The Biggest Fraud on Instagram | The Dan Bilzerian Saga

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Join me as we peer into the extensive rabbit hole of Instagram's toughest billionaire playboy philanthropist, and how he managed to fake it all. This is the story of Dan Bilzerian.
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Props to Gabrielle Kennedy for taking the liberty of breaking into the (former) Ignite house, check out her full vid here:
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    • Sweet vid wanker!

    • 5:00

      Him BikeHim Bike11 dagar sedan
    • 5:00

      Him BikeHim Bike11 dagar sedan
    • what does male vitality have to do with dropping out of high school?

      Devils AdvocateDevils Advocate14 dagar sedan
  • ive literally never heard of this asshole and i think it says a lot about america that anyone actually has.

    tbxvividostbxvividos3 timmar sedan
  • Rich ppl who get millions from their parents and lie about isn’t anything new. One was our president for four years lmao

    Rodney Kimsey IIRodney Kimsey II4 timmar sedan
  • I guess this lying, cheating, born on third base fraud will end up running for President in a few years.

    Reuben RiojasReuben Riojas7 timmar sedan
  • Your videos are garbage 😂

    Aced GeezyAced Geezy8 timmar sedan
  • The beard ....bad ..he has complex about him ..shave bro

    Lukke CageLukke Cage10 timmar sedan
  • You are just salty haha

    Mig her KkeneMig her Kkene14 timmar sedan
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    Tony JaramilloTony Jaramillo14 timmar sedan
  • You can talk all this shit bout him but at the end of the day he living his best life while you making videos bout him in your room alone

    Ben doverBen dover16 timmar sedan
    • Lying about your whole existence isn’t living your best life, he is a slave to the lifestyle he chose.

      M SandovalM Sandoval6 timmar sedan
  • Broken legs work like flat tires, right?

    MewmewGrrlMewmewGrrl17 timmar sedan
  • Bunch of haters.

    Rafael TapiaRafael Tapia18 timmar sedan
  • If you know someone who idolizes this guy...that person is also a fraud 🤪

    Tap ArciagTap Arciag21 timme sedan
  • I remember when someone told me to go check out his IG. They were all impressed. I had never heard of the guy. I was wondering how someone with a life like THAT wasn't in the media even more. I mean, he was truly Tony Starks in real life, and nobody was pumping this guy like a real life movie except people on IG? And now I see this video and I'm like, " sense now." A truth is just a truth. Only needs to be spoken. A lie takes a lot of explaining and wranglling, and this dude was always explaining shit instead of just saying the TRUTH once....

    UberJeep AZUberJeep AZ23 timmar sedan
  • Clown

    RomgerRomgerDag sedan
  • You know when a guy is still bragging about how many chicks he's slept with 15 years after high school has ended hes really got some ego issues

    Ralph CeravoloRalph CeravoloDag sedan
    • ...and the problem is that many kids still follow him, for some reason. My own brother loves this guy and wants his life. He wasn't ready to take truth tho 😂

      Siddharth MahajanSiddharth Mahajan6 timmar sedan
  • I think he’s just another government pawn that is used to spread the “luxury life” dream on social media. Makes others keep working and spending. That’s what all entertainers do. It’s all a show!

    Landon -Landon -Dag sedan
    • Lol ok dude

      HighlandusHighlandus14 timmar sedan
  • He didn’t have a jawline so he just grew one huh?

    Shayce McMillenShayce McMillenDag sedan
  • Unlike your client the claim won’t fly? Huh?!

    Shayce McMillenShayce McMillenDag sedan
  • i would think dan was so cool if i was like 12

    donnyb6888donnyb6888Dag sedan
  • I’m still hung up on the 10k women thing, like that’s pretty much not possible lmao

    VutaVutaDag sedan
  • In my expirence, guys with the name "dan" or daniel. Are useuslly the biggest cowards that ever lived.

    Creativity KillsCreativity KillsDag sedan
  • I believe he could won on poker as those all sites is scam, people see your cards, know who gonna win hand before it even was dealt... Stay away from poker, and other online rigged lies.... Thieves like national lottery, gives a bit to charity to keep governments quiet...

