College Football Playoff National Championship Game Highlights: Alabama vs. Ohio State | ESPN

Watch the highlights as Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris and the Alabama Crimson Tide take on Justin Fields and the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game.
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  • I'm gonna win next year too!

    BamaBama9 timmar sedan
  • You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit in the wind You don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger And you don't say "We want Bama."

    Michael NewtonMichael NewtonDag sedan
  • This was only a month ago? Wow feels a lot longer

    Ryan ARyan A2 dagar sedan
  • Finally I got rid of my genital herpes with doctor Osewe remedies

    Sebastian JaydenSebastian Jayden3 dagar sedan
  • these teams are gonna be in the natty for at least 2-3 years inna row

    Justin TeamerJustin Teamer4 dagar sedan
  • Yea tru but next year ohiostate will be ready there defence was suspect all season bama got put out last year but there the one to beat the following u got to have a stronger defense then ur offence it's been proven over n over

    Ray BaileyRay Bailey7 dagar sedan
  • Why has football been so predictable lately

    ToadToad8 dagar sedan
    • Because you're witnessing the greatest college football coach of all time make history. Instead of bitching about it, appreciate the excellence.

      wildbill3006wildbill30066 dagar sedan
  • Cool win for Alabama

    Thomas TsaiThomas Tsai10 dagar sedan
  • It sucks that we didn’t have Togia,Tyreke Smith, and Sermon, but it doesn’t change the fact that Bama was gonna beat us

    Josh HolzingerJosh Holzinger10 dagar sedan
  • Hard to beat them when you have 7 starters out for COVID and your star RB gets sent to the hospital on the first play.

    cocopeladcocopelad12 dagar sedan
    • It wouldn't have mattered

      MikevdogMikevdog2 dagar sedan
  • I dont know how you can watch Fields play and not think hes going to be really good at the pro level. Dude is a beast.

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody13 dagar sedan
  • Well respected team! Good work!

    Said FarahSaid Farah13 dagar sedan
  • Congrats to Bammie for beating Ohio State's 3rd and 4th string!!! 42-35 NEVER FORGET...giggles!!!

    • Congrats for not developing the bench players like Alabama did.

      MikevdogMikevdog2 dagar sedan
    • Congrats on liking your own comment giggles

      Ryan ARyan A2 dagar sedan
  • DBU lmao

    James PriceJames Price13 dagar sedan

    Chris CaruthersChris Caruthers13 dagar sedan
  • Aye y’all Roll tide

    Joy MorrisJoy Morris14 dagar sedan
  • Denver getting surtain

    Corrissa BoereCorrissa Boere15 dagar sedan
  • Rtr

    Kevin CardenKevin Carden15 dagar sedan
  • We should have given it to Lynch on the goal line...

    Kevin KegariseKevin Kegarise18 dagar sedan

    Guwopinese ‘Guwopinese ‘18 dagar sedan
  • I watched Alabama a team to remember and also the K.C. Chefs, as I grew up there and went to college through many undergrad and masters, etc. However, K.C. played like little boys and Alabama played like men. I actually enjoy college ball better now than the pros. Alabama, has 18 national championships, and Saban seven, one more than the God of college football, Bear Bryant at Alabama and six national wins. There will be many more great years for Saban and the Tide! Retire soon, I doubt it, as he is just having so much fun, fun! They are in two of my last eight best selling books and they will be in my 9th too. Love Alabama football, especially with the politics, what a break from the news.

    Jon McClureJon McClure20 dagar sedan
  • I still come back to this to smile. Roll tide

    Joe SchmoJoe Schmo22 dagar sedan
  • Speed kills. Coaching and talent helps, too, but speed . . .

    John HoulgateJohn Houlgate24 dagar sedan
  • Nick got 7 and Tom got 7. 2 Goats!

    JOKERLAMOJOKERLAMO25 dagar sedan

    OHIO STATE 8 AP poll NATTYSOHIO STATE 8 AP poll NATTYS25 dagar sedan
    • Let go of the past

      MikevdogMikevdog2 dagar sedan
    • 😂💀 7 years and y’all still talk about that game

      RunMe MyFadeCuhRunMe MyFadeCuh20 dagar sedan
  • Well ive been to Ohio it sucks cornfield USA I couldn't wait to leave that place just saying

    slab busterRTRslab busterRTR26 dagar sedan
  • So was Fields playing with a broken rib? What a warrior. Questionable call from the coaches if that's the case though.

