NHL "Childish" Moments

NHL "Childish" Moments! I'm not hating on these guys I respect them all, but sometimes we all act a bit childish. Enjoy!

Ladda ner



  • 10:04 Best part of the video

    Lil ChiefLil Chief23 timmar sedan
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    Boris DodgeBoris DodgeDag sedan
  • The third carp worryingly carry because geese untypically heal like a dispensable cause. big, tightfisted alarm

    Luke FigliaLuke FigliaDag sedan
  • 1:19 Tom Wilson watching the fight like a dog outside the dog park

    Solo GamingSolo GamingDag sedan
  • Brad Marchand is disgusting

    inkkyinkky2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh did he spit in his mouth?

    Deven TazzDeven Tazz2 dagar sedan
  • 5:46 is that a soccer player?

    OrangeAzzClownOrangeAzzClown5 dagar sedan
  • 0:23, 4:35

    C. G.C. G.7 dagar sedan
  • Marchand licking Callahan is still so damn gross.

    ProductionsJazzhandsProductionsJazzhands8 dagar sedan
  • anything involving licking/spiting/biting is so off limits for me. maybe covid making me sensitive ab that kind of stuff but that's too far and too gross imo

    ChloeChloe9 dagar sedan
  • 2:52 - We OK! WE OK!!

    Yo FlipYo Flip12 dagar sedan
  • Joe thorton NO SHOW JOE class less player , hey joe playoff soon , time to disappear ass wipe

    R PelusoR Peluso12 dagar sedan
  • this is a great part of hockey. let em have their fun, makes it even more entertaining to watch

    Joevoe !Joevoe !12 dagar sedan
  • Most exaggerated outro I’ve ever seen.

    Rickety CricketRickety Cricket13 dagar sedan
  • horror/thriller author sez: No prob re the outro, I'll just skip it!

    S.A. HoganS.A. Hogan14 dagar sedan
  • i swear marchand is kinda gay

    stevesteve15 dagar sedan
  • Obligatory Comments "Marchand blah blah blah" What's really in the video: "Habs crying" Conclusion: "Habs fan's in the comments crying about Marchand and the Bruins"

    SaintbowSaintbow15 dagar sedan
  • Brats

    Tim OTim O16 dagar sedan
  • Primeau is just great lol. Always been one of my all time favorite players. Got to meet him when he was a flyer

    Jok3rJok3r18 dagar sedan
  • Should be like football, your hair is part of your uniform. So if your in a fight with long hair, no different that getting your hair or jersey pulled. You chose to grow long hair.

    Jok3rJok3r18 dagar sedan
  • i still can't get used to the dark jerseys at home thing in NHL ,... a lotta people have never come back ,..the lame uniforms make every LA Kings home game suck ,..and they always end 2-1 or something,..

    Fender GuitarsFender Guitars18 dagar sedan
  • Bruins bunch of fucking idiots, and even that little asswipe announcers JACK , and the drunk sanderson in the 80s

    R PelusoR Peluso21 dag sedan
  • 3:24 “Gatorade” Water sucks it really really sucks If you guys don’t know where that’s from you better watch Water boy

    StateRailfan 402StateRailfan 40222 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe you missed Ryane Clowe playing the puck from the bench

    ya_boy_NOTEya_boy_NOTE22 dagar sedan
  • 2:34 Ben Stiller playing hockey

    demilishingdemilishing23 dagar sedan
  • I miss Shawn Thornton

    WowNoGiaWowNoGia23 dagar sedan
  • People going after Marchand like they wouldn’t kill to have him and his 30+ goals and 90-+ points on their team. Every time he scores a goal his haters must go into the fetal position and cry.

    mshat18mshat1823 dagar sedan
  • Miss Don so much all we have are idiot's now

    David FirthDavid Firth25 dagar sedan
  • The last one was hilarious.

    SoraSora26 dagar sedan
  • I love how athletes are "so tough" but have the emotional maturity of 3 year olds.

    KillerUglyKillerUgly27 dagar sedan
    • it really is so true

      Samantha TennysonSamantha TennysonDag sedan
    • lol, one has nothing to do with the other

      OrangeAzzClownOrangeAzzClown5 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, I give full credit to the players marchand licked for not decking him in the face. He fully deserved a few punches.

