Black Rock City. The most unusual town on Earth.

Black Rock City is a town that exists for only one week each year, during Burning Man. Located in Nevada, USA. We made attempt to find out what makes this town the most unusual in the world.

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  • Absolutely Kino

    Zim ZamZim ZamDag sedan
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  • STOP watching these videos if you plan to go and have not been. It will take away from your experience. Go with as little expectation or understanding as possible. Just prepare for 'camping in the dessert' and see what happens.

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  • Vegas and burning man, the only two things that exist in Nevada

    Sam PerrySam Perry3 dagar sedan
  • Best Burner introduction video!

    Mocoso7Mocoso73 dagar sedan
  • I know what the hell this is all about. Bring in the whores, because thats where things aren’t free, and let the perverts go play for a week to get it out of their system. That’s why they didn’t want that shit anymore in San Francisco. They were a public nuisance. If anything this video just gave me every reason in the world to stay the hell away from those idiots.

    JeMalJeMal4 dagar sedan
  • Even Costco made it.

    MileHighOllieMileHighOllie4 dagar sedan
  • I love how he doesnt mention once that its the biggest place in the world to do mushis and cid 😂

    Average GamerAverage Gamer4 dagar sedan
  • Anything can be a utopia for one week. Life with others is not like that for long.

    Mel LaneMel Lane4 dagar sedan
  • No brands or advertising allowed and soon after there is a tent with Costco all over it lol.

    jstar1000jstar10004 dagar sedan
  • Whoever went to the event. Please describe your feeling when the event was over. Go!

    Ralph TRalph T5 dagar sedan
  • Incredible vídeo

    Lautaro ScazziotaLautaro Scazziota5 dagar sedan
  • I’d Love to check it out

    Brian MorganBrian Morgan5 dagar sedan
  • “No branding is allowed. All brands must be covered up” as he reports from in front of a COSCO billboard. 13:20

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  • I couldn’t be in such a hot and dusty environment without a daily shower, it sounds hellish

    phototristanphototristan6 dagar sedan
  • Wow, saw there stuff from the Distillery light festival last

    Vitlen KVitlen K6 dagar sedan
  • This how I picture the Israelites acted when Moses went up the mountain and didn’t come down for 40 days.

  • I am not so gullibly (religiously) pretentious as you wasteoid dupes seem to be.

    Nunyobizness NunyobiznessNunyobizness Nunyobizness6 dagar sedan
  • Celebrating wasting lumber etcetera manufactured goods is consistent with stupifying alcohol destruction. So much noise defeated much of my study attention. Never saw their alcohol powered government in action. Easy to presume a hypocritical Republic with or without elections is merely another communistic democracy. My entrance money will not prop up falsely motivated praise conventions. Pretentious religions & Saloon head dupers are not preferred association my budget preciously misses. According to this video they can live for planet destruction soon enough without my participation. Instead of a vacation, Burning Man is merely another brand of hyperbole scam.

    Nunyobizness NunyobiznessNunyobizness Nunyobizness6 dagar sedan
    • Destroying self, poisoning mind body and brain during religious rites of alcoholic beverages equates to destroying planet & delaying Universe's hopes.

      Nunyobizness NunyobiznessNunyobizness Nunyobizness6 dagar sedan
  • Awl that sun.....

    duck chatduck chat7 dagar sedan
  • Cool 😎

    David EflandDavid Efland7 dagar sedan
  • Burning Man will have to be changed to Burning Them.

    Holmes AdventuresHolmes Adventures8 dagar sedan
  • Too bad they actually leave a mess when they leave. Burners have somehow forgotten the leave no trace part of the festival!

    Miles CumminskiMiles Cumminski8 dagar sedan
  • My mind is blown! I've heard about Burning Man for years, but had no idea!!

    Erik SErik S8 dagar sedan
  • This is one of the best videos I've seen. It made me cry and become nostalgic. Bringing up memories from the past years of making the pilgrimage home to BRC. Thank you........

    Debbie BiasottiDebbie Biasotti8 dagar sedan
  • i mean i support this ppl have fun it somthing diffrent!!but what i dont support is destroying nature!!all the trash they leave there and or air polution burning propane at least celan it after when its all over!!but i like all eazy chicks and sluts there xD

    Killervk MiljanicKillervk Miljanic9 dagar sedan
  • It's gotten so big it's lost its shine

    David JaggliDavid Jaggli10 dagar sedan
  • When the sun sets, adults go to sleep and the kids come out to play

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  • If this was literally a city....i'd a million % move. 2022 hopefully it opens up!

    Jeff TevesJeff Teves11 dagar sedan
  • toilets? where does the waste go? lol

    nick 007 uber drivernick 007 uber driver11 dagar sedan
  • the Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras LOL

    nick 007 uber drivernick 007 uber driver11 dagar sedan
  • i got one word HOMELESS!

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  • This is Mad Max in the present day without the violence.

