America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling

America’s infrastructure is in desperate need of more than $4 trillion in upgrades and improvements. President Trump campaigned heavily on overhauling the country's crumbling infrastructure and promised to invest big to fix it.

VICE correspondent Thomas Morton explores the most vital bridges, tunnels, and waterways in the U.S. to see how much the situation has deteriorated and to find out if the Trump Administration's promise is being kept.

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  • VICE correspondent Thomas Morton explores the most vital bridges, tunnels, and waterways in the U.S. to see how much the situation has deteriorated and to find out if the Trump Administration's promise is being kept. WATCH NEXT: The Realities Of Trump's Trade War -

    VICE NewsVICE NewsÅr sedan
    • @John Perry There is already a very clear breakdown about what the money is supposed to be used for. Like $115 bil for roads $25 bil for airports etc. If it passes and it doesn't follow that plan then definitely blame Biden or whoever. But if it's blocked by Republicans in the first place because they just don't want to raise corporate taxes then it's their fault. Infrastructure is a thing that requires spending from the fed, its something we have to invest in. And if you say dems just waste money on other stuff, it's like, if that's true, where is the republican plan?

      i5_Adamamei5_Adamame4 dagar sedan
    • @i5_Adamame As always, the devil is in the details. Obama's $800 billion stimulus package was supposed to be about infrastructure, too. About 5% went to capital improvements. The rest - giveaways. The proof is in the doing, not the talking. When there are actual line item appropriations in an approved budget, then you can praise Biden. Until then, it's just talk.

      John PerryJohn Perry4 dagar sedan
    • @John Perry Do you know right now our current president is trying to address this? and guess who's trying to stop him. trump virtue signaled about infrastructure campaigning in 2016, and he couldn't even half ass a deal in 4 years.

      i5_Adamamei5_Adamame6 dagar sedan
    • @Jack Gamble What do you think about Biden's Infrastructure plan?

      i5_Adamamei5_Adamame6 dagar sedan
    • @Hussain Ali The question is whether, a year from now, VICE News will do a followup report to see how well our current president is addressing this problem. Would you care to bet on the answer?

      John PerryJohn Perry21 dag sedan
  • "American's infrastructure is crumbling", yet there is a US-led infrastructure plan to help the world's infrastructure development during this year's G7 summit, lol.

    Cin PeaceCin Peace20 timmar sedan
  • This is what happens when you have major wealth inequality and a bloated military industrial complex.

    Thamus JonesThamus JonesDag sedan
  • US infrastructure looks so outdated compared to china, europe or japan

    crxcrx2 dagar sedan
  • 5:22 This is a perfect example of the arrogance of these people. I have a 20 year old car and im sure many of you do to. Its incredibly reliable and is taken care of. My brakes go out i buy new brakes not a fucken new car. Our infrastructure is the absolute best by every metric for a country our size. Everybody who actually knows what theyre talking about agrees literally just look it up. You all are an inflationary, deceptive, polarizing, confused organization and you should feel bad about creating such fear in people. Its genuinely disgusting

    NinjafishNinjafish2 dagar sedan
  • Why did nobody fact check any of this. Like every minute theres a lie or a misdirection

    NinjafishNinjafish2 dagar sedan
  • Why does it seem you need the demeanor of Eeyore in order to get a job at Vice or most “serious journalistic organizations”?

    RangeRange2 dagar sedan
  • i just came for the Nu Yawk dialect.

    NewYorkSoul®NewYorkSoul®3 dagar sedan
  • The intro song is awful

    george jonesgeorge jones5 dagar sedan
  • And they have billions for South America?

    Indigenous survivorIndigenous survivor5 dagar sedan
  • US infrastructure is crumbling Americans: Blame socialism

    Basit Reyaz 2020PHB47Basit Reyaz 2020PHB476 dagar sedan
  • 4:48 When somebody pops a nasty ass zit

    Robert NeubauerRobert Neubauer6 dagar sedan
  • As long as those Americans who actually have money refuse to pay the taxes necessary for maintaining infrastructure, it will continue to crumble. As long as politicians like Trump continue to pander to richer Americans for campaign donations while poorer Americans keep voting for them over superficial issues like race, this country will continue to deteriorate.

