THIS IS SO ROMANTIC | Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love | Allie Sherlock & Cuan D. cover

Hey everyone, this is "Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love" with my friend Cuan Durkin.

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Ladda ner



  • The chemistry is exploding with this adorable pair.. Beautiful!!

    WarmTeaWarmTea2 månader sedan
    • @Ez Te Huia Go home troll.

      Richard “Rick” MichalekRichard “Rick” MichalekDag sedan
    • @seventiesicon but obviously his songs were written for his beautiful voice. Elvis will never be forgotten

      Karen WinklerKaren Winkler2 dagar sedan
    • @Brenda Filiault He totally woumr have!

      Stephanie LynnStephanie Lynn3 dagar sedan
    • @The Marshalls The ones in her shirt sounds like.

      VBPro7VBPro74 dagar sedan
    • Just beyond good

      H NukuH Nuku5 dagar sedan
  • Guys, its obvious.. go for it!

    DitrysDitrys31 minut sedan
  • Ya, he's great and I haven't seen her in awhile but I think she's lost it. I think it's all the meaningless modern songs she's doing lately. She had that love when she sang old love songs

    BravehornBravehorn2 timmar sedan
  • Her mic always seems excessively loud, but very are the singing partners

    EricCharlesGrahamEricCharlesGraham4 timmar sedan
  • You are such an amazing, awesome two beautiful musician s... have fun, take care ❣️

    Janosch LuftJanosch Luft6 timmar sedan
  • I listened this song like 1000times but Why I'm smiling the whole video There is a strong chemistry right here

    Meme YoutuberMeme Youtuber7 timmar sedan
  • Your voices are perfect for this song

    Dallas BustanobyDallas Bustanoby7 timmar sedan
  • ❤️Bravo❤️

    Karl I.Karl I.11 timmar sedan
  • Stop Talent! Stop arts business.. Let's back in the STREET! Let's back to REAL LIFE! Very talented guys, god bless you!!!

    Mattia CianiMattia Ciani12 timmar sedan
  • whats gonna happen tonight...

    xiaoliangxiaoliang13 timmar sedan
  • 😎😎

    hendi 8999hendi 899913 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful

    Segala PenjuruSegala Penjuru16 timmar sedan
  • He’s fairly skilled. She needs some help finding the correct key. Almost always flat...I won’t try to act tone deaf, so won’t apologize. She’s very pretty, so at least she has that going for her.

    brianmgrimbrianmgrim19 timmar sedan
  • 🇮🇩

    Irfan RizkiIrfan Rizki19 timmar sedan
  • So young and so beautifully sung this song brought me to tears. This is what I call authentic!

    Gregory Damien MechGregory Damien Mech21 timme sedan
  • "So sick of this song".."me too" at the end ruined it for me

    Andrew BeneteauAndrew Beneteau23 timmar sedan
  • Not bad at all. But you are a bit fast guys.

    pittike44pittike44Dag sedan
  • Are you guys in a relationship cause if not you need to be!

     The Evotic Gamer The Evotic GamerDag sedan
  • Inmitten der Trauer, meine Mutter und meine Schwester durch die Pandemie verloren zu haben, bringt mich dieses Lied zum Weinen, weil ich keine Resignation finden kann

    Alex P.Alex P.Dag sedan
  • Oh, what a pair of lungs, huh?!

    John PulwersJohn PulwersDag sedan
  • From Tokyo . Love love you and your voice .

    TakatinTakatinDag sedan
  • The free precipitation analytically suppose because group prudently double towards a roomy bamboo. ripe, free range

    Third MillenniumThird MillenniumDag sedan
  • Uhhh I sense a bit of romance between Allie and Kuin. You 2 would make a great pair.

    shane newcombeshane newcombeDag sedan
  • Aww, lovely. Good for u!!! Keep the music alive!! Thank you.. 😀👍✌️🙋‍♀️

    Jamie minskyJamie minskyDag sedan
  • Great singers.

    Mohamad AbdullahMohamad AbdullahDag sedan
  • I really can't believe even 1 person gave a thumbs down..all of you who did, your hearts are BLACK!!!

