Yung Lean: In My Head | The Short List

Rapper Yung Lean was on top of the world, but behind the scenes he struggled with fame, drug addiction, and mental health issues. This is his coming-of-age story told with unparalleled access on his road to recovery.

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Ladda ner



  • This Man has a big future, he is a legend plis never die 🔥

    TioLuckzTioLuckz4 timmar sedan
  • It's rare when we can see someone just like us on top of the world. Musical extasy, lyrically spiritual. Real.

    Neil NachtweyNeil NachtweyDag sedan
  • 33:27

    Floppy PotterFloppy PotterDag sedan
  • 1:29:23 this live was fire

    Pawl4kPawl4kDag sedan
  • What a great documentary! I love it

    Amira MarieAmira MarieDag sedan
  • I had never heard of him until this documentary I think it's amazing how he has such a connection with the audience in the same with the audience how they have a connection with him just watching this alone made me interested in him. I haven't even listened to his music yet

    Shakia LockeShakia Locke2 dagar sedan
  • never heard of him

    Notably VHSNotably VHS2 dagar sedan
  • What is really important point showed in this documentary, is actually the power of their friendship. Even when Yung Gud (was it him? Do not remember clearly just now.) had to leave for his own emotional well-being, they all were incredible friends who started together, got trough it together and are still - doing it together. It is this bond that saved them, I feel like. Because then we had Lil Peep - a very important artist who were around so many fake friends and just because he was too nice, he would let strangers sleep in his bed etc. He would be constantly pushed to be more druggy even when it was clear he had psychological problems!! I feel like there is this very big difference in both stories - Lean, God no but - could have been lost. But he had friends who cared for him and who would not let him go harder and harder just for the sake of it. FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC

  • Dale man y los subtitulos?

    Alex RöhwederAlex Röhweder3 dagar sedan
  • gonna do a school presentation on this

    Cheese SnifferCheese Sniffer4 dagar sedan
  • Had to watch it again

    Nelson FinkNelson Fink5 dagar sedan
  • Take me back

    redactedredacted5 dagar sedan
  • Ahead of his time

    big boibig boi5 dagar sedan
  • I only live because of him.

    JarzyJarzy5 dagar sedan
  • Bitches cum n' go bruh ! But u know i stay

    Bunny LofiBunny Lofi5 dagar sedan
  • wooden girl at the end ♡

    [exe][exe]5 dagar sedan
  • lovely film. We need a Bladee Doc next pls

    Lute DavisLute Davis6 dagar sedan
  • Yung lean is a musical genius. No cap.

    Joel CristernaJoel Cristerna6 dagar sedan
  • One day my friend from highschool was like “yo! You have to check out this music video, this kid looks JUST like you” I watched Motorola on my friends windows vista PC in 2013 and from then on I was hooked. I got the whole school hooked too, and because of my physical appearance being very close to leans, everyone called me yung lean. GTB, sadboys, lean, bladee, thaiboy all made such huge influences on my life. I can’t believe that was almost a decade ago. This music is timeless man. In a world of corporate pop music and stale rap it was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you lean, bladee, the whole crew. You guys changed my life for real.

    Holy WeenusHoly Weenus6 dagar sedan
  • “It was more than music, it was a cause..” No, it’s literally just shttty music. Good drugs have a way of making even shttty music seem transcendent, though. The drugs were always better than his trashasss music.

    kyLokyLo6 dagar sedan
  • 17:05

    PolishedXPlanetX XPolishedXPlanetX X8 dagar sedan
  • Damn when they shot in that Vice office the vibe got weird reeeaaal quick lol

    Dagger DDagger D8 dagar sedan
  • Someone make this into an anime

    G BG B8 dagar sedan
  • This documentary gave me so much respect for dude

    Mastering SilenceMastering Silence9 dagar sedan
  • What song is at 35:38?

    Plugg InPlugg In9 dagar sedan
  • I needed to see this when I did

    Dylan CarrDylan Carr9 dagar sedan
    • This is how i feel as i watch rn

      PasswordVEVOPasswordVEVO4 dagar sedan
  • I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥

    JG310HOEJG310HOE9 dagar sedan
  • So is he a rapper, a techno emo punk rocker? What genre does he fall into? Interesting music for sure...

