I Survived 100 Days on a Flat World with Nothing but... a Bonus Chest

I was thinking the other day...
"Is it actually possible to beat Minecraft Bedrock Edition on a Flat World with only using the Bonus Chest with some slight modifications to it?"

This my dudes, is just that!

I have recorded all of my time in this world, as you probz know that Minecraft can be very random at times so I didn't want to miss a thing!

I have chopped up all the footage to share my experience with you \u0026 I also came up with some great strategies \u0026 farm ideas along the way too which may help you if you decide to follow along.

As mentioned in the video here is a download link of my flat world setup if you would like to give it a go for yourself!

So far, I have survived for 100 days but I would really like to continue this challenge idea on \u0026 maybe even fight the ender dragon somehow but, tbh I haven't thought how or even if I could fight her yet?!

Let me know if you enjoyed this video, I've never really ever created a huge project/video like this one before.

Thanks very much for watching \u0026 I'm sorry it's quite a long video...

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  • Part 2! ;) seslow.info/u/gWh8y63cd3ScZdk/video

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    • Hi Can you make Drp Flat Survival World on 1.16.40

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  • I got my own ways to get the things you had gotten in the bonus chest and i belive i want to do this for myself. Except that i can die because i am not that skilled yet in Minecraft!

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  • Dan: “Remember in the older days when they would build moats around castles” Me: Wonders why he thinks I’m 700 years old

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  • So the best bug in minecraft is that drown and reparied sword one now cause you could have very low sword all you need to do is give it to a zombie make it a drowned amd voila( if your lucky, he might not drop it)

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  • No one report the drowned bug

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  • You should try this again in java. Bedrock has a max mob spawn limitation of 8 mobs above ground (16 underground). So it will give you a better oppertunity to pick your fights also the mobs are way weaker then in Java (except the wither) hardmode. If you try this on Java you will get hundreds of mobs surrounding you so it will be way harder (also spawn rate of witches are almost none). Annoying thing on Java is that you have to eat every 5 minutes because every action uses stamina :/. And yes i play both versions

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  • 11 year old me playing superflat on xbox edition all those years ago: "haha, i will make it 50 layers of diamond, so i can totally 100% definitely mine those up!" Dan: yeah so i literally did the impossible-

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  • i will make this challenge in my minecraft i think its imposible but no the villagers is the key, the saplings for the golden apple

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  • 14 hours for 100 days in Minecraft even though every day is Around 20 minutes so that is a big lie it’s actually 36 hours

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