Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage

Sherlock Holmes described electricity as "the high priestess of false security" and that aptly describes the wonder of how this Owen Magnetic generates electricity using a gas engine.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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  • So like a chevy volt.

    Bryan MurphyBryan MurphyDag sedan
  • Always informative and never boring as your wit and humor bring the history of these machines alive. PS great video on Tatra 87, any chance you will do one on the Tatra 97 thr forerunner to the VW Kafir.

    John RihacekJohn RihacekDag sedan
  • P yeah do I understand that right there's no physical connection between the motor and the drivetrain it's done magnetically electrically I mean that's mind-boggling if I have it right if I got it right that's really something that's crazy 120 years ago and he had built the first one in 1897 what should make it 124 years ago unbelievable I wonder if that man the man who designed and built them imagine that 120 years later people would still be driving his car around probably not sincerely was, Bob the blind bedroom guitarist you know I've been PS I've been staying away from for a long time anything to do with cars and motorcycles because I used to have sight and the it's been so long you know even after I couldn't drive anymore I could still read large print and you know stuff like that but I couldn't drive I couldn't get on my motorcycle and I still followed it but it got me so heart sick that I just stopped for decades so yeah makes me wish I could just drive anything LOL unlabeled editing

    Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristBob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristDag sedan
  • What a great great thing you're doing Jay sharing your collection with people that can never ever even dream of owning a half of one of these cars you know it's personal you're saving history second of all you're sharing it freely you know I think that's a really wonderful thing and I thank you for it I knew that they had electric automobiles before gasoline internal combustion that's nice to hear that I'm right I was right thank you again Jay stay safe enjoy your cars enjoy them for us and share them keep sharing o sincerely was, Bob the blind bedroom guitars

    Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristBob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristDag sedan
  • That car is amazing. Thanks for showing it.

    Charles ElseyCharles ElseyDag sedan
  • It's just a magnetic transmission, Jay. It's not generating any electricity.

    Greg MarkGreg Mark2 dagar sedan
  • I dont understand if Mr Leno has such a big name in the autoindustry why does he not make someone build a car like this? I would tottaly buy one. Its a discrace what the auto industry is now

    Tamás DohyTamás Dohy2 dagar sedan
  • It’s a Prius?!

    arosnettarosnett2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video! Thanks for sharing this wonderful machine!

    Mike PfeiferMike Pfeifer2 dagar sedan
  • What an awesome piece of automobile history, thanks for sharing!

    mwp1088mwp10882 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Jay for sharing your toys and knowledge with the rest of us! ... You are the best.

    Jack MandevilleJack Mandeville3 dagar sedan
  • thank you for this informative video yours is a vehicular living museum thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of the world

    ronald reaganronald reagan3 dagar sedan
  • A trip down Magnetic Lane Jay........Love your Work and always enjoy all your shows all the best from Australia.

    M SM S3 dagar sedan
  • When Top Gear UK made an electric car they used a similar concept. Terrible product. Nice to know the concept works.

    Magi Tail WelkinMagi Tail Welkin3 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos..I learn a lot for you..thanks from an 83 year old

    Paul CockrillPaul Cockrill4 dagar sedan
  • Sir. I know you will never see this comment. But I have to say watching this was like ridding with a friend. Thank You.

    AnthonyAnthony4 dagar sedan
  • Amazing !

    Gary RobinsonGary Robinson4 dagar sedan
  • Not the most impractical contraption Jay owns. But close.

    Paul FrederickPaul Frederick4 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Jay for the look at the amazing technology, both then and now!

    Jami NovaJami Nova4 dagar sedan
  • Jay, I see when you take off, you move thru the points quickly to go, but I don't see you moving the throttle lever. Is my eyes deceiving me, or are you running the engine at a constant speed at all times? I used to operate historical trolleys in San Jose, and when we accelerated, we called it pulling a "point" of power.

    John CampbellJohn Campbell5 dagar sedan
  • Dear Professor. Above and beyond. We are all truly edited. Thank you.

