LeBron James Rests His Soul After His Worst Choke&Stephen Curry Tells Him Who Is Mr.Clutch!

GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • LJ is an over rated ignoramous!

    Edward GomezEdward GomezMånad sedan
  • Steph ain't say anything

    Lucious TatumLucious TatumMånad sedan
  • It’s way funner to watch curry make a bunch of threes than watch Lebron dunk all the time

    Jeremy MedinaJeremy MedinaMånad sedan
  • whos telling who?

    Jerome LlorenJerome LlorenMånad sedan
  • I wonder how many people actually watched the game and not just this shade to Lebron and started typing nonsense

    Tristan VasquezTristan VasquezMånad sedan
  • This is why lebron is not the goat in the cluth moments jordan,kobe,irving and even curry are above him.

    Ultra InstinctUltra InstinctMånad sedan
  • He told reporters that China commanded him to lose this game or else! Good job LeBron, you get to keep your legs!

    Dave MartinDave MartinMånad sedan
  • This will never happen but I rlly want to see Steph and LeBron play on a team together and see how far they can go in the regular season and playoffs man.

    Switch outSwitch outMånad sedan
  • Blamed his teammate the first time he travels , blamed the refs the second time

    jjktngjjktngMånad sedan
  • my man LeBron's hair is going wild.

    Hibari KyoyaHibari KyoyaMånad sedan
  • His Chinese Emperor will call the NBA and get those refs fired now.

    Jonathan NorrisJonathan NorrisMånad sedan
  • look at curry man

    BubbalubbaBubbalubbaMånad sedan
  • LeBron team loses: Lebron: It’s a team game, I need guys to step up. We need to work on some things ESPN: Lebron needs more help! Lebron team wins: Lebron: I took charge and made the team play better. I’m the best player in the world ESPN: Lebron carried the team by himself. Goat

    ripdajacker23ripdajacker23Månad sedan
  • On Lebron's travels: He's getting old and thus losing "The face of the League" calls.

    Blair PattersonBlair PattersonMånad sedan
  • Curry on a tear

    Kyle CarattiniKyle CarattiniMånad sedan
  • golden-state-bandwagon alert 🥴

    Burid BuridBurid BuridMånad sedan
  • 👊🏾🤣👌🏾

    Maverick MovementMaverick MovementMånad sedan
  • So LeBron doesn’t get a technical for barking at KCP, but Draymond does when he barked at Wiseman in the Knicks game?

    FazbroFazbroMånad sedan
  • curry slide deadliest move in the game

    The Chillest Son‘s ArchivesThe Chillest Son‘s ArchivesMånad sedan
  • King james lang ang hari hahahahaha

    Lorenzo DomingoLorenzo DomingoMånad sedan
  • Hey stefanie fans.. hope ur team can make to the playoffs.

    R.A. FilesR.A. FilesMånad sedan
  • Kuzma was alone

    Milan SisakMilan SisakMånad sedan
  • Lechoke is always tryna pass in the clutch

    NathanPeterGoatNathanPeterGoatMånad sedan
  • Curry The Best in the NBA hands down Got all his Rings on the same team Even Before KD 😂🏁😂💯🥷🏽 🌁🌁

    jimmy deanjimmy deanMånad sedan
  • He took a travel then blames teammate

    Mirai HimeMirai HimeMånad sedan
  • But lakers still on top 1 gayriors is top 9. Lol

    Fluffy PuffFluffy PuffMånad sedan
  • Almost 20 yrs in the nba still travel? Sooo wrong

    Errol Anthony RespicioErrol Anthony RespicioMånad sedan
  • Steph is the nightmare LeBron forgot about

    The camera manThe camera manMånad sedan
  • That was not a travel wtf 😂😂😂

    Josh CruzJosh CruzMånad sedan
  • You might want to game curry but your team still got a horrible record

    bombkid3bombkid3Månad sedan
  • Choke 😄 and travel all game

    Bruno Barros de MoraisBruno Barros de MoraisMånad sedan
  • Steph ain’t never had to be clutch for a team in his life.

    jimmy presleyjimmy presleyMånad sedan
  • Lmfao the travel champion and everyone thinks he is sooooo goood

    Bryan JordanBryan JordanMånad sedan
  • the way Lebron just vanished from the court right after . No props to nobody for the game. However, if he HAD he won - sticks around to enjoy the shine . he couldn't handle that burn - the burning sensation of receiving that 'L'... courtesy of Curry AND him choking under the pressure of.... I'm playing against Curry!!! (?)

    one flower ninja magicone flower ninja magicMånad sedan
  • These refs wernt paid off by the Chinese so they were finally calling LeBron.