    Nick GenoveseNick GenoveseDag sedan
  • Elvis ended all of his live performances with this song...

    mgee63mgee63Dag sedan
  • She is getting bigger everday Dont mean her voice

    Steven MeszarosSteven MeszarosDag sedan
  • Good Gracious, she is built.

    Robb PattersonRobb PattersonDag sedan
  • Nice chord changes, long live the King.

    Patrick FarrellPatrick Farrell2 dagar sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Jonas Paulus YgonaJonas Paulus Ygona2 dagar sedan
  • Both of them are great

    Paul BlankPaul Blank2 dagar sedan
  • Marry him - her

    George RosGeorge Ros2 dagar sedan
  • Try to sing this song

    දිසා DMD TVදිසා DMD TV2 dagar sedan
  • If you're right you could be worth a billion dollars

    jason presleyjason presley2 dagar sedan
  • You should come to America see how things really work : )

    jason presleyjason presley2 dagar sedan

    Tammy SmiTammy Smi2 dagar sedan
  • Good singer!!! Que voz más dulce!

    Ferran MartinFerran Martin2 dagar sedan
  • That was great! But no one sings better than ELVIS!

    Bobby HallBobby Hall2 dagar sedan
  • Beatiful!!! 👍👏😉

    dawidwojtaldwdawidwojtaldw2 dagar sedan
  • Music can not be more perfect.

    Michael PayneMichael Payne2 dagar sedan
  • Gosh they are amazing what a great couple so romantic ?

    Lesley WalkerLesley Walker2 dagar sedan
  • Very nice but she was singing a small bit flat through out most of the song. But overall they nailed it!

    michael paulissenmichael paulissen2 dagar sedan
  • I just fall in love with you.😘😊😉❤ You are just gorgeous.😉❤

    ernesto orozcoernesto orozco2 dagar sedan
  • What city is?

    Manuel Juárez CastroManuel Juárez Castro3 dagar sedan

    Carole TaylorCarole Taylor3 dagar sedan
  • You guys are so amazing together, it always warms my heart seeing you to together!❤

    Payton leporePayton lepore3 dagar sedan
  • Que voz menina!

    Wagner VianaWagner Viana3 dagar sedan
  • His voice is perfect for a Elvis song

    Autumn MackAutumn Mack3 dagar sedan
  • 🇲🇫 Un beau duo.👸☀️🤴💐🌹🌸

    Jean Yves LafesseJean Yves Lafesse3 dagar sedan
  • So good!!!

    Chris RChris R3 dagar sedan
  • would you guys, allie and Cuan, please let us know when you start dating.... seems like that's meant to be for you too.... and for a personal wish, maybe you ll sing the song ' tonight' from raemonn one of these days together :)

    Hakan CakarHakan Cakar3 dagar sedan
  • She is a g d shining star

    No CapNo Cap3 dagar sedan
  • Lovely

    Eileen NestorEileen Nestor3 dagar sedan
  • Bravo!!

    Stefan Baiatu FanyStefan Baiatu Fany3 dagar sedan
  • The powerful bath postprandially amuse because swan relevantly wriggle throughout a jar. incandescent, muddled season

    david daviddavid david3 dagar sedan
    • Indeed

      Merkury RetrogradeMerkury Retrograde2 dagar sedan
  • Her voice always drowns out whoever she is singing with. It takes away from the beauty

    Christy MooreChristy Moore3 dagar sedan
  • This has to be my favourite version of this song

    Craig SimminsCraig Simmins3 dagar sedan
  • Besides the obviously great singing, love these two together. Am I the only one that thinks there may be love happening right before our eyes? Watch them. The way they respond to each other.

    Katherine FecteauKatherine Fecteau3 dagar sedan
  • Un saluto da Napoli

    Francesco Lorido FrezzaFrancesco Lorido Frezza3 dagar sedan
  • Sounds really well . Congratulations !