    Bonkers McGeeBonkers McGee27 dagar sedan
  • The press loves Ohio State and ND. To no avail. Roll Tide

    thorifiedthorified28 dagar sedan
  • Ohio St. will be back. I have a feeling that Head Coach Ryan Day is just getting started.

    Rick PrittRick Pritt28 dagar sedan
  • Ohio Satte should have stopped the game after 7-0 and postponed it until 3 weeks later! Why not? They got away with virtually everything else in order to just qualify.

    Christopher SochaChristopher Socha28 dagar sedan
  • Defenses didn’t have an answer for that Bama Wheel route all year. Just disgusting.

    Daniel MooreDaniel Moore29 dagar sedan
  • Dabo was right about the “#11 Ohio State” ranking 😂😂

    _Yeti Skeet__Yeti Skeet_Månad sedan
  • This maybe the best team we have ever had. Mac, Smith and. Harris make it look so easy. They will be stars in the NFL. I hate it cause Waddle didn't get his chance to be up there with them. He will be a star too cause he has so much talent.

    Big DBig DMånad sedan
  • Ohio State was good Alabama was better. Smith so good he made a national championship look like a practice.

    Ed venutoEd venutoMånad sedan
  • All them OSU fans bringing up 2014/15 season went real quiet

    sMiles the NarratorsMiles the NarratorMånad sedan
  • Every player that has stayed at Alabama for 3yrs since 2007 has won a National Championship with Saban as Coach that is an amazing stat

    Leftcoast Killer1Leftcoast Killer1Månad sedan

    Chris CaruthersChris CaruthersMånad sedan
  • Bama's defense was very inconsistent. So imagine if Bama's offense was also inconsistent. There's no way Bama wouldve won against Ohio. Saban better step up and revamp the defense because the offense is not looking good for next season.

    Brian TBrian TMånad sedan
  • Texas A&M only loss was to Alabama and Ohio State only loss was to this same Alabama team. Mind you these chumps only played 6 regular season games. I say they gifted them but they didn’t do anything with it because no one can defeat SEC

    Knathan KnathanKnathan KnathanMånad sedan
  • Dear americans This football game is fake Soccer is the real football

    BKHBKHMånad sedan
  • Ohio state got crushed.

    Ronbo OmegaRonbo OmegaMånad sedan
  • Pain

    Luke BrumfieldLuke BrumfieldMånad sedan
  • Another mediocre Big 14 team.

    Mr. Nibble NipsMr. Nibble NipsMånad sedan
  • Bammie still hasn't beat Ohio State's 1'st string....42-35 NEVER FORGET!!!!

  • Congrats to played Ohio State's 3rd string and 4th string...giggles!!

  • I'm a clemson fan and ohio state fans rlly thought they were gonna win it all😂😂

    Crypt _YTCrypt _YTMånad sedan
    • And Clemson fans thought they was going to steamroll

      Clarence CroomClarence Croom4 dagar sedan
  • When it was 14-14, I thought, ok, Ohio St. is hanging tough, but that didn’t last long!

    Rick PrittRick PrittMånad sedan
  • Bama brought back all its players from a year ago since they didn't make the playoffs. OSU lost alot to the NFL. Imagine if we had all our starters from a year ago stay this year. Yall hyping Bama up tomuch. Same team that didn't even get to the playoffs. OSU winsthis gsme if 4 D line guys not out plus Serrmon gets hurt first play of the game. Now imagine our whole roster staying like Bamas did, from last year. OSU would have a super team

    • 🤣🤣🤣 everybody from bama did not come Back so try another excuse

      Pharrell PearsonPharrell PearsonMånad sedan
  • Imagine being from Alabama and spending half your life in Tampa. (it’s awesome)

    C JC JMånad sedan
  • OSU just gave up

  • I hate Ohio State they dont deserve to be there anyway

    John ScottJohn ScottMånad sedan
  • I didn't see 1clip of Jalen waddle and he deserved it.

