Torture-boards, Plugs, Varnish! (Traditional Boatbuilding / EP97)

Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Torture-boards, Plugs, Varnish! (EP97)
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In this episode we work towards sealing up the timber of the hull, inside and out.
First we varnish the interior of the boat, using a traditional varnish that should hopefully hold up for decades. Then we get a serious workout with some good-old-fashioned “torture-boards”, we glue and trim plugs, and we get a little closer to painting and moving the boat. We have a bit of a change of crew as David and Rowan head back to the East coast, and we get some great help from some local guys. Meanwhile Pancho delights in a game of hide-n-seek.


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Dome Sweet Dome - Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
Hurts So Good Blues - Unicorn Heads
Fake Dave Tune (Instrumental) - Fake Dave /
Bluebird - E's Jammy Jams

97. Torture-boards, Plugs, Varnish! (Traditional Boatbuilding / EP97)

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  • Hi Leo - as well as a boatbuilder you are a superb photographer. If I may make a suggestion, it is to set up a photo session to get the interior of the boat in full sunlight with Poncho in the foreground (ish). It would be great picture to display in the finished Tally Ho’s saloon, as he has very much been part of the project and in fact is probably the only ‘viewer’ who has watched the unedited version. It would also make a great signed print to sell ,to raise funds for the deck timber.😀👍⛵️

    Norman BoyesNorman BoyesDag sedan
  • What happened to cecca? Really miss her in the videos..

    Kay V. D.Kay V. D.2 dagar sedan
  • varnishing the inside like this is beautiful, but it shortens the life of the boat...wood needs to breath in a damp and wet environment...your craftsmenship is TOP NOTCH!!!

    Kim StocksKim Stocks5 dagar sedan
  • So many rivets inside, this boat must be into black metal...I'll see myself out...

    Dražen KuljišDražen Kuljiš7 dagar sedan
  • That's just sexy

    Jeff DoddJeff Dodd11 dagar sedan
  • The level of craftsmanship is astonishing, what a fantastic piece of work. The curves and sweeping lines are just a joy to look at.

    NG NGNG NG11 dagar sedan
  • 8:40 Is it not a concern to seal in the moisture with the varnish? (Obviously not or you wouldn't be doing it...I'm just trying to understand)

    Sarag EdwardsSarag Edwards11 dagar sedan
  • No okum caulking?

    chuck cluffchuck cluff11 dagar sedan
  • Though larch can be notty it is extremely durable. Here in western Canada I built a deck out of it. The deck is still there. 30 years later

    Tonkadude1001Tonkadude100112 dagar sedan
  • I believe you, Leo are using the proper term. So I believe that plugs are the proper term. By definition, a bung is a liquid stopper in a hole like in a wooden barrel. Also you don't purchase bung cutters, you purchased plug cutters. I bet back in the day former coopers that switched to boat building were the first to use the term bung. I am a small wooden power boat person. I believe that companies like Chris Craft, Century, Lyman, Garwood and Hacker Craft all called them plugs.

    Frank MiklosFrank Miklos12 dagar sedan
  • Why not use a airless spray gun?

    Howard SwingHoward Swing13 dagar sedan
  • scusa ma hai litigato o fatto a pugni con il barbiere

    massimo zerbinimassimo zerbini18 dagar sedan
  • 2:38 Missed oppurtunity to call yourself the "sheinstein" of our civilization

    Moot PointMoot Point18 dagar sedan
  • Poncho #ftw 💓 But... I wonder how she will be doing when you leave. Parrots are super social

    katarzynazofiakatarzynazofia21 dag sedan
  • I really enjoy how Pete explains things :)

    katarzynazofiakatarzynazofia21 dag sedan
  • All the hard work has Tally Ho looking FABULOUS! Makes me wonder how the old timers were able to punch out the racing fishing schooners in less than a year to race in the International Fisherman's Cup. I guess one advantage was that there was PLENTY of wood, dry and ready to shape, as well as ship wrights every where ready to rivet, cut, sand, fair, plane, varnish, rig. What an amazing job you are doing Leo.

    coug96fancoug96fan21 dag sedan
  • Great job! My congratulations. Luca from Italy.

    luca sebastiano Soderoluca sebastiano Sodero21 dag sedan
  • Y'all are fucking insane, and I mean that as the highest form of compliment possible. In an era where everything is increasingly about money and fame y'all are testing EACH FUCKING RIVET for longevity. That makes me incredibly happy. Keep on keepin' on!