    Edwin ArcillaEdwin Arcilla11 dagar sedan
  • Who own the land and who fit the bill for all the food drinks and water? 😳😲😱🤹🚵🚴🦹🕺💃⛵✈️🏜️🤷

    shirlena Pattersonshirlena Patterson12 dagar sedan
  • A city of idiots..

    MJ AMJ A12 dagar sedan
  • I was flashing back to the 60’s. Don’t think I could take the dust but I love the attitude. 🥰✌🏻

    Jl RiceJl Rice12 dagar sedan
  • Just wait till blm wants the word "black" they'll accuse them of appropriating

    Josefina LopezJosefina Lopez12 dagar sedan
  • Soooo, is there alot of hooking up going on here as well???

    Stephen Aseltine Jr.Stephen Aseltine Jr.12 dagar sedan
  • This place is where all the nut jobs get together and do crazy shits. Normal and logical people stay away from this place.

    Jaiden XiongJaiden Xiong13 dagar sedan
  • Anton, watched your вДудь interview - I think this content would be way better with you speaking in English! Pleaaaase!

    darinacammay1darinacammay113 dagar sedan
  • Pagans... do they even realize their are starving people in the streets of almost every city in America... adult children of the baby boomers... total & complete losers

    MrAdamNTProtesterMrAdamNTProtester13 dagar sedan
  • Seems a bit cultish to me

    DanDan13 dagar sedan

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  • Here.....Slab City........why do things like this have to be in places which make my skin die + peel off?!

    Siiri CresseySiiri Cressey13 dagar sedan
  • Its like mad max with hippies. Happy Max.

    romefoxromefox13 dagar sedan
  • Didnt someone actually run into the Burning Man and burn alive?? Reminds me of the Wicker man and pagan worship. No thanks!

    LM FLM F13 dagar sedan
  • 5:31 Chief mind telling me what your doing at burning man? LSD sir.

    iridium wolfiridium wolf13 dagar sedan
  • it works because it is temporary and for something that everyone enjoys. if it meant for ever. it wouldn't last past that 1 week. thus disproving the whole idea of socialism is communism in 1 beautiful vidiya great film.

    Ken MastersKen Masters14 dagar sedan
  • Apart a few quirks of language you did a great job explaining BRC.... but I’m so glad I never watched or read anything about it before going the first time

    Alexandre Henri-BhargavaAlexandre Henri-Bhargava14 dagar sedan
  • That`s a lot of poop!

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  • I'm omw I have an order to grab

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  • Nice city

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  • No brands , seen tons of them openly on bikes.

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  • I thought I'd seen ever th ING in the USA. But I was wrong the uniqueness of this place and the people that come is beyond what I expected to see mind blown by how crazy it is and how well set up it is its awsome.. Edit free what jobs lol

    Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EMZ0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EM14 dagar sedan
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  • DO YOU REMEMBER BOOK OF STEPHEN KING ...THE FLÉAU ..... black rock city last city of satanic childrens they will do what the enjoyers of life on the days when the food is no longer going to their wonderful paradise because the lights have gone out or the Internet will say no signal

    Joseph BrownJoseph Brown14 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for this great video. I am in awe of way this festival works. It proves that this way of life is possible for the world. Compassion, being non judgemental sharing in a peaceful way. I am old now so I will not see this spread to all of the planet in my lifetime. I would like to apologise to all the young people for the mess ours and past generation s have left for you. I know that you are way better than any of us old ones could ever dream of being. Go out there and create this society for your children. You are strong enough and smart enough to succeed.

    Diane WardDiane Ward15 dagar sedan
  • Why?

    Rick GibsonRick Gibson15 dagar sedan
  • i wonder how the hell do they transport that boing thing in the and back out of there???

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  • I thought burning man was cancelled until further notice due to covid?? What the? And what outsider paid for the costco tent?? I just wanna talk.

    Brittni MerryBrittni Merry16 dagar sedan
  • Damn this is so cool.

    Holy CowHoly Cow16 dagar sedan
  • I prefer Hawaii

    Yevgeniy LankinYevgeniy Lankin16 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn't mind being there for a week the nights are everything

    Leah'marie IsraelLeah'marie Israel16 dagar sedan
  • Body odor does not matter here.

    Mr SausageMr Sausage16 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the wonderful coverage and explanation of Burning Man. I now have a whole new respect and appreciation for it and for the people who make it possible and participate in it. Now I understand some people’s drive to participate at least once. I want to bring my mother’s ashes to The Temple. She will understand and would love it.

    i Deei Dee16 dagar sedan
  • how the hell you find your house in the dark , drunk or worst in the middle of the night with lights always moving around . Your house better be the plane

    Maria NoenMaria Noen16 dagar sedan
  • There’s also a REAL yucky side of Burning Man. They won’t show you that part though.

    ZiggyLu 2022ZiggyLu 202217 dagar sedan
    • Well, care to elaborate, I'm interested

      Astera NightshadeAstera Nightshade14 dagar sedan
  • It looks like George Clinton's Brain exploded. Well, except for the lack of black folks.