    Bt 26xBt 26x10 dagar sedan
  • Yung Lean is the man!

    Logan The CriticLogan The Critic10 dagar sedan
  • 10:25 shitlickers...that means they were probably anarchists

    Love_A MiguelLove_A Miguel11 dagar sedan
  • Barron’s dad... I think just wanted to give him a chance to be succesful in the industry that’s why he never bothered to complain, that’s why he put the blame on others, that’s why even the when the signs of addiction were in front of him he never said anything till after the damage was done he probably wanted his son to be happy

    Katerina BerhamiKaterina Berhami11 dagar sedan
  • The tested bun informally post because cornet aetiologically obtain via a erect armadillo. woebegone, aboriginal sister-in-law

    Kyle BowenKyle Bowen11 dagar sedan
  • this will be convolk in the next decade:/

    Jack RalstonJack Ralston13 dagar sedan
  • i love you for life lean

    SuprateSuprate13 dagar sedan
  • so gay

    Adam FauxAdam Faux14 dagar sedan
  • Kid is a clown 🤡

    Evil PimpEvil Pimp14 dagar sedan
    • Why?

      sakul havsakul hav11 dagar sedan
  • Yung lean has lived thru more in 24 years than most do in 100. Impressive and terrifying

    Hayden BriceHayden Brice14 dagar sedan
  • Crystal meth what

    Melon GodMelon God14 dagar sedan
  • Boring music

    Diego Emilio Gutierrez GutierrezDiego Emilio Gutierrez Gutierrez14 dagar sedan
  • Is this the actual documentary?

    tarshihatarshiha15 dagar sedan
  • He deserves his trials and tribulations.

  • Sorry but the only thing that caused tragedy is the industry, the contracts that DO NOT take care of talents mental health, tho for decades everyone has been watching tragedies of fame taking lives, but somehow they always point fringes around but NEVER to the real cause. Like people can’t be that stupid fr

    Eliza TrumpeEliza Trumpe16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah that girl at 18:00 is thinking way too hard

    Humboldt FishingHumboldt Fishing16 dagar sedan
  • Such a good documentary I cried

    Jw ZJw Z16 dagar sedan
  • I remember meeting Yung Lean outside of one of his smaller shows in New York. He was so far gone though, this was when the drugs were really beginning to get involved, it was an anti-climatic meet however I only have love for him. I saw so much of myself in him and that's why his music helps me so much. Happy he got out of it you know - happy his friends and family protected him too and didn't enable him further. Great documentary!

    Erika MantsErika Mants16 dagar sedan
  • only OG's know Jonatan actually had one more personality called amm.. Barry Dillon. I really missed him from the doc :)

    darkmusicalldaydarkmusicallday19 dagar sedan
  • Good job now make a bladee documentary

    TomTom19 dagar sedan
  • A lot of people hate on this guy, but he was there for Frodo when he needed him the most.

    Christopher KellyChristopher Kelly19 dagar sedan
  • Barry dillon is that you

    ByronByron19 dagar sedan
  • song at 29:50?

    Cassius CornelissenCassius Cornelissen19 dagar sedan
    • Ghosttown

      William JohnsonWilliam Johnson16 dagar sedan
  • Amazing sorry it took me 3 months to watch this.🙏🏽🖤💯

    Martin Mizfit CruzMartin Mizfit Cruz19 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't expecting this to be as beautiful as it was.