    Chad MesiChad MesiMånad sedan
  • Wait but he makes his 3's when there is no pressure!

    First LastFirst LastMånad sedan
  • It's cool...ring number 5 coming up 😂😂😂😂

    Ivery LasiiterIvery LasiiterMånad sedan
  • Everyone saying "LeBron finally getting called for his travels" but Draymond Green traveled and everyone real quiet about that one.

    PupusaJrPupusaJrMånad sedan
  • Lebron a clown 🤣😅🤣

    Detroit Mi DunkinDetroit Mi DunkinMånad sedan
  • Lebron is no good! 'Sometime'

    MHAR E.MHAR E.Månad sedan
  • Look at curry doing curry slide so inspirational

    mol dexmol dexMånad sedan
  • yeah...ok, he doesn't have clutch, but the accelerator to the floor usually works...I am worried without Rondo where the clutch plays are coming from in the playoffs...so far Montrezl Harrell looks like they could build a whole game around him...it is like Kuz spiritual big brother just stepped on the court..when is kid kuz going to come of age?...playoffs 2021 maybe

    Brad ModdBrad ModdMånad sedan
  • The G.O.A.T my ass...he didn't want the ball...you mad at yourself...MJ would have never did no 💩 like that...

    Theodes LewisTheodes LewisMånad sedan
  • Lakers in 4

    Jorge OrtegonJorge OrtegonMånad sedan
  • The fake crowd noise is way too loud.

    mvpfocusmvpfocusMånad sedan
  • Isn’t curry 0for8 in playoffs on game tying winning shots? Neither guy can claim mr clutch

    mansonlampsmansonlampsMånad sedan
  • Curry is the 🐐

    Mikey LitoMikey LitoMånad sedan
  • LOL LBJ ain’t Kobe yet

    Vita TangVita TangMånad sedan
  • Lebron is a goat but he does lash out at teammates for making mistakes or whatever like if he doesnt. I bet you he wouldn't do that to AD

    J PJ PMånad sedan
  • Obviously the Lakers need more playmakers.

    Ben10 FishingBen10 FishingMånad sedan
  • That’s too petty for as great a player lebron is to let one play spiral his game out of control. I would also blame the team for letting lebrons tantrums affect their own game. How do you score once when you had 5-7 possessions to score...?

    Turok87Turok87Månad sedan
  • So ref suddenIy decided to call less obvious travels now late in the game? We ve seen more obvious travels in lebrons career that hasnt been called

    JamesonYTJamesonYTMånad sedan
  • The comments man 😂😂

    Jordan IkituleJordan IkituleMånad sedan
  • When Jordan played NOBODY made a name off him... everybody made a name off Lebron. 😂

    Enrikay GGEnrikay GGMånad sedan
  • Can't be a GOAT when you travel TWICE IN 2 MIN WITH THE GAME CLOSE! only thing he's the GOAT of is longevity.

    Nicklaus ChristofonoNicklaus ChristofonoMånad sedan
  • LeBron travels than yells at a teammate lmao..

    Nicklaus ChristofonoNicklaus ChristofonoMånad sedan
  • Stupid caption ever. 😂

    peter john cuadrapeter john cuadraMånad sedan
  • 0:08 i love Dennis but cmon 🤦🏽‍♂️ how dumb do you have to be to not pass it to lebron

    High As fuckHigh As fuckMånad sedan
  • Lebron finna trade you Caldwell 💯😂 and why u didn’t shoot ? U play SG right u wide open!😂

    Demetrey RodgersDemetrey RodgersMånad sedan
  • Yeap. As many times before Lechoke James

    Bad WeatherfreakBad WeatherfreakMånad sedan
  • Lebum never there for the rescue 😂😂🤣

    EL LOEL LOMånad sedan
  • Lmao cause green putting that duck on him lmao

    Jay CaJay CaMånad sedan
  • 0:08 LeBrick shuffles his feet and blames Caldwell Pope. True leadership right there. 0:23 LeBrick then travels. Huh? What? Me? No way. Let's check the replay. I don't make mistakes. True leadership right there. 0:32 LeBrick lets AD guard Steph. He doesn't want that heat. True leadership right there. 0:52 LeBrick bricks the game winning shot. True leadership right there.

    Joshua BunchJoshua BunchMånad sedan
  • Lebron not clutch

    Ethan WhiteEthan WhiteMånad sedan
  • Travel in clutch LeBron can't be MJ

    shivam shastrishivam shastriMånad sedan
  • The reason this team is championship material is that they hold themselves accountable.