    Niáll J. PaddenNiáll J. Padden5 dagar sedan
  • of all the things Jay could spend his wealth on, for him to decide to buy, and save an automobiles like that, and then go one beyond, to show us his collection.... it beggars belief. What a stellar guy. I am so grateful to get to see this.

    PhaedrusPhaedrus5 dagar sedan
  • Easiest way to make a metal part with 3D printing: Print a low-temp melting model and investment-cast it using any metal you like. @Jay ...Please check out "Lost Wax" or "Investment casting" for making one-off parts.

    BluuplanetBluuplanet5 dagar sedan
  • It's NOT a hybrid. The electric motor functions as a transmission.

    BluuplanetBluuplanet5 dagar sedan
  • This is by far my favorite episode. Great car!

    Philip DPhilip D5 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if you could drive this beauty only on electric without starting the gas engine or shutting it off mid travel...

    Octavius PelagiusOctavius Pelagius6 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Jay, for saving a priceless piece of history. The car is beautiful. Bart

    Brian ScherbarthBrian Scherbarth6 dagar sedan
  • A perfect example of technology retention from the masses, rather than mass produce these run forever cars so they would become afordable, they pushed the slow short lived oil company favored safety hazard pos ford's and the like. Greed wins again. No excuse for not doing what Musk is doing or chevy did with the volt.a hundred years ago. Some day the power of the Rockefeller oligarchy will fade away like a bad dream....Thanks Jay.

    ry tvdinnersry tvdinners6 dagar sedan
  • Verry cool car for a 100 year old car

    Unicornul SarvyUnicornul Sarvy6 dagar sedan
  • 100+ year old car, Jay uses an apple watch as a speedo🤣🤣

    LawF250LawF2506 dagar sedan
  • Traveling down Memory Lane is a true gift for humanity and exceptional homage to the creators of these wonderfully restored machines.

    dog taggeddog tagged7 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jay, I am just curious. Have you ever been pulled over by the cops while doing a demonstration drive? Mitch Lader-Lexus

    mitchladermitchlader8 dagar sedan
  • This car is awesome! My electric scooter brakes are the same principle as this car. The motor in the front wheel has a regenerative brake. The rear wheel has a disc brake like on the newest bicycles which i have to use at very slow speeds or to hold still. I can use both brakes at the same time when going down a steep hill to keep from over speeding.

    Action 683Action 6838 dagar sedan
  • I would think the big resistor works just like a locomotive dynamic brake as a load for the generator in braking mode?

    Merle PattersonMerle Patterson8 dagar sedan
  • Amazing work replacing that old casting with a 3D printed plastic pattern used as a mold!-John in Texas

    TheGearhead222TheGearhead2228 dagar sedan
  • This was the first hybrid

    Cody MarshallCody Marshall9 dagar sedan
  • Hey chevy volt, this is how are you was been looking 100 years ago...

    ruhoer eoijreruhoer eoijre9 dagar sedan
  • 🙋 Very Nice Car , would love to have1 😊

    Mike Van Der VegtMike Van Der Vegt10 dagar sedan
  • Excellent review of your Owens Magnetic! I am still using my Stewart Vacuum Fuel Tank on my 1925 Studebaker house-car. What electric fuel pump did you add to this car? I'd like to get a backup to my gravity fed system. P.S. - I know who Mr. Bill is :-)

    Stephen Upham IIIStephen Upham III10 dagar sedan
  • This blows my mind that ANYONE owns a museum, but BETTER, as their personal daily driving collection! If he drove one car evers 14 days, he wouldn't drive the same car against for almost 7 years!?!

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot12 dagar sedan
  • This show is a valuable resource for progeny. It's a great idea that Jay decided to make a short film on each of his cars. It's insane he owns enough to keep the show going for 10+ years!? (I realize some of the cars are not his, but on the flipside he hasn't shown even half of his cars either.)

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot12 dagar sedan
  • I always wonder if Jay has has to review his manuals for a few min before he films, just to remember how to DRIVE some of his old ones.