    Bohappenstance ClickBohappenstance Click17 dagar sedan
  • Thanks, seems English is a second or more language, or voiced over . EnJoyed AnyWays, thanks

    danceswithcarsdcdanceswithcarsdc17 dagar sedan
  • Why cant people vote for these people, then maybe rest of world wouldn't hate america .

    Jason CunniffeJason Cunniffe17 dagar sedan
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    Olga LittleOlga Little17 dagar sedan
  • That is amazing ,the feeling ,the lights and machines .

    loraine spenceloraine spence17 dagar sedan
  • ❤️

    Supple GreySupple Grey17 dagar sedan
  • ❤️

    Supple GreySupple Grey17 dagar sedan
  • This place is proof of the insane nature that is humankind!

    Ray ParkerRay Parker17 dagar sedan
  • A fantasy, where people go to play. It would be impossible to maintain it for very long with the restrictions for rubbish and water disposal. In reality it is a place where artists go to advertise their work, hopeing to be found. A fantastic place to see amazing sights, so long as you don't mind getting dusty.

    P SP S18 dagar sedan
  • Wow, thank You for your awesome video, I especially want to thank You for including "Chapel of The Chimes" @ 17:10 and again @ 25:29. Many,Many Mahalos

    Lynne FiskLynne Fisk18 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been twice, once spinning fire at the base of the man with my local troupe. Each time was a different experience.

    Lunar Fire DanceLunar Fire Dance18 dagar sedan
  • “WOKE” City, USA. Gross. You all look like idiots. Find GOD!

    JOY45JOY4518 dagar sedan
  • There’s a bunch of YT videos showing the amount of trash that gets blown around and left hate just saying.....🤷🏼‍♂️✌🏻

    Pedallin rawPedallin raw18 dagar sedan
  • Bunch of hipsters......😆very costly event to even think of going....😏🤷🏼‍♂️

    Pedallin rawPedallin raw18 dagar sedan
  • fantastico, got to go

    Marco BreviMarco Brevi18 dagar sedan
  • This is literally all i want for humanity to become one day as a whole... I have a hard time believing it will happen but you can always make a wish.

    Green HeartGreen Heart18 dagar sedan
    • Sadly human nature will make that impossible, but I can definitely see us improving as a society over time, and I'm looking forward to that

      Astera NightshadeAstera Nightshade14 dagar sedan
  • How I wish. Wanna be there.

    Skes SamiSkes Sami18 dagar sedan
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    Ker LozanoKer Lozano18 dagar sedan
  • It's an okay experience but I wish it didn't have all day and night droning techno music... and "woke" progressives suck.

    tye burnhamtye burnham18 dagar sedan
  • to me, this is paradise. to my skin, which easily swells and develop boils even with the slightest scratch, this would be hell. but still, to my spirit, this is a dream that could never come true.

    Rick Ryan ➊Rick Ryan ➊19 dagar sedan
  • In Saudi Arabia , during pilgrimage season, they put 100s of 1000s tents in an area out side Mecca called ( Mina) , where it accommodates 3000000+ people . Only 4 days a year . also there is another area 17 km further far , where the 3million pilgrims use the tents 5-6 hours / year , called (Arafat)

    sensegrovesensegrove19 dagar sedan
  • This is what it would look like if humans would live on the moon or Mars

    Abdifatah AhmedAbdifatah Ahmed19 dagar sedan
  • For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. I encourage everyone to accept Jesus in their heart and turn away from sin. Wether you realize it or not, this is pagan and demonic

    Michael MccaffreyMichael Mccaffrey19 dagar sedan
  • This is crazy, would love to go see this!

    Sherry SheltonSherry Shelton19 dagar sedan
  • Im trying to convince myself not to want to go there.

    Dee WatsonDee Watson19 dagar sedan
  • lol. there is a reason this only last one week a year. If this was year round, people wouldn't be so generous feeding, and providing non-stop alcohol to people.

    T ST S19 dagar sedan
  • My idea of hell.

    Jacob StrangeJacob Strange19 dagar sedan
  • "brands are prohibited here" 13:12 giant Costco tent in the background.....

    HarryHarry19 dagar sedan
    • every fucking thing used there is a brand

      Lyn BLyn B15 dagar sedan
  • ok so its all free, explain to me how they can provide these things for free. money has to come from somewhere to buy these products like food or alcohol

    james martinjames martin19 dagar sedan
    • they bring it to the city

      Giovanni DuvalGiovanni Duval17 dagar sedan
  • It does not look small it is amazing ! Thanks for sharing . God Bless

    Violet AdamsViolet Adams19 dagar sedan
  • Perfectly shown, the one and only thing america is Really world leading great at, DESTRUCTION !

    antoon van marisantoon van maris19 dagar sedan
  • Its gives me a waste land steam punk vibes if i live there.

    Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long DreamGianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream20 dagar sedan