    Pulling The stringsPulling The stringsMånad sedan
  • Lebron 4 curry 3. Remember that!

    sabas rousseausabas rousseauMånad sedan
  • Lol, travels

    Adie DAdie DMånad sedan
  • still lakers in 2

    Briand André Rojas CastañoBriand André Rojas CastañoMånad sedan
  • LeChoke

    Isra ArroyoIsra ArroyoMånad sedan
  • time to retire LJ

    Brother John'sBrother John'sMånad sedan
  • Lebron is the master of travels

    Josi VelezJosi VelezMånad sedan
  • Lebron before the shot: I got this win. LeBron after the shot: it's all Caldwell Pope fault. Trade his ass.

    yangthefam916yangthefam916Månad sedan
  • anyone think kuzma finna get traded by bron

    Volume_ JayyyVolume_ JayyyMånad sedan
  • Ginawang asintahan si AD

    Noel De LeonNoel De LeonMånad sedan
  • Who else is surprised they called the travel....

    Octaviano HernandezOctaviano HernandezMånad sedan
  • At least he took the final shot

    Aricek MasonAricek MasonMånad sedan
  • You the goat lbj? Sheesh. TO when shot is most needed. And travelling?! Goat my you know what.

    Jun ReyesJun ReyesMånad sedan
  • LeBron travelled😅 Curry>LeBron. Running his ass to the locker asap!

    Byron DavisByron DavisMånad sedan
    • @Laz Noyb clearly a lebron fan🤣👌

      Byron DavisByron DavisMånad sedan
    • i am no lebron fan, but .... curry > lebron? what world do you live in? is sharp-shooting your ONLY criteria?

      Laz NoybLaz NoybMånad sedan
  • why is 0:22 a travel?

    Altamont _Altamont _Månad sedan
  • Lebron is Serena Williams little brother. They act the same way. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

    Gays stole the RainbowGays stole the RainbowMånad sedan
  • How you going to be better than the best if your still traveling all over the court almost every major play .

    Kelvin GillettKelvin GillettMånad sedan
  • LeBron James is a RACIST....

    Michael masonMichael masonMånad sedan
  • i love calling travels but that second one wasnt a travel lol, Kobe the goat did that right baseline drive all the time

    123Combine123CombineMånad sedan
  • turn from your sins and believe in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and be baptized in THE NAME of THE FATHER THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT( if you haven’t already before CHRIST comes back or before you die

    Avery ThompkinsAvery ThompkinsMånad sedan
  • They ain't even played 20 games yet

    Timothy HoldenTimothy HoldenMånad sedan
  • Why da team ain't choke, they was blowing they borin azz, bc we know they ain't goin no where bruh

    Timothy HoldenTimothy HoldenMånad sedan
  • Anthony davis, your career is over. If Thompson wasn't Injured warriors would defeat lakers.

    Babyk BabykBabyk BabykMånad sedan
  • Lakers in 4

    Markie MarkMarkie MarkMånad sedan
  • Ang dali ng sumikat ngaun gamitin mo lang si lebron lahit anong kwento khit walang kwenta dudumugin ka ng media syempre lebron james yan! BUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA MAHIYA NMAN KAU PAGHIRAPAN NYO NMAN ANG MAKILALA MAMUHUNAN NMAN KAU. BUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH SHORT CUT! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Benjamin ReyesBenjamin ReyesMånad sedan
  • Who cares

    Hog WildHog WildMånad sedan
  • Travels then blames His own teammates. I'll take a 44 year old MJ.

    dreamimage173dreamimage173Månad sedan
  • Lebron can’t stand losing to the light-skinned boy wonder

    Justin McRaeJustin McRaeMånad sedan
  • If Kaly comes back healthy I can see the warriors beating the lakers in the playoffs

    Eli JosephEli JosephMånad sedan
  • Lebron has always been traveling. Refs never been calling him on it though.

    Kevin SKevin SMånad sedan
  • LeBron has 5 times as many playoff games as MJ, and has won a lot higher percentage. LeBron played 260 playoff games, winning 62%, MJ only played 48 games, winning only 54%. Even Luka has more playoff triple doubles than MJ, and hes only played 6 games

    five_likesfive_likesMånad sedan
  • LeBron is the 🐐. Say whatever you want, stats speak for themselves

    five_likesfive_likesMånad sedan
  • 9 points in 1 minute from GSW after Caldwell Pope's mistake.

    Justin MananganJustin MananganMånad sedan
  • choke your @$$ Lakers still on top

    alan cerdenaalan cerdenaMånad sedan
  • Suprise LeBron didn't get a T for yelling at his teammate

    soncaalsoncaalMånad sedan