    Gianni YartoGianni Yarto21 dag sedan
  • In answer to your question how you feel as an older person has much to do with how you treat your body as a young person all the damage you do when your young will come back to make you suffer as an old person trust me

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger23 dagar sedan
  • Hey I get it paint jobs us 90% prep work , any one can slap on some paint but to get a flat professional looking paint job is all in the prep

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger23 dagar sedan
  • What you need for the long boarding is an air file you get the same finish but it's a Pneumatic file about the 2ft long lot less work on the arms and back , their mostly used to file body filler in body shops on 🚗 cars to get flat areas before paint

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger23 dagar sedan
  • Probably be easier to spray the oil on.

    Jon BaconJon Bacon23 dagar sedan
  • Hows those varnish fumes boys?

    Jon BaconJon Bacon23 dagar sedan
  • 30 hours to edit and produce the EACH video?!?! Woah.

    Jon RitzJon Ritz25 dagar sedan
  • Some cheap spray equipment could have cut that job in half.

    Buildin' WhateverBuildin' Whatever26 dagar sedan
  • I did the math on your teak decking and that would be around $60,000. That's a lot of dollars to come up with. The entire boat is probably going to get up around $300,000 + at that rate by the time you've fitted masts and rigging.

    Boss DogBoss Dog26 dagar sedan
  • Looking at the inside of the hull with the varnish on is very rewarding. The symmetry of the rivet lines, the bronze works and the beautiful lines of the timber is a joy to behold.

    John McKinley (Mac)John McKinley (Mac)26 dagar sedan
  • You guys are artists, as well as master boatbuilders...

    dmmadde xdmmadde x27 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love that inside varnish work. Such a beautiful way to protect and enhance all the fine wood and riveting. Le Tonkinois is the ideal varnish for that job - great choice!

    John LebensJohn Lebens27 dagar sedan

    Glen LastGlen Last27 dagar sedan
  • simply fantastic

    We'll SeaWe'll Sea28 dagar sedan
  • Bet your going to miss that awesome workshop Leo when you move

    glenn jaggardglenn jaggard28 dagar sedan
  • Wow Leo and Crew and of course Poncho the inside of Talley Ho is much nicer than the outside sure your not going to turn her inside out ha ha well done fellas

    glenn jaggardglenn jaggard28 dagar sedan
  • Looking at google maps, your neighbors didn't get over their loss in front of the board.

    degmardegmar28 dagar sedan
  • I have a suggestion for Leo's next project which is absolutely massive and needs lots of public support. I realise Tally Ho still has a very long way to go but I would be grateful if I could have his email address.

    Alan GoodAlan Good28 dagar sedan
  • Torture boards? Aah, I see the art of keel hauling is alive and well on TALLY HO!

    Greg Hart (K2SO)Greg Hart (K2SO)28 dagar sedan
  • Rowan… start a comedy channel. Your departure sucks bungs.

    LoryLory28 dagar sedan
  • 24:58 - Torture boards are, “Fairly” instant gratification. See what he did there?? “Fairly”? Fairing…. Get it?

    LoryLory28 dagar sedan
  • Trimming bungs… second only to shutter planks in satisfaction.

    LoryLory28 dagar sedan
  • I am CAUGHT UP!!. I started watching 2 weeks ago and have made it through to here. I can now join the FB page without ruining my day.

    LoryLory28 dagar sedan
  • Heeee Leo i cant wait no more, load it up man!!!😀😁😀😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👌

    blachi greenblachi green29 dagar sedan
    • Leo produces a video every 14 days (two weeks). May 8 +14 = May 22. Only a few days left...

      on4xbon4xb29 dagar sedan
  • i get very happy everytime i watch one of your videos and i have so far watched like 10 or 15 of them so you can figure out how much happy i am

    1 21 229 dagar sedan
  • Five Star WOW !!!!!!

