"I couldn't care less" - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Liverpool's title challenge

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Having just lost 6-3 to Liverpool with Cardiff, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked how he rated Liverpool's title chances but the former Manchester United player couldn't care.
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  • 1,000th Comment!!!!!

    Dara BrowneDara Browne2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone connected to Man Utd are twats

    Higgins TVHiggins TV19 dagar sedan
  • Even worse than hate... indifference

    Duval In The WallDuval In The Wall22 dagar sedan
  • Of course Scouser Phil Thompson is outraged that someone dared to refuse to bend over for the Sky darlings Liverpool. Manager close to relegation at the time and they find a way to mention Liverpool. Wouldn’t do it with any other team. Never liked United or OGS but I’ve always loved his response to this

    Joe MJoe M29 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful.

    The HhThe HhMånad sedan
  • Fantastic!

    Ibrahim AlkhudariIbrahim AlkhudariMånad sedan
  • Classless as ever

    Amraj KhanAmraj KhanMånad sedan
  • 27th August 2020 Thompson left sky 30 August 2020 his nose eventually left the building too.

    Blue BloodBlue BloodMånad sedan
  • Why is this a surprise and why should he care? ... Manchester United is his only concern! OGS’s focus is on point! Liverpool are a good team and of course they will still be seriously challenging for the title with Manchester City and Manchester United! But hey I can say that ... because I’m not a coach or manager of a rival team that has been asked to comment about another clubs chances of winning the league! The media and the commentator are the jokes! 😊

    equalitist Artequalitist ArtMånad sedan
  • Love that. Coming from a Gooner.

    cicstommycicstommyMånad sedan
  • Phil Thompsons reaction though 🤣🤣🤣

    Slap My BapsSlap My BapsMånad sedan
  • And that ladies and gents sums up every Man United supporter's feels about Liverpool in general. "I couldn't care less." 😂 Man United Always.💪👿

    Gemini SwordGemini SwordMånad sedan
  • tosser

    Steve RogersSteve RogersMånad sedan
  • I wish they had fans calling in at ESPN when Craig Burley runs his mouth as usual about United and Ole just play this and end the call.

    Boi1daBoi1daMånad sedan
  • Lol and then Man United lose to bottom of the table Sheffield United how times have changed

    SnakeEater '_'SnakeEater '_'Månad sedan
  • Losing to the worst team in premier league history

    remremMånad sedan
  • Legitimate thing to say as a manager that doesn't coach Liverpool I guess ??

    ThomasKLSThomasKLSMånad sedan
  • 0:15 "Inverted spoon, warm it up, thpthpthpthp"

    Liasos88Liasos88Månad sedan
  • They always try to ask ex rival players if their rival club is good or not. Let them be rivals!

    RhinoRhinoMånad sedan
  • Legendary

    Robert MarstonRobert MarstonMånad sedan
  • Solskjaer's humour is so underrated

    A BA BMånad sedan
  • Wanker like all who support man united

    Guttersnippee SmithersGuttersnippee SmithersMånad sedan
  • 0:12

    EJEJMånad sedan
  • Translation: I dont give a shiiite

    Ex MachinaEx MachinaMånad sedan
  • Lfc if they won't take the epl and they will be runners up and if they don't lift the epl league and it will be manchester city

    amin amintosamin amintosMånad sedan
  • Typical manc full of attitude.

    steve rochfordsteve rochfordMånad sedan
  • As a Liverpool fan, i respect that...

    Travy GumboTravy GumboMånad sedan
  • Triggered rivals in the comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DJDJMånad sedan
  • What a clown

    Elon DustElon DustMånad sedan
  • Yes he couldn't care less. Sack ole now. Mu is finished. No fourth for mu. Gone for good

    Rob ShanRob ShanMånad sedan
  • I dont know anything about whath happened but one thing I know this guy cares the most

    Yusuf AtalayYusuf AtalayMånad sedan
  • It 🚶 was sour grapes sad sad end to him behave badly because he lost game to sheffield utd reason why they lost de match it is slow coach slowmotional use less matich he is out of date over kangaroo hill dead pace nothing left in is tank wash up old has been has a player its just de start of sour grapes manager talk to much about diss and dat lost diss game look at what did act stupidity foolish it was not nice be 1million pounds foolish not penny wise smile when your winning games lost won for de first time lost de plot like is God of utd

    everton reideverton reidMånad sedan
  • Ooooo sorry ooooo sorry don’t hurt me sorry 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    jack maddenjack maddenMånad sedan
  • Even Sheffield Utd couldn't care less 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😆😆

    ebron jeremiahebron jeremiahMånad sedan
  • Now thats savage.

