PRADA Cup Day 3 | Full Race Replay | Round Robins Day 3

Day 3 of the PRADA Cup in Auckland, NZ.
January 17th, 2021
RR 2 Race 2 - Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli vs INEOS TEAM UK
RR 2 Race 3 - American Magic vs Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
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  • Luna Rossa is fantastic 🇮🇹

    Alessandro BargelliniAlessandro Bargellini19 dagar sedan
  • I understand nothing about these boats, the strategies, why they driving left and right all the time... but this still looks cool.

    twitertakertwitertakerMånad sedan
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    Every InfosysEvery InfosysMånad sedan
  • What nationality is the umpire asks about a restart ?

    Andy DunnAndy DunnMånad sedan
  • Weather became so rough, even the course lines on the race track are getting blown around.

    4Gnet Mail4Gnet MailMånad sedan
  • ¿ Como saben la direccion del viento ciñiendo a 45 nudos con vientos de 17 nudos ? ¿ Como saben la velocidad del viento en esas circunstancias ? Y esta es la duda que me tiene loco . ¿Como pueden ir dos barcos en rumbos opuestos en 180º ciñiendo los dos ? Desde ya muchas gracias y muy amable .

    Gottfried FederGottfried FederMånad sedan
  • You commentators get the nautical terminology correct. The Jib is a Fore sail no larger than the fore triangle. Ahead or Astern, Bow and Stern. NO excuses... this is SAILING.

    Peter TaylorPeter TaylorMånad sedan
  • Coverage is amazing, thanks. Is there any way you can overlay the wind direction now and then?- I know they are sailing upwind from the start and downwind to the finish but a bit more detail would make great coverage even better. Cheers.

    Ian FranklinIan FranklinMånad sedan
  • Così come la crescita quantitativa costante e la portata della nostra attività fissano in modo inequivocabile la necessità dei compiti fissati dalla società. La pianificazione a lungo termine determina in gran parte l'importanza del progresso della comunità professionale.🤩 予備的な結論は期待外れです。計画された目標を実行するには、既存の財政的および行政的状況を分析する必要があります。ターゲットオーディエンスの代表者の高いレベルの関与は、単純な事実の明確な証拠です。最新の方法の導入は、決定の経済的実現可能性に十分な機会を提供します。反対の見方は、接続図が全体像の非常に興味深い特徴を明らかにすることを意味しますが、もちろん、特定の結論は、マーケティングと財務上の仮定の文脈でのみ考慮されます。かなりの共感で薄められた合理的な思考は、外国の経済政策を再考する複雑さを考慮に入れて、生産計画に多くの特別な措置を含める必要性を生み出すことに注意する必要があります。

    Ashley JenkinsAshley JenkinsMånad sedan
  • you need to really flick the main sheet (while sheeting like a bastatd!) in high wind so the sheet clears the back corner

    Brian RoseBrian RoseMånad sedan
  • Questa non è la vera vela.. Sembra una gara tra offshore pericolosissimo🙄

    elena 73elena 73Månad sedan
  • Gorra love that clock.

    BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • I Murderd it

    Lance RopihaLance RopihaMånad sedan
    • Ew

      Lance RopihaLance RopihaMånad sedan
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    EzmagirlEzmagirlMånad sedan
  • Love the Italien guy « Take Your Time »

    Shane TaylorShane TaylorMånad sedan
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    Wagdi وجديWagdi وجديMånad sedan
  • Amazing! 👏👏

    stefano carpanistefano carpaniMånad sedan
  • I live in nz!

    Recording In progressRecording In progressMånad sedan
  • At least the crew seemed to be okay. Pretty spectacular ending to a race.

    TooMuchJamTooMuchJamMånad sedan
  • 450m in front and this is what happens when you get too cocky! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    dbase340 dbase340dbase340 dbase340Månad sedan
  • Dear

    Lance RopihaLance RopihaMånad sedan
    • Weirdest

      Lance RopihaLance RopihaMånad sedan
  • American Magic turned under the helicopter 2 seconds before they crashed.

    NonoseNonoseMånad sedan
  • Moved away from this beautiful city and country about a month ago due to the end of my visa. Viewing this makes me very very home sick

    Ioana LinnéaIoana LinnéaMånad sedan
  • Ciao ragazzi se volete date un’occhiata al mio primo video Link canale:

    Sergio PaladinoSergio PaladinoMånad sedan
  • I want to thank you for streeming the best yacht racing ever. Fantastic what a day. I do hope American Magic can get the boat back in the water in time for next week.