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot12 dagar sedan
  • This technology is actually our BEST ATTEMPT to implement OLD WORLD LOST TECH *from the world before the last reset which seems to have taken place 300years ago or so*

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot12 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised no one suggested cutting the separate pieces from wrought aluminium and salt bath brazing them together into one piece No problems with porosity, in fact 25 bar pressure & more is no problem ! Aluminium 6082 or 6061 for US.

    TRAFF46TRAFF4612 dagar sedan
  • Jay you couldn't be more wrong! Electricity and Magnetism are the same thing! Like Water & Ice. Just versions of the same thing. A disturbance of the aether. People know NOTHING about either one today. It was suppressed

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot12 dagar sedan
  • Wow, an Owens Electric. So genius, I think Einstein must have loved it. Really appreciate the whole show and yes, it's above most peoples heads. Love it that Jay admits it and he knows his cars!

    Pier Picture Fine Art & FramingPier Picture Fine Art & Framing12 dagar sedan
  • I was bummed you didn’t show an old car battery from 1916, so I googled it and quickly realized why... they look the same as a car battery from 2016. Kind of a shame really.

    Starlight WolvesStarlight Wolves12 dagar sedan
  • Great car the magnitics....

    Raymond GibsonRaymond Gibson12 dagar sedan
  • A locomotive uses a diesel engine to spin a generator that feeds electricity to motors on the wheels that drive the train. This takes advantage of the high torque of electric motors and robust simplicity. This car has none of that. A noisy, smelly generic gasoline engine is hooked to a standard drive train with a magnetic coupling, that is all. No transmission but everything else, including the crank to start the engine. The whole thing is a clever gimmick. A hybrid car has more parts- a motor and an engine, batteries for motive power and regenerative braking, and which can be externally charged. This car has none of that.

    Justin SayneJustin Sayne13 dagar sedan
  • like a diesel- electric train

    Alessio SaAlessio Sa13 dagar sedan
  • You are great wish my 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible 440 mag was in you're garage not mine its plum crazy black interior and top sun hates me hear in Florida

    John VanlindinghamJohn Vanlindingham13 dagar sedan
  • Man, I'd never heard of this car before. Sounds like it works just like the Fisker Karma, where the ICE never connected directly to the wheels, but instead powered a generator, which in turn powered the batteries and electric drive motor. And, as you mentioned, just like a diesel locomotive. Only drawback is that at speed it's far more efficient to directly connect the ICE with the wheels. As for elegant design I love my Lexus RXh, a Toyota hybrid very similar to the Prius. ICE connected to one shaft of a planetary gearset, electric motor connected to another shaft, and the third shaft drives the wheels. Either or both the ICE and motor can drive the car, and when you lightly touch the brakes you get the same motor whine (actually it's now acting as a generator). And no shifting--to go faster you just push down harder and the ICE revs higher, like in an aircraft. Makes shifting transmissions seem so crude by comparison. Wow, spending the equivalent of a quarter-million dollars for this car! When you want to show you can really afford ANYTHING.

    Richard IredaleRichard Iredale14 dagar sedan
  • This vid ticked all my boxes !!!!

    rolf johansenrolf johansen14 dagar sedan
  • The electric brake has the same sound that the Norristown High Speed trolleys (Philadelphia suburbs) make when they pull into a station.

    Vincent LoGrecoVincent LoGreco14 dagar sedan
  • Jay you have to get yourself a couple JDM cars my good sir

    Argenis perezArgenis perez14 dagar sedan
  • Very interesting car. Never heard of it until now.

    Rome SkujinsRome Skujins14 dagar sedan
  • I remember about 20 years ago while reading a magazine and the Chevy Volt had a tiny gasoline engine that powered a generator and the car had 2 set of batteries and the car would run on the charged batteries while the other batteries were being charged. and then once the batteries were charged, the tiny gasoline engine would shut off and once the batteries that was powering the car were low. the automatic system would switch the batteries to the fresh charged up batteries. I guess the oil Barrons didn't like this idea. so it never panned out. its a Damn shame

    Pop WarnerPop Warner14 dagar sedan
  • we Love you Jay. keep doing this. I Love it. you are a Legend.

