It Looks Like Mud, But It Feels Like Ice!

So we got a call for a Ford transit van stuck in the most slippery mud known to man.
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  • How long does it normally take before that melted snow dries off? Spring? Or maybe wait until 2am for it to freeze back up and then try and drive out?

    Gary P.Gary P.5 timmar sedan
  • The thundering bookcase nationally rejoice because mint ethnopharmacologically occur up a charming meter. accessible, defeated organisation

    Bruce SeymoreBruce SeymoreDag sedan
  • Always fun with Lizzy!

    Martin Ramirez Mi5Martin Ramirez Mi54 dagar sedan
  • man up Lizzy its dirt an water the whole planet in made of dirt and 2/3 of it is buried in water your not going to get away from it

    Troy DeckTroy Deck10 dagar sedan
  • Traver looks like travor philips form gta 😂

    Elop. lkElop. lk10 dagar sedan
  • "It's pretty muddy" - Quote of the day

    G CG C16 dagar sedan
  • I love the ending recaps they are always interesting for sure. Lizzy doing the weather was enjoyable with chef positive attitude and honesty

    James BighamJames Bigham16 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Daniel lickelDaniel lickel16 dagar sedan
  • By the way what engine do u have in the XJ

    Mike LeeMike Lee20 dagar sedan
  • Yesterday you had a car in the mud with the drivers side in the ditch. You hooked on to the high side and pulled the car a long way before it came out of the ditch! When I drove a wrecker in Alaska, the first thing I learned was always hook on to the low side!

    William MenchenWilliam Menchen21 dag sedan
  • snowcat pulls are normally $ 500 an hour.

    aceyorbaaceyorba22 dagar sedan
  • 3M spray adhesive will work great on the sagging headliner...

    aceyorbaaceyorba22 dagar sedan
  • Has a strap ever come loose from those pintle hooks?

    GRWGRW22 dagar sedan
  • Matt should fab a rear door on that thing!

    Boo BooBoo Boo23 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for sharing!

    Alexei TetenovAlexei Tetenov25 dagar sedan
  • Please record, edit, and publish in 4k or better. :-)

    Alexei TetenovAlexei Tetenov25 dagar sedan
  • Matt I wish you would give us the cost of these awesome recoveries. Just so we all know what it might cost us if we get into one of these very precarious situations & need your help. Some vehicles don't even look like they are worth recovering?

    Ed RyusEd Ryus25 dagar sedan
  • That guy at the end making all us 120 guys look bad. But even the best some times need help. Hope he learned more about his rig and uses that to improve

    J GJ G26 dagar sedan
  • OK - I'm from Sydney Australia, and when this fraking covid dies down, I am heading to Hurricane Ohio. The Winder team may be used to it, but I want to 4WD and suck in the scenery for myself. Those long shots heave with beauty. And of course I will lob into the yard and say g'day, cobber.

    Alan GaleAlan Gale27 dagar sedan
  • lazzy

    Muhammad AsifMuhammad Asif27 dagar sedan
  • Did you bring the fab guy to show him how bad the Bombi needs some rear doors made? 😅

    SGT MinguezSGT Minguez27 dagar sedan
  • A snow cat. Now we're talking. I don't watch all of these(but I've watched ten tonight), but it's cool that Rudy is a second lieutenant now and probably will move up. Lizzy listens to him.

    Jeff NielsenJeff Nielsen28 dagar sedan
  • Rudy in the Canadian Tuxedo lmao

    Cory ErneweinCory Ernewein28 dagar sedan
  • Had you guys follow me through the mountains on the 20. We had the army green school bus yanking the tj.

    Lukasik_ArtLukasik_Art29 dagar sedan
  • Driver, We have seen a lot of videos... Oh hey lets drive off into the snow in our Lexus and see if we can get on Matt's SEslow channel. So you would think that after seeing "a lot of videos" they would have the smarts NOT to drive off into the snow in a glorified pavement princess.

    John NunyaJohn Nunya29 dagar sedan
  • These people rolling out in those conditions with NO recovery gear are crazy as hell.

    ConsensuallycasualConsensuallycasual29 dagar sedan
  • No don’t get her dirty..

    ReiqReiqMånad sedan
  • Just use tire chains for that mud

    Anthony JensenAnthony JensenMånad sedan
  • One day this channel will have people dressed for the conditions

    l was wrong about everyhtingl was wrong about everyhtingMånad sedan
  • Just use tire chains is monkey shit mud

    Anthony JensenAnthony JensenMånad sedan
  • The snow cat needs a light bar for it

    Andrew NavaAndrew NavaMånad sedan
  • drop those tire pressures!

    Christopher MartinChristopher MartinMånad sedan
  • 4:17 me when I see mud

    Taliesin AnglingTaliesin AnglingMånad sedan
  • takes all kinds of stupid people

    scott russellscott russellMånad sedan
  • When it rains where I work it’s exactly the same muddy conditions. Makes for interesting days.