  • men like dan see women as prizes. that's why i'll never see men like that as actual human beings

    it's ya girlit's ya girlDag sedan
    • Preach

      Stay AwayStay Away7 timmar sedan
  • That photo at 6:32 is from Lone Survivor I think, he's sat between Eric Bana and Jerry Ferrara.

    marzigeishamarzigeishaDag sedan
  • Dan has the look of a man who has gotten the silver bullet on multiple occasions

    Crusader CarlCrusader CarlDag sedan
  • I’m 5’9 and can tell you he is not 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Elizabeth SilverioElizabeth SilverioDag sedan
  • This video is so well made i see you did your research throughout this video well done

    the running manthe running manDag sedan
  • irrelevant, but that transition at 22:14 tight.

    Raul SRaul SDag sedan
  • I feel bad for the poor souls who believe or look up to this " genious"

    Alex SAlex SDag sedan
    • @marzigeisha most of social media is dear ☺️

      Alex SAlex SDag sedan
    • I hate Instagram it's mostly full of these people. It's a facade of bullsh*t faux abs, no pores and warped bodies with pin heads. He's disgusting.

      marzigeishamarzigeishaDag sedan
  • Ten thousand women? That’s over 27 years if he sleeps with one woman per night. He’s currently 40 and if I’m not mistaken, made that statement four years ago.

    Alex HillAlex Hill2 dagar sedan
  • I never heard of this loser, but watched your video bc it was well made, investigative and well rounded, making it interesting :)

    Anete HofmaneAnete Hofmane2 dagar sedan
  • Overcompensating manlet.

    Mich AlvaradoMich Alvarado2 dagar sedan
  • "The time he tried to play hero during an active shooting." OH ITS THAT DICKHEAD

    DeltaXalphaDeltaXalpha2 dagar sedan
  • military grade tank???

    roku the dogroku the dog2 dagar sedan
  • Lmao Dan is a 5 ft 4 manlet

    CrocodilianCrocodilian2 dagar sedan
  • What the hell is wrong with the narrator's tone of voice? Beyond annoying. Fake, dripping with condescension in every sentence. Never heard a human being with that as their normal voice.

    Richard WilkinsonRichard Wilkinson2 dagar sedan
  • The amount of pure hate and spite coming from this twig looking manchild towards someone more successful than him is baffling. The video and production is good, I'm not hating. You can just sense it in his words and tone.

    Sleek dSleek d2 dagar sedan
    • Dan Bilzarian is an utterly despicable human who deserves all the hate in the world. He's not successful, his Father was successful in crime and Dan spent the money.

      Oliver CranerOliver CranerDag sedan
  • 1:53 I’ll be your Dan baby girl

    Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 dagar sedan
  • He seems like he was trying to imitate rich pianas whole thing without any of the honesty, virtues, or hard work

    WyattWyatt2 dagar sedan
  • Really well made video!

    Kyle KanerKyle Kaner2 dagar sedan
  • A us marine wouldn't be caught dead combat crawling with an Ak instead of an Ar

    The TruthThe Truth2 dagar sedan
  • Rich people don't have bricks of cash.

    chipmunktubetopchipmunktubetop3 dagar sedan
  • I stopped watching because your voice was the most annoying thing I ever heart..

    ALIENGAMER123ALIENGAMER1233 dagar sedan
  • A trust fund baby with "daddy issues."

    Goberto AngelaGoberto Angela3 dagar sedan
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    Jon SnowJon Snow3 dagar sedan
  • My Idol.

    ChrisChris3 dagar sedan
  • there are some rumors hes wanted by some narcos :)

    Flaming HotCheetoFlaming HotCheeto3 dagar sedan
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    asmani khatunasmani khatun3 dagar sedan
  • I think 🤔 this guy is awesome 👏🏿! He did what he wanted in life and enjoyed it. Everyone keeps talking about he should be Elon or Jeff. Lol 😂 you can’t have the same people in this world, or we would be boring asf.

    Lavonne AlexanderLavonne Alexander3 dagar sedan
    • He's a terrible person who spent money attained from fraud. He lied, bragged, insulted and assaulted pretty much anyone he fancied, and then paid his way out of trouble. As someone who appreciates honest work and frowns upon scammers, a world without people like Dan Bilzarian sounds pretty good.