    The Wolds Rider rides againThe Wolds Rider rides againMånad sedan
  • Impressive coverage of this prestigious race, thank you. 🇬🇧

    David RDavid RMånad sedan
  • American Tragic part 2🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    cau caianocau caianoMånad sedan
  • 2:46:02 Italy goes in Steven Bradbury mode!!

    nittarabnittarabMånad sedan

      Boneless EggsBoneless EggsMånad sedan
  • just don't look at my nickname

  • Get in there Ben.

    BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • To anyone who needs to hear this: You are beautiful and life is beautiful. Have a great day!

    Flavius FilmsFlavius FilmsMånad sedan
  • Awesomeness ❤️

    BawlzOfuzzBawlzOfuzzMånad sedan

    soap for soulsoap for soulMånad sedan
  • I am Prada, this is my cup

    **Månad sedan
  • these beasts are real underwater planes

    flx910flx910Månad sedan
  • Great weekend of racing 😍

    Katherine QuinnKatherine QuinnMånad sedan

    Novitha creationsNovitha creationsMånad sedan
  • Check out my twitch channel at and if you can support my GoFundMe me at

    Corey CrossmanCorey CrossmanMånad sedan
  • Is there any way to watch this without having to listen to this annoying commentary when we could be listening to the audio feed from the boats which would be much more interesting?

    GardenflyerGardenflyerMånad sedan
  • Most exciting racing, of ANY kind, I've seen in many, many years!

    Mike NMike NMånad sedan
  • Luna Rossa should definitely change tactician, as this one has no enough skills to read the wind on the race course.

    Damir PavicicDamir PavicicMånad sedan
  • I've searched without joy, what does the cow siren indicate, please?

    BeatTheFlashBeatTheFlashMånad sedan
    • Hydraulic pumps operating legs.

      BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • Enjoyable and exciting race. Ineos UK is the fastest boat and best sailmanship.

    Lars NielsenLars NielsenMånad sedan
  • Bring back the 12 metres, cause this is BS, also the races are too short as is the course

    Panama RedPanama RedMånad sedan
  • 49:16 Someone has confused bananas with Rabbits

    Daniel FarnesDaniel FarnesMånad sedan
  • Re capsize, check out that chopper at 2.51.26, down wash ???

    acetreemanacetreemanMånad sedan
  • So solo che Luna Rossa sta facendo pietà

    titaoittitaoitMånad sedan
  • Ineos won the last race due to handling & importantly, tactics,ie the way they used the wind. Not just boat speed. I think the Italians have a faster boat through the water, but did not use the wind as well as the UK team, so ended up slower. If Ineos gets to line up against the Kiwis, she is going to have to go faster, because they are every bit as good tactically. Plus they sail the boat impeccably.

    graham longleygraham longleyMånad sedan
    • Except when it falls over.

      BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • Brilliant coverage! So much thanks for this!

    Mike WestMike WestMånad sedan
  • Commentators often wonder why the leader doesn't cover their lead like in match race. But in real match race both boats are identical and so is their potential max speed, whereas here it is not the case, and if the gap gets too large you only want to concentrate on maximizing your own speed.

    sailawayteamsailawayteamMånad sedan
    • @Marco Fabbri True, the speed differences are small and getting the shifts correctly seemed to matter most.

      sailawayteamsailawayteamMånad sedan
    • if you are leading it would make sense to mark the opponent to avoid he gets better wind conditions on the other side of the race track. The potential of the 2 boats seems very similar in terms of speed

      Marco FabbriMarco FabbriMånad sedan
  • Bit confusing the voices of the commentators and the skippers altogether. Maybe when the commentators speak the sound from the voice of skippers should be lowered to improve the comprehension of the audience.

    Eduardo D.Eduardo D.Månad sedan
    • Wrong way round! Let's hear the crews first hand

      Dewi BerminghamDewi BerminghamMånad sedan
  • ita - uk 10:34 (abandoned) ita - uk 01:30:00 ita - us 2:52:00

    Marco FabbriMarco FabbriMånad sedan
  • Great racing and excellent camera coverage. Respectfully the audio is not good. All the commentators competing with the on-board mics makes it almost impossible to hear anything at times. When the commentators are speaking they need to mute the sailors or vice versa. It just sounds like a kitchen party where everyone is talking at the same time. I really hope they're able to change that - it would really improve the coverage.