    Alex RAlex R6 dagar sedan
  • MAKES wonder why republicans don't want AMERICANS TO WORK. They don't the RICH to pay TAXES. How much are the RICH giving the republicans in BRIBES and KICKBACKS to STOP AMERICANS from WORKING and the RICH from PATING TAXES i bet you TED CRUZ is in front of the LINE SHARPENING his FINGER NAILS.

    Vicente NavejarVicente Navejar8 dagar sedan
  • When the GFC hit and the USA and the world lost a decade these could have all been rebuilt. Obama really lost the USA a decade and China leaped forward by decades and growing faster. The USA literally can create money out of thin air to do this. Look at COVID stimulus that saved a global depression - all created money out of thin air.

    jazeboy69jazeboy699 dagar sedan
  • HA! The ONE THING Trump was really good at, was investing and moving money around. He may not have been the smartest business man, but he knows that investing will pay dividends. Like the pros know, if you have shitty infrastructure, your industry will only crawl along, investments are low and rare, business is stagnating. Just like COVID and recycling, healthcare and many other things, China has already gone through this and they have the answers. Those dumb shits, 4 trillion dollars for a country like the US is like buying your first house as civilian. Sure it's a huge risk and debt, but it most certainly pays off in the end. Lower spending on the military, invest into your country, make $$$ and stay competitive with China and India.

    Martian DanMartian Dan11 dagar sedan
  • After watching this, we need more defense spending, more money for big pharma, and if we could outsource the small amount of manufacturing left, it would be a wasteland. Wait...

    Steval204Steval20411 dagar sedan
  • Trump was the stupidest president ever!

    chipmunktubetopchipmunktubetop13 dagar sedan
  • CAnt wait for the rep dem babies to wake up like how do people still vote for the same people when they dont even care about OUR country

    JesseJesse14 dagar sedan
  • You are the worst VICE reporter!!! Just saying . Your report on things that are a normal day to day things. Don’t blame Donald Trump!!!

    cortneys666cortneys66615 dagar sedan
  • According to what was said the inability to fundamentally solve the infrastructure problem is inherent to the economic system of the US. So... how is Biden going to make it different?

    Yurigan SmithYurigan Smith15 dagar sedan
  • Just use the money you usualy give the millitary each year

    Vidar MathisenVidar Mathisen15 dagar sedan
  • I think the US should start a only fans to rebuild the infrastructure

    TotenkopfTotenkopf15 dagar sedan
  • Boy I sure wish there were a prominent candidate in the Democratic primary who campaigned on this. Oh well

    GarethPWGarethPW15 dagar sedan
  • Trump does it again! Building his resume to be the worst president in US history.

    Michael CampoMichael Campo15 dagar sedan
  • Dumping blame on Trump for failing to deal with failing infrastructure might be justified, but he inherited all those fruits of inaction from his predecessor Obama. This is not a partisan issue, it is an institutional one. Also, I imagine the longer this can is kicked down the road, exponentially the harder it is going to be to come back from it.

    Alex462047Alex46204716 dagar sedan
  • Infrastructure should be done constantly, not a wham bam deal....this is rertarded

    Cheeze BallCheeze Ball16 dagar sedan
  • MISS TRUMP !! :(

    patrick pronovostpatrick pronovost17 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the $800,000,000,000 Obama spent on "Shovel ready jobs"?

    Scott SteersScott Steers17 dagar sedan
  • Good

    krieg katkrieg kat17 dagar sedan
  • Trump and his promises! It is funny how people believed him! hahahahaha!

    Morris GreyMorris Grey17 dagar sedan
  • Im from Germany and been to america multiple times. That the Infrastructure is really Bad was litterally the First thing i noticed

    Sir MustardSir Mustard18 dagar sedan
  • It's good to see that the new administration is making this a priority. It's looking like somewhere on the order of $1T is going to get spend even in compromise.

    eaglesfannnneaglesfannnn18 dagar sedan
  • What's America going to look like in 20 years 😳

    nothing humannothing human18 dagar sedan
  • Our nation isn't great anymore.

