Supersonic Planes are Coming Back (And This Time, They Might Work)

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive


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  • If an engineer can figure out how to go Supersonic. Then that engineer can figure a way minize the Sonic Booms to almost non-existence. You just have to think outside the box.

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  • They can piss off with these. Supersonic passenger jets are an absurdly elitist intention huge noise pollution. I hope all three those companies fail and their founders and investors all lose lots of money.

    RMAGGRRMAGGR16 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if the new aircraft also featured the dropped snoot design.

    Junde LiuJunde LiuDag sedan
  • haha showing shots of Aspen when talking about billionairs.

    Drew LedererDrew LedererDag sedan
  • It would be awesome if they came back.

    Miguel RuizMiguel RuizDag sedan
  • Concord was awesome!!!

    RokSimmer (gal4God)RokSimmer (gal4God)2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if it's possible to design an aircraft to shape or direct the sonic boom. It would be really convenient if you could make a really loud boom pointed at space and not bother the ground.

    TrafulgothTrafulgoth2 dagar sedan
  • The real reason concorde stopped is because the Americans failed to make a supersonic jet and banned concorde in their airspace just after scrapping their own programme.

    Cameron OliverCameron Oliver2 dagar sedan
  • Idk what you are saying there, but curiosity steam is 9.99 (nobody wants HD only.) There's no smart tv app. For comprising, I pay way less for SEslow premium (family plan.)

    Claudiu GardelliClaudiu Gardelli2 dagar sedan
  • I highly doubt that the resurgence of supersonic planes will be widespread and economically sound. While it is true that more millionaires are being generated at an unprecedented rate, people are also getting poorer and poorer. All the millionaires in the world still make up less than 1% of the total population, yet they believe they make up a higher percentage because the internet acts as a echo chamber for entitled people, so they believe the wealth they posses is widespread. It isn't. I have no doubt that when supersonic jets come around again, they will be as unaffordable for 99.9999% of the population as they were when they first came out. Poor people still exist, and we still make up 99% of the population. Only the most privileged people will be able to enjoy this. Of course, they don't feel privileged because they only make a few hundred thousand a year, while most people consider it lucky to make 50k a year..

    Omega501Omega5012 dagar sedan
  • This channel is impressive

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  • You forgot the biggest challenge to these airlines: environmentalism. No matter what side your on or if you think it's a good or a bad thing you can't deny, they are likely gonna be shot down before they even get airborne. Even if they can travel comparable to today's fuel consumption, people will just say "Well you could use that tech for even more efficient subsonic flight, so you still aren't allowed to fly it"

    James DiniusJames Dinius3 dagar sedan
  • I'm disapointed you didn't talk about the climate impact of the fuel consomption :/

    ShianShian4 dagar sedan
  • What an idiot--would someone try to compare a Rolls-Royce to a crappy American passenger bus? Concorde was not a commercial success because the US Aviation industry, having failed to develop it's own SST, carried out a backstabbing, disruptive campaign of propaganda, bribery and threats against potential buyers and airports. When Concorde was planned (in 1956!) the transatlantic route was deemed the most important. Hindsight really is a perfect skill.

    Terence HillTerence Hill4 dagar sedan
  • At 0:35 it looks like the flight attendant spits on someone to her left... O_o

    Gogeta70Gogeta705 dagar sedan
  • Very nice.

    lemard mayslemard mays5 dagar sedan
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  • Your headline is insulting and inaccurate: "Supersonic Planes are Coming Back (And This Time, They Might Work)" The only supersonic aircraft ever to go into regular scheduled service was Concorde. And it did so successfully for 30 years. It was by far the safest passenger aircraft ever built and operated. Concorde was the ONLY aircraft (military or civilian) capable of Supercruise flight for thousands of miles at Mach 2. So it worked and worked very well. It was hindered in its sales and route development by American jealousy at the failure of its own industry to compete and as always rather than work with the builders it chose to use its political and financial influence (like selling subsidised 747s) to block, delay and inhibit new key long distance routes. It even tried to stop it entering US airspace. But it flew for 30 years. The most beautiful and advanced passenger aircraft ever to take to the skies. It was only defeated by 9/11 and French political cowardice.