    Boo BeenjaminBoo BeenjaminMånad sedan
  • Did you see the play at 1 minute in where Ohio State scored to the left? They only had 6 players on the line of scrimmage and it should have been a flag. You have to get your 'Numbers' right! For more details check out my analysis of six plays in this game at Numbers Angles Grass dot com.

    Terry LuschenTerry LuschenMånad sedan
  • Go roll tie

    Tyrell PrestonTyrell PrestonMånad sedan
  • Meanwhile, Clemson is in hiding lol.

    South House ProductionsSouth House ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Always love how team’s players like Ohio State’s need 97 stickers on their helmets to make them feel good.

    raSkus 80’sraSkus 80’sMånad sedan
  • Roll Tide!!!! Congratulations.... 🤔🤔🤔 NY, CA & FL all have three NFL football teams & PA two, just to name a few! AL arguably has the best college football program in the country,,,,, yet no NFL team........ Just wondering why???????

    Joseph FrazierJoseph FrazierMånad sedan
  • roll tide baby!

    J OwensJ OwensMånad sedan
  • Hopefully Justin fields doesn't end up like Dwayne haskins

    h3h3h3h3Månad sedan
  • It was a good game but Alabama came out on top

    Zerokidz-YTZerokidz-YTMånad sedan
  • They have got to change the rules where defenses can actually win game again

    Nathan JonesNathan JonesMånad sedan
  • weeeeeee

    Margherita MottadelliMargherita MottadelliMånad sedan
  • I don’t think my buckeyes played me as good as we should have I think that game could have been way beyyer

    Gunnar FranksGunnar FranksMånad sedan
  • I liked it very much i am very thankfull?

    soinhu foitusoinhu foituMånad sedan
  • I love Narajee Harris and Devonte Smith man I’m not even mad they curb stomped us..

    KevKevMånad sedan
  • uuuuycfggghb

    Jessa CarilloJessa CarilloMånad sedan
  • can you imagine the score if DaVonta had not gotten hurt

    John EakinJohn EakinMånad sedan
    • They still had hidden 5star talent that would have showed out, even the cheerleaders

      steve Goodwinsteve Goodwin10 dagar sedan
    • What if Waddle was ready to play

      Big DBig DMånad sedan
  • 5:27 Mac moved the single safety with his eyes over to Metchie on the z route and went back the other way with an easy pitch.

    IgnatiusIgnatiusMånad sedan
  • Please help me from Russia I can't afford to buy food. Please help MasterCard 5536 9138 6657 7311 Please

    Music WorldMusic WorldMånad sedan
  • I Love Myself Some Alabama Crimson Football Games. I can hardly Wait For the Next Season Games!

    Carrie HudsonCarrie HudsonMånad sedan
  • Stands empty. People all around the stadium wearing dehumanizing unnecessary masks. I could not watch this.

    aregua1aregua1Månad sedan
    • Masks are actually the opposite of dehumanizing as the entire point of wearing them is to prevent harm to others. Get over it.

      marktastic86marktastic86Månad sedan
  • After they count all the mail in touchdowns, Ohio state will be the clear winner.

    John JuhaszJohn JuhaszMånad sedan
  • Bammie is beating their chest for beating OSU's 3rd string because of covid-19....PATHETIC!!! Bammie is a fraud....42-35....giggles!!

    • OSU starters would be third string at Alabama.

      marktastic86marktastic86Månad sedan
  • Clemson blown out by Ohio State Alabama: Fine I guess we’ll do it ourselves

    foopyu noouifoopyu noouiMånad sedan
  • Clemson blown out by Ohio State Alabama: Fine I guess we’ll do it ourselves

    chding zuurechding zuureMånad sedan
  • Ryan Day owes Coach Saban a steak dinner or at least a debt of gratitude because Saban could've easily ran the score up on them! After halftime and Smitty got hurt, Bama offense went ball control and vanilla play calling! Bama could have hung 80 on them had they chose to do so! 🏈🐘🏆

    J DubJ DubMånad sedan
  • Just don't look at my nickname !