    K2K218 dagar sedan
  • Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.

    TheModer8terTheModer8ter19 dagar sedan
  • Step 1 Our infrastructure is is crumbling Step 2 Blame the other party Step 3 Increase defense spending Repeat

    D CD C19 dagar sedan
  • Please clean your glasses, Thomas. I can't stand to watch.

    Nick RobertsNick Roberts19 dagar sedan
  • It has been for at least a hundred years !

    Nikki ZwijaczNikki Zwijacz19 dagar sedan
  • due to pollitical beurocracy, one year one side wants to fix the infrastructure and the other side say's 'No way bruh, that should be Our idea!' then we get a new political party, and they propose the Exact Same idea, then the first side is 'like' 'you must be kidding us we need you to define Infrastructure so we know were on the same page about this Border Wall qualifying as valuable infastructure' and its like Woaaah Bruhh Slown Down racist [and burns some citys and infrastructure] Your a Dummy and then the first side again is like You Dont Poop in the Street! now we need Even More Money to fix this shithole

    Craigs DaddyCraigs Daddy20 dagar sedan
  • Trump promised a lot of things but we also know half of them were lies!

    Matt RussilloMatt Russillo20 dagar sedan
  • Really puts Biden’s infrastructure plan into perspective...hopefully he can get it passed

    John BowmanJohn Bowman21 dag sedan
  • We're just a second world country. Just because we opposed the USSR didn't mean we were the good guys for the world; we were both pretty bad... Europe--especially the ones that got a taste of socialist ideals during the second half of the 20th century--moved on from the Cold War and adopted policies of the USSR that worked (leaving behind what didn't, i.e. Authoritarianism). The US never left it behind and has never adopted social (such as Social Security, every baby boomer's favorite and most important program) policies since the days of FDR. Let's fucking move on and join the long list of countries that understand that Capitalism is fire: powerful when controlled and tended, dangerous and destructive when let loose.

    CharlesCharles21 dag sedan
  • Here's a crazy idea. Instead of finding faults with China, why not ask China for help...

    Vids ProducVids Produc21 dag sedan
    • This. I never understood it, every country has faults yet nobody wants to work on theirs or help others.

      Soviet UnionSoviet Union18 dagar sedan
  • Well look we have a infrastructure plan in the works but now that it’s a Democrat doing it no one wants to support it

    Thor SThor S21 dag sedan
  • Biden: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

    Jared LewisJared Lewis22 dagar sedan
    • @Jared Lewis dont be delusional. Hes no different of trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton.

      CuddleMuffin .CuddleMuffin .19 dagar sedan
    • @CuddleMuffin . lol do you people ever have a positive thought, it has to be bad for your head to be so instantly negative. I’d seek counseling it helped me

      Jared LewisJared Lewis19 dagar sedan
    • @CuddleMuffin . alright whatever you say you’re the policy expert here

      Jared LewisJared Lewis19 dagar sedan
    • Biden: I'm about to waste 1.4 trillion dollars

      CuddleMuffin .CuddleMuffin .19 dagar sedan
  • The necessary tuba concurrently confess because bike unequivocally attack for a steep heat. scattered, dull finger

    Betsy BurtonBetsy Burton22 dagar sedan
  • This is the devastating cost of free trade. And there will still be the people that were thrown overboard 40 years ago defending it because they heard it on TV where they get all their information. THEY LIED TO YOU!