    StrelokStrelokMånad sedan
  • He's a liverpool fan..ya not fooling anyone ole 🙄

    Jamie PriceJamie PriceMånad sedan
  • That's the spirit good luck boss💪💪💪

    usma el bahdjausma el bahdjaMånad sedan
  • A call from British Gas saying they're outside your property,they need access to install a prepaid meter...........

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithMånad sedan
  • Priceless

    LiikemiesLiikemiesMånad sedan
  • City city city 😂

    Jack TorranceJack TorranceMånad sedan
  • Hmmmm let’s see all pundits and jurnos think Utd , Ollie at the wheel ..... end of the season he’s a first class 🛎 end

    Phil BeattiePhil BeattieMånad sedan
    • Ole: “I couldn’t care less” Keane: “that’s his job”

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMånad sedan
  • the admin of sky sports retro must be earning a players salary atm... gawd dayum :D

    ElDaveOXElDaveOXMånad sedan
    • when Sky retro trolls clubs at the right time you love to see it and give everyone a raise

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMånad sedan
  • Let himself down there...

    2011whack2011whackMånad sedan
  • United man through and through

    Joseph IncertoJoseph IncertoMånad sedan
  • Nordic spirit has Ole, straight down the middle, no fucks given about the enemy or playing up to politically correct Neo-Marxist standards!

    Gordon CampbellGordon CampbellMånad sedan
  • Impressive that was able to speak to whole 1.5 seconds without sayi g "Fantastic"

    João FariasJoão FariasMånad sedan
  • Somebody finally makes Roy Keane proud.

    Kashyap RajeevKashyap RajeevMånad sedan
  • What a LAD

    MazzawakMazzawakMånad sedan
  • Well...... that was straight to the point!

    LordHeath1972LordHeath1972Månad sedan
  • Absolute set up. Wouldn't surprise me if Ole at the wheel asked Sky to put that question to him to make him look ''Fergie'' like. I'm not dissing Ole too much as he comes across a nice enough guy. He just needs to stop trying to be like Fergie and enough of the Man Utd way etc etc.

    RomarioRomarioMånad sedan
  • Seriously just made me sit through an unskipable 20 second ad for a 34 second video

    partridgelukepartridgelukeMånad sedan
  • Quite right too! Very well said! And that's coming from a Gooner!

    Vortigan07Vortigan07Månad sedan
  • Good old Ole

    Wendy HillWendy HillMånad sedan
  • Just love this

    Kim PKim PMånad sedan
  • ladies and gents the first time we have seen ole pissed

    emanfrmvaemanfrmvaMånad sedan
  • when Sky retro trolls clubs at the right time you love to see it and give everyone a raise

    emanfrmvaemanfrmvaMånad sedan
  • Ole: “I couldn’t care less” Keane: “that’s his job”

    Obitrice For lifeObitrice For lifeMånad sedan
  • Haha the kid has crown some balls albeit little tiny ones.

    Harry CallahanHarry CallahanMånad sedan
  • He said the same thing about the Champions League......👍

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMånad sedan
  • Ole is a Red who gives a fook about scousers ? Spot on Ole’ GGMU 💕

    Northern-SoulNorthern-SoulMånad sedan
  • This should have been ole’s reply to klopps moaning about parking the bus last week

    Shane AgnewShane AgnewMånad sedan
  • Tbh why should he be given slack for responding to a question just because others didn’t like the answer. That’s their problem. You ask an ex Manchester United player a question about a team when he played was his teams biggest rival. And now the team he manages and you ask him about them like he’s supposed to care? He cares about his own team not others. People are way too sensitive. Get a grip!

    • He will run out of form so Manchester city 1st liverpool 2nd lester city 3rd Manchester United 4th

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMånad sedan
  • seslow.info/u/fm2QptzXbKWjdtU/video

    Mohammed AliMohammed AliMånad sedan
  • Because Sky have to shoehorn LFC into everything. I play a game called 'Golden Liverpool'. You watch a Prem game between any 2 sides and see how long it takes to mention them. This has gone on for decades. Product placement.

    David CookeDavid CookeMånad sedan
  • Shot Ole why would he care?

    Craig OliverCraig OliverMånad sedan
  • Anything to do with utd is boring

    Karl BoltonKarl BoltonMånad sedan
  • The bigger story is how much he's aged in the short time as UTD manager

    kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan
  • Liverpool fans when you remind them last season didn't count.

    Moving4MotionMoving4MotionMånad sedan
  • Tell me that nose isn't real...

    BawwzBawwzMånad sedan
  • 0:17 that a meme material right there 😭😂😂

    Suman MallaSuman MallaMånad sedan
  • Absolutely Fantastikk!!!

    Uno RoUno RoMånad sedan
  • Salty i see.