    • What a blowout.

      foopyu noouifoopyu noouiMånad sedan
  • This Bama team if healthy could play in the NFL and compete! I know everybody always says no college team could beat any NFL team but this coach, this team absolutely could be competitive in the NFL!🏈🐘🏆

    J DubJ DubMånad sedan
    • Well it's we didn't know who was going to win.

      chding zuurechding zuureMånad sedan
  • Let's be honest...covid-19 beat Ohio State!!

    • Yes lol 😂

      Gannon PhillipsGannon PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Since getting back to a top tear program in 08-09. It's been amazing to see this squad being on top since 2009.

    Highlight EmpireHighlight EmpireMånad sedan
  • With D.Smith Alabam Aint going down

    ИеgusVEVOИеgusVEVOMånad sedan
  • Ohio state:d d dude I got a good idea why don’t we have our middle linebacker cover the Heisman

    Stop motion SpartanStop motion SpartanMånad sedan

    Stop motion SpartanStop motion SpartanMånad sedan
  • Friend of my mine is a buckeyes fan and I'm a bama fan. After the game, he called me up, let out a long sigh and hung up.

    OneBirdAllStonedOneBirdAllStonedMånad sedan
    • Lol

      Highlight EmpireHighlight EmpireMånad sedan
  • WVU is the real national champions of 2020

    John waffle WVU 1922 National championsJohn waffle WVU 1922 National championsMånad sedan
    • @John waffle WVU 1922 National champions Yeah but they are not better than Ohio State because Ohio State has eight National Titles in football and West Virginia probably only has one!

      charrise armisteadcharrise armisteadMånad sedan
    • @charrise armistead we won three BCS/New years six bowl games

      John waffle WVU 1922 National championsJohn waffle WVU 1922 National championsMånad sedan
    • @John waffle WVU 1922 National champions West Virginia Sucks Buddy!

      charrise armisteadcharrise armisteadMånad sedan
    • @charrise armistead Neal Brown is building something in Motown 👌

      John waffle WVU 1922 National championsJohn waffle WVU 1922 National championsMånad sedan
    • @John waffle WVU 1922 National champions Yeah but that was Decades ago they haven't won 1 since!

      charrise armisteadcharrise armisteadMånad sedan
  • Alabama just had way too many weapons for Ohio State to handle tonight.

    Bolia FopsBolia FopsMånad sedan
  • What happened at 0:20? Was that a dirty tackle?

    Bonkers McGeeBonkers McGeeMånad sedan
    • After rewatching, I see that the offensive made an absolute fool out of that dirty player for the rest of the game.

      Bonkers McGeeBonkers McGee29 dagar sedan
    • Alabama is a well coached/semi pro team. Simple as that. Saban is the best.

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsMånad sedan
  • The Ohio Deflate

    N64 CavemanN64 CavemanMånad sedan
    • @Bolia Fops Ohio was playing just fine until they crossed Alabama.

      N64 CavemanN64 CavemanMånad sedan
    • Fields was playing just fine until he got hit twice and it was evident the injury got aggravated.

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsMånad sedan
  • 2100 najee Harris huddles a lion

    b and c gamingb and c gamingMånad sedan
  • It's pretty much safe to say the DIRTY SOUTH dominates America Football

    MD3 DA SNIPAMD3 DA SNIPAMånad sedan
  • What a blowout.

    LarLarMånad sedan
  • As long as nick Saban coaches Alabama will forever be a dynasty.

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuMånad sedan
  • Pls harris to seattle

    Franklin KleinFranklin KleinMånad sedan
  • I Am Bama Fan, that most talent Saban Ever had. in Coach Career Congratulations Saban 7th Championship Roll Tide Roll🐘

  • At 2:00 if you’ve ever played yoshis islands please tell me if you hear it too

    Michael RodarteMichael RodarteMånad sedan
    • .“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuMånad sedan

    n gn gMånad sedan
  • SEC is a professional league.

    YouTube Is Fake NewsYouTube Is Fake NewsMånad sedan
  • Notre dame game doesnt look so bad now!!!

    sfitzpatrick88sfitzpatrick88Månad sedan
  • Florida against Bama this year was a better game, Florida was within striking distance, this wasn't even close. Bama's offense was electric.

    MattBabs09MattBabs09Månad sedan
  • Alabama is a well coached/semi pro team. Simple as that. Saban is the best.

    Bryan J. FaganBryan J. FaganMånad sedan