The Gangs of Papua New Guinea | 101 East

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is regularly ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

From armed robberies and car-jackings to murders, the gangs who rule the streets are known to be ruthless. They often recruit young people from the countryside, who move to the city in a desperate bid to escape poverty. The gangs target the country’s wealthy elite, many of whom have become rich thanks to PNG’s rich natural resources.

With rare access to gang members and the police, 101 East explores PNG’s violent underbelly.

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  • People scream police brutality in the US lmao.

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  • ALLAH the only GOD did not Create People to behave in this manner. All People are mixed with the immortal enemies without the Persons awareness, this World is under them, People are not all themselves. The immortal enemies (devils) out smart People in every way, hard to know they are actually in every Persons life. One way the other they get the Person to sin against their own soul in their lifetime. Only I'm aware of them. I'm the Authorized Prophet of ALLAH and I'm with two Arch Angel's Micheal and Camil. I'm here to help and make People understand, they are not alone and all People need ALLAH help. All religions are at wrong, all believing in different beleifs. ALLAH wants only one true faith, under guidance of ALLAH.

    Gurkal MustafaGurkal Mustafa4 timmar sedan
  • If work is hard to come by and the govt gives little or no money for food or shelter, how else should these people survive ?

    R ScottR Scott7 timmar sedan
  • Nice seeing police being allowed to do their job

    Steve davisSteve davis12 timmar sedan
  • Not all but one reason behind becoming a criminal is because of police behaviour. First the police should be educated well with proper knowledge in dealing with different situations.

    RAV in RealRAV in Real15 timmar sedan
  • And people are complaining about their police officers

    Áron SzerediÁron Szeredi19 timmar sedan
  • The guy that make the gun. Get the bullet from the police. Same pullet that use to shoot the police. What goes around come around

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  • Wherever poverty exists there will be violent street crime. This kind of crime will only continue expand if the world does not address the disparities between rich and poor created by this system of socialism for the rich. It is naive to think that the poor aren’t ambitious and hard working. If options aren’t readily available or apparent those who are industrious will do what they do best in order to attain their goals.

    Errol LiburdErrol LiburdDag sedan
  • Im getting some Far Cry 2 vibes from this video.

    Solaire KnightSolaire KnightDag sedan
  • Are you white Americans in the comments passing judgement on these cops as if American cops don’t do to much nice to blacks and you all support it.

    TheMusicGuyTheMusicGuyDag sedan
  • Thank u! It was interesiting

    Lak SooLak SooDag sedan
  • Poverty is very high when a government buys dozen Maserati cars.

    Samuel florensSamuel florensDag sedan
  • This is all fckd up 🙃

    cuanseekerscuanseekersDag sedan
  • That's absolutely disgusting the way those two cops were treating that guy in the red t-shirt!!!! The Australian defence force definitely needs to go back to Papua New Guinea take control of the criminal gangs and train the police force to better standards!!!!

    Shane AgnewShane AgnewDag sedan
  • Investigate also the Arabic abuse on Africans in middle east,because we are tired of your painting as if you are an angels

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  • These police men's are in very dangerous

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  • Thank god these people are soo stupid They are happy to show off Bare faced . Really shows how the curruption totally fills it all

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  • These knuckleheads in uniforms are gangsters and uncivilized.

    Edward EkaEdward Eka2 dagar sedan
  • From the thumbnail image I thought this is another Key & Peele sketch I haven't see yet

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  • are those bleeding gums or something they are chewing?

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    • betel nut

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  • Wassepur gye ho kabi?

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  • Was in port moresby between 89 to 91.. it was different then from what i saw in your video.. looks more dangerous now..

    dominic maglalangdominic maglalang3 dagar sedan
  • الفقر سئ، مع انعدام الاخلاق و الدين يتحول الامر لخراب

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  • Even the handcuffs are chains 😂

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  • 15:17 I literally have that same red Nescafe cup

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  • "war against ruthless gangs" or FREEPORT MCMORAN financed GENOCIDE of WESTPAPUAN TRIBES

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  • bedrövligt what are the goverment doing horrible terrible so many need help with everyting poor children the police are criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Them police to stink an those who doing unjust they hungry it hurts to see how stink they is

    Renny HarrinananRenny Harrinanan5 dagar sedan
  • I wished they had been left alone by the so called colonizers. This is quite sad to watch.

    poserposer5 dagar sedan
    • @You are correct But bruh indonesia enacts positive discrimination to papuan, which means they're more likely to enroll public uni, they're more likely to get a job in public service and all the leaders are local native papuan. if you enact the same policy in some other island, it would be chaos

      Rehan FauzanRehan Fauzan3 dagar sedan
    • The colonisation as you put it was fairly light and brief. Mainly it consisted of bringing law and order, health services and some education to the people who had little of these things - village traditionally fought village. There was extremely little exploitation. Yes mining produced an environmental problem on the Fly River. But royalties from mining and the $500 million Australia has given PNG every year since independence in 1975 is the main source of govt revenue. PNG has been independent for 45 years. Not every problem in the developing world has been caused by colonisation. If you want to see what true colonisation is about go to Irian Jaya and see what the Indonesians are doing.

      You are correct ButYou are correct But4 dagar sedan
  • El gobierno promete dar trabajo y pagar lo mismo que los carteles (en el futuro) mientra su política es quitarles el dinero a los carteles (ABRAZOS NO BALAZOS) lo que hace pensar que están coludidos el General Cienfuegos( el padrino) fue liberado por el presidente, mientra murieron 17 000 el año pasado

    Eduardo BielettoEduardo Bieletto5 dagar sedan
  • The border between PNG and Indonesia is one of the weirdest country-borders in the world. Separates two distinct everything.. economies, infrastructure, governance, crimes level, you name it.

    Bumpy RoadBumpy Road5 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a good place for a holiday

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  • Id like to shot this MF pigs police

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  • They just picked on the most unfortunate person.

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  • 'It's not him'.

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  • Whatsup with these people teeth......not just 1 but all of them....

    anakaye mcqueenanakaye mcqueen6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if the officer was white.....

    Mike MunroeMike Munroe6 dagar sedan
  • I love the brutality of the cops. I know its frowned upon. But in truth gangsters need to know what it feels like to be treated like a rabid animal. The west should use this brutality against the local gangster population as well because i cant stand people who think their outside the law

    Alduine CharlieAlduine Charlie6 dagar sedan
  • I need to join a gang... The police. 😎

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  • Yes I'm proud of my son.

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  • Seems like People hate shoes over there

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  • This people's eat human meat. Ask where their cemeteries are and where the deal have been.

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  • "expected to sell like hot cakes" lol WTF. I'm dying 😂😂

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  • does anyone want to buy 1-2% of his assets, if so who, when and for how much?

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  • The angels of Papua New Guinea, how times have changed since they got independence from our Aussie friends

    FastyaveitFastyaveit7 dagar sedan
  • Wow this people dont play not 100 % agree the treatment because he is just a suspect......

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  • Stupid police

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  • American gang culture is the cause, it has infiltrated and poisoned societies all over the world. The Americans are to blame.

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  • absolute HORRIBLE policing and a gang of their own!

    Rich ManRich Man8 dagar sedan
  • Nice country.

    Wong LanangWong Lanang8 dagar sedan
  • Myanmar... I pay tribute to your sacrifice and wish you a spring as soon as possible.

    이광열이광열8 dagar sedan
  • I've always heard PNG was a violent place.

    Eric Sierra-FrancoEric Sierra-Franco9 dagar sedan
    • It's not all bad here, PNG has some of the best people you can ever meet. But then also you can meet some of the most Corrupt.

      George Bamete JnrGeorge Bamete Jnr8 dagar sedan
  • Coming to a neighborhood near you in Victoria, Australia.

    Ad AstraAd Astra9 dagar sedan
  • You have not been to all other parts of my beautiful country PNG. This footage/video is totally biased. Get your facts right. This is only Port Moresby. You should visit the rest of Papua New. Guinea. Some people who have not been to PNG, will now believe all your lies after watching this videos. This is not whats happening right now. European countries and some other countries are wosrt than us. We are just small Pacific island country, who have love for everyone who visit our country. Try something positive about PNG instead of painting bad image of our country.

    Brian GaubaBrian Gauba9 dagar sedan
  • I killed my wife Their mother(while hugging them)

    Amos LalrpaAmos Lalrpa9 dagar sedan
  • Cop says if he had carried on running I would have shop him in the leg an American cop would have more than likely put six bullets in his back

    gerry greavesgerry greaves9 dagar sedan
    • @Terry Jkhn shooting robbers is NOT police brutality. Get your facts right. Police in USA killing people for NO REASON or for skin color (black), THAT'S POLICE BRUTALITY.

      Mr BMr B8 dagar sedan
    • Watch some of police brutality of PNG a inspector exucutes 6 army personnel that used a black hawk style helicopter from barracks an tried Rob bank from roof top then got shot down

      Terry JkhnTerry Jkhn8 dagar sedan
  • Fun Fact: Most normal PNG kids do in fact, love anime.

    Tim TamTim Tam9 dagar sedan
  • They should show this to all blm domestic terrorist so they can see how lucky they are in America 😂

    Charlie LedesmaCharlie Ledesma9 dagar sedan
    • I live in Port Moresby and catch the bus to school everyday and when my teacher showed us pictures of Portland in the newspaper all of us were thankful that lived here instead of there.

      Tim TamTim Tam9 dagar sedan
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  • In order to demolished this gangs problem what you need is to eliminate there protector first which is the police officers. Once the police protectors already busted all of this gang leaders and members are easy targets.

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  • Al Jazeera always fake..hahaha funny documentary..kahkahhh🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

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  • Gang in uniform

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  • Note to self never visited this place on vacation.

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  • And overall most humans have big mental issues. We are -1 civilization don't forget. To be intelligent we are thousands upon thousands years away.

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  • Messed up country. Even if your not guilty and did nothing going to beat up by "police". What an idiotic place to live. 4th world country or 5th....

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  • It seems a violent place.

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  • Only in papua u can documentary with robbery

    Roti LordRoti Lord11 dagar sedan
  • PNG the most poor country . 👎

    Aditya JulkifliAditya Julkifli11 dagar sedan
  • Dont put the criminal in jail ,just kill them to stop them to make another crime.

    Sorin StelianSorin Stelian11 dagar sedan
  • Please learn how to pronounce Papua properly. The "a" at the end is not silent.

    mrlomyen66mrlomyen6612 dagar sedan
  • They beat that man for nothing

    House of DianHouse of Dian12 dagar sedan
  • Those police sick 🤒 wtf

    House of DianHouse of Dian12 dagar sedan
  • Stop callng it gangs and adres the real problem al over the world like lack of education or something

    Qiermo SabajoQiermo Sabajo12 dagar sedan
  • Who The Fk would want to visit that place ????

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  • □■□■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□

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  • Ever investigate human t Rites violations by the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine

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  • Most Dangerous place in the Pacific PNG🙌🐍

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  • @245 George Floyd to the max

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