      Oliver CranerOliver CranerDag sedan
  • "I remember I had sex 9 times in one day I was so proud of myself" laughs in lez.

    somniumisdreamingsomniumisdreaming3 dagar sedan
  • Eventually you start believing your own lies

    Orange BoxesOrange Boxes3 dagar sedan
  • you seem hella jealous ngl... don't hate it cz u aint it

    Mason ClevelandMason Cleveland3 dagar sedan
    • simp

      Oliver CranerOliver CranerDag sedan
  • Yo is Paul Bilzerians dad apart of Tilray? I need to know ASAP

    Ranting with RayRanting with Ray3 dagar sedan
  • At least he didn’t have to show off his crotch on OF to pay for his lifestyle.

    • incel moment

      TheKsaladTheKsalad3 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone seen his FPS Russia video? Man, he aged like Bill Cosby...

    The Militarian Party of AmericaThe Militarian Party of America4 dagar sedan
  • Dan is for sure a guy with some weird morals. But after a life as a chef working with the rich he dose not stand out as special. At all. But this video sounds like so many that havent made the dreams in their in there life and can`t stand anyother guy just surfing on their good fortune. The rest of us have to hustle, work and grind. Me included. But thats life. We got differents cards. How many people have crushed harts, made dirty commets about women, fucked up? Everyone (almost)! So this video. Even if it is snap course in how to not live your life in accordence to to days standars. It comes across to ME as a kids rant and the feeling that life is unfair!! Sorry for any spelling faults but im from Norway and thats not the capital of Sweden.

    jonatan bukkøyjonatan bukkøy4 dagar sedan
  • great larry king here. RIP

    Robin StahlRobin Stahl4 dagar sedan
  • I still like Dan, he provides me the lulz.

    VulpesArgentumVulpesArgentum4 dagar sedan
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    Md AnisMd Anis4 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit this guy is disgusting

    Diego GalleguillosDiego Galleguillos4 dagar sedan
  • Gotta take it till you make it, am I right?!

    archipirattaarchipiratta4 dagar sedan
  • "Military grade tank" - I don't think there are civilian grade tanks. They are all for the military.

    Nathan CNathan C4 dagar sedan
  • Dan is elusive as Bigfoot now.

    Luxury LifestyleLuxury Lifestyle4 dagar sedan
  • he grew that jacked up beard to hide his SHAME!!!

    bangsdagongbangsdagong4 dagar sedan
  • search up : "The Man that Lost Everything for Instagram Fame: Dan Bilzerian" because some girl just ripped this entire video off. I saw this afterwards and I checked the dates like.....

    TL MTL M4 dagar sedan
  • Your a joke Aubrey

    hun redhun red4 dagar sedan
  • Fake it till you make it.

    DavidDavid4 dagar sedan
  • My boyfriend doesn't know who he is.. suddenly, I feel relieved

    Divya ChanchlaniDivya Chanchlani4 dagar sedan
  • So basically, this dude's whole life is a lie 😂😂

    NigerianBallerNigerianBaller4 dagar sedan
  • So all He was b~sing about his so big life was just a con in our faces jeez bro you desperate bogus ass

    Crazzy MpsyfoCrazzy Mpsyfo5 dagar sedan
  • She's lying. Her insta isn't redheadraye.

    Adam GonzalezAdam Gonzalez5 dagar sedan
  • I agree with the formal Navy seal, not possible to run on broken legs...

    Nora ChavarriaNora Chavarria5 dagar sedan
  • Jesus I cringe everytime I hear these amateur documentary type SEslow videos give their opinions when narrating. Just stick to facts

    Richard HandlerRichard Handler5 dagar sedan
  • you sussy baka, not listing the outro song in the tracklist :[

    Nick BlankNick Blank5 dagar sedan
  • Dan seems like the kind of guy who would refuse to drink water because he thinks it's girly

    edge of dualityedge of duality5 dagar sedan
  • I would sell my soul to the devil to have this lifestyle.

    YPL Y.O.YPL Y.O.6 dagar sedan
    • @Juliana Ribeiro lived the highlife n I bet he doesn’t even get more than a few years. It was all worth it

      YPL Y.O.YPL Y.O.5 dagar sedan
    • You can’t pay later! It is a illusion child.

      Juliana RibeiroJuliana Ribeiro5 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see my man Jameson featured

    Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions6 dagar sedan
  • Always wondered about that "poker game"

    Carson SinnerCarson Sinner6 dagar sedan
  • Why did Dan never monetise your instagram?