    Manning HarveyManning Harvey29 dagar sedan
  • i do know youre doin this in traditional way..i hope youll consider wraping this piece of art with plastic resin outside..

    Pablo AlfonsoPablo AlfonsoMånad sedan
  • Im always wondering exactly what that bird is thinking about watching this all

    video3ishvideo3ishMånad sedan
  • great job lads a credit to you all people do not work like this any more

    theodorakis yiacoumitheodorakis yiacoumiMånad sedan
  • Question- in regards to the filler plugs, would it be good to mix sawdust of the wood type in with the filler to help with the natural aspects of swelling and shrinking? Or would that weaken the filler too much and basically not make it keep and stay? Just curious. Tally Ho is looking beautiful!

    D. “Metalhead Mercenary” J.D. “Metalhead Mercenary” J.Månad sedan
  • Coming straight from "Sinking Yabá", this channel is balsam for the soul of anyone who have ever joined two pieces of wood together...

    Viking NomadViking NomadMånad sedan
  • Pneumatic board for fairing the hard wood

    Space CowboySpace CowboyMånad sedan
  • Have you thought about installing a tesla car battery to go with the Beata Marine engine you decide to go with for the Tally Ho though that battery might be excessive in compassity for your needs tesla electric car batteries tend to be some of the best and most reliable you can get you could even use them as balles as the batteries do waigh 1,200lbs(540kg) and have a compassity of 85KwH (310MJ)

    Iron Sight ProductionIron Sight ProductionMånad sedan
  • I agree the bung trimming is kind of enjoyable. That and using a plain. I also prefer using furniture scrapers over sanding.

    Steven DeWellSteven DeWellMånad sedan
  • When & where will it launch?

    John DonnellyJohn DonnellyMånad sedan
  • Just found the channel a week ago and have been on a marathon ever since. I’m both sad to not have another episode queued up, but happy to be following now in real time. What a journey you’re all on and I’m so grateful for the excellent documentation. A real treasure.

    jmklammjmklammMånad sedan
    • Leo produces a video every 14 days (two weeks). May 8 +14 = May 22.

      on4xbon4xb29 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love that bandsaw :)

    CroatoanCroatoanMånad sedan
  • New vid please

    John BanguangaJohn BanguangaMånad sedan
    • Leo produces a video every 14 days (two weeks). May 8 +14 = May 22.

      on4xbon4xbMånad sedan
  • as the great cornholio would say, you need tp for your bungs

    Anton KonradAnton KonradMånad sedan
  • Adhesive for plugs?

    James Alan Stephen SmithJames Alan Stephen SmithMånad sedan
    • polyurethane glue (not the hot-melt kind)

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert29 dagar sedan
  • Tally Ho deserves the teak, hopefully something works out. You’ve come a long way Leo, Pete, and crew, so amazing to go from that rotten hull you hauled in (two years ago) to the boat you’ll haul out. A true work of art.

    Gene WilliamsGene WilliamsMånad sedan
    • @on4xb Your correct. I lucked into Leo’s first video about 4 years ago :-) and have watched all his videos since. The 2 years is just a reference to what Leo joked a couple times when asked for completion date, he always says 2 years til he’s complete. Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I do.

      Gene WilliamsGene WilliamsMånad sedan
    • nearly 4 years ago: July 2017

      on4xbon4xbMånad sedan
  • wonderful... yes just wonderful...

    JJHJJHMånad sedan
  • Stay sharp

    Jacob HicksJacob HicksMånad sedan
  • I’ll miss Pancho when you move!

    George MolonyGeorge MolonyMånad sedan
  • Neil Finn lookalike!

    flash moreflash moreMånad sedan
  • I have seen a stem shrink over 3/4 inch during building. Swelled up and closed within 3 weeks of launching. Some slightly loose roves will soon become tight on launching. Cheers, nice work. From Tasmania. Southernmost boatbuilding outpost in the British Empire

    Glenn BrownGlenn BrownMånad sedan
  • Leo, Thanks for another interesting video. Given my background as a professional boatbuilder, I can't entirely agree with some of your fairing techniques. Longer boards i.e. 6 to 8 feet (that require two men) work far better in my experence, also each person encourages the other to 'keep at it'. Also the board should never be used in the vertical direction, as we saw in the video, as it digs holes in the hull. I am surprised that you haven't installed any bulkheads, (i.e. much earlier on in the project) as they add enourmous strength and stability as well as preventing movement of the hull. I hope you get on to them before moving the hull.

