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  • Hahahaha “fresh prince of croydon for the fresh prince of favelas”. AFTV needs you back

    Jordan HealeJordan HealeMånad sedan
  • What does it say on the back of Zah's top?

    oneWAY!! footballoneWAY!! footballMånad sedan
    • @Kyron Williams thank god for that thought it said "van de beek" 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

      oneWAY!! footballoneWAY!! footballMånad sedan
    • Van de Donk...she's a footballer for arsenal ladies

      Kyron WilliamsKyron WilliamsMånad sedan
  • 1:20:29

    Galaxy Gamer 1234Galaxy Gamer 1234Månad sedan
  • 80:29

    Galaxy Gamer 1234Galaxy Gamer 1234Månad sedan
  • Got to love Zah😂😂😂

    Fred CampbellFred CampbellMånad sedan
  • i love the white American guy hes trying to get troopz mad lol

    Pak FuriousPak FuriousMånad sedan
    • @Antonio Petrazzuolo big cat the troll

      Pak FuriousPak Furious18 dagar sedan
    • Which one? Big dude or the one w the beard?

      Antonio PetrazzuoloAntonio Petrazzuolo18 dagar sedan
  • DT’s put some weight on.

    lee mcmahonlee mcmahonMånad sedan
  • Troppz loves a munch while watching the game 🤣

    oneWAY!! footballoneWAY!! footballMånad sedan
  • Have you had a break from aftv orrr

    XJokermanXXJokermanXMånad sedan
  • 1:13:10 look at him raging

    seven voorheesseven voorheesMånad sedan
  • 1:43:37 Troopz crop dusts Zah

    KaleiKaleiMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      PacMan9001 FcPacMan9001 FcMånad sedan
  • Only 2 supporters hahahahahaha looks like the Emirates

    DJ TIVYDJ TIVYMånad sedan
  • What you gonna do when fans go back? You give up your season ticket?

    CabbageCabbageMånad sedan
  • How many teams made the play-offs? LoL. These bums. Seriously troopz , happy for u my man but you look out of place there. 😂

    Sidharth LamaSidharth LamaMånad sedan
  • Sad watching this the way he bashes willian i understand you may not like him as a player but he is playing for your club so respect it don’t trash talk about him cause of how he looks just sad man

    Alex PorteladaAlex PorteladaMånad sedan
  • Dudes over there in their phones the whole game. You watching with Spurs fans?

    Etor AdamaleyEtor AdamaleyMånad sedan
    • Naa spurs fans be glued to it supporting Newcastle...

      Digital Nomad on FIRE PodcastDigital Nomad on FIRE PodcastMånad sedan
  • Those couches look so fkn dirty 😂😂😂

    UnKnown MoeUnKnown MoeMånad sedan
  • 1:44:15😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    TrizzyLavish160 _TrizzyLavish160 _Månad sedan
  • Zar wearing that women’s arsenal shirt hahaha

    Ainsley MantackAinsley MantackMånad sedan
  • troops was right about ty

    anuj magaranuj magarMånad sedan
  • imagine zah and ty meet for the first time ...

    LifeWithNateLifeWithNateMånad sedan
  • I actually prefer you guys stream from the gambling cave and getting the USA guys involved ✊🏽

    Mohamed MekyMohamed MekyMånad sedan
  • Cringest show ever

    Gingko bilobaGingko bilobaMånad sedan
  • Why are these dudes just sitting on their phones the whole time - ban phones

    Digital Nomad on FIRE PodcastDigital Nomad on FIRE PodcastMånad sedan
    • @Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast maybe they "support aresnal" but not interested in footie. They're there cus they don't have anything else to do, or they're pressured to be there

      XJokermanXXJokermanXMånad sedan
    • @XJokermanX What they doing in an Arsenal lives stream?! Even if it was any game with half decent teams I didn't support I'd still watch it. I don't reckon they're even football fans.