    TwentonyTwentony23 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile China builds another 10.000km and we argue whether there are microchips in our masks and vaccines

    Noss NjeppaNoss Njeppa23 dagar sedan
    • @P4nzerk93 source: _just trust me dude I saw it on Epoch Times and Jewsmax, and ignore the fact that any engineer will tell you towers are designed to sway_ Sorry g, gotta try harder when you're trolling. My anecdotal experience suggests to me that the whole, _"everything from China crumbles to dust"_ trope is just another flavor of propaganda. The reality is that these Chinese headphones I'm wearing are better than any German headphone I've had, and that video I just sent looks like that train is floating on a cloud. It's so smooth, I'm sorry but it's simply superior to our crumbling roads and falling bridges

      Noss NjeppaNoss Njeppa18 dagar sedan
    • @Noss Njeppa Well its China so when something bad happens they lie about it but just last week a glass bridge broke in wind and a huge skyscraper started to sway.

      P4nzerk93P4nzerk9318 dagar sedan
    • @P4nzerk93 I never understood the quality concerns either. I know it's just propaganda and blind hatred, but still it's odd

      Noss NjeppaNoss Njeppa18 dagar sedan
    • @P4nzerk93 Yet it's America where I hear about slow trains derailing and bridges collapsing, so... 😐

      Noss NjeppaNoss Njeppa18 dagar sedan
    • The Chinese construction business corruption is insane and they mostly build stuff that breaks very easily and will just benefit some corrupt officials tho can show there was a rise in GDP due to the construction site to get a bonus. I would never say the new chinese infrastructure was anything worth noting even compared to these crumbling american ones.

      P4nzerk93P4nzerk9318 dagar sedan
  • Bridge on 1-40 straight up had a crack like a major one on it last week here in Arkansas

    alkdklsdflkfdsalkdklsdflkfds23 dagar sedan
  • American Infrastructure - crumbling American culture - crumbling American education - crumbling American Telecommunication - crumbling American mannerism - crumbling American healthcare - crumbling American Innovation - crumbling American : let's do more tik tok video

    cubitmecubitme23 dagar sedan
  • Only gonna get worse with Biden as president.

    Scott AllenScott Allen24 dagar sedan
    • Only gonna get worse with political parties pointing the finger back and forth.

      Soviet UnionSoviet Union18 dagar sedan
  • Americans have been tricked into hating government to such a degree that they would rather destroy their entire country than welcome competence and higher taxes

    Nunya BusinessNunya Business24 dagar sedan
  • We need more chaos in Asia and Europe to cover up these problems. If there is a third world war, we can make another profit like the previous two

    Rui WangRui Wang24 dagar sedan
  • EVRAZ Russia 🇷🇺 and Facts EVRAZ Pueblo Colorado USA 🇺🇸 Vice 🗜 EVRAZ Claymont Steeel DeLaWaRe USA 🇺🇸 $quads

    Paul AyersPaul Ayers25 dagar sedan
  • alot of this infrastructure is crumbling because people in suburbs dont generate enough money gor the government to sustain the suburbs

    MaussiegamerMaussiegamer25 dagar sedan
  • 3:10 is something Trump said that is reasonable

    Antony KuoAntony Kuo25 dagar sedan
  • America needs more F35 jets and help Israel with more billion dollar each year...they need no bridges or roads

    Earth BoyEarth Boy25 dagar sedan
  • I still remember VICE's smear campaign on Jordan Petterson.

    Deadshot85Deadshot8525 dagar sedan
  • America's infrastructure is not crumbling. What's falling apart is the methods for how it's paid for. Gettting federal government OUT of the business of paying for infrastructure is morer paramount than crying whose gonna pay for ...insert

    spikedpsychospikedpsycho25 dagar sedan
    • @spikedpsycho big corporations don’t have too much incentive to do good u less it benefits their profit line, which is the biggest mistake that trickle down economics exposed: stop assuming rich people will do the right thing

      Jared LewisJared Lewis22 dagar sedan
    • @Jared Lewis RAND Corporation looks at America’s infrastructure and concludes that “not everything is broken.” In face, what is broken, more than the infrastructure itself, is “our approach to funding and financing public works.” This is largely because governments by-pass market signals and rely on “often complicated and multilayered governance arrangements and competing public goals and preferences” to make decisions about where to spend money.

