Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts

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Ladda ner



  • A moment of silence for the people who find this stuff funny...

    The union for destruction of furry operationsThe union for destruction of furry operations18 minuter sedan
  • Za warudo?

    Thomas PritchettThomas Pritchett21 minut sedan
  • He’s the type of guy to walk in circles thinking a stop watch is a compass

    Sparkle pup ManSparkle pup Man35 minuter sedan
  • You don't want it give to me

    tobi darktobi dark40 minuter sedan
  • My car

    Randy pokemonRandy pokemon47 minuter sedan
  • Really hate this vid

    Blakeplayzz999Blakeplayzz99950 minuter sedan
  • He's the type of guy who'd set an alarm clock to turn off another alarm clock ⏰

    Dony S.Dony S.50 minuter sedan
  • He’s the type of guy

    The complaining channelThe complaining channel55 minuter sedan
  • Nem fodendo

    B R E N N U H :3B R E N N U H :3Timme sedan
  • No one cares about your lambo daddy brought.

    Luke ClarkeLuke ClarkeTimme sedan
  • Its foam

    Tweed PenguinTweed PenguinTimme sedan
  • 스티로품인거 알거든~

    Uncle KevinUncle KevinTimme sedan

    บุญล้อม ชัยสมหวังบุญล้อม ชัยสมหวังTimme sedan
  • He’s the type of guy who studies for a COVID test

    XAVIER YTXAVIER YT2 timmar sedan
  • He's the type of guy who destroy a fu*king lamborghini when we here in latam don't even have a fu*king car , not even a fu*king bicycle >:v

    •gacha-editss••gacha-editss•2 timmar sedan
  • So not worth watching

    Murse2019Murse20192 timmar sedan
  • He's the type a guy that would breathe a sy of relief...his IQ test came back negative

    Chucky MurloChucky Murlo2 timmar sedan
  • Too bad it's a fake one😂

    Novi Pazar SerbianNovi Pazar Serbian2 timmar sedan
  • That's fake wight

    aswd buttaswd butt2 timmar sedan
  • He’s the type of guy who turns off the sink to wash his hands.

    ZukoZuko2 timmar sedan
  • Fake it's foam you can see it bounce of the windshield

    Jackie BerryJackie Berry2 timmar sedan
  • Il fait cru sur GTA lui

    -_-phraim-_-phraim3 timmar sedan
  • That’s not slow mo that’s a powerpoint

    ZuckerZucker3 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    YT101YTYT101YT3 timmar sedan
  • He’s the tip of guy who would jump if a bridge if the president told him to

    Brooklyn TinglerBrooklyn Tingler3 timmar sedan
  • Its plastic

    milica maleticmilica maletic3 timmar sedan
  • I want to die

    JooobJoob1JooobJoob13 timmar sedan
  • Welcome to the world "He's The type of guy"

    Muhammad Zaidhan IqbalMuhammad Zaidhan Iqbal3 timmar sedan
  • 3lax makamaltix???

    Sofian DahbiSofian Dahbi3 timmar sedan
  • Why dude?

    Edwin SandborgEdwin Sandborg3 timmar sedan
  • Fake ass weight

    jakliztjaklizt4 timmar sedan
  • That shit's probably foam.

    gxwild5gxwild54 timmar sedan
  • Sooooo fake

    Lock ManderLock Mander4 timmar sedan
  • thats a styroform it doesnt break at a first contact

    박진호박진호4 timmar sedan
  • We all know its fake after it hits thecar nothing happens also he is to weak to even eat how can he hold that

    jekinjekin4 timmar sedan
  • There are a lot of homeless people who need food and hes smashing Lamborghinis

    YOU KNOW WHO I AMYOU KNOW WHO I AM4 timmar sedan
  • Daddy chill

    Levi GlassLevi Glass4 timmar sedan
  • Before this vdeo end iknow he just mess with people

    Muhd RazieMuhd Razie5 timmar sedan
  • He is that type of guy, who study for covid test. _It is originally invented by me, if You see this elsewhere, know that person who wrote it stole it from me._

    Juliusz SłowackiJuliusz Słowacki5 timmar sedan
  • Omg😫

    Destiny DauphineeDestiny Dauphinee5 timmar sedan
  • No lie but i just find it stupid people have the nices car an yet they destroyed them while us poor try to keep out junkies running. 🥲🥲🥲

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia5 timmar sedan
  • He’s the type of guy....he’s the type of guy...he’s the type of guy......................

    Michelle DaleyMichelle Daley5 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    DIALINGLUNAR /_\DIALINGLUNAR /_\5 timmar sedan
  • This is fake

    Ali AryanKhanAli AryanKhan5 timmar sedan
  • When you realized it's not heavy

    Zync EEEZync EEE6 timmar sedan
  • He's the type of guy that should of used a 2.5kg weight...🏋‍♂️

    jasonjason6 timmar sedan
  • Omg that’s actually hilarious it’s so bad. He’s lifting that weight far too easy for it to be an actual weight. The camera cyst just before it lands but just after the corner hits the windshield. YOU CAN SEE IT BOUNCE OF THE WINDSHIELD. Poorly done, -10/10 get some actual quality content you pathetic clickbaiter.