    STARPHASESTARPHASE27 dagar sedan
  • I don't know about you but I could donk all day, ferda

    MegaMegatrollMegaMegatroll27 dagar sedan
  • You lost my respect for the long outro

    ayo potatoayo potato28 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights I am focusing on my own life and on myself it's okay to make a little longer video for money but don't put it in the video it just shows you're only in it for the money not for your 60k followers

      ayo potatoayo potato28 dagar sedan
    • @ayo potato I can make a fun video and I can make some money. If you're hating on that maybe you need to focus on yourself and your own life.

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights28 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights this is the first video I've seen of yours and the way you just made a long outro for money is dumb go out and get a real job🥱

      ayo potatoayo potato28 dagar sedan
    • If you lose respect for something so little then there must of not been much in the first place...

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights28 dagar sedan
  • Licking someone now would get you a jail sentence or two weeks in one of Trudeau's Gulag hotels with a $2,000 fine.

    John BrowneJohn Browne28 dagar sedan
  • Very soft move by dumba grabbing hair like that, I get Adam’s with hartnel because it was way longer and easier to grab by mistake. Dumba is just a puss

    SOSA babySOSA baby29 dagar sedan
  • I can’t stop looking at that BEAK!! 🐀 🐀 🐀

    Slappa Da BassSlappa Da Bass29 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 wait how was mackinnon childish?

    Genghis KhanGenghis Khan29 dagar sedan
    • he was mad and just took it out on throwing his water bottle, and then telling his coach "just do your job." Don't worry, I have seen worse too

      CoolGorillaGoAnimate7000CoolGorillaGoAnimate7000Dag sedan
  • Ha! More like gay moments.

    Skull KidSkull Kid29 dagar sedan
  • Marc

    TASTASMånad sedan
  • Surprised there was no clips of Sean Avery.

    rockersevenrockersevenMånad sedan
  • Just punch Marchand right in the huge Beek

    Landon GloverLandon GloverMånad sedan
  • Brad Marchand the man the myth the rat

    PHOXPHOXMånad sedan
  • I would throw A lot more punches from getting licked than tackled lol.

    Its SickeningIts SickeningMånad sedan
  • Marchand sure loves other men.

    Ninety TwoNinety TwoMånad sedan
  • did bellemare bite subban? i cant find what the result of that was other than subban getting 4 minutes

    guitarplayer30001guitarplayer30001Månad sedan
  • says sorry for the long outtro, its so i can get some money...........? Bud sorry to break it to you, but you are displaying NHL content. You wont be getting any money lol

    Acreage LivingAcreage LivingMånad sedan
  • 3:10 Preeeetty sure he did not say that

    Yuno TakahashiYuno TakahashiMånad sedan
  • Imagine marchand liking somebody during covid 😳

    Sam CarrierSam CarrierMånad sedan
  • Glad the Leafs aren’t in that bratty bunch.

    LaylaDulcyLaylaDulcyMånad sedan
  • the ending...was dumb...how can u even make any money off this anyway...you dont have a license to USE NHL footage...or sports footage for personal use.... so either youre committing fraud or lying either way

    Moon610Moon610Månad sedan
    • the money makes money because it’s claimed

      Din booDin booMånad sedan
  • Marchy can’t lick anyone anymore with Corona virus lol

    Shannon SammelShannon SammelMånad sedan
  • Hartnell looked like the prototype for Gritty in his clip.

    Dennis SmithDennis SmithMånad sedan
  • whats the song at the end

    Collin BarberCollin BarberMånad sedan
  • Are we proving that Marchand is a little child or something? My goodness...

    RedNazRedNazMånad sedan
  • "so I can get some money" this content isn't even yours so no I don't understand

    rehtireinorehtireinoMånad sedan
  • Subban is such a whiner

    Tyler DubbinTyler DubbinMånad sedan
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    Christina GeorgakopoulosChristina GeorgakopoulosMånad sedan
  • “Childish Moments: The Brad Marchand Story”

    Cidney SrosbyCidney SrosbyMånad sedan
  • Let em' play hockey.

    Scott LeppardScott LeppardMånad sedan
  • It may be "childish" hockey moments but this is still normal moments in a "sport" called soccer ...