      spikedpsychospikedpsycho22 dagar sedan
    • Nah it’s pretty bad

      Jared LewisJared Lewis22 dagar sedan
  • The tasteless kevin tribally stir because potato superiorly bomb abaft a agonizing babies. near, anxious ash

    gilbr lelangilbr lelan25 dagar sedan
  • Now trump supporters are against Biden’s infrastructure plan, like what? 😅

    Sla VSla V26 dagar sedan
  • It is so much worse than this. Goods travel through the heartland. The bridges are failing. Train derailments are becoming frequent. Collapse of roadway networks has already begun. No one knows nor cares. This is just an intro piece on how bad it has become. I'll put it like this, it took one man three minutes to inspect a rail car where now they are allotted nearly a minute half which is an impossible task. People are ok with this system. It boggles my mind.

    Billy TeflonBilly Teflon26 dagar sedan
  • Hey instead of building a fucking wall maybe this would have been a larger priority 😂

    VerrucktR32VerrucktR3226 dagar sedan
  • Americans, just blame it on Mexicans. It will be ok!

    jessie_funjessie_fun27 dagar sedan
  • What? Wtf can’t wall street pay for the infrastructure? The avg labor citizen pays for too much already! Stop blaming trump. These problems existed way before trump was in office

    Xuan PowerXuan Power27 dagar sedan
  • Good thing Biden’s $6 trillion plan only alots like $200 Billion to infrastructure.

    Reid SimonsonReid Simonson27 dagar sedan
  • Cannot stand vice. It’s entirely left propaganda all the time nothing neutral. Always biased

    Jamie LongJamie Long27 dagar sedan
    • @Sketch Website none! 🤣, every one is biased either on the right or left so

      Jamie LongJamie Long17 dagar sedan
    • What news sites do you enjoy?

      Sketch WebsiteSketch Website17 dagar sedan
  • We couldn't spend to save us, but now we can just print money like whatever! One sided conversation

    giosdad925giosdad92528 dagar sedan
  • Our "infrastructure" is crumbling because the greedy politicians use every spare dime of tax money to pay for entitlement and welfare programs, and to basically buy votes.

    martin scottmartin scott29 dagar sedan
  • It’s almost as though the US Chamber of Commerce needs to stop lobbying against raising taxes to improve infrastructure!

    Evan NibbeEvan Nibbe29 dagar sedan
  • And people still want Trump in office. SMH

    Majid OseiMajid Osei29 dagar sedan
  • I live in Cincinnati and the Brent sprence Bridge was built in the 1960s meant to last 50 years only meant to hold 80,000 vehicles a day. Its about to turn 60 and its taking on twice the amount of vehicles. My city has been talking about this bridge for a decade now and nothing is being done. Obama gave a speech in front of it promising to handle it lol. They have no plans to rebuild. Just the other month a truck exploded causing lanes to be shut down and they actually reopened the bridge with no repairs! Just enough to keep it standing. They're gonna wait until they crumble before they do anything. They don't care if people die. They just don't wanna pay for new infrastructure. Let's face it. America is corrupt. And this is what it's come to.

    Cris AnthonyCris Anthony29 dagar sedan
  • And now Biden has spent more than 2 trillion on stimulus checks... wheres all that money coming from

    Steele YeargainSteele YeargainMånad sedan
  • The regular postage structurally grate because quill formally undress astride a gleaming typhoon. superficial, wandering number

    Sheila GardnerSheila GardnerMånad sedan
  • Okay, about half the comments are jokes, and the other half are nutjobs and people fighting. Wonderful

    I’m in a BoxI’m in a BoxMånad sedan
  • What a shame is all I can say... ;(

    4F Productions4F ProductionsMånad sedan
  • That politician trying to copy China. Something you don’t hear of everyday

    Daniel LeeDaniel LeeMånad sedan
  • The selective answer broadly plant because band separately branch like a real learning. gaping, unwritten virgo

    Asedrfopujikopkjnp SawdseujikopkjnAsedrfopujikopkjnp SawdseujikopkjnMånad sedan
  • "...can't pay for these roads and bridges, just out of thin air." Stimulus money would like to have a chat.