    Bhoff1996Bhoff199620 dagar sedan
  • Red Bottom Sky is my favorite song

    Low resolution LillyLow resolution Lilly20 dagar sedan
  • это не музыка это мычание

    Vlad KoretskyVlad Koretsky20 dagar sedan
  • This was really POWERFUL & its like looking at my Younger self.This has inspired me to get back into Music with being an 80"s Baby and my most Influential Band who Changed my life to want to become an Musician (Nirvana)I have also struggled with My Mental & Addiction to Drugs.I Thought when I was in my Darkest Days I would be FOREVER 27.Addicted to Heroin & Xanax.This has changed my Life & I would Love to collaborate with The Director & tell him My Story that will BLOW HIS MIND.This documentary is So REAL & RAW & exactly how I want My Documentary to be Projected.You are extremely gifted in the sense of setting the mood in each chapter of the film,addressing serious issues such as Mental Health & Addiction that a lot of directors steer away from because of Tragic things that happen as a direct result of the Disease of Addiction such as Physcosis,Mental Break downs, Paranoia,sleep deprivation,Broken Hearts and Broken Relationships,Health Issues,Violence and Trauma,Getting in Trouble with The Law,Going to Jail or Prison & Last but most Horrific part of self Medicating because of Mental Health & Addiction problems..... DEATH......You have A very Unique style of how to" shine The Light " just right for those who have struggled with those issues and to help others understand it better who don't.It is Extremely Dark & Scary place for Everyone who is affected by it.Many people Have Lost Loved Ones to this disease who wants us Isolated & alone, until we Die.My Heart goes out to ANYONE in the Struggle with The Disease WITH NO CURE.And those who have Mental Health issues as well as Dual Diagnose.There is ONLY ONE who can help us Live with it.That is GOD,MAY YOU FIND HIM NOW.#ThzChozen1 #LIvingproof #TheTruth

    Mike blackmonMike blackmon20 dagar sedan
  • Surely he’s talking about making lean happen in Sweden... because lean was a household name for popular drugs in America before he was born 😂😂😂

    Jacob BlaylockJacob Blaylock21 dag sedan
  • 2013 arteezy streams.

    RazeRaze21 dag sedan
  • Yung leans music is special.

    haruszenkoharuszenko21 dag sedan
  • wow

    AimPizzaAimPizza21 dag sedan
  • RIP Barron, that's a tragedy bless Yung Lean

    Nice Try MateNice Try Mate22 dagar sedan
  • la conexion q tengo con yung lean va ser para siempre sin dudas marco algo en mi vida de chile muxo amor

    sticky masticky ma22 dagar sedan
  • a fixation on american culture?? nah i think his music and early aesthetic drew a lot from Japanese media

    Vicky HuangVicky Huang22 dagar sedan
    • Which was mostly inspired by American culture. All early anime was based on Disney.

      TomTom19 dagar sedan
  • John 3:16

    Trace BrownTrace Brown22 dagar sedan
  • Damn, this is mad intense. I get why a parent wouldnt blame their kid, but you cant blame someone whos unconscious/fucked up in the hospital for your kid making a dumb decision to go visit. Its tragic, but he made that decision.

    Matthew BainbridgeMatthew Bainbridge22 dagar sedan
  • W

    thecatburglar9thecatburglar922 dagar sedan

    Kevin O'SullivanKevin O'Sullivan22 dagar sedan
  • As a musician who struggles with mental illness and substance abuse I am so grateful for Yung Lean and this documentary. It's wild how this is in stark contrast from the Lil Peep documentary. This film gives me inspiration and hope.

    Goth GirlfriendGoth Girlfriend23 dagar sedan
  • It is crazy to think that if lean went to that park an hour later that day, sad boys and dg would never happen...

    Caleb RussellCaleb Russell24 dagar sedan
  • I like the story but the formatting of the documentary and the editing were cheesy as hell. I'm not going to lie.

    Caleb RussellCaleb Russell24 dagar sedan
  • Yung Lean looks like an obese Kyle Forgeard

    Mostafa GadMostafa Gad24 dagar sedan

    THDaGreat FilmsTHDaGreat Films24 dagar sedan
  • The documentary people wanted but didn’t know they needed.

    Jonathan SilvaJonathan Silva24 dagar sedan
  • So how did the drug use start/develop? It was barron who got them into it or what?

    Stereohearts R&BStereohearts R&B24 dagar sedan
    • No, i think barron got into drugs because of lean. I think they did drugs since 2013, but i can’t really tell cause „lean“ was character for jonatan and the lyrics are kinda bullshit partially.