    Gabriel EneGabriel Ene3 dagar sedan
  • Sana all

    Elizabeth SmithElizabeth Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Les zombies et leurs smartphones

    Chang-zi-fuChang-zi-fu3 dagar sedan
  • Her oranges are trying to jump out😁

    Zac SmithZac Smith3 dagar sedan
  • I love you too together, beautiful. Thank you♥️

    Doria MoreiraDoria Moreira4 dagar sedan
  • Magic, thanks

    Frédéric Kraus MelliaFrédéric Kraus Mellia4 dagar sedan
  • Lady Allie Sherlock, is everything all right? How are you? You ok? Where there is a natural and orginal Allie Sherlock? I do not like the US Yankee rap ganster style, genuine orginal natural young lady back, beautifully please.

    j kj k4 dagar sedan
  • Hermosa pareja musical

    Edgar Benavides LozadaEdgar Benavides Lozada4 dagar sedan
  • He sounds like Elvis They are both really good.

    Phyllis MillerPhyllis Miller4 dagar sedan
  • I remember my dad . He sung that song to me when I was crying. Miss you tatay. Belated happy fathers day

    Mr. GrimMr. Grim4 dagar sedan
  • Solo beautiful together

    Nadine GNadine G4 dagar sedan
  • How awesome

    Sambardeer yumyumSambardeer yumyum4 dagar sedan
  • Allie, bravissimi!!!! Alessandro Firenze Italy

    alessandro favaronalessandro favaron5 dagar sedan
  • what? did I hear you are so sick of that song? that's a great classic!! maybe not old enough to appreciate it yet? Well, when you and Cuan get married you will understand. :)

    mar18mar185 dagar sedan
  • Are they actually a couple? Asking for a friend...

    Chef ChefersonChef Cheferson5 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant

  • Бьютифул

    AviatorABCAviatorABC5 dagar sedan
  • Hermosa canción.. Tienes una voz única allie

    Ulices victorioUlices victorio5 dagar sedan
  • do you know japan?🇯🇵 I from japan and I send ale 💨🔥 love your voice🎤 woman and man!!

    マカロニマカロニマカロニマカロニ5 dagar sedan
  • Such a beautiful voice 🥺💔

    J-KAY BROTHER sJ-KAY BROTHER s5 dagar sedan
  • Uhhh its out of pitch

    Dimuth DimuthDimuth Dimuth5 dagar sedan
  • Voz linda,parabéns.

    Francisco Carlos MoraesFrancisco Carlos Moraes5 dagar sedan
  • 1:36 💕

    Siti MaisarahSiti Maisarah5 dagar sedan
  • Sempre linda e maravilhosa cantando👋👋👋👋😘😘😘🇧🇷

    Werner GBWerner GB5 dagar sedan
  • They are a cute couple to be fair

    XDD3XDD35 dagar sedan
  • Magnifique je veux être au mariage😁😁

    vidalie jeremyvidalie jeremy5 dagar sedan
  • A beautiful couple with an extraordinairy interpretation of Can‘t help falling in love… Elvis would be proud… Thank you!

    DJ FantasticDJ Fantastic5 dagar sedan
  • 👏👏👏👍👍👍😁

    Сергей ПономаревСергей Пономарев5 dagar sedan
  • ❤ I love these two

    Maryann MillerMaryann Miller5 dagar sedan
  • Ireland have a big vain for singer and musicians..

    AlexandreAlexandre5 dagar sedan
  • More lovely

    Uilton TrindadeUilton Trindade6 dagar sedan
  • More lonely 🇧🇷🙏🙏

    Uilton TrindadeUilton Trindade6 dagar sedan
  • What a beautiful couple

    Jeff RouseJeff Rouse6 dagar sedan
  • 💫💫💫💫💫💫❣️❣️❣️❣️

    Linda UlbrichLinda Ulbrich6 dagar sedan
  • Dayum

    Dani5000Dani50006 dagar sedan
  • Your voice is not good its perfect. You are amazing.

    Mike McGovernMike McGovern6 dagar sedan

    guille guilloguille guillo6 dagar sedan
  • Wow just wow!

    Xavier LigginsXavier Liggins6 dagar sedan
  • Too much echo and she seems to be shouting as it's too loud, but she got a great voice

    Paul PerrinPaul Perrin6 dagar sedan
  • 좋은 노래 잘듣고있네요. 💖💖💖korea

    박유진박유진6 dagar sedan