    C MuC MuMånad sedan
  • I Cant help u on the wood!! But Im enjoy the ship builded!! Cant wait for sailing

    carpenter pilotcarpenter pilotMånad sedan
  • It’s worth it Leo, even if progress seems slow, for as you would know, the success of any paint job lays with the preparation beforehand. Tally Ho is looking awesome. 👍. The efforts by all involved in bringing this boat back to life are so impressive. Leo you have a hell of a future not just as a sailor and a boat builder but as a project manager and/or even in film production. The quality in all that is done to bring these videos to life is just as impressive as the work involved in rebuilding Tally Ho. Bravo.

    David MitchellDavid MitchellMånad sedan
  • Fairing compound - Basically Green Stuff for boats.

    FinwolvenFinwolvenMånad sedan
  • This boat has been a massive work of engineering and art, plus love and dedication.

    Geoffrey WilliamsGeoffrey WilliamsMånad sedan
  • The hull interior is absolutely stunning with the copper, bronze and varnished wood. Hats off to all of the volunteers and to Leo's leadership to make this happen!

    David DaleDavid DaleMånad sedan
  • Love when young Ron Swanson comes back.

    Pavel KomarovPavel KomarovMånad sedan
  • Leo you get an honorable mention on another channel “Adventures of Glimt” in their latest Video

    Micheál ClearyMicheál ClearyMånad sedan
  • May be worth contacting some New Zealand boat builders for advice on NZ native timbers for decking - some are extremely hard.

    Colin GantiglewColin GantiglewMånad sedan
    • Ms. Tally's original deck was about 30% teak & 70% kauri.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert29 dagar sedan
  • So long David and Rowanfair winds to the two of you!

    Thomas ArmitageThomas ArmitageMånad sedan
  • Beautiful!

    Mile AkinMile AkinMånad sedan
  • Tis the journey, ye can get no argument there. Stay the course and by devine providence Tally Ho shall be known.

    Joe BuckleyJoe BuckleyMånad sedan
  • Hadn't even thought of the impact of the crazy lumber prices on this project. Yikes! Hopefully someone will have a stash for you they can give you a good deal on. Inside of the boat looked increeedible with the varnish. Wow.

    D|M PhotoD|M PhotoMånad sedan
  • A very satisfying episode to watch faring the bungs. Damn those chisels cut like a hot knife through butter. The varnish and sanding result are superb. Goodbye and thank you Rowan & David.

    Gavin OMahoneyGavin OMahoneyMånad sedan
  • You guys set a great example for all tradesmen!

    JustDrew PJustDrew PMånad sedan
  • Call this place up and see if they have any leads on wood:

    rtz549rtz549Månad sedan
  • Its old fashioned but a calendar would be cool to sell by some local company, or sell bits of wood from her original hull or construction.

    Robert BowieRobert BowieMånad sedan
  • Leo, another fine video, you have quite a dandy crew, and love that dam Parrot, Oh don't forget the music (I really appreciate the music credits in the Dooblydoo), this is with out a doubt one of my top 10 (out of 134) The Tally Ho what a fine and fair vessel. Press On my Friend

    Reed KayReed KayMånad sedan
  • This boat MUST have the proper decking boards. If you reach out, and add bitcoin as a payment option on your donation page, I will donate $10k. And I guarantee I will not be the only one.

    John SilvestroJohn SilvestroMånad sedan
  • I understand how rewarding fitting the plugs and chiselling them smooth to the hull afterwards. I think the reason why in my mind is it’s a simple rewarding job as you look forward how the plug grain matches up with the plank grain and I bet you admire the one that matches perfectly when that happens. So you are always eager to get that perfect fit. You can call it mind games but it’s a very satisfying way forwards to see the end result of the plug blending into the surrounds and is to me important to get the grain matching the grain of the planks as if grain placement is wrong ,it will show up a lot of the time after the hull has been painted. Cheers to the look of Tallyho and all of those who have and still working on her. Must not forget the feeling of super sharp chisel removing thin slithers of wood is satisfying as well! Cheers 🥂 Leo and all

    Gary ArmstrongGary ArmstrongMånad sedan
  • What a magnificent piece of furniture!