      Digital Nomad on FIRE PodcastDigital Nomad on FIRE PodcastMånad sedan
    • Not arsenal fans

      XJokermanXXJokermanXMånad sedan
    • Not Frank the Tank

      DanDanMånad sedan
  • The break of the curse 😏

    Trix RaidTrix RaidMånad sedan
  • Troops bare acting up to camera... just a puppet now

    Ellie DeanEllie DeanMånad sedan
  • Xhaka is very unreliable. Ceballos is more talented than that fraud! He should chuck off. Bring back Guendouzi when Ceballos is gone and sell Xhaka

    Rodney OduorRodney OduorMånad sedan
    • Disagree completely

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • Shut up

      Jurgen HasaniJurgen HasaniMånad sedan
  • 2:04:24 what was that?

    fizz113fizz113Månad sedan
  • The fact that Zah is standing and is still so far down the screen is toooooooo funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RKRKMånad sedan
    • You lot are dread 😂😂😂 man like Zah tho

      O ScarO ScarMånad sedan
    • 🤣🤣ur rude 1:33:36 This is funny the way zah celebrates 😂 hes like a little kid running round the house

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
  • This watchalong is ruined by the asshole recording with his phone.

    fizz113fizz113Månad sedan
  • 1st goal Troopz and zah celebration 👌👌

    tio sam #1tio sam #1Månad sedan
  • Cursing just for the sake of it, troopz has turned up the obscenities x 5 just to keep his US paymasters happy.

    MakPlayzMakPlayzMånad sedan

    ScaldingGamingScaldingGamingMånad sedan
  • Troopz your the best mate #Enthusiasm

    Crushal 45Crushal 45Månad sedan
  • Who remembers when zah stream was a minute behind during ARS VS CFC

    Clan clapertron gamingClan clapertron gamingMånad sedan
    • @patrah muliikah yes

      Clan clapertron gamingClan clapertron gamingMånad sedan
    • Haaaaahhhhh I remember on two games,, he was always 1min behind

      patrah muliikahpatrah muliikahMånad sedan
  • Get these deadwood yankees out the stream and find some American arsenal fans like zah to add to the atmosphere. YOURE RUU IN IN IT!!!!’

    George BanksGeorge BanksMånad sedan
    • They’re just there to be the camera men and laugh at him tbh, there’s like 5 guys just taking videos of them

      Sufyan BillelSufyan BillelMånad sedan
    • I said this in the live and they blocked me, pagans!

      uniteDreamuniteDreamMånad sedan
    • They're so useless

      GoonerGoonerMånad sedan
  • Dont diss farage troopz you're too good for that

    BigboiBigboiMånad sedan
  • I get goosebumps when u do that

    Lil' ChrisLil' ChrisMånad sedan
  • Troopz you have given Zah mad confidence! 😂 Loving the energy my G’s.

    Saracen 786Saracen 786Månad sedan
  • I swear i heard a fart at 80:30😂

    Zach MensaZach MensaMånad sedan
    • @E3boss2003 🤣🤣🤣

      MrMessybMrMessybMånad sedan
    • @MrMessyb 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • I heard it!!! 2:04:24 🤣

      MrMessybMrMessybMånad sedan
  • Other 2 don’t even care only troopz and zah got passion

    Abdullah HussainAbdullah HussainMånad sedan
  • That big up to Frank at the end was wholesome content!!!!!

    DanDanMånad sedan
  • 1:44:10 don’t feel the same without aftv

    ItzCrytecItzCrytecMånad sedan
    • @Dan nah

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • @Dan no.

      fizz113fizz113Månad sedan
    • Stop hating it's definitely better

      DanDanMånad sedan
  • This guy is seeing green right now couldn’t be more stoned

    Tom McDernottTom McDernottMånad sedan
  • when is the auba miss timestamps

    Faizan BoriyawalaFaizan BoriyawalaMånad sedan
    • @Thomas Whitehead tysm

      Faizan BoriyawalaFaizan BoriyawalaMånad sedan
    • 42:30

      Thomas WhiteheadThomas WhiteheadMånad sedan

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMånad sedan

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMånad sedan

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMånad sedan

    Lucas GoodmanLucas GoodmanMånad sedan
  • @2:17:32 Zah almost deluded as much as TY

