Dustin Poirier: Conor McGregor rematch comes down to 'blood and guts' | UFC 257 pre-fight interview

#UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier previews his rematch with Conor McGregor at #UFC257, discusses Khabib Nurmagomedov's future and more in this interview with Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie.
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  • how stupid do all you conor fans feel right about now? bet it was tough seeing your boy get ktfo lmao

    Josh WheelerJosh WheelerMånad sedan
  • First hooker, then Conor. Wow what a great champion the Diamond is!

    Benjamin RichardBenjamin RichardMånad sedan
  • Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

    minij hooiminij hooiMånad sedan
  • this aged like a fine wine.

    xhami lamboxhami lamboMånad sedan
  • The anxiety on Dustin's face when he thinks of the press conference, he literally had a flashback of his last presser with Conor.

    Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
  • When I was in school I would try and get 2 lunches cuz there wasn't shit after school

    inthout27inthout27Månad sedan
  • A charity fight leading to a title fight? McGregor the sore loser should just go away.

    S NguynS NguynMånad sedan
  • 57sec

    Google AccountGoogle AccountMånad sedan
    • @minorin The McCasuals are scurrying back the their caves

      Rayhane BournasRayhane BournasMånad sedan
    • @Emily An lmao

      minorinminorinMånad sedan
    • Dustin won't make it to the 5th ko 1st round

      Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
  • it doesn't come down to blood and guyts it comes down to technique and gameplan. if it was about blood and guts dustin would have won the first one.

    gamessportsandmoregamessportsandmoreMånad sedan
  • People know how to beat Connor. Just tire him out.

    Philip PhilPhilip PhilMånad sedan
  • “I know you said in another interview you were hoping for a blood and guts kind of fight, is that what you’re hoping for?”

    M WM WMånad sedan
  • Dustin for the win

    Max GXSRMax GXSRMånad sedan
  • Dustin Poirier is the only one Guy who came close to beat Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Forge ViewForge ViewMånad sedan
  • Go Dustin. I'm rooting for you # warrior

    Joseph PerkinsJoseph PerkinsMånad sedan
  • Seems like fighters can also go for a good track day if they really wanted to

    tashrique karriemtashrique karriemMånad sedan
  • He wins by suffering more.?

    Lim JaheyLim JaheyMånad sedan
  • This man is going to get absolutely rolled.

    GiveAFGiveAFMånad sedan
  • This guy is a shitty reporter or interviewer he keeps putting his hands in his pockets talks weird

    Km WickeKm WickeMånad sedan
  • You lose bro

    Raz KRaz KMånad sedan
  • Hope you kick the tap out queen, Conners arse!!!........🤏

    servestenergy. comservestenergy. comMånad sedan
  • Looks anxious to me. Think the occasion is getting in on him.

    Brendan LynchBrendan LynchMånad sedan
  • Dustin won't make it to the 5th ko 1st round

    christoph !!christoph !!Månad sedan
  • 0:43 That part! 👏🏻

    DarrenDarrenMånad sedan
  • Later rounds he gets going dude get past the first round 😆😆

    Joe JenningsJoe JenningsMånad sedan
  • This fight better be better then than the Abu Dhabi grand prix

    Thomas DunneThomas DunneMånad sedan
  • Dustin is still doubting. He is afraid of a knockout. He is aware and fearful about it which may put him into trouble.

    Himaka ChishiHimaka ChishiMånad sedan
  • I respect Dustin, he’s a bad ass, but for some reason he looks nervous? This cocky attitude in my opinion he has going on shows some type of weakness cuss that’s not how he is, or am I tripping?

  • Go get’em Dustin! Pulling for you Dustin , go Dust Him

    Eazyridin 72Eazyridin 72Månad sedan
  • Hope conor punches dustins left ear out.

    Nishal ThotaramNishal ThotaramMånad sedan
  • I just hope conor gets da fastest ko in ufc.

    Nishal ThotaramNishal ThotaramMånad sedan
  • 720p, wtf is this?

    Dawek ClawkDawek ClawkMånad sedan
  • dustin the goat

    asianboi945asianboi945Månad sedan
  • What time is this fight on in the USA?

    jeffery wadejeffery wadeMånad sedan
  • Lets Go Diamond! Pulling like hell for him

    Dustin GillDustin GillMånad sedan
  • He wants a war? Then hes gonna get sparked early nobody's beating Conor striking

    Dmac9994Dmac9994Månad sedan
  • I'm trying to grow my channel and would love it if you checked out my videoes!🤗

    Marcelle talks MMAMarcelle talks MMAMånad sedan
  • Dustin seems a little on edge. If he’s too emotional he’ll lose. How he deals with the press conference could make or break this fight.

    James DonovanJames DonovanMånad sedan
  • "Bunch of dumb questions probably.." Dustin The Diamond Poirier!!! Homeboy in da house!!! 👊🏼.

    Jeff RozeJeff RozeMånad sedan
  • It really doesn't even matter if Dustin wins on Saturday this dude is a winner 🏆 at life man

    underground Punderground PMånad sedan
  • Get it done Dustin. Fans got your back.

    JFKNJFKNMånad sedan
  • No one wants to see Poirier fight Khabib again

    Paul TPaul TMånad sedan
  • Dustin looks calm and dangerous...Let's hope he can weather the initial storm...if he does the fight is his,

    Mzansi's MMA ShowMzansi's MMA ShowMånad sedan
  • Big Dustin fan ... I think he's got this ... unless ot happens like Cowboy fight in with everything look odd ... like the fight was arranged...

    iulian alin sbengheciiulian alin sbengheciMånad sedan
  • Dustin really doesn't like doing interviews does he haha

    Simply GolfSimply GolfMånad sedan
  • Dustin is so sharp right now, so technically sound and such a good guy. Really hoping for the best for him but DAYUM Conor looks like a freaking KILLER!

    DC HallDC HallMånad sedan
  • Dustin will expose Conor the same fashion Gaethje have exposed Tony mark my words conor and tony doesn’t belong in top5

    Mohd ArifMohd ArifMånad sedan
  • the only guy to fight Khabib and Conor

    Mohd ArifMohd ArifMånad sedan
  • Poirier by TKO 4th round

    Mohd ArifMohd ArifMånad sedan
  • I love Dustin Poirier always have..He hasa good heart..always does a lot for charities behind the scenes and nvr talks about it, thats why i hope and even as an Irish person i hope he lumps the head of mcgregor..Dustins God is the God of the Bible were mcgregors God is the benjamin franklin 100 dollar note...Money money money is all he cares about..And if he does ever give to charity theres always an angle for it to suit him, its nvr out of the goodness of his heart..So come on Dustin you deserve this and may God be with you and Good Luck....

    Eire SaoirseEire SaoirseMånad sedan
  • Dustin bout to get his sh*t rocked

    TheTenseGamerTheTenseGamerMånad sedan
  • Dastin Porier Chempion 257 Alhamdulilah

    Abrorbek SobirovAbrorbek SobirovMånad sedan
  • Dastin Porier Chempion 257 Konnor tfu Davay Dastin Porier Uzbekistan Dastin Porier Chempion Insha Allah

    Abrorbek SobirovAbrorbek SobirovMånad sedan
  • Love dustin ! My nigga

  • Dustin will be in the dustbin after Conor

    Disco Dave's channelDisco Dave's channelMånad sedan
  • He looks soft early finish

    Disco Dave's channelDisco Dave's channelMånad sedan
  • Go dustin .........Go ..............

    Muhammad HikmalMuhammad HikmalMånad sedan
  • Not convincing to me. His attitude doesn't reflect a fighter. He doesn't have a good team unfortunately. He is not ready by any means but to talk. I wish he can can beat the sh*t out of Connor and make him humble.

    Najam AliNajam AliMånad sedan
  • Nice video 👏🏽 Check out our ‘breakdown and prediction’ video of Poirier vs McGregor: m.seslow.info/u/fYl42s2naX18aZI/video

    ChampsTalkTVChampsTalkTVMånad sedan
  • Dustin with his attitude unfortunatelly already lost. Hope hope he beats Conor but not much chance. He got ability but weak mind

    MoLah 30MoLah 30Månad sedan
  • Uncomfortable 😣

    icuattheboozericuattheboozerMånad sedan
  • I am a dustin guy when he is not fighting conor

    Biraj PokharelBiraj PokharelMånad sedan
  • I dont belive ur strong mantaly porier. U come here to fight not to charity not to ur familly. In this latest ours before fight if u belive u can win u will predict. But ur pussy. Conor gona trash u tomorow bc ur nothing

    R11 Rooster-elevenR11 Rooster-elevenMånad sedan
  • When you realize Dustin' s getting slept in 50 seconds, Conor's cardio is irrelevant. There's no way known that Dusty gets out of the first round.

    Nautilus1972Nautilus1972Månad sedan
    • Hahahaha. Dumbass

      Rock LeeRock LeeMånad sedan
  • Imagine Connor gets stopped instead within 60 sec. .