    1chish1chish5 dagar sedan
  • Ah, Wendover, the curse of aircraft companies...

    RascalapRascalap5 dagar sedan
  • Concorde was a fantastic aircraft and a huge technical achievement in aviation history, not to mention one of the finest looking aircraft to take to the air. It would have been more successful if the Americans had not thrown their teddy’s out of the pram because they were beaten in the Super Sonic Transport race and restricted its use with BS environmental arguments. The same arguments that are now silent as it appears their SST is close to reality.

    Bo NidleBo Nidle5 dagar sedan
  • It's doubtful that any supersonic passenger airliner would succeed as both SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are already considering sub-orbital passenger services. SpaceX using their Starship and Virgin using their air-dropped rocket aircraft.

    WOT Arty NoobsWOT Arty Noobs6 dagar sedan
  • You really ought to research the Concorde story more closely. There's several videos about it where I've detailed the reasons why Concorde was retired. It was not unprofitable - quite the contrary. British Airways were bribed by the French Government to retire the aircraft early, as Air France were no longer willing to operate the aircraft due to maintenance issues which caused the crash. Under the agreement made between the French and British Governments when they started the Concorde project, if one side pulled out, the other side would still be responsible for paying their share of the project regardless of whether they fly the aircraft or not. The French Government were aware that Concorde could continue to fly for another 50 years or more (because the British aircraft were in such good condition) and the cost to the French could be in the $Trillions to maintain the British aircraft. So they made British an offer. They would supply a fleet of Airbus aircraft at cost - if only British Airways retired the Concorde early and refused to sell it to any other third party. British Airways agreed the deal and took delivery of hundreds of Airbus aircraft. Many firms have tried to purchase the Concorde to get them flying again. There are 3 that could fly. Two of these are British Airways aircraft and the third an Air France one - but no one will sell them, despite very generous offers. One of these Concordes is at Heathrow in flying condition, but it won't fly because British Airways would break the deal they made with the French. As for the accident at Paris, there were numerous factors which caused the crash. Most of these were nothing to do with the strip of metal on the runway. The maintenance engineer forgot to replace the spacers on the undercarriage on one side and the wheels were wobbling worse than a shopping trolley. The pilot in the aircraft behind the Concorde notified the tower that the wheels on the aircraft were wobbling dangerously, but his transmission was ignored and not passed on to the Concorde. The Pilot overloaded the plane. He was carrying too much weight because the passengers were on their way to a cruise ship, they had excess baggage and he did not want to leave behind their luggage. So he agreed to take all the suitcases which put him over the safe weight. The pilot decided to over fill the fuel tanks past the safe level. He took on much more fuel than was safe and this meant that the tanks had no air in them to allow for compression. He also decided to take off from an area of the runway that was under repair (to get a longer run up) and the tarmac damaged the undercarriage. When something hit the outside of the fuel tanks, the shock wave went through the pressurized tank and blew open the fuel ports which then flooded out at high speed and caught fire. Lastly - and this was the tragic one - the pilot did not use the extra afterburner setting to increase thrust after the fire started. There were 2 settings for the afterburners. They usually used the first setting for take off and when going through the sound barrier, but there was a second setting which was even higher thrust and if the pilot had used it, then the aircraft might not have stalled and crashed, but managed to circle back to land at the airport.

    WOT Arty NoobsWOT Arty Noobs6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine the noise pollution from "tolerable" sonic booms. There will be no escaping the noise pollution even in wild and secluded rural areas. This is horrible.

    JonathanJonathan6 dagar sedan
  • Give me a first-class seat( not service ) and forget about the time you need to get there...easier and cheaper to do?

    Jorge MansoJorge Manso6 dagar sedan
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  • I get why they picked the name "Boom" because of "Sonic Boom", however picking a name that is also the onomatopoeia for an explosion might not be the best idea. It's sort of like starting a car company and naming it "Crash".