      Aryaan KahnAryaan Kahn22 dagar sedan
  • Where is he now :?

    UvasUvas24 dagar sedan
  • After this I’ve grown even more respect for lean. I Really hope he lives a long life and continues to make the best art. Thank u brudda we love you ❤️🙌🏾🐐

    Donn EaselDonn Easel25 dagar sedan
  • Man were eating too much food ( drugs)

    Osiris OfthesouthOsiris Ofthesouth25 dagar sedan
  • is this the doc in its entirety or was it cut for the youtube video?

    Lloyd DavisLloyd Davis25 dagar sedan
    • its entirety

      ramunekoiramunekoi12 dagar sedan
  • Last year!? he had a song with Travis Scott like 6 years ago lol

    WuqzWuqz25 dagar sedan
  • Feel bad for yung gud after watching this

    OsakaOsaka25 dagar sedan
  • Dude went through Xanax withdrawal. Causes psychosis.

    RJ 2442RJ 244225 dagar sedan
  • Barron’s dad annoyed me.

    Melmantooofresh Xbox oneMelmantooofresh Xbox one26 dagar sedan
  • kinda reminds me alot of Daniel Johnston.

    Kenny Powers GamingKenny Powers Gaming26 dagar sedan
  • this literally seems like a mockumentary.

    Kenny Powers GamingKenny Powers Gaming26 dagar sedan
  • It's crazy I've never heard of this dude . I was huge fan of xxxtentacion and lip peep.. maybe this dude was never on their level

    anthony Romeroanthony Romero26 dagar sedan
  • Idk who Yung lean is but I'm bored and will watch it

    anthony Romeroanthony Romero26 dagar sedan
  • damn i thought this was barry dillon

    Cam MichalCam Michal26 dagar sedan
  • Dead Rapper, good Rapper.

    Jay Jay O.G. ShutUpDirtyDrugBiatchJay Jay O.G. ShutUpDirtyDrugBiatch26 dagar sedan
  • There's a whole lot of parents not taking responsibility in this documentary.

    crispApplecrispApple27 dagar sedan
  • Credit song? Its beautiful

    Pepurr SmithsonPepurr Smithson27 dagar sedan
    • Jonatan Leandoer96 - Wooden Girl

      Ananda AdiAnanda Adi27 dagar sedan

    Kevin OSullivanKevin OSullivan27 dagar sedan
  • 1:27:30

    tiffany zavalatiffany zavala27 dagar sedan
  • Gang

    Jerral BoyJerral Boy27 dagar sedan
  • god this documentary is so american -_-

    jaxn cairnsjaxn cairns27 dagar sedan
  • That guys looks like Barry Dillon

    CoughCough28 dagar sedan
  • He owns 48% of Dogecoin lol

    David KDavid K28 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely Incredible Documentary 💯🔥

    jimiusa1jimiusa128 dagar sedan
  • Thank you lean for my 20’s

    AtlXChikoAtlXChiko28 dagar sedan
  • One of the 3 aint done with drugs or that world, Axel. You can see it in him he isnt ready to be a normal person, he will end up on serious drugs i think, chasing the high of the drugs and the journey they went on. Jonatan's brain has rewired different and the other dude he went home knowing it had gone to far. Barron played a big part in everyones downfall as well has his own by fuelling them on their journey, sex drugs n rock n roll and all that but he couldnt of expected to play with fire without getting burned, as for Barrons father what a prick blaming these guys for his sons death, he was the fkin manager.........

    ITS YE BOIITS YE BOI28 dagar sedan
  • 7:33 AWE

    love ulove u28 dagar sedan
  • The whole world is set up to show Consequences for doing wrong. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We must be willing to turn from sin and to believe the Gospel, to receive Jesus forgiveness Mark 1:15 He who does the will 📖 of God abides for eternity 1st John 2:17 Visual Bible movies on SEslow, Matthew, Acts, Luke, John !!! 🙏

    chief 1 redwolfchief 1 redwolf29 dagar sedan