    Lloyd MarcheLloyd MarcheMånad sedan
  • Just an average spring day here in Canada 🍁 ha ha.

    Great white North RCGreat white North RCMånad sedan
  • From nasty clay to frozen old snow , my two least favorite situations , atleast both of those areas where nice and roomy and flat ... You guys rock !!

    BradzuzuBradzuzuMånad sedan
  • But Rudy called shotgun!

    Hayden GoodingHayden GoodingMånad sedan
  • Always keep a Packet of Large Garbage Bags in ya Truck, They're great. Lay on them, Wear as a Rain Coat

    Glenn KillerGlenn KillerMånad sedan
  • What do tows like that bring for revenue

    Ramon RuybalRamon RuybalMånad sedan
  • Snowcat works great no spinning tires

    blastman8888blastman8888Månad sedan
  • Awesome job

    shawn thorsgaardshawn thorsgaardMånad sedan
  • Tamam ben kendimi. Thé Bank is guc. Thé Bank is guc. Thé

    You have MerhabaYou have MerhabaMånad sedan
  • Love seeing boondocking there

    back country boondockersback country boondockersMånad sedan
  • i see peoples vans and tents whats out there to see

    Roger HectorRoger HectorMånad sedan
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery wow fair dinkum

      Roger HectorRoger HectorMånad sedan
    • Zion national Park. Draws nearly 5,000,000 visitors per year.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryMånad sedan
  • "some kind of AWD vehicle" ends up being a Lexus Cruiser (land cruiser Prado) with aggressive all-terrains

    That TRD GuyThat TRD GuyMånad sedan
  • 👍

    Ted WalkerTed WalkerMånad sedan
  • Great video I think you guys need to improvise doors for the back off the snow cat

    John VelezJohn VelezMånad sedan
  • Been on a few night calls, not as much fun as you folks have.

    seeyou 181seeyou 181Månad sedan
  • Lizzy cute ngl

    Ramiro Ochoa AndradeRamiro Ochoa AndradeMånad sedan
  • Liddy, you are so cute compared to Ed lol

    Kevin BradKevin BradMånad sedan
  • Good God Almighty.... I thought we had a monopoly on RED MUD in North Carolina!

    Don DavisDon DavisMånad sedan
    • .... and why in the world would anyone in their right mind go down that "road" to camp?

      Don DavisDon DavisMånad sedan
  • Tricky Dance Moves 🕺🏾🕺🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🔥🔥🙏

    Jos saJos saMånad sedan
  • basically Matt don't get stuck simply because of skills, tires and lockers ?

    Skodz GamingSkodz GamingMånad sedan
  • I didnt know The Quartering had an off road channel. Good for him!

    Bradley ShadowensBradley ShadowensMånad sedan
  • Like the clay here, make a pretty good lubricant. "Off-road" tyres are little better than street tyres, they just clog up. Chains work, but putting them on is horrid in mud and taking them off is worse.

    ShedofRuadhShedofRuadhMånad sedan
  • Why in the world would he take a minivan off-road?

    Jeff ThorntonJeff ThorntonMånad sedan
  • 4:55 Wolverine

    kitkat . 506kitkat . 506Månad sedan
  • All the way to the second job I was wondering if it's gonna look like ice but feel like mud.

    zabnatzabnatMånad sedan
  • It’s always good to jack up the road before you leave.

    TZ TZTZ TZMånad sedan
  • That's not mud, that's clay. Stuff is sticky, slippery and suction. There's a trail by me that is all clay. I only travel it during the summer when it's dry. I did it once in the spring and no...

    Shiwoon WeirdFaceShiwoon WeirdFaceMånad sedan
  • hahahahajaga jjaaa haha

    Azim azAzim azMånad sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Azim azAzim azMånad sedan
  • I wonder why you so often do not know what type of vehicle you're going to recover :-)

    Hasko MeyerHasko MeyerMånad sedan
  • Liz is the doppelgänger of my Daughter Emma. Hang about...Maybe Liz is Emma because I've never seen them in the same room together!

    Alf BAlf BMånad sedan
  • Why are humans choosing to camp out there in BFE?

    CallmeDerek ThanksCallmeDerek ThanksMånad sedan
  • That looks like some oklahoma mud

    Jacob MillerJacob MillerMånad sedan
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with washing your hands wherever you can, if theres some source of water or snow.

    Bubba KushingtonBubba KushingtonMånad sedan
  • Looks like the banana is due for a new headliner as soon as the Corvair is done

    The Carpenter DadThe Carpenter DadMånad sedan
  • Are you going to do hoodies with the picture of the Corvair on it

    THE PAGE BURNER 1979THE PAGE BURNER 1979Månad sedan
  • Binging things if you’re videos. How do you guys not have walkie talkies when giving instructions sometimes 30feet apart?