    Pop WarnerPop Warner14 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much! That was really great. I really enjoy the late 1890’s - early 1900’s, so many things were figured out without any prior technology. They had nothing to build on except what they learned as they went along. Great stuff. Hopefully for Mr. Bill’s sake Sluggo will never buy an Owen Magnetic.

    John SchultzJohn Schultz14 dagar sedan
  • Legend has it; there’s a car made of denim somewhere in jays garage

    Finkle & EinhornFinkle & Einhorn14 dagar sedan
  • Superb, absolutely rivetted I was. Would the sealant used in rusty/holed fuel tanks seal that original porous rocker box from the inside? i`ve used it on motorcycle tanks, sitting above very hot old engines for eg. Or is there another good coating for sealing porous aluminium? If so, worth knowing for old engine covers and cases etc.

    Rattus NorvegicusRattus Norvegicus15 dagar sedan
  • I recall a collector enthusiast in Salt Lake City (Chris Linschoten?) had an Owen Magnetic ca 1950-60s-ish, dunno what happened to it, but Bill Harrah usually eventually acquired most of the rare and interesting cars in the region.

    Steve BringhurstSteve Bringhurst15 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for a verty pledasant and inetrsting half hour.

    Wolf K Wolf K.Wolf K Wolf K.15 dagar sedan
  • Wow, thanks for the great video! Can't imagine driving this in traffic though!

    Rob GiordanoRob Giordano15 dagar sedan
  • Thats amazing car, surprised systems like that were not used afterwards, it technically makes a lot of sense but I guess pricy as Jesus with all those copper wires in the electric motor.

    SMGJohnSMGJohn16 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for shareing

    Mr jasonMr jason16 dagar sedan
  • 21:04 what is a pebble beach Resto look like when a 100 year old wood shines like a mirror, while Jay hides documents.... lol...

    Adam FletcherAdam Fletcher16 dagar sedan
  • Do a Geo Metro next please!!!

    Gimmie ThembitsGimmie Thembits17 dagar sedan
  • I love this thing.

    rdouthwaiterdouthwaite17 dagar sedan
  • LOVED this 'trip down OBSCURITY lane'. This is, hands down, the most unusual engine/motor car I've ever seen! Even though the Owen's Magnetic was fast for it's day, it wasn't ingenious for that reason, which seems to be the standard by which automobiles are judged. The engine basically idled while the electric motor transmission propelled it AND slowed it down! It's kind of funny, in the infancy of the 'horseless carriage', a car going 60mph was like the speed of light but there were VERY few speed limit zones. Nowadays, street cars can reach 200+mph but can only do that (legally) on the racetrack or the autobahn. Thanks, Mr. Leno!

    spikeokcspikeokc17 dagar sedan
  • I hope one day we can export the consciousness of brilliant people like Justus Entz imagine what he could do with current technology!

    callmebigpapacallmebigpapa17 dagar sedan
  • Wonderfull !

    Alpha Sigma SezónAlpha Sigma Sezón17 dagar sedan
    • Wonderfull !

      Alpha Sigma SezónAlpha Sigma Sezón17 dagar sedan
    • Wonderfull !

      Alpha Sigma SezónAlpha Sigma Sezón17 dagar sedan
  • Been waiting for this video 🤩

    Яасир ШахидЯасир Шахид17 dagar sedan
  • I have never been jealous of Jay Leno's garage. I am more of happy he has his garage cause he is the best custodian of these historical relics. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for caring for these cars.

    Joey DehartJoey Dehart17 dagar sedan
  • This is just incredible info. I am on fire for this history. WHY WHY WHY would it benefit us to stray from this? Electric cars at the turn of the century. Begs alot of questions... Here's one. They had electric cars back then, but they drove them on DIRT roads? Thank you, Jay, for sharing.

    Mrs. RealTrutherMrs. RealTruther17 dagar sedan
  • When was the first sexual act performed in an automobile?