    K TK TMånad sedan
    • Can't say I disagree...I can see how they might want to have some time for the commentators but right now it's just kind of a jumble of voices. My only concern with just having open mics for the sailors is as a viewer it may be difficult to get as much out of that if again they are all talking over top of each other (from one boat to the other) and not knowing who's voice/boat you're listening to.

      K TK TMånad sedan
    • Don't mute the sailors! That's why we're watching. This is a real sail boat race - not a movie.

      Dewi BerminghamDewi BerminghamMånad sedan
  • credo che due timonieri nn paga abbiamo fatto l ennesimo errore di merda

    Raffaele De feliceRaffaele De feliceMånad sedan
  • Why they not leave both arms in the water? Lot more stabel

    Silvan MartySilvan MartyMånad sedan
    • Why don't they put a crate of beer over the side to keep it cool.

      BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • Just when it was getting interesting they abandon!!!

    Loren CouchLoren CouchMånad sedan
  • Blady nice made pommys...

    Silvan MartySilvan MartyMånad sedan
  • Can you continue postig the race statistics after each race, like you did on day one: I really missid this today.

    Maximilian EhlkenMaximilian EhlkenMånad sedan
  • Luna rossa got two helmsmen..why got not every time one look out where the pressure-like a taktishen

    Silvan MartySilvan MartyMånad sedan
  • I think the should add the possibility to add a small 2 hp engine to get rid of the grinding flesh for testing and training and why not for ever.

    HurriHurriMånad sedan
    • @Dewi Bermingham , I know you are joking but seriously needing eight gorillas, and even they have to be replaced, just to get enough power to operate those yacht is rather funny and in my opinion stupid. A small engine weighting hardly nothing could replace all that flesh, or why not some batteries charge before the race and with some solar cells on the yacht. It could add to the possibility of more contenders to the AC as it would make it cheaper too, and less idiotic to look at too. PS. You might not know how incredible little power a human can produce. PPS. Less crew is needed to sail around the world in the Volvo race than to have a 30 min stint on these yachts.

      HurriHurriMånad sedan
    • Aren't you describing a motor boat! Why not add a propeller 🙂

      Dewi BerminghamDewi BerminghamMånad sedan
  • What are the advantages ? Of the 2 skinned mainsail. How are battens attached to sail,how can camber of main be altered in mid and upper part of main

    harry adamsharry adamsMånad sedan
  • bad helm, it's not a dinghy

    GabrielGabrielMånad sedan
  • The race has to continue but only if Britannia happens to be in the lead. Pleas guys try to be a bit neutral on the air, hard as it is if you are British.

    HurriHurriMånad sedan
  • The Americans demand a review of the video, they affirm there's no way they lost and that's the Italians that capsized. Just kidding...

    OuftiOuftiMånad sedan
    • Stop the capsize.

      BarryBarryMånad sedan
  • EPIC!!!!! Fantastic footage, really enjoyable commentry, and mind blowing racing! I'm hooked!

    Andy AmosAndy AmosMånad sedan
  • That’s wot I’m talking about Ben . Keep her up

    Mark KnightsMark KnightsMånad sedan
  • If we have learned anything from the competition so far, it is make no predictions. We should remember there are no eliminations at the round robin stage. Strictly speaking AM can lose all their races and be on a even footing in the semi-final. No advantage of good performance is carried forward. Both teams start level in the final too, except one has the advantage of having more race practice. I know a three team competition is awkward to resolve, but is hard to imagine a format less equitable than this.

    gav2759gav2759Månad sedan
  • What a final race between the British and Italians, the result was irrespective- the quality of the racing was what we all want! Love it!

    Ben Horton BenBen Horton BenMånad sedan
    • Waikaraka speedways

      Don HaywardDon HaywardMånad sedan
  • I do feel for the Americans it was a very risky move but actually if the runner had been released and they had been able to ease the main more they just might have got anyway with it and won... tough but you do have to play the risks and they didn’t need to do it and the wind had come 30 secs before so they knew it was going to be risky and you could hear the question onboard being asked well before...

    Ian JuddIan JuddMånad sedan
  • Well what a day! Great by Britannia to keep the wins flowing and seems like it was the downwind speed and shift calls that actually kept them in race when behind to catch up and really extended the lead when they eventually got in front... fantastic team effort.

