What the hell is happening to Adama Traoré? | Oh My Goal

Adama Traoré shocked the Premier League playing for Wolves in the 2019-20 thanks to his physical transformation and his unmatched speed! But now, his form has dropped. Is Adama Traoré a flop? What the hell happened to Adama Traoré?
Chapters :
00:00 What the hell is happening to Adama Traoré ?
0:20 The Rise
1:56 The Fall
2:42 The Reality
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  • Is Adama Traoré a flop? Give us your opinion ⬇️

    What The Hell? - Oh My GoalWhat The Hell? - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • Nah

      Killer Clown-ROBLOXKiller Clown-ROBLOX4 dagar sedan
    • He misses his link with doherty and jimenez.

      sylas Malonesylas MaloneMånad sedan
    • He’s a winger I would prefer him to assist rather then score

      The Theatre of dreamsThe Theatre of dreamsMånad sedan
    • @thomas cullen 0q0q1

      Ghost NinjaGhost NinjaMånad sedan
    • Everyone has a down season including Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar

      Big ShaynerBig ShaynerMånad sedan
  • He has not got a good striker to play the ball into

    Isotoptic- WaistIsotoptic- Waist2 dagar sedan
  • 0 goals 0 assist that's looking soo bad

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar6 dagar sedan
  • The thing that happened to him is because of his speed. Everybody pulled his arms to dislocate them to get him injured.

    Paper CupPaper Cup7 dagar sedan
  • 1 year ago some guy commentend oh my goal in 2 years what the hell happend to adama traore he was right

    OriginalRHOriginalRH10 dagar sedan
  • What the hell is this bs yank channel? I thought it was a HITC Sevens video.

    Syro BleachingSyro Bleaching13 dagar sedan
  • He should just go to Arsenal 😁

    Favour BruuuhFavour Bruuuh14 dagar sedan
  • Oh no! Oh my goal just mentioned raul Jimenez... Coming back from a head injury and doesn’t score a goal on his first match.. Oh my goal: what the hell is happening to raul Jimenez..

    luis martinezluis martinez16 dagar sedan
  • The bumpy dimple posteriorly milk because butter uncommonly match save a ad pendulum. spiky, obnoxious use

    Marcus DanchisionMarcus Danchision16 dagar sedan
  • look at todd cantwell

    Ibrahim Saleh AbubakarIbrahim Saleh Abubakar20 dagar sedan
  • He is overrated

    Raman DkRaman Dk22 dagar sedan
  • Check out the SEslow channel Abir Zaken

    Lahav ZakenLahav Zaken22 dagar sedan
  • Raul Jimenez is injured that's what's been going on

    Lennin GuerreroLennin Guerrero22 dagar sedan
  • He went to Aston Villa

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut10424 dagar sedan
  • Lmfao Adama better start scoring because I want Pes Mobile to take him out again for Potw😂so I can go around out running people with him

    S2KSosaS2KSosa27 dagar sedan
  • Nuno and Wolves are playing the wrong football for him, he dosnt have Jiminez to finish his crosses, he neets to be with Diogo Jota at Liverpool.

    HaynZ pXHaynZ pX28 dagar sedan
  • Easy, teams have found ways to shut him out from making an impact

    Brands GarciaBrands Garcia28 dagar sedan
  • Adama was Man city’s kryptonite.

    DD29 dagar sedan
    • yet man city beat them 4-1

      King t2olaseKing t2olase7 timmar sedan
  • Hes never been that great of a player

    Maximillian MorcomMaximillian MorcomMånad sedan
  • Needs more baby oil for sure

    Packdowski_memesPackdowski_memesMånad sedan
  • Absolutely overrated footballer, the fact that people rate him is crazy and makes me sick.

    HK_1235HK_1235Månad sedan
  • Limited game intelligence.

    KthatslifeKthatslifeMånad sedan
  • He’s missing Jimenez

    Mide DuyilemiMide DuyilemiMånad sedan
  • The Jimenez Injury is really hurting Wolves and Traore.

    Its JuiceIts JuiceMånad sedan
  • What the hell happend to you

    Jouma LovelyboyJouma LovelyboyMånad sedan
  • My guy. How can you be a foothbal channel and saying every players name, club, cups wrong. how the fuck do you do that for years now.

    RandolordRandolordMånad sedan
  • What Happend to TheMontageKing MMA?