    Mark LoegeringMark LoegeringMånad sedan
  • Another amazing achievement on the planking finishes. Great job, fantastic team.

    pierre alain Varreonpierre alain VarreonMånad sedan
  • What kind of bird is poncho and what is his age?

    Rory WestfallRory WestfallMånad sedan
    • *She* is a macaw, a mix of the military & blue&gold types.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick StibbertMånad sedan
  • Want to get a feel for how far this project has come? I just watched video number 6 where Leo was also in his office for a bit.

    John HackneyJohn HackneyMånad sedan
  • Love that wood with the varnish on - just beautiful. Man, that is a LOT of work!

    Dj BallyDj BallyMånad sedan
  • Very good job !!...

    Robert SalanonRobert SalanonMånad sedan
  • bonjour je suis la remise en état du bateau depuis un certain temps , et j'ai remarqué qu'il n'y a plus le moyen de traduire en français , dommage . bon courage pour l'ensemble des personnes qui travail sur ce projet . ça devrais etre magnifique , bravo encore pour votre savoir , de compétence dans ce domaine .

    didier duboisdidier duboisMånad sedan
  • Alaskan yellow cedar is a beautiful choice

    Craig ChisholmCraig ChisholmMånad sedan
  • Just wondering. The bowsprit, reused or new? Don’t remember any discussion about that.

    Jon PrattJon PrattMånad sedan
    • Leo bought the boat w/o spars, I assume he'll make new ones. Of the bowprit, only the bronze heel bracket remained.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick StibbertMånad sedan
  • 30 hours to edit! Wow! That's why the videos come out so fantastic. Cheers!

    Austin DeBritoAustin DeBritoMånad sedan
  • She is becoming a work of Art. My OCD approves!

    Dana SharpeDana SharpeMånad sedan
  • when you move to Port Townsend will the best helper, Parrot, move with you ? I think the Parrot belongs to the people that are letting you use the location. The Parrot is a fantastic helper and adds a lot to the project, your mascot

    Joe HamblinJoe HamblinMånad sedan
  • I reached out to a couple of lumber yards - heres a response i had gotten by one of them -- We have supplied many boat builders with various types of lumber. If you would like a quote, we would need to know the size/dimension of the boards/timbers you are looking for, specie of lumber, grade, whether you want them rough sawn or surfaced, if they need to be air dried or kiln dried and total quantities.

    The Pay It Forward ChannelThe Pay It Forward ChannelMånad sedan
  • The attention to detail is awesome beautiful to see a really craftsman t work, this goes for all who have worked on Tally Ho!

    Jamie ParfittJamie ParfittMånad sedan
  • Was watching a documentary on world war 2 English pilots commanders radioed “Tally Ho” when they spotted German planes and the fight was on .

    llfoldes1187llfoldes1187Månad sedan
  • Ron Swanson - The Pilot Guy!

    Albert de VriesAlbert de VriesMånad sedan
  • Hi Leo, hi every one, I love your project, Leo, and appreciate a lot the mix of technical explanations, and woodwork footage. I also love the tracks that you use, and I was wondering if there was any playlist available, on some streaming platform, where I could retrieve this sound for work-from-home ?

    Jerome FlouryJerome FlouryMånad sedan
    • @Jerome Floury There's an app called *Shazam* which identifies songs/music.

      Tony GrimesTony GrimesMånad sedan
    • @Tony Grimes thanks Tony ! I had not explored the descriptions... thanks for the hint. Most of it isn’t referenced on my streaming platform ... I’ll keep trying to build a playlist for my usage. Rgds

      Jerome FlouryJerome FlouryMånad sedan
    • Jerome Floury - The music is always listed in description under video.

      Tony GrimesTony GrimesMånad sedan