BROKEN FINGER Rules Me Out Of Huddersfield Game | Match Day VLOG | Ben Foster - TheCyclingGK

I've been playing with a broken finger, but unfortunately need to give it time to heal. so check out match day for an injured player. Taking in a ride with Rhino legs on Friday ,where I sit on match day, my analysis from the stands and all the good stuff.
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  • Ben or anyone else that can give us a shout. Which watch does Benjamin have on whilst he’s on the bike

    Anthony McGuinnessAnthony McGuinnessMånad sedan
  • How many miles do you rack up on the Exercise Bike in the hour mate?

    dannybizaldannybizalMånad sedan
  • Still tell he was tempted to scream “KIKO” from the stands

    Carpet MuncherCarpet MuncherMånad sedan
  • Take debruyne out

    Xtreme RianXtreme RianMånad sedan
  • Actually love these videos wish David Marshall did this sort of thing love seeing inside the clubs training keep up the good work Ben wishing you a speedy recovery from a ram 🐏🙌🏼👏🏼

    Bradley OllerenshawBradley OllerenshawMånad sedan
  • FF Team didn’t work mate DB 🤦🏻‍♂️

    richard tyerichard tyeMånad sedan
  • You should tell the another goalkeeper to help you put the GoPro in goal

    Carson's Gaming VideosCarson's Gaming VideosMånad sedan
  • I’m a goalkeeper I’m 7 I play in the Birmingham city academy and for catshill have you got any tips in lockdown so I can get better? Love your videos Ben 👍

    George JackmanGeorge JackmanMånad sedan
  • 0:16 what game u playing

    Rashad Danugraha HendarsoRashad Danugraha HendarsoMånad sedan

    Kaiden Plays_9Kaiden Plays_9Månad sedan
  • GK have you no shoe covers????? Sure we can have a whip round for you 😂

    Mark AmosMark AmosMånad sedan
  • Is there a cycling gk fpl league

    Aaron ZimmerAaron ZimmerMånad sedan
  • I'm back Ben great vid come back strong

    Nunana Owusu-AboagyeNunana Owusu-AboagyeMånad sