now this is EPIC!!!!
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    • Wait.. your kill record is 32?

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  • Creamy is cool

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  • did you really put eddie scream. 4:45

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  • mcreamy is epic I saw it

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  • Mccrery is epic

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  • I’m the Bad Guy 😈

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  • Deja Vu

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  • Ok I fell wired u edit like nowon and I got 32, kills thats my highest

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  • Mcccreamy

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  • Mccreamy is epuc

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  • A.I.M.: am i a joke to you?

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  • 9:18 hmmm wall hacks?

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  • MCcreamy is epic

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  • Dummy gives u aimbot to

    Tips&Tricks GamesTips&Tricks Games17 dagar sedan
  • Omg I have that skin and I haven't played solo or anything in the skin but I just found out that it is a skin that is good for matches

    Joe NuccitelliJoe Nuccitelli18 dagar sedan
  • Noice

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  • Tribute to faze jarvis a minute of silence 🔕 please

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  • epic

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  • McCreamy isn’t epic

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  • Look at how terrifying this looks. Terminator doing star power

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  • Mccreamy

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  • I have 2o2o vision try me mate

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  • Creamy is epic

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  • Mccreamy is awsome

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  • Mcreamy is legendary yeeeeet

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  • Did he just say... termi tator 0:53

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  • My epic is gunner1210

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  • Mcreamy is cool

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  • Sypherpk sucks Creamy is better

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  • This is the last time I am doing this but Mcreamy is epic

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  • Love how he edit courses a bot

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  • Creamy is epic

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  • Maybe mcCreamy activates aimbot for this vid

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  • McCreamy is epic

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  • Wow “mcreamy is awesome”

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  • Yo mcreamy can u add me my name is rhys boyce

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  • McRae you is so epic;)

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  • McCreamy is epic!

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  • My highest kills is 23

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  • Mccreamy is a beast at this game

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  • mcCreamy is epic

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  • Epic

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  • my kill record is 27

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  • my kill recorde for forytnite ois 27 and its on ps4 lol

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  • Yes keep fucking the car

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    • Wat the lfuck bro

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  • I think you should only use lever action shotgun next😸

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  • Mccreamy:aimbot Video:Sniper Mccreamy:misses

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  • It is cracked creamy to everyone

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  • Lol right as you slam into that lama with a car a police, ambulance, WHATEVER.. just turns on its siren

    BaconBoizBaconBoizMånad sedan
  • mccreamy is epic

    catz lolcatz lolMånad sedan
  • I McCreamy is epic

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  • Your the best sniper

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  • My highest kill game was 36

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  • M C R E A M Y I S E P I C

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  • Terminator is literally Dummy 2.0

    Bacon hairs are cuteBacon hairs are cuteMånad sedan