    Ian JuddIan JuddMånad sedan
  • Heads will roll...on the dark & the rolling sea.💦

    R PMR PMMånad sedan
  • The racing is good!

    Minh Nguyen BaMinh Nguyen BaMånad sedan
  • 19 gazillion dollars spent on boats, training and computers but solid tactics was the deciding factor for Ineos. What fun to watch this racing!

    Bryan BowserBryan BowserMånad sedan
  • MAWA, Make America Wet Again...

    Alpha ScorpiiAlpha ScorpiiMånad sedan
  • Brilliant entertainment and skill on display. I think that once a race has started they shouldn't cancel it due to wind changes. Fair enough change the course prior to the start, but once the gun has fired sail to the conditions that you face, its the same for both yachts!

    John HarrisonJohn HarrisonMånad sedan
    • If one boat has sailed well and got way in front it's a bit hard on them to then abandon the race

      X-plain SailingX-plain SailingMånad sedan
  • I wonder if the capsize was partially caused by cultural differences. As a kiwi when I hear someone saying 'it's going to be hard', that's not a phrase I take as a warning that catastrophe is about to occur. It could also just be down to the fact that the crew might not be functioning properly as a unit, and so overruling the call might not be something they feel they can do.

    Mac McCauleyMac McCauleyMånad sedan
  • Please, I wish there was a stream WITHOUT any of the commentary, or at least LESS TALKING.

    Benjamin RoodBenjamin RoodMånad sedan
    • I open the onboard video and play it simultaneously with the main coverage video but with the onboard audio only. I cant stand the commentators. They just speak all over.

      Mike _72Mike _72Månad sedan
  • Racing various Bruce Farr 'tonners' throughout the late 70's, we often found ourselves cursing his love of running backstays and must admit that more than once in the middle of a race during manoeuvres we would hear the anguished cry of "oh sh&%, get that backstay!" Remember once on a yacht (not Farr) at the threequarter ton world championships at La Rochelle it caused one boat to lose its mast overboard. Surprised to see it forgotten at this level of racing though! I daresay we'll soon find out if it was just forgotten in the heat of the manoeuvre or if it jammed? Wish all the best to the AM team in picking up the pieces and putting it all back together.

    Paul SinclairPaul SinclairMånad sedan
    • @Jabbatic Yes, being retired myself now and only a small handful of years off 70, my focus is on minimal labour, especially on the larger boats needed to appease the wife so that she has all the comforts of home at sea! 😊

      Paul SinclairPaul SinclairMånad sedan
    • @Paul Sinclair That sounds a wonderful AND sensible approach - and I've always loved ketches and schooners (gaff-rigged especially) of all sizes. More balanced and beautiful appearance than yawls and sloops? Learning as a young crew member was great fun and I loved the exercise, but it was always exhausting. As I have aged I've managed to fall in love with electric & hydraulic winches... and being the helmsman whenever possible. A MUCH easier life 😊.

      JabbaticJabbaticMånad sedan
    • @Jabbatic Sounds amazing..... We once had an old 23 mtr Schooner rig without running backstays, and still always found it very crew intensive, so switched up to a lovely ketch, which although bigger, was considerably easier to sail shorthanded.

      Paul SinclairPaul SinclairMånad sedan
    • @Paul Sinclair I've sailed 2 such boats, both schooners, one 41m and the other 37m (plus the lengths of their bowsprits). Max mainmast heights were about 40m and 32-34m (including topmasts) above the water, if I remember correctly. Took a large crew on both, with about 20 of us to haul up the mainsail (well over 400kg) on the largest boat. Only 8 of us working the backstays, amongst other duties. Winches? Not when I sailed these boats in the 80s and 90s. Lots of rope, blocks, good timing and running up and down. Great fun!

      JabbaticJabbaticMånad sedan
    • @Jabbatic 35 metres + with running backstays? 😲 ...... that's got to be one tall mast!

      Paul SinclairPaul SinclairMånad sedan
  • Soo many less spactators boats for this race ...?! hmmm. Not the best conditions for a gin and tonic on the sun deck....? Amazing how they can tilt the boats to windward with the foils like sailing on a windsurfer ! The forces involved are tremendous. foiling adds a third dimension (which was just underestimated until now) to fast sailing. Boats can move UP and DOWN now. Spectacular.