    Awe5omeAwe5ome6 timmar sedan
  • Don't do this

    Milena life xxMilena life xx6 timmar sedan

    Milena life xxMilena life xx6 timmar sedan
  • He's the type of guy who look for a Lamborghini in parking lot and throws weight on it for "content"

    Ayush DwivediAyush Dwivedi6 timmar sedan
  • It's a fake thing

    RTV _Player66rRTV _Player66r6 timmar sedan
  • Sabe quantas pessoas não tem carro

    roblox rhuanroblox rhuan6 timmar sedan
  • Polystyrene 🙄

    Herman MunsterHerman Munster6 timmar sedan
  • Tired of seeing comments starting with 'he is the type of guy'

    SV LYRICSSV LYRICS6 timmar sedan
  • Re U dam stuped or dam hah?(6ix9ine said trueee:)

    Moosha DubMoosha Dub6 timmar sedan
  • А ей похер

    Bodya UaBodya Ua6 timmar sedan
  • He's a type of guy who doesn't care about people

    luke gamingluke gaming7 timmar sedan
  • Its fake

    Niklas VoNiklas Vo7 timmar sedan
  • Только я поонял что это резина.

    Данил ЖелезновДанил Железнов7 timmar sedan
  • This is the type of guy who would complain his minute rice cooks in 60 seconds.

    insert nameinsert name7 timmar sedan
  • Reasons why murder should be legal

    Wild CandyWild Candy7 timmar sedan
  • He's a guy who complains about the hole in his doughnut

    The pokemon detective_The pokemon detective_7 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    John RojasJohn Rojas7 timmar sedan
  • Fake ha rubber tha voo😂😀

    MR. ELACTIXMR. ELACTIX8 timmar sedan
  • Fake weight

    P.F ChangsP.F Changs8 timmar sedan
  • Yeah no that’s fake

    Piper DoolooPiper Dooloo8 timmar sedan
  • He is type of guy who makes everyone stupid

    Goody SoonGoody Soon8 timmar sedan
  • A trabajar para pagarlo primo

    brujo nahualbrujo nahual8 timmar sedan
  • Hes the type of guy that shaves his eyebrows to tell people he shaves

    I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To MeI'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me9 timmar sedan
  • Plastic weight

    No music RCNo music RC9 timmar sedan
  • Foam

    Finn AdekFinn Adek9 timmar sedan
  • Guy pls report this video as misleading information

    Mr GoldMr Gold9 timmar sedan
  • You can tell that it's fake bro it would be a lot harder to throw

    Alexis VanScyocAlexis VanScyoc9 timmar sedan
  • he's the type of guy to celebrate a positive Covid test

    Mr TheManMr TheMan9 timmar sedan
  • Fake 20 kg

    freefire zone freefirefreefire zone freefire9 timmar sedan
  • Tá aqui o comentário brasileiro que vc estava procurando😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Yago RibeiroYago Ribeiro9 timmar sedan
  • Why

    italia gorinoitalia gorino9 timmar sedan
  • He’s the type to buy legos and ask why it isn’t already assembled

    Ghost FaceGhost Face9 timmar sedan
  • Mors mutual insurence how can we help you?

    Antoine CôtéAntoine Côté9 timmar sedan
  • its a fake

    Monalyn BonillaMonalyn Bonilla10 timmar sedan
  • This guy stole one of Bradley Martyns fake plates

    VossWaterKimVossWaterKim10 timmar sedan
  • This is what happens when you're raised privileged

    Danny BrownDanny Brown10 timmar sedan
  • Is this real?

    Brittany GolubovicBrittany Golubovic10 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    Muhammed faruk YıldızMuhammed faruk Yıldız10 timmar sedan
  • He’s the type of guy finding headphone jack when using AirPods

    嗨德岳嗨德岳10 timmar sedan
  • This is why some people don't deserve nice things.

    anonymousanonymous10 timmar sedan
  • This is thermacol

    Koyat KumbharKoyat Kumbhar11 timmar sedan
  • Foam

    q rq r11 timmar sedan
  • He’s the type of guy to wake someone up to ask if there awake

    naruto usamaki987naruto usamaki98711 timmar sedan
  • Я поверил

    Всмок 18Всмок 1811 timmar sedan
  • Rubber material is trown on it..fake fake

    rahul naikrahul naik11 timmar sedan
  • Fake weights

    Niraj SinghNiraj Singh11 timmar sedan
  • Hes the type of wait hes just annoying

    amar hafizatamar hafizat12 timmar sedan
  • Пенопласт в деле 😂

    валера 09валера 0912 timmar sedan
  • If u don’t want the lambo then give it to me

    Prisha OjhaPrisha Ojha12 timmar sedan
  • fake

    RadLoffRadLoff12 timmar sedan
  • Yayyy

    Petr MoravecPetr Moravec12 timmar sedan
  • That's fake honey😂

    PARAG YADAVPARAG YADAV13 timmar sedan