    Fluffy DogFluffy DogMånad sedan
  • My dad loved this guy's physical transformation and speed..... He is really missing watching him play

    Mayank PrabhuMayank PrabhuMånad sedan
  • "Everyday i run out to the gym only to see Adebayo Akinfenwa." ~Adama Traorè

    xOOFuhly YTxOOFuhly YTMånad sedan
  • One season wonder not more

    Erkan BCErkan BCMånad sedan
  • How can he gone a year without scoring if he smashed it in after hitting the crossbar recently ?

    Ahjahidi DuncanAhjahidi DuncanMånad sedan
  • Traoré said nah I don’t want clubs looking for me,I want a girl looking for me.

    NoMoney BabyNoMoney BabyMånad sedan
  • Next: What the hell is happening to Max Meyer

    Bilguun BayarjargalBilguun BayarjargalMånad sedan
    • ?

      Bilguun BayarjargalBilguun BayarjargalMånad sedan
  • Who is here after his screamer against Crystal Palace

    1 The Invincible Gamer1 The Invincible GamerMånad sedan
  • Davies has the same stats as traore in pace

    aBurntNuggetaBurntNuggetMånad sedan
  • Overrated

    Dhamotharan KumaranDhamotharan KumaranMånad sedan
  • Right back? Do your research amaricans.

    Pat'gemini MartialPat'gemini MartialMånad sedan
  • He’s just overrated. That’s all

    Vyon GalaxyVyon GalaxyMånad sedan
  • What the hell is happening with Liverpool Fc 0 wins in 2021

    A rruinarA rruinarMånad sedan
  • His hair was cut so he got weak, just like Samson the Bold in bible 💀

    Desch 22Desch 22Månad sedan
  • He scores millions goals on FIFA every week tho. Thats good.

    JulleBulleJulleBulleMånad sedan
  • Change his nationality to Portuguese and ez 😎 ARABIC IBERIA FTW 💪☪️ respect to our ancestors for making this region

    Dragon PlayzDragon PlayzMånad sedan
  • Player doesn't Perform well Oh my goal : kontent

    Savitri HaridasuSavitri HaridasuMånad sedan
  • What the hell? Oh my goal:adama is the fastest player In fifa 21.. Mbappe;are you approaching me?

    Sergo MetsonSergo MetsonMånad sedan
  • bruno fernandes - goes 5 games without a goal oh my goal - wHaT hAs HaPpEnD tO bRuNo fernAnDs?

    jah terminated lmaojah terminated lmaoMånad sedan
    • But adama gas less goal than Mustafi and has less assist ratio than asli

      Vikri MaulanaVikri MaulanaMånad sedan
  • He hasn't scored in ages cuz he was originally a Rwb and was used to defending

    Brandon CallachanBrandon CallachanMånad sedan
  • How derpy did you want to say his name at the start

    TurboTVTurboTVMånad sedan
  • He needs his partner in crime RAUL JIMENEZ 🇲🇽🇲🇽

    Damian QuintanillaDamian QuintanillaMånad sedan
  • He's overrated tbh.

    DekiDekiMånad sedan
  • Adams is too fast that you think he isn’t scoring but in reality time slows down bc Adams is moving too fast

  • overrated

    Milan OttMilan OttMånad sedan
  • One answer: there is no forward who can follow his crosses.

    Marco MessinaMarco MessinaMånad sedan
  • What the hell is happening to Adams taoaoaore

    TheRealHarref 1TheRealHarref 1Månad sedan
  • Go to Man Utd. Solve RW position. Settled.

    Mohdimran HamideeMohdimran HamideeMånad sedan
  • He cut is hair & lost his strength like Samson lol

    UpTownBristol EntertainmentUpTownBristol EntertainmentMånad sedan
  • Stupes hull yuh MC

    Anton GrahamAnton GrahamMånad sedan
  • He had one good game ever

    TaljosTaljosMånad sedan
  • mans had a good season last year and is just fast and strong like his skillset isnt massive

    MrOskarlolMrOskarlolMånad sedan
  • The streets wont forget

    AngeloAngeloMånad sedan
  • adama traore is a overrated player hes overhyped by fifa

    SjoenasSjoenasMånad sedan
  • It’s not that deep chile

    JoshPayyneJoshPayyneMånad sedan
  • Nothing is happening to Adama Traore, he’s just not got quality in the final third

    B9nDM11B9nDM11Månad sedan
  • It’s almost like hes a bang average player that turned up twice a season against City and then dropped back to bang average

    Connor CloseConnor CloseMånad sedan
  • Well, he destroyed MC 2 time.