    Team33Team33Månad sedan
  • am was very strong, and he was in front, he would have won with his eyes closed. too much wind, but serious mistakes by the helmsman. bad luna rossa victory that he deserved to lose

    diego armandodiego armandoMånad sedan
    • That's sailboat racing. The winner is the one who makes least mistakes!

      Dewi BerminghamDewi BerminghamMånad sedan
  • Ain’t over till it’s over bro

    Edward WatsonEdward WatsonMånad sedan
  • Please could you minimise commentary that states the obvious for any viewer, so we can hear the Audio from the boats. Best insight is coming from Shirley and Nathan, especially Shirley (not just course conditions, but observations like INEOS benefitting from 6 trimmers / 2 pilots). Thanks

    Jamie ClarkeJamie ClarkeMånad sedan
    • Some people are new here, including me.

      Not That Person Thank-you Very MuchNot That Person Thank-you Very MuchMånad sedan
  • AM capsize: yet another HUGELY frustrating example where Ken Read is talking about something irrelevant to what's actually happening (what we're seeing) which, in the moment, prevents viewers hearing the critical dialogue between the crew which is "No question" 100% FAR MORE INTERESTING. Nathan had to cut over him to bring the commentary in line as he was rightly paying attention to the crew who were raising concerns on the looming manoeuvre. This has been happening for too long already. Why do we need four commentators? How many elite Sports have many more than two?!! Too many cooks in the kitchen, please: we need quality not quantity. Stephen McIvor is no Peter Montgomery, surely New Zealand could find a better anchor man? Ken Read just needs to be dropped, he's dreadful. Nathan Outerridge brings contemporary knowledge and experience, he competed in the last two cups and spots what's happening a bit more. Shirley Robertson actually brings far more relevant information and intel to the commentary and that's an important add as it's in such short supply. Left alone (one on land the other on water) they would be unobstructed and might be able to do a better job. When you do actually want to listen to the commentators its too often near impossible as they're competing with the sound coming off the boats, which as well as the crew dialogue includes the hydraulics moaning. At least dial that volume back when the commentary audio is active so it's not competing. The same issues apply to all the on screen stats: so frustrating, too many and too hard to see and compare before the ones you want are replaced by meaningless true wind and flight height data etc. Stick the water speed on the top of the masts and both VMGs bottom left and I'd add wind speed at top and bottom of the course now and then. In this combination the arrangement of commentary and on screen stats are actually making the event less accessible to viewers and imo reducing the enjoyment of the event as a viewing spectacle. Hutchinson is responsible for going with the highest risk manoeuvre in what were clearly worsening conditions at the top end of the capabilities of crew and craft. Those are the key judgement calls for any skipper /tactician. He also made some fateful calls in the earlier races. If he wasn't also grinding in the pit he might be able to see what's happening and make better calls (hard to believe that as skipper he thought it was a good idea for him to grind down in the pit as well as calling tactics). Easy to blame the helm or the trimmers but good skippering is about knowing when to push and when to play safe ... and that manoeuvre forced errors out of Patriot's crew which proved to be fatal for the boat. Fortunate that no-one was seriously injured.

    Giles SergantGiles SergantMånad sedan
  • The Day 3 highlight video (26 min one) is blocked in France

    Andy BirdAndy BirdMånad sedan
  • Race abandoned in last leg because major windshift with Britannia in the lead. I dont really agree

    Robert HeilbronRobert HeilbronMånad sedan
    • @Neutron Alchemist Not likely. The only reason they had gone out that far was to get up on the foils. Italy would have been stuck in the same dead air around the gate that UK was.

      BremBremMånad sedan
    • @Robert Heilbron They didn't because they were trying to make speed. It's better to take the penalization and fly that to not take it and displace.

      Neutron AlchemistNeutron AlchemistMånad sedan
    • ​@Neutron Alchemist I believe they already heard the recall thats why they did't tack or jibe

      Robert HeilbronRobert HeilbronMånad sedan
    • Britannia was actually in displacement and had just received a penalization for having got off the track so, had not the race been abandoned, they would have let Luna Rossa pass anyway.

      Neutron AlchemistNeutron AlchemistMånad sedan
    • @Brem yes indeed ;-)

      Robert HeilbronRobert HeilbronMånad sedan
  • 50:51 "16.20 as the bananas go into the water"

    Ramiro AkrisRamiro AkrisMånad sedan
  • is it just my impression or commentators favours UK Team????