    TexasBulldog74TexasBulldog74Månad sedan
  • R.I.P. Daniel Gerber of Reno N.V. He was my Friend ! I Iove you man 4/15/21

    Shannon CairnsShannon CairnsMånad sedan
  • Is there a NO BURITO RULE before Sno Cat’n

    Francis SchweitzerFrancis SchweitzerMånad sedan
  • Im glad I left Utah

    Todd KeslerTodd KeslerMånad sedan
  • Looks like gooseberry mesa in the background

    Eric SEric SMånad sedan
  • No offense Lizzie, but no one does the weather better than Ed.

    TonyTonyMånad sedan
  • @3:40 OMG!!! Someone is really sleeping in a tent with all that mud and snow?

    yanleb1yanleb1Månad sedan
  • I watch most of your vids and like them. One question....Do you support the Boogaloo boys ? I see all these Hawaiian shirts on you fellas. If so you lost me. Those jackasses need to be dealt with accordingly.

    Tony HornbackTony HornbackMånad sedan
  • Hey! Where do you get those BROWN ropes? I've seen the red ones and the pretty yellow ones, but not those brown ones.

    Andy ReddingAndy ReddingMånad sedan
  • I think if you start putting Lizzie in all the thumbnails you will triple your views!! Such a pretty girl

    Trevor FisherTrevor FisherMånad sedan
  • Watched a lot of these videos...and... Has anyone in Utah heard of chains?

    Tyler MossTyler MossMånad sedan
  • 0:17 Is that faint beeping I hear a Ham Radio Tower self identifying? I haven't noticed any extra antennas on Matt's Rig.

    Greg Gallop N5MKHGreg Gallop N5MKHMånad sedan
  • Great job yall....

    allen Henryallen HenryMånad sedan
  • please fix that headliner!!!!!!!!

    wayne Herbertwayne HerbertMånad sedan
  • I'm going to ask a dumb question, as I'm from BC Canada and not familiar with the weather system in Matt's videos... How does he go from hot sand dunes to driving in the snow and mud so often? Is it elevation change? Or is it just about the time that he uploads the videos? I'm seriously confused.

    Evan OldhoffEvan OldhoffMånad sedan
    • Elevation.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryMånad sedan
  • Lizzie has become quite a vehicle wrangler.

    Loose MooseLoose MooseMånad sedan
  • That first pull looked a lot like cold, wet clay ... Aka, ice that won't clean up after itself over it warms up.

    Dustin MeierDustin MeierMånad sedan
  • Ed's weather report needs to be sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare. Every time he gives the report you can see the clinic sign go by in the background. Subtle ad placement.

    Jason HamulaJason HamulaMånad sedan
  • Matt Rudy lizzy randy new pecking order :)

    SuPerPiTsSuPerPiTsMånad sedan
  • In mud, it's a good idea to wear English-style Wellington gumboots. You can take them off and put them in a cardboard box as you get back inside the Banana. That way you don't spread mud everywhere :)

    Clive Matthew-WilsonClive Matthew-WilsonMånad sedan
    • Mud dries to dirt, gets crushed in to dust, and then blows away. A no work solution to all that work you just said.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryMånad sedan
  • Matt never wears a jacket. The poor guy must be running a fever from eating all the Doritos, granola bars, and spicy chicken. he can find.

    100cockroach100cockroachMånad sedan
  • Tom looks like he just recently escaped the Amish reservation.

    Andrew SkowAndrew SkowMånad sedan
  • Now that looks like a fun day!! Should've brought the big power corvair and rip some mud. Just wear raincoats. Nobody needs windows! Haha

    nghnghMånad sedan
  • Lizzy your backfield was in motion , you handled it in the normal Lizzy style

    John HaleJohn HaleMånad sedan
  • Sell that Lexus! That is a "Land Cruiser" in the wrong hands! Should have never get stuck

    Jose VazquezJose VazquezMånad sedan
  • Old guy stay in the rut, younger guy nope , ground clearance is a real thing

    Mark BloomMark BloomMånad sedan
  • I've always wondered what some people are thinking sometimes🤔 As young as Lizzy is, she's probably got more common sense than most adults😊

    Lesa AtuatasiLesa AtuatasiMånad sedan
  • I'm impressed the van got that far!

    Rick in OakvilleRick in OakvilleMånad sedan
  • Mooooooooopoore Lizzie!!!!!

    Eric AllenEric AllenMånad sedan
  • Matt: "Slow! Slow!" Meanwhile inside the van... Lizzy: "WHOOO WEEE!!! LETS SEE WHAT SHE GOT!!!" *FLOORS IT*

    King ArthurKing ArthurMånad sedan