    Jimmy ArdieJimmy ArdieMånad sedan
  • Adama was amazing at middlesbrough shame that he never got to the Premier league with us in the 17,18 season

    Swiss boySwiss boyMånad sedan
  • The fact that the narrator can never pronounce the names of some of the biggest footballers or clubs tells me that he is not a fan of the sport and is just banking in on the biggest sport in the world

    Mr WorldwideMr WorldwideMånad sedan
    • He’s American

      [PG8K] GW_WBA[PG8K] GW_WBAMånad sedan
  • In my opinion he got to much muscle, he needs to lean down a bit.He is a great player with tons of potential!

    John SiachoqueJohn SiachoqueMånad sedan
  • And this is what seperatedo average players from legends like Messi and Ronaldo. Some players are hyped because of one season while others doninate for a decade.

    MC GuzmánMC GuzmánMånad sedan
  • He has been looking good lately with a great goal in the fa Cup and impressive performance in the Premier league

    Zack MeaneyZack MeaneyMånad sedan
  • Tbf, he was never exceptional. He was okay at best but the hype around him was only really cause Fifa.

    ZorialZorialMånad sedan
  • Adams is so on fire right. He is not a flop at all.

    demi mokydemi mokyMånad sedan
  • Was never good

    kick off with Leekick off with LeeMånad sedan
  • y'all should do what the hell is HAPPENING to Mason Greenwood.

    Ziyanda MngadiZiyanda MngadiMånad sedan
  • Kaulo aap

    David BaruchDavid BaruchMånad sedan
  • Wait didnt he score against crystal place in the fa cup

    Sakia MustafaSakia MustafaMånad sedan
  • Nah can’t watch this series no more they say everyone fell off

    Sergio SanchezSergio SanchezMånad sedan
  • Bruh what he is doing good

    Tekkz FootballTekkz FootballMånad sedan
  • He cut his dreadlocks and lost his form 😆

    IM WHITEIM WHITEMånad sedan
  • Cause he sucks maybe?

    Simon PozsonyiSimon PozsonyiMånad sedan
  • Nothing happened, he is just an average player which the only thing he does well is to moan about his PHY rating in FIFA.

    Rizos Ioannis PantziosRizos Ioannis PantziosMånad sedan
  • He was always bad in about what happened

    Jinxtation TVJinxtation TVMånad sedan
  • He'd be better as an attacking right back.

    Fred The RedFred The RedMånad sedan
  • It’s called pl speed bullet

    John AbelJohn AbelMånad sedan
  • i think it’s also because jimenez is gone

    Green TacoGreen TacoMånad sedan
  • The media plays a major role in the rise and fall of athletes. #letthembe

    Stay FocusStay FocusMånad sedan
  • I feel like its Jimenez getting injured as he doesn't have the tall ST to cross it too

    FifaegerFifaegerMånad sedan
  • What the help happend chelsea

    Mocha princessMocha princessMånad sedan
  • You wanna know what happens o my goal you just made the list

    Thangminlun LhungdimThangminlun LhungdimMånad sedan
  • Did he really say that about dani avels I hope it’s not the Barca and juventus one because if so you stupid

    XRN ClanXRN ClanMånad sedan
  • What the hell do you mean what the hell happened to adama traore??? Its not like he was scoring a ton of goals last season either. He got 4 last season and now that he has 0 this season you make a what the hell video on him.

    August AnderssonAugust AnderssonMånad sedan
  • no he was a flop from beginning

    sentnerxs -sentnerxs -Månad sedan
  • He just scored against palace 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    M 59M 59Månad sedan
  • The most retarded thing I’ve seen today

    SKY JIZZSKY JIZZMånad sedan
  • Why he is played again for Spain? Isn't he already declared to play for his African roots (I forgot which country)?

    Kadek YudhistiraKadek YudhistiraMånad sedan
  • He isn’t a right back he is a right winger

    Alama AustinAlama AustinMånad sedan
  • It’s not his fault completely the rest of the team has not been any better

    Alama AustinAlama AustinMånad sedan
  • All tell you what the he’ll happened to him he is having a terrible season with his finishing so disappointing still a big fan though

    Alama AustinAlama AustinMånad sedan
  • He's probably going to work on some new tactics and he'll be back to his old form in no time

    Mario GavranićMario GavranićMånad sedan
  • They completely skipped on Adama playing for Aston villa

    William BarrattWilliam BarrattMånad sedan
  • Muscular Daniel James

    Aran TaylorAran TaylorMånad sedan