    KISSMYACE3203KISSMYACE3203Månad sedan
  • I commuted on the LIRR to/from Penn Station for more than 20 years. Terrible service and a mess back then and still looks like a mess. I wonder if the station smells as bad as it did back then...

    francisco varelafrancisco varelaMånad sedan
  • It's unfortunate that US had their boom during the "aah.. I don't know, just do something" period of infrastructure.

    AFAndersenAFAndersenMånad sedan
  • Im happy Biden made a plan for the redevelopment of our infrastructure. Not only is it necessary, but it’s one of the better ways to transition workers from fossil fuel industries and other dying industries here in America into necessary labor.

    sammysammyMånad sedan
  • So the takeaway is Trump's a poopey?

    Andrew MurrayAndrew MurrayMånad sedan
    • 1 person doesn´t determine the fate of the nation, Congress and Senate has more power than the POTUS. Trump is far away from being a dictator, each policy is the product of a complex system of the government with countless experts and financial moguls. Neither Reagan, Ford, Clinton bothered to cut military budget and spend it in Infrastructure, well maybe because nobody wanted to spend on it On a dictatorship, the leader can kills politicians that doesn´t care about the nation, but on a Democracy the leader can only move forward if the Congress and Senate support thim

      Charles 8777Charles 8777Månad sedan
  • Just a reminder that we (everyone in the US) together spent $1,000,000,000,000 on developement of the F22. Thousand BILLIONS.

    cronikproductionscronikproductionsMånad sedan
  • You mean the Orange Fascist didn't follow through and said that it wouldn't get done until we elected him again?! I'm shocked.

    Janette LavaJanette LavaMånad sedan
  • America needs a facelift, like the kardashians

    PrasunPrasunMånad sedan
  • So i just calculated what if the Netherlands, a country with a good infrastructure had the same size of population and surface as the United States. The Dutch GDP would rise from 907.1 billion to 115.97 trillion. Which is 5 times the size of the US GDP of 21.43 trillion. In other words, think of how even more powerful the USA actually could be if it has a good infrastructure. Sure, such a calculation based upon only 3 factors; GDP, pop and surface is of course not a reliable research conclusion. Yet, it it could hold some truth to it.

    UniversumUniversumMånad sedan
  • This is why I hate driving over bridges, overpasses, or underpasses! I can't believe they are allowing ppl to drive on something with that many rust holes in it! That's just an accident waiting to happen.

    shad0wCh8sershad0wCh8serMånad sedan
  • Can't they just make a claim on their home owner's insurance?! lol

    SubZ313SubZ313Månad sedan
  • Buy more printers easy fix

    Preston De La CruzPreston De La CruzMånad sedan
  • Going by the comments this still hasn’t happened or started I take it ?

    Connor OhoareConnor OhoareMånad sedan
  • If only we had bullet trains

    Jourdon PrinceJourdon PrinceMånad sedan
  • Lets hope Biden doesn't make the same mistake. Be awesome if he did it, and got reelected on it, lol

    DMIDMIMånad sedan
  • Joes got 6 trillion dollars and 4 years... let’s see how it goes...

    Simon McNeillySimon McNeillyMånad sedan
  • The reason most republicans never vote for infrastructure spending is it puts money in the hands of the poor and average americans, thus hurting the injections the rich and powerful would rather get from direct legislative money (ex. bailouts, stock buybacks, corporate bailouts). Can't help the poor, right GOP?

    David WarnerDavid WarnerMånad sedan
  • I knew it was bad, but not this bad, damn.

    Rick te KronnieRick te KronnieMånad sedan
  • I blame New Yorkers "leaders" they did nothing 🤷🏽‍♂️

    No bodyNo bodyMånad sedan
  • More like *The World is Crumbling*

    Matt DMatt DMånad sedan
  • Its a shame we have to wait for Trump to invest in our infrastructure

    Bill piehlerBill piehlerMånad sedan