    Nick GNick G7 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry I really can’t stand the emphasized pauses I can’t finish the video lol

    Lily CLily C8 dagar sedan
  • Concorde worked well enough, i's failure was do not to lack of deand but the the usual US manipulation to stifle any superior competition through phony concerns about noise over populated areas. The towns and people close to so many US military airbases are told to put or shut up.

    Lazer BenabbaLazer Benabba8 dagar sedan
  • All they have to do is get Jeff bezos to buy one and all the governments will change the laws.

    Jeremy ThompsonJeremy Thompson8 dagar sedan
  • Please Stop Talking Like This

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  • Says SEslow punishes them. Obviously doesn’t know how to clickbait.

    John GriffithJohn Griffith8 dagar sedan
  • Concorde would reach a max altitude of 60,000ft. What happens to everyone inside during a rapid decompression at that altitude?

    Elliot CannonElliot Cannon9 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P Aerion.

    Ama (Smirnoff)Ama (Smirnoff)9 dagar sedan
  • Great. So the super rich can exclusively benefit and continue to increase their carbon footprint. Love the engineering. I want it banned until the masses benefit. The rich have enough

    Cam AdamsCam Adams9 dagar sedan
  • are you the same guy from "Asian Boss"?

    yesshiroyesshiro9 dagar sedan
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    Yvonne PatersonYvonne Paterson9 dagar sedan
  • Though I love the technological marvel of supersonic flight I really don't see how we can justify such a terribly environmental unfriendly mode of transport in this day and age. Especially if it's only for the richest 1%. Sure, it might be economically sustainable, but it ain't even close to environmentally sustainable. Air travel is already one of the worst polluters, let alone the fuel innefficieny of supersonic. I just don't think this technology is justifiable at all.

    koekeritiskoekeritis9 dagar sedan
  • Pipe dream lol. What a joke.

    I Identify as VaccinatedI Identify as Vaccinated9 dagar sedan
  • 'Boom'....that name just don't sit well with naming a car company 'crash'..

    LionFromJamLionFromJam9 dagar sedan
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    • This is more cogent than many statements I've seen on SEslow.

      Joe MommaJoe Momma9 dagar sedan
  • ha ha. boom go booom

    Emerald opEmerald op10 dagar sedan

    Matthew Ivan Jude PoncianoMatthew Ivan Jude Ponciano10 dagar sedan
  • THEREfuuuurgh xD

    MrCoolSwimmerMrCoolSwimmer10 dagar sedan
  • 🎵 *Supersonic* pussycat, just like a jaguar silky black, so let me climb your wood like that, you got 0 times to come hit that!🎵

    rebecca smithrebecca smith10 dagar sedan
  • The video started out talking about fuel efficiency, I feel like it forgot to address how the new generations fares...

    nab Jhanssonnab Jhansson10 dagar sedan
  • the quality of these videos keeps improving!

    spencer legresleyspencer legresley10 dagar sedan
  • 6:02 Well, Concorde wasn't the firs supersonic passenger airplane. The first was the Soviet Tu-144, but they did some industrial spying in order to build it, and rushed it in order to boast that they built the first ever passenger airplane - every flight resulted in tens of mechanical failures.

    Weed...Weed...10 dagar sedan
  • This is a great news... But let's not bring the risks and deaths back!!! LOL

    John DoeJohn Doe10 dagar sedan
  • With as small, uncomfortable, and lakk of reclining seats. Ummm nooo i dont want long flight to get work donw

    Draco FlameDraco Flame10 dagar sedan
  • Lockerbie and Libya.

    Mah KhiMah Khi10 dagar sedan
  • A few years ago when you told me about Concorde's return at £2000 for an economy Seat, I asked Why? An economy seat on a 747 costs only £500. Would you pay £1500 to save 4 hours. What you didn't tell me is that the London to New York route is over uncontrolled air space. So ba5tards shoot you down. Now, I understand why Branson is doing that Virgin Galactic research. Faster and Higher then lower the chance you'll get shot down.

