I Installed Lambo Doors on my Former Boss' Mustang!

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Ladda ner



  • Cool

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  • oh no

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  • I have a few questions and you have a lot of cars

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  • you mean suicide doors

  • You shuld buy a MK4 supra.

    Norman KalvikNorman Kalvik4 dagar sedan
  • bro that case you keep all you keys in is cool but non effective i could easily open that within 10 mins with a crow bar

    Ryan ConlinRyan Conlin5 dagar sedan
  • U should put lambo doors on the bug

    Paul APaul A6 dagar sedan
  • my man is rich

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  • he riced his mustang.. awesome.

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  • 1:21 sheeeesh 😬😳

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  • when you're so rich that you just switch cars with your rich best friend

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  • That’s kinda fire

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  • damn, this is a great legit video. i will deffinately subscribe and recomend this stuff to my friend. if u read this then i hope u know im being sarcastic, and ik i misspelled, but it just adds.

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    • @not.a.spy.mp3 me or the vid? lol

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    • cringe

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  • I predict that in the future videos from rich people like this one, will be frown up on.

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  • No it does not make sense

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  • Surprise burlacher with a supercharger on it and johny with a pure turbo and vf engineering tune

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  • OK bro

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  • It’s a bit ricer just a bit

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  • Do a gold digger prank

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  • nope it sound horrible

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  • Like who doesnt like oscar he is so cute

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  • currently not paying attention to the car and looking at that white dog

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  • Where is he i live in Albuquerque New Mexico

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  • Dont sell the mclaren!!

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  • 5:01 That's as confusing as mustangs whith lamboo doors

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  • Gtr go bbbrrrrrrf Also sounds like a mustang

    Umar FarooqueUmar Farooque12 dagar sedan

    Umar FarooqueUmar Farooque12 dagar sedan
  • Guys like it up we would like to see mambo doors on the buggati guys like it uppp

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  • Bionic post5ed big fan both of you

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  • how tf does he own a Bugatti

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  • I honestly forgot that strad was a thing when I looked at the doors in the beginning of the vid

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  • I was in Salt Lake two days ago

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  • He looks like murr from impractical jokers

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  • Hey you must buy lambo Vesion GT

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  • Bionic you are a Minecraft player this is rare to see a Minecraft player watching supercar videos

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  • Get a supra 2021 supra

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  • That ain't a supra That's a BMW

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  • I love how he is so happy all the time

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  • Next prank... buy him 10 cars.... hahahahaha

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  • i would die for that mustang

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  • i wish i had rich friends like this lmaooo wtf

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  • This was sick can I have it for a day hahahahahahaha

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  • bro is that a subra

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  • Mustering

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  • Man how rich are you

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  • him: i have a boss the cars: am i a joke to you?

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  • What do you do for living

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  • I think I’ve seen this guy driving around in slc

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  • New doors for the Mustang; seslow.info/u/c3Wl0NPOm2dmma8/video

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  • isn't that a lamborghini in the back of the garage? 10:51

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  • 10:58 I Installed Lambo Doors on my Former Boss' Mustang! mmmmmmm

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  • Is it just me or I stared at it for too long and now it started looking like a bmw i8 (hopefully nobody starts referencing xxxtentacion’s bmw i8/the car he died in)

    I’m BoredddI’m Boreddd17 dagar sedan
  • Why cant people just call the butterfly doors?? They wernt original on lamborghinis

    Glinting_InfantryGlinting_Infantry17 dagar sedan
  • Skip to 10:43 I see a lambo in ur garage

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  • How did you get so rich please repli and tell me

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  • Omg you wealthy as heeeeeeeeel

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  • Mustangini lol

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  • Love your videos love from pakistan 🇵🇰

  • first time watching ur content and i love it best energy from a youtuber ive seen in a while 😂

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  • I'm not old enough to drive😭

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  • i was gonna buy you a lambo but this was the cheaper option... lambo chilli in the back 💀

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  • He exposed his address

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  • Ayo that lisp

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  • you , could have surprised burlaker with a crazy super charger or a cool burble tune

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  • This is the guy that flexes on people on TikTok

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  • iS THAT all His cars?

  • I live in Albuquerque

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  • hey lets like it to destroy his Bugatti

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  • Is that a Supra?!

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  • It looks photo shopped but its not

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  • Bro the Supra sounds like a plane

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  • #findsjohnny

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  • I could hear you in Texas making this video. You are so loud. But I'm jealous of the cars.

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  • Did anyone thought of butterfly doors on the Shelby 😂😂

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  • This gay has a Bugatti and a lambo and a raptor and a freacking shelby

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  • He should rename his mustang to the wasp now that he has the lambo doors

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  • Timthestradman😂

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  • Is that box with car keys made of plastic? Bruhhh

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  • This could be you but your watching him not being more like him

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  • Love the Shelby gt500 also stradman can you tell me what drone you have and if you want can you shout out my channel dragon Coolsters? Well love ya videos bye also I really dislike when people say the centanario in the normal way I only say it in the accent same with the mursilogi also sorry I don’t know how to spell bye

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  • get the lambo doors on the buggati

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  • I think you need to put Lambo doors on his smart car

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  • What even is your job?

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  • I like the rev that a truck would make

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  • Rich ricers be' like

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  • How he get all them cars

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