    Say GoodbyeSay GoodbyeMånad sedan
  • Here after Manchester United knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup

    Toby FatunlaToby FatunlaMånad sedan
    • The bigger story is how much he's aged in the short time as UTD manager

      kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan

    boza pubboza pubMånad sedan
  • Last time I saw a killer look like this was in 1992... Anthony Hopkins on Jodi Foster Silence of the Lambs

    Plapoytas PlapiPlapoytas PlapiMånad sedan
  • Very nasty people at manchester Utd & their fans

    Z AliZ AliMånad sedan
  • He will run out of form so Manchester city 1st liverpool 2nd lester city 3rd Manchester United 4th

    Charlotte WestonCharlotte WestonMånad sedan
  • Looks like Alex has had a word

    Cannon BallCannon BallMånad sedan
  • 0:15 that's a ten.

    Serj RocksSerj RocksMånad sedan
  • That's why OLE is a United legend!!

    M SM SMånad sedan
  • My MANAGER!! GGMU 🔴🔴

    abz hajiabz hajiMånad sedan
  • This is why i'd keep him in the job regardless for a few years ,Hes Utd end of ............

    Geno KempGeno KempMånad sedan
  • And that is why I am a liverpool fan I dont have ass managers like this

    Irish LadIrish LadMånad sedan

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameMånad sedan
    • Liverfraud lost again

      Daniel QuilcaDaniel QuilcaMånad sedan
  • The bigger story is how much he's aged in the short time as UTD manager

    Eli ArizaEli ArizaMånad sedan
  • That's what every Manchester United fan wants to hear Ole say

    Brian DohertyBrian DohertyMånad sedan
  • That reply and that sort of attitude really suits United.

    Calum CoyleCalum CoyleMånad sedan
  • Where's the nice guy you all talk about there? Ole is ruthless

    Geo ManGeo ManMånad sedan
  • What a baby

    Reanimated_Dead_FleshReanimated_Dead_FleshMånad sedan
  • LOL, they got a good form for a Lil bit now they talk down to us, watch out, they gonna fall as they always do!

    Albert AlbertoAlbert AlbertoMånad sedan
    • Bro this is old stop getting hurt

      Gabriel UwalakaGabriel UwalakaMånad sedan
  • I AGREE WITH HIM! COME ON UTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jaybajanjaybajanMånad sedan
  • We want that title back. More than Liverpool want to keep it by the look of their previous results.

    KotikjeffKotikjeffMånad sedan
  • Spoken like a true United legend! Proud of you Ole!

    Gaz B 007Gaz B 007Månad sedan
  • Just a note to Americans: This is how you say it! When you say "I _could_ care less" it makes absolutely no sense.

    FirstName LastNameFirstName LastNameMånad sedan
    • @punsandguns Accents can vary, and honestly lingo can too. Sentences that mean the exact opposite of what is intended to be meant is what's on trial here.

      Aditya PrasadAditya PrasadMånad sedan
    • Just a note to Bri'ish, This is how you pronounce your words in your own goddamn language. When you annunciate on random words and completely skip out syllables you sound like English is your third language when really it is your only language.

      punsandgunspunsandgunsMånad sedan
    • @Josh R Classic example of something wrong being accepted as the correct way to say it just because people are too stupid to just LEARN the correct way.

      Aditya PrasadAditya PrasadMånad sedan
    • @Josh R I'm not disagreeing with you

      Dusko MiscevicDusko MiscevicMånad sedan
    • @Dusko Miscevic Of course you could say it if you mean it in the opposite way but when you say it meaning that you don't care, it doesnt make any sense Merriam-Webster treats the phrases couldn't care less and could care less as synonymous, both meaning "not concerned or interested at all." "Couldn't care less" is the older and more obvious phrase grammatically, but it has been confused for so long that both are now defined. The correct phrase is "couldn't care less," but dictionaries and language experts say the Americanism "could care less" is gaining ground and even acceptable in some situations. 2 articles saying it is incorrect but used so widely

      Josh RJosh RMånad sedan
  • Fantastic

    Jimmy NationJimmy NationMånad sedan
  • How about Jeff Stelling’s lip smack?

    big_gucci_chrisbig_gucci_chrisMånad sedan
  • He's only saying what everyone else Apart from Liverpool fans are thinking.

    Douglas TaggartDouglas TaggartMånad sedan
    • So you don’t care about the title race? Why even watch the league then lmao

      Gerrard StevenGerrard StevenMånad sedan
  • Love this channel 😂❤️

    Youwin LouwYouwin LouwMånad sedan
  • perfect timing as always. 😂

    teddysphotosteddysphotosMånad sedan
  • You should always put the date on

    MeMeMånad sedan
  • Great answer Ole! Keep it simple. I couldn't care less either. GO MAN U GO!!!!!

    fern yofern yoMånad sedan