    RichiRichiMånad sedan
  • Go Dustin wipp his ass!!

    John SurfJohn SurfMånad sedan
  • Everybody talking about Dustin's persona in this interview, looks to me it has nothing to do with Mcgregor he just doesn't wanna answer stupid questions over and over. Seems he perked up when asked about the Khabib meeting as it's a bit different.

    Danny BradleyDanny BradleyMånad sedan
  • much respect for Dustin and all fighters helping the world every person with good money should help other people but naaah... buy more shit, better shit, more, more, more pathetic

    what everwhat everMånad sedan
  • I want Dustin to win!

    Abdul Malik KhanAbdul Malik KhanMånad sedan
  • You guys have only one chance to put your money on Dustin and get paid three times more . Do not blow it . Let s go Dustin

    crni brzicrni brziMånad sedan
  • 1:18 oh damn.. pressers 2 days away and dusting already feeling that pressure, got confused right away its unbelievable that that 2014 thing still with him and he still feels that uncomfortable itch

    ZamalZamalMånad sedan
  • My man go fuck him.

    Akansha RaiAkansha RaiMånad sedan
  • Good luck Dustin Poirier ❤❤❤🙏🙏

    Leni SalomonLeni SalomonMånad sedan
  • He got this

    Gonzo 86Gonzo 86Månad sedan
  • Dustin is all up in his own head having a fight already. Put your money on Connor folks.

    Marc ShieldsMarc ShieldsMånad sedan
  • Dustin Poirier will make Conor McGregor retired for 2021. Let's go Dustin Poirier ✊🏽

    FlatgroundTVFlatgroundTVMånad sedan
  • Dustin just looks happy to be there in reality he is going to get sparked and finished in the 1st round maybe in the 2nd

    JSweaTz_-JSweaTz_-Månad sedan

    paulio412paulio412Månad sedan
  • Conor worked on his cardio! He will be ready to go! Dustin is a great man for helping the kids. I hope Conor will donate some of his Proper 12 money to the children.

  • Dustin just seems like a good man. Connor seems like the type of man to punch you if you don't drink his whiskey

    riley jackriley jackMånad sedan
  • why does this interviewer sound like that

    herecomesthe crimsonchinherecomesthe crimsonchinMånad sedan
  • Diamond Time. 💎

    Puteri SuhailaPuteri SuhailaMånad sedan
  • 0:54 when you realise conor is still stuck in his head and doesnt wanna take part in any conference or talking

    DavidDavidMånad sedan
  • Dont allow youself to get hit just to get your own off bruh

    Taktavious XertoxalTaktavious XertoxalMånad sedan
  • i see a separation of this man’s consciousness in the octagon on saturday...

    No Mask Between BitesNo Mask Between BitesMånad sedan
  • Love dustin’s mental state. Rooting for you diamond!💎👌🏻💯

    MIGS STORY - Inspired RecipesMIGS STORY - Inspired RecipesMånad sedan
  • Smooth ,Super , classy human , that's what he is ! Dustin Poirier ... Khabib , Dustin and Robert Whitaker ! My Trio Team

    I Am That I AmI Am That I AmMånad sedan
  • Dostin Hend is 👉 🦘 Cangro hend power full punches 👊

  • I love You Dostin bro You Win 🌿🌹🌿

  • Class 👌

    11Månad sedan
  • If it really does come down to blood and guts, Dustin remains undefeated in that category

    Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz IIRicardo Cortez de la Cruz IIMånad sedan
  • End him, Dustin! Lets Go!

    Dina KaratDina KaratMånad sedan
  • Let's go. Dustin poirier !!!!!! the diamond is going to shine better 👊💪🏼 💎💎💎💎💎

    hayru mohammedhayru mohammedMånad sedan
  • Dustin is getting knocked the fuck out.

    SwicegoodSwicegoodMånad sedan
  • Conor is going to knock out Perrier in less than 60 seconds guarantee

    Ryan AbuzahraRyan AbuzahraMånad sedan
  • Justin p u win!!!

    Fariz CuanFariz CuanMånad sedan
  • Cant hate the Diamond.

    Adrian CollinsAdrian CollinsMånad sedan
  • Super awkward reporter.

    Nalyd H-TronNalyd H-TronMånad sedan
  • I respect porier and wanted him to kick Connor's ass, in front of his wife

    MNMNMånad sedan
  • Bro you CAN’T HATE this guy ♥️♥️

    MoeMoeMånad sedan
  • CONOR via TKO 2:33 RD3

    Jason KimJason KimMånad sedan