    Mah KhiMah Khi10 dagar sedan
    • Along with this, the fact that the airspace over the Atlantic is uncontrollled is pure bullshit, there’s always at least one US carrier strike group in there, and getting fucking shot down over one of the most trafficked places is unlikely as trump getting re-elected

      Bob TomBob Tom8 dagar sedan
  • he wasn't wrong

    Big-Ricky GamesBig-Ricky Games10 dagar sedan
  • And a couple weeks after that United signs a 12 airframe deal with BOOM.

    baylinkdashytbaylinkdashyt10 dagar sedan
  • This is trash

    AviAvi10 dagar sedan
  • great vid. thx.

    Keil DrescherKeil Drescher11 dagar sedan
  • This guys voice is totally annoying..couldn't stand to listen to it

    DonLuc23 LastDonLuc23 Last11 dagar sedan
  • They didn’t work the first time because air travel was open to everyone and was too expensive... Now that air travel has become exclusive to the rich and powerful (alongside those who believe what the people above them say with no question) the conditions for profitable supersonic travel are optimal.

    Dylan ZrimDylan Zrim11 dagar sedan
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    jacky maijacky mai11 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone heard this guy's natural voice? Any examples? I love his videos, but i find the naration style getting a little harder to bear.

    Andrew abcAndrew abc11 dagar sedan
  • He makes great videos but speaks like the original captain James T. Kirk 😆

    dtrangerdtranger11 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Just one point, British Airways still operate a London City Airport - USA (possibly JFK off the top of my head) business class only flight. Every day I believe.

    underwaterdickunderwaterdick11 dagar sedan
  • 6:02 Actually the Tupolev Tu-144 was the worlds first supersonic passanger plane. That must be said ☝️🤓

    M1TGLIEDM1TGLIED11 dagar sedan
  • Honolulu seems like a perfect hub for these. Lots of flights from the continental US, Japan, Australia, etc., come though HNL, and they're all mainly over water.

    RandomNumberRandomNumber11 dagar sedan
    • Not really. Honolulu is a tourist hub, not a business hub. Passengers are too price sensitive and there likely isn't enough business travel to sustain a supersonic plane. They will just fly cheaper subsonic flights. Routes like LA to Tokyo are where the money is.

      James DiniusJames Dinius3 dagar sedan
  • To be fair Concorde was profitable until 9/11 and the Air France crash. The majority of Concorde customers died in 9/11 and after AF a lot of people got put off flying Concorde and the expense of the upgrades made it unviable to continue.

    Northern Virtual AirlinesNorthern Virtual Airlines11 dagar sedan
  • How much do you really hear sonic boom when it happens 40,000 feet over your head though?

    Viktor SafarViktor Safar11 dagar sedan
  • Here after United ordered 15 Boom overtures with 35 more options

    Andrew_8o8Andrew_8o811 dagar sedan
  • Time on planes can be productive, but flying fucking sucks so bad. It sucks less if you're on first class, at which point you're already paying a premium anyway, so might as well do so in exchange for a shorter flight.

    Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique11 dagar sedan
  • 6:10 what airport is that?

    Darth TroublousDarth Troublous11 dagar sedan
  • Not gonna happen anytime soon. But it could definitely work in 10 years of time if they use non-fossil fuels that have to be significantly cheaper than avtur. Think something like renewable-derived hydrogen (or hydrogen carrier), which could effectively remove the cost rabid fluctuation barrier. Thankfully its cost has been plummeting due to extensive R&D investments, I think one decade is a realistic time frame to make it happen.

    lontongstroonglontongstroong11 dagar sedan
  • The vast amount of land has little to no population. They can go supersonic while over these areas. Even though sound travels, it can still be done with very little effect to people on the ground. Either way, I've heard many sonic booms in my life, and most thunder is way worse of a sound than a boom.

    Jeff SJeff S12 dagar sedan
  • This is looking even more promising as United and Boom signed a contract last week

    Crystal The WolfCrystal The Wolf12 dagar sedan
  • With a range of only 4250nm I don’t see Boom Overture doing any trans pacific flying - even when considering great circle routing. That leaves the question of who’s gonna wanna pay extra to ride on a “fast” jet that has to stop for gas ? Kinda takes a lot of the prestige out of it for me anyway.

    savagecubsavagecub12 dagar sedan
    • @Stephen REALLY??? How long do you estimate the fuel stop will take ? Remember to add in the time for deceleration from supersonic, slowing to approach speed, landing, taxiing and then doing all that again in reverse to get back to cruise. Having flown trans pacific for a number of years I can assure you that many of the fuel stop destinations are truly in the middle of nowhere. That means if there’s any significant bad weather at the fuel stop you don’t have an alternate.

      savagecubsavagecub11 dagar sedan
    • The fuel stop really won't be a show stopper, it won't put off customers. People will be paying extra to fly supersonic for the time savings.. even with a fuel stop, the time savings delivered will be significant.

