keep up the great job.

    stan sheldonstan sheldonMånad sedan
  • By the way I like carb rebuilds from lawn mower to holley 4 barrels

    Mike MartinMike MartinMånad sedan
  • U ever shook a float like that and phew off come needle&seat and can't find it no where I have lol

    Mike MartinMike MartinMånad sedan
    • Yes I’ve done that a time or 12 haha. You think I’d learn

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek29 dagar sedan
  • It's bad to have rusty balls that's 4 sure

    Mike MartinMike MartinMånad sedan
  • I usually have to fix a tool before I start the project before the project.

    TheFritz423TheFritz423Månad sedan
  • lol he droped his balls

    Slothsfor1Slothsfor1Månad sedan
  • use wire from wire brush for tiny jet

    terry hudsonterry hudsonMånad sedan
  • What did we do before we had break and carb cleaner

    D Steven PaisleyD Steven PaisleyMånad sedan
  • I think a carb. Rebuild video is awesome. We DIY's learning can use all the help we can get. Thankyou Matt.

    francisco botellofrancisco botelloMånad sedan
  • cut gas value off and run gas out of carb.before storage .

    Russell GalyonRussell GalyonMånad sedan
  • i think its safe to say that .... falling Can of whatever is definately your trademark. Im gona watch all the vids to see if one explode !! :D good video , keep up the good work !

    Arts911Arts911Månad sedan
  • Hey Matt, I find a wire strand from a wire brush works well for carby jets

    Andrew WilsonAndrew WilsonMånad sedan
  • You didn't clean the low idle circuit. Under the idle speed screw is a bolt.

    Dan GroceDan GroceMånad sedan
  • I got to find four more balls somewhere I seem to have some missing... I can only find two... WHERE'S THE SECOND ONE! OH GOD I LOST ANOTHER ONE!!!

  • Like working on carbs and learn a lot watching you. 75, raise beef in SC and love working on stuff. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. DG

    Don GarrisonDon GarrisonMånad sedan
  • compressor has a bad rod !!!

    william millerwilliam millerMånad sedan
  • tighten till it breaks and 1/4 turn more

    william millerwilliam millerMånad sedan
  • if it dont start on the 4th pull fix it

    william millerwilliam millerMånad sedan
  • IT was very enjoyable watching everything on this table vibrate onto the floor best vid of the day hit the like button 6 times

    william millerwilliam millerMånad sedan
  • When I cant get a cleaning rod small enough I use electrical wire and unwind it and just use one strand of the wire

    Justin DirksJustin DirksMånad sedan
  • 16:35 hop over and tell mustie1 about that 🤣🤘

    Heinz KotHeinz KotMånad sedan
  • You should put oil in that one way clutch that's what lubes it. There is a hole in the end, you squirt oil into that lubes the balls and shaft. And there is only supposed to be two bolts in that cover.

    dposer10dposer10Månad sedan
  • Good job Matt!

    Billy HintonBilly HintonMånad sedan
  • As a last resort for cleaning jets, use a wire bristle from a wire brush.

    Mark WallisMark WallisMånad sedan
  • I have heard another of those Subaru small engines and it also made that same rod knockey noise but it worked fine. So maybe they just sound like that lol.

    Tmaxx101399Tmaxx101399Månad sedan
  • Appears to be a Subaru motor problem.. not a JD problem..

    deernutOOdeernutOOMånad sedan
  • Wire brush bristles make a good jet cleaner

    paul atkinsonpaul atkinsonMånad sedan
  • John Deere colors are a hell-a-va nicer then that putrid orange!!!

    pi-duinopi-duinoMånad sedan
  • Those subaru engines aren't known for being all that great just a fyi.

    Douglas GougeonDouglas GougeonMånad sedan
  • i like to watch you strip down an clean a carburettor, its so relaxing (better you doing it than me )

    christopher paul wardchristopher paul wardMånad sedan
  • Called Bearings of the Ball type or cylinder type. Nice to see some old stuff get fixed.

    Martin EastburnMartin EastburnMånad sedan
  • Matt, do a lookup of the motor air filter on the air compressor - I have two Briggs and Stratton air filters (part no 497725S/273185S) I would be happy to ship to you free on my nickel if they are a match.

    Kevin RKevin RMånad sedan
  • Yeah if you do not have a pure gas fuel dealer it is a problem the alcohol/ ethanol just turn to miss butterworth after a year

    Bruce LaneBruce LaneMånad sedan
  • Thanks

    T KirkwoodT KirkwoodMånad sedan
  • That wasn't the cause of the seizure. It seizes between the smooth part of the crankshaft and the four sided piece that goes in the spool. Sand smooth and a few drops of oil on shaft and felt plug at the bottom of the hole.