    TallPoppySyndromeTallPoppySyndrome6 dagar sedan
  • He did it all thats real enough for me 😅

    YOLOCUHHYOLOCUHH6 dagar sedan
  • For more

  • What a strange way to narrate. It's like you're trying to sound like a parody of a news anchor.

    TestTest6 dagar sedan
  • Like a bad Twilight Zone episode.

    Lance LawsonLance Lawson6 dagar sedan
  • Biggest douchebag in the world. Imagine gaining no genuine life memories with people who actually care about you deeply but instead you have to spend time with fake people using "your" money to have fun with you to fill your insecurities. lmao. The even more hilarious part is he's so oblivious to the fact that its obvious thats what he did.

    beefarleebeefarlee6 dagar sedan
    • Also oblivious to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people laugh or cringe at how much of a pathetic loser he is. An utter ego-maniac

      Oliver CranerOliver CranerDag sedan
    • Trust me beside your actual family , all relation are circumstantial friend do not want you to do better than them

      B AB A4 dagar sedan
  • He's like a walking billboard for toxic masculinity and neglect in childhood

    P MP M6 dagar sedan
    • @P M understanding this?! Damn! I have hope in humanity

      Stay AwayStay Away7 timmar sedan
    • @Bruce Wayne#Tumbla that moment when toxic masculinity was started by a movement by men for men....

      Stay AwayStay Away7 timmar sedan
    • @Bruce Wayne#Tumbla dude it's totally real.. Toxic masculinity isn't invented by some feminists or some other SJW to make men feel guilty about themselves. Its term coined by men's rights activists for men to help men. Society expecting men to fill a certain mold and men feeling the pressure bis what it means. Telling guys that ' real men don't cry' or 'men don't cook' is toxic masculinity.

      P MP M2 dagar sedan
    • There is no such thing as toxic masculinity stop making men feel guilty about being themselves!!☝️

      Bruce Wayne#TumblaBruce Wayne#Tumbla2 dagar sedan
    • @Damian Skelton do you even understand the term toxic masculinity or femininity? Toxic masculinity in his case was to confirm to every single macho stereotype to 'impress' people, even though it meant being a criminal or a liar. Most girls hanging around him are either paid models or escorts(or straight up pornstars like Janice Griffith). They are exchanging a service. Not defrauding people. Toxic femininity would be to force a girl to wear pink. Being a sex worker isn't toxic femininity unless some of them are telling him they like him for his personality and not his money. That would be immoral and also make them liars just like him.

      P MP M2 dagar sedan

    Tom HackmanTom Hackman6 dagar sedan

    Tom HackmanTom Hackman6 dagar sedan
  • Hey...Umm...😳 jus in case u wanna a glimpse of somethin amazing 26:01

    Mike ZanziMike Zanzi6 dagar sedan
  • @26:00 ol girl on the right gotta donk!

    Brandon LeeBrandon Lee7 dagar sedan
  • Narrator sounds like an angry ex girlfriend the entire time. Sounds like he's a Stan.

    Christian HChristian H7 dagar sedan
  • Dan Bilzerian's are DB, which could easily be "douche bag." Dan is the quintessential douche bag.

    faismasterxfaismasterx7 dagar sedan
  • Always knew this guy was full of it. Another rich kid who can’t admit his daddy gave him all his money

    aussiemika1aussiemika17 dagar sedan
  • Dudes a beta.

    Firstopher LastmanFirstopher Lastman7 dagar sedan
  • That’s not really how insider trading works. Insider trading is The knowledge of when a potential trigger happens. Like a profit and loss statement prior to the public. This is insider trading. Not pumping stocks. That is only one aspect of insider training

    Fred ZoidburgFred Zoidburg7 dagar sedan
  • What a hollow shell of a human being

    Don't Drown In The WilliamDon't Drown In The William7 dagar sedan
  • Just another spoiled rich kid..!!

    Tim ZiemannTim Ziemann7 dagar sedan
  • I grabbed my ankle when I heard about Janice’s injury...

    Random NPCRandom NPC7 dagar sedan
  • What a f**king TOOL!!

    Thick_RichardThick_Richard7 dagar sedan
  • He would make a great president. Bilzerian 2024!

    Jose GJose G8 dagar sedan