    N ShahN ShahMånad sedan
    • @AB Gaming facts they forgot when partey ran the midfield

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • when ty said we’d beat u we won soooo

      AB GamingAB GamingMånad sedan

    N ShahN ShahMånad sedan
  • The other 2 guys just need to go bring nothing to the party

    Julie MansellJulie MansellMånad sedan
    • True they just spectated

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • Hahahaha just wacth and didn’t sat anything’s USELESS

      Fadlan RamadhanaFadlan RamadhanaMånad sedan
    • Big facts🤣🤣🤣

      Oscar Raynor JrOscar Raynor JrMånad sedan
  • Frist goal 133min Second goal 143min

    Liyo YareLiyo YareMånad sedan
  • 1-0 1:33:00 2-0 1:43:50 3-0. 2:00:14

    Akash KharviAkash KharviMånad sedan
  • I love Troopz and Zah.

    RJHRFCRJHRFCMånad sedan
  • 1:33:05 1-0auba 1:43:52 2-0saka 2:00:15 3-0auba Thank me later

    Salil PanseSalil PanseMånad sedan
    • The revolution will reward you warmly. ✊

      Mfundi MkhizeMfundi MkhizeMånad sedan
    • Thanks bro appreciated

      Stuart GaskellStuart GaskellMånad sedan
    • Thanks you

      John AregaiJohn AregaiMånad sedan
    • 42:20 Aubamabludklatyang hits the post

      GoldPeace ProsperityGoldPeace ProsperityMånad sedan
    • My morning alarm

      SLA ppySLA ppyMånad sedan
  • 1-0 1:32:44. 2-0 1:43:50 3-0 1:59:45

    LamzinoLamzinoMånad sedan
    • Thank you sir

      Myles GrahamMyles GrahamMånad sedan
    • Thanks man

      Mo VibesMo VibesMånad sedan
  • Auba is back

    Kyle MitchellKyle MitchellMånad sedan
  • 1-0 1:33:05

    BenkeiBenkeiMånad sedan
  • 1:33:13 that hug I feel you G

    Thrang E OThrang E OMånad sedan
    • @Buyisiwe Mafola 🤣🤣🤣hes talking about the auba celebration but hes so hyped😂

      E3boss2003E3boss2003Månad sedan
    • Then he goes like "social distancing" 😂

      Buyisiwe MafolaBuyisiwe MafolaMånad sedan
  • The NY curse is finally lifted . 🙌🙌🙌

    Shantanu SinghShantanu SinghMånad sedan
  • Aubameyang is back

    Design AchievedDesign AchievedMånad sedan
    • @Videos & More Videos yea true😔. Hope we can get promoted back next year

      Dan OluDan OluMånad sedan
    • @Dan Olu you’re getting relegated mate. You sold your best player ever Brewster to title contenders Sheffield United.

      Videos & More VideosVideos & More VideosMånad sedan
    • @Joel Buckle tbh honest this could spark him back into form

      Dan OluDan OluMånad sedan
    • @Videos & More Videos ur deluded omg😭

      Dan OluDan OluMånad sedan
    • @Videos & More Videos u most be joking. Stop this s***

      Dan OluDan OluMånad sedan
  • 1:33:01 1-0 1:43:50 2-0 2:00:12 3-0

    calamity jonescalamity jonesMånad sedan
    • @Khalid Ahmed why when they’re are wrong

      TystarTystarMånad sedan
    • 🤝

      Big drewBig drewMånad sedan
    • Delete it’s wrong

      Khalid AhmedKhalid AhmedMånad sedan
    • They’re wrong

      TystarTystarMånad sedan
    • 🐐

      Francisco 9640Francisco 9640Månad sedan