    Kurt YoungKurt YoungMånad sedan
  • Careful with that Subaru engine, they quit making parts for them so anything you need for it will be leftovers or NOS. Running into this with a generator at work that needs a carb

    Eric WEric WMånad sedan
  • you drop stuff even more than i do.

    lettersandnumbers81lettersandnumbers81Månad sedan
  • This mans begin for a Manscaped sponsorship

    ApolloApolloMånad sedan
  • Take a shot every time Matt says “balls”

    Conner WrightConner WrightMånad sedan
  • 😂🤣😂🤣 He kept saying Ballz ( I know......I’m 12yo) 😂🤣😂🤣

    Tall BoyTall BoyMånad sedan
  • Rather than a torch tip cleaner, you should get an old school glass syringe needle cleaner set. From when they would sterilize the all metal needles and the glass syringes. I have one, and it's perfect for carbies. Usually, they are inside a metal box divided into seven or more sizes, smallest being nearly hair thin.

    asertaasertaMånad sedan
  • "Subaru" i'm like, riiight, and my middle name is Schemer. Man, there should be a law against re-purposing other people's junk so you can make easy money. It should be illegal to put your brand name on some POS chinesium garbage. If you can't make it in your own factory, under your own anymore, then get lost off the market.

    asertaasertaMånad sedan
  • just wanted to say that you didn't need to take the whole recoil assembly of in order to stop it from binding. if you look on the end of the square shaft there is the tiniest little whole at the centre of the shaft all you have to do is shoot some 3in1 (or equivalent thin oil) in that and it should make its way onto the inner shaft and soak into the tiny sponge right at the other side of the hole

    FirenadoFirenadoMånad sedan
    • @Diesel Creek haha its fine I only know after i revived a 1960s briggs unit from a bail conveyer thing and did the same thing just as my father came round the corner and said "why didnt you just use the oil hole on the side?"

      FirenadoFirenadoMånad sedan
    • Well, now I know😂. The video would’ve been awful short that way....

      Diesel CreekDiesel CreekMånad sedan
  • it always seems like there's something i need to do, before i can do what i want to do. glad to know it ain't just me.

    handyhippie65handyhippie65Månad sedan
  • I feel like you dropped everything you possibly could

    Peter StubbingtonPeter StubbingtonMånad sedan
  • 5:25 It's been Monday all week today.

    Mark EllsworthMark EllsworthMånad sedan
  • Been binge watching your videos, Matt. Subbed and looking forward to seeing more. Cheers from Qld, Australia.

    Ben BowlesBen BowlesMånad sedan
    • Awesome! Glad to have you!

      Diesel CreekDiesel CreekMånad sedan
  • dirty balls

    Alex ReeveAlex ReeveMånad sedan
  • I can watch a carb strip anytime. I actually slowed down the speeded up bits to get the full satisfaction. (I probably don’t get out enough!) I cut my teeth as a preteen on a briggs and Stratton engine like that water pump by stripping it down and rebuilding it again. The feeling when it runs up for the first time is beyond description. That was 40 years ago! I have yet to find what size sockets fit the cover bolts! They are beautiful pieces of value engineering and I was hooked on engineering ever since. Love the variable height workbench 😉

    Robin WellsRobin WellsMånad sedan
  • Running a pump without water in it is almost as bad for the pump as running an engine without oil in the sump. Won't take long to 'kiss off' that shaft seal. If the pump draws water then you got away with it, this time. Dandy little air compressor, I'll bet that comes in handy around your place! First thing I'd do is have that Air Compressor's oil changed and be sure to use 'Compressor Oil' in it. ( i.e a good quality non-detergent single grade oil, like maybe SAE 20) BUT genuine 'Compressor Oil' is your best bet.

    Reg SparkesReg SparkesMånad sedan
  • Love the video keep up the great work

    christopher lindchristopher lindMånad sedan
  • Love the video keep up the great work

    christopher lindchristopher lindMånad sedan
  • I see a lot of mustie like channels emerging

    Suresh kumarSuresh kumarMånad sedan
  • It sounds great aside from the compressor it doesn’t sound too good but run it till she blows. Excellent work and thanks for sharing this with us take care

    Hayden UK 18Hayden UK 18Månad sedan
  • Pretty much from when your balls dropped, you seemed to be having problems with gravity Matt. Kinda lucky that stuff always falls 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒅𝒔.😂 I wonder how long that compressor will last. It'll be interesting to hear if you can source parts 𝑎𝑛𝑑 what they cost.

    2H80vids2H80vidsMånad sedan