    Giorgio ScarlataGiorgio ScarlataMånad sedan
    • Just you I think:-). Except maybe a tad for Shirley. But I think they are just happy for them as they looked like "crap" three weeks ago and if you love the sport, you like to see close racing plus most people like to see an underdog do well.

      AntiVaganzaAntiVaganzaMånad sedan
  • With the foils being so critical, why are the teams not allowed to change them for different wind conditions. AC75's sat on their bellies in a race is stupid.

    Bob PrestonBob PrestonMånad sedan
  • Another Ainslie/Scott Ineos masterclass!

    Roy ThompsonRoy ThompsonMånad sedan
    • @AntiVaganza Yes, software seems to be a common problem, Italy seemed to have problems with course limits in second race.

      Roy ThompsonRoy ThompsonMånad sedan
    • @Roy Thompson I don't disagree with them being the best out there today. Just that I reserve the term 'Masterclass' for pretty flawless performances and Ineos made two big blunders that I really hope they can blame on some software glitch so that it is an easy fix...

      AntiVaganzaAntiVaganzaMånad sedan
    • @AntiVaganza they are not the only ones. Italy cracked under pressure, both in the abandoned race and the rerun. Ineos cool and perfect tactics. Italy not only lost the race but Ineos did enough and more to win in.

      Roy ThompsonRoy ThompsonMånad sedan
    • Well executed, sure. Masterclass? Not sure. The two boundary errors in the cancelled race does detract a bit.

      AntiVaganzaAntiVaganzaMånad sedan
  • Spectacular! Gutted for American Magic but what a gripping days racing!!

    Jennifer MoorbyJennifer MoorbyMånad sedan
  • Please drop Stephen from the commentary team, guy does not add anything to the viewing experience

    Defiance 32Defiance 32Månad sedan
    • Put a bet on the Italians today in both races was watching race 2 with my brother said that bets gone too but made the comment there is still the Dean Barker factor, won the bet but sad to see that happen they did not need to take that risk

      Gary HoranGary HoranMånad sedan
  • What @America's Cup why did you end the stream there? It's a youtube show you can make it as long as you want, there is no tv schedule to keep and a next program to show. Why would you end it there, with a boat sinking?!

    Splinter5570Splinter5570Månad sedan
  • Some closer racing , great for the sport , game on.. Let's hope the American boat is ok and good to go again..

    Kev BurrowsKev BurrowsMånad sedan
  • What a weekend of racing !!!! Well done lads !

    Richard LeedsRichard LeedsMånad sedan
  • Shame not to hear the prada team asking if the crew of American Magic are ok...

    Steven LarrattSteven LarrattMånad sedan
  • Then again the mainsail trimmer is ...Paul Goodison: was he in charge of the back stays???

    Yann DesdevisesYann DesdevisesMånad sedan
    • more a design issue... couldnt slack it off enough.

      00Billy00Billy11 timmar sedan
  • I am not convinced of Dean Barker as a Skipper. He lost the AC in San Francisco with an 8:1 lead, he did not win any of the starts (today 20 seconds late to enter!) and he was responsible for the bad maneuver that lead to the capsize. Not good. I would not bet on American Magic. Ineos and Ben Ainslie on the other hand very strong, what a return after the problems with boat speed during Christmas Cup.

    Jörn SeidenschnurJörn SeidenschnurMånad sedan
    • @swannyzero still, Dean Barker is the ultimate responsible on the boat. Correct?

      Jörn SeidenschnurJörn SeidenschnurMånad sedan
    • Thank you Swanny People don't seem to be paying attention these days.

      Mereana HolmesMereana HolmesMånad sedan
    • Dean Barker is Helmsman. Terry Hutchinson is the Skipper.

      swannyzeroswannyzeroMånad sedan
  • Dean Barker is good for the many times has he choked just as he’s about to win???

    Yann DesdevisesYann DesdevisesMånad sedan
    • @adriano bonaldo Hope there will be one. Last time I saw American Magic, it had a pretty big hole in the hull (not to say of many stress fractures).

      Neutron AlchemistNeutron AlchemistMånad sedan
    • Let say that Barker is very unluky now He is a great champion but now they are on a bad position to get out. Hope for next race

      adriano bonaldoadriano bonaldoMånad sedan
    • Twice?

      BremBremMånad sedan
  • I can watch AC75's all day.

    Mark RozeeMark RozeeMånad sedan
    • I just did.......catching up un the last 3 days

      X-plain SailingX-plain SailingMånad sedan