    Jörgen DavidssonJörgen DavidssonMånad sedan
  • The fact that most of these are bruins clips, really makes me proud to be a fan of B town😂

    Biscuit 1968Biscuit 1968Månad sedan
    • noone calls Boston B town bro. Get with the program

  • Barnaby just fought Doig bc he is black

    Andrew SmithAndrew SmithMånad sedan
  • This was the old Marchand. Also talk only hate because he’s not on ur team.

    Freedomfighters2Freedomfighters2Månad sedan
  • Andrew Ference: “glove malfunction”

    mxamiss5mxamiss5Månad sedan
  • Brad Marchand licking is pathetic.

    Joshua HendersonJoshua HendersonMånad sedan
  • Great video! Amazing outro music🔥

    Richard PetersRichard PetersMånad sedan
  • The water bottle stuff is hilarious.

    Ryan FordRyan FordMånad sedan
  • Couple o classic Gay Chickens

    BoiBoiMånad sedan
  • Tcachuk taking Burn’s stick is hilarious

    IrishhockeyIrishhockeyMånad sedan
  • I fucking love hockey! Thanks for the compilation!

    thebirdeethebirdeeMånad sedan
  • 5:39, “Dont mess, with the doo”

    Zills BillsZills BillsMånad sedan
  • The water in the glove is perfect

    Breakbeat XBreakbeat XMånad sedan
  • Lol, childish isn't the word I would use 😂😂

    Shannon WilsonShannon WilsonMånad sedan
  • The game within the game

    Ali DezAli DezMånad sedan
  • Goalies are like QB’s and soccer players They are the biggest fruit sticks

    A RockA RockMånad sedan
  • Dam, it reminded me that I have to plead guilty for some childish/stupid moments when I was a teen. I loved triggering the opponent. But I never licked anyone...

    Misan ThropeMisan ThropeMånad sedan
    • i dont think very many people licked there oppenants

      Samantha TennysonSamantha TennysonDag sedan
  • Subban is as worthless as they come.

    ChristopherChristopherMånad sedan
  • Pat Moron is an absolute joke of a player

    Patrick WalshPatrick WalshMånad sedan
  • Marchand should have gotten speared up his nostril for that....

    MancoMancoMånad sedan
  • Marchand is just gross tho

    T.KaiT.KaiMånad sedan
  • Well waddle botter 9:15

    Jeff LazzJeff LazzMånad sedan
  • I have never been a great fighter on or off the ice. But there have been two people (off the ice) that thought it was a good idea to spit on on me. Both are lucky other people were around to drag me off of them. I guess I'm lucky too or I'd be in prison lol.

    sniffer & chiefsniffer & chiefMånad sedan
  • That last one was brilliant

  • A licking rat

    J RoldanJ RoldanMånad sedan
  • My mans just tryna get that bread

    BigBoyJohnBigBoyJohnMånad sedan
  • I like his play but Subans a little whiney bitch

    Jc WadeJc WadeMånad sedan
  • PK Subban is a soccer player in disguise. Even if he bit your finger... TF you have you hand on his face for.

    Kelly ThorntonKelly ThorntonMånad sedan

    Kim McLaughlinKim McLaughlinMånad sedan
    • He did he was like what about me

      Maddy SMaddy SMånad sedan
  • Marchand kinda sus...

    Samuel VillanenSamuel VillanenMånad sedan
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    steven jacksonsteven jacksonMånad sedan
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    steven jacksonsteven jacksonMånad sedan
    • Yes

      Exquisit3 GamingExquisit3 GamingMånad sedan
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    steven jacksonsteven jacksonMånad sedan
  • What’s wrong with mackinnon ripping up his coach?

    Neil SandersonNeil SandersonMånad sedan
  • Shot out to you Delta and that outro message!

    Adam AAdam AMånad sedan
  • That's so funny 😃😃😃😃

    Fanda KeřkaFanda KeřkaMånad sedan
  • everyone complaining bout marchand when he wasnt even the only one to lick someone in this video

    bigrig2008bigrig2008Månad sedan
  • i was really wishing someone would've smacked the rat across the face after the licks

    Jacob CarllJacob CarllMånad sedan
  • was really expecting to see 12min of the idiot Subban

    Chanel SantiniChanel SantiniMånad sedan
  • Mayday May

    Yippee-ki-yayYippee-ki-yayMånad sedan
  • The fact that Marchand didn’t get suspended for those licking incidents is a joke..

    Michael 2779Michael 2779Månad sedan