I Got Caught Pretending to be Ryft in Fortnite... (he confronted me)

I changed my name to Ryft in Fortnite and pretended to be Ryft in front of his friends and IT WORKED... but then i got caught by Ryft himself, and he confronted me...
Friends in video:
Ryft: seslow.info/http/L7AbokeoHUuy6IU6pcCUGw.html
Penny: seslow.info/http/xCv5te_9OlM8uQyJQ4hlHg.html
Fire: seslow.info/http/EGcKUPpuWvTQkQLM76vcVw.html
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  • 1:50s

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  • He doesn’t no how to do ryfts 90s because he never watched ryfts video

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  • Hi

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  • The way ryft ran to him oml 5:10

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  • Ryft is better than milo

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  • You should pretend to be typical gamer

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  • fresh

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  • Can you stop dude please just be yourself and Ryft is very annoyed 😑 and what if I told you I am ryft on a different account 😆

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  • Ryft

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  • You shold blirb the bad wirds

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  • Your a shit very shit SEslowr

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  • tuo lor pls milo gif me sins

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  • Don’t pretend to be anyone 🙄

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  • Jelly

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  • You are my fav SEslowr

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  • I’m on 100 ping” *looks at ping* 64

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  • BH Notluc

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  • Can you give me

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  • You're mine I don't know how you playing right now cuz you're so free free and free sample oh my God you play on the fridge at PC is fake oh my God you pretend like you're playing but you're really not replying on a complaint on your foot I don't even know how I'd your soul free free and everything oh my God you play on the fridge and I know you ain't talking because you can't even know my God you can't even I don't know what you can't do you show free you're free and everything on my freaking God you're so free you're so freaking you're freaking Soul free oh my God cuz I know you're not talking to your dumb ass worse than we talked and because you trying to meet everyone else but you're not even yourself like oh my God you're a hacker beat you got bet you can't even beat nobody else there other than hacking like I already know your name so I can even I can just use your name and wanted to ruin you cuz I'm the man man I can beat you

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  • Caught in 4k

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  • u suck so thats why u petend to be ryft

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  • milo his edits don't do anything for him

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  • Use code creamy

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  • litterly hate you not funny im so mad

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  • Milo how are so bad

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  • I've seen his video it's very funny

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  • Steve Burton to be typical gamer

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  • Good

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  • Milo for me ur the best

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  • Stop pretending that you are These youtubers

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  • 1:23 - 1:27 couldn’t stop laughing

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  • am Maddddddd AM UNSUBING IDC

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  • Bro I watched that vid from rift i never watched him for a long time and I didn't know he did a face reveal

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  • NINJA!!!!!!

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  • Love. Mioloi m. 5

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  • Hi dude you did very good You are my favorite youtudeer

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  • On 100 ping ur 70

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  • That guy who cussing is mean body him

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  • Your dummmdumm millo

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  • that's a macro

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  • Be zaxy

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  • oh my god

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  • Pretend to be laserbeam

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  • i hate u acting like player's are not fun why am i watching u rift is better noob

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  • Pretend to be zachology next milo

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  • Pretend to be faze kay

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  • Milo I know your using a macro because when you press one of your build keys you can hear it but when you edit you cant

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  • Best youtuber ever

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  • I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life and has a great day

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  • I Saw the another vidio

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  • Im sorry milo but ryft is better

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  • Soar: bow to my will Viewers: I HATE YoU

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  • Ur trash u got clapped I watched his videos of this stop the game ur not even good just quit

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    • And you, my friend, are a primary example of why Fortnite sucks.

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  • I watched his video troll u

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