      StephenStephen11 dagar sedan
  • As an airline employee I got to ride Concorde for $500 back in the day !

    savagecubsavagecub12 dagar sedan
  • United Airlines just bought 15 Boom Overtures, with plans to enter them into service in 2029!

    AirRaidJadeAirRaidJade12 dagar sedan
  • Oh, now I get it the stoopid title. NO! Civilian SST's are NOT coming back.

    Proton NeutronProton Neutron12 dagar sedan
  • "coming back"? There have been more and more made since '47. What ARE you babbling on about? They never left nor diminished.

    Proton NeutronProton Neutron12 dagar sedan
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    Ina GriffinIna Griffin12 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad you talked about passenger productivity. Amtrak in the US did a similar study. They were focused on speed and reducing commute time between DC and NYC. What they discovered was that most people didn’t care about shaving time off the trip, they cared more about being able to use their time on the train. So Amtrak solved their problem by just including outlets to recharge laptops and free Wi-Fi.

    John RadiJohn Radi12 dagar sedan
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    Victoria AllanVictoria Allan12 dagar sedan
  • And Now United strikes a deal with Boom. Time to go supersonic

    Mithil AggarwalMithil Aggarwal12 dagar sedan
  • Well, United Airlines decided to go supersonic. You were right.

    TigerChamp 99TigerChamp 9912 dagar sedan
  • r/whoosh

    Tim HTim H12 dagar sedan
  • Keep these beasts out of the air until it's figured out how to minimize their impact on surrounding neighborhoods. I live near SFO and the endless drone of engines warming up and lining up for takeoff, even at really early morning hours, has been a topic of conversation and frustration for years. The pandemic was welcome for the reduction in flights.

    S CallaghanS Callaghan12 dagar sedan
  • Converting my motorcycle to jet fuel.

    Sonoran GamingSonoran Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • No boom. No thank you.

    Adam RogersAdam Rogers13 dagar sedan
  • Don't know if it will work.. because renting private jet for those who can't fly commercial is quite close to first class pricing for the gang. If you are a celebrity or someone known.. for privacy reason you kinda have to fly private.

    JPTech933JPTech93313 dagar sedan
  • oh im sure elon musk will claim he has a faster electric plane that can go to the moon in 15 min then these politicians who are goo goo for e/vs will legislate these planes out of existence,as we all know the world has an unlimited amount of electricity so lets make everything electric trains ships rockets,oh wait musk has those and there NOT ELECTRIC

    theshagger2012 onelegtheshagger2012 oneleg13 dagar sedan
  • Your speech pattern through this entire video became extremely noticeable really fast. Sentence starts high pitched, tones down, then ends in three... delayed... words. "^word^ word word word word word... word word word... word word.... word word... word... word... word." Example: -these companies... just... might. -planes... over... land. -bans... need... to end. -into more... of a sonic... thump. -to a car... door... closing. -in very... rapid... succession. -two... rapid... booms. -of quiet... sonic... booms. xD It's so hard not to hear it now that I've noticed it

    Tsuki AkureiTsuki Akurei13 dagar sedan
  • I’m excited to see United flying the Boom supersonic airplane in 2029. Hopefully I’ll even be able to get a ticket to fly from New York to London.

    The LiamsterThe Liamster13 dagar sedan
  • BIG Badda-booom!

    Emo MuzzEmo Muzz13 dagar sedan
  • Yay

    Follow The GrowFollow The Grow13 dagar sedan
  • Thats all possible, if the environment does'nt collapse before we think ..

    Martin RuizMartin Ruiz13 dagar sedan