    Matthew EitzmanMatthew Eitzman17 dagar sedan
  • Professor Leno, love the history and cars!

    Jack McCoyJack McCoy17 dagar sedan
  • Not to correct Jay but you didnt grind gears on a model T, that being said of course other makes you did, I really like this car and its ideas.

    radioguy1620radioguy162018 dagar sedan
  • Jay it would be great if you could post a link or title of the vid you made with the electricly braked fire truck , fits right in with this story in a way.

    radioguy1620radioguy162018 dagar sedan
  • Nice! That's as rare as my 1965 Ford Ranger F100! Even you don't have one!

    Paul WestPaul West18 dagar sedan
  • loved the presentation.I’m a car buff, an electrician, and have always preferred the hybred system of electric car.

    bkrambkram18 dagar sedan
  • Jay, would Nickle Iron cells not be a better match for automotive use? lead acid cells can be damaged if run down too far, Edison cells don't mind being run down flat.

    J KJ K18 dagar sedan
  • That car was in bad shape. Looks so nice and modern tech added to improve the battery life.

    WTH Happened to this worldWTH Happened to this world18 dagar sedan
  • Awesome Mr. Leno! Thanks once again for showcasing these vehicles. Your work establishes the legacy these devices and their creators deserve. What an awesome automobile. I had no idea that internal combustion over electric was developed so long ago.

    Jay WilsonJay Wilson18 dagar sedan
  • Too many unanswered questions? Will it run on batteries alone? If the gas motor isn’t going? Can you use the foot brake in an emergency? Will it work? Or must you use the “electric brake” first? Or at the same time? Is there any control of the speed? Or is each gear your only speed control? SUPER KOOL CAR!!! Way ahead of it’s time!

    JonnyTBookerJonnyTBooker18 dagar sedan
  • Where did he find it?

    eottoe2001eottoe200119 dagar sedan
  • What an awesome car, especially considering when it was built!

    cameraz99cameraz9919 dagar sedan
  • at 28:33 on the dashboard what cool clocks to look at, at the top dashboard, is that look like a bainite light bulb socket, so can you put a light bulb in it back in the early day of house electric, some small electric appliances would be plugged into a light bulb sockets, because of a lack of wall plug sockets, so was there any think you could plug in to it, like the modern cars (Cigar / Cigarette Lighter) utility Socket, being a European car it would 240 volts, or is it just the regular 12/24 volts from the batteries?

    dhdh19 dagar sedan
  • it looks like a 1924 dodge brothers touring sedan

    tanner schoenwaldtanner schoenwald19 dagar sedan
  • Cool car,good video,thanks 👍and it's not embarrasing to not know how a over 100 year old hybrid car works..Most of the guys who drive a 2021 hybrid don't have a clue how their car works either..🙄

    Kaj BymanKaj Byman19 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant !

    Ken StrainKen Strain19 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating that you have the the manuals and it's more amazing that you have footage from back in the day of the advertising of the vehicle

    Dra WilliamsDra Williams19 dagar sedan
  • Car collection it is magnificent Jay I'm proud of you oh, you really got the greatest cars in the world, every car I fantasized about seeing or having you have it, thank you for keeping our American and world history in automobiles

    Dra WilliamsDra Williams19 dagar sedan
  • Look at the styling that went into the car and it has that historic coachwork look

    Dra WilliamsDra Williams19 dagar sedan
  • Great incredible history when we drive are hybrids we think we're driving something new

    Dra WilliamsDra Williams19 dagar sedan
  • How does Jay legally drive all of these unregistered vehicles?

    James BowieJames Bowie19 dagar sedan
  • Fascinating. Jay Leno shows It has all been done before.

    tony gristinatony gristina19 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful vehicle but it's Owen Magnetic, Jay, not Owens.

    James BowieJames Bowie19 dagar sedan
  • and here i thought the toyota prius hybrid was something new

    Karl SchneiderKarl Schneider19 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant Jay, the car is great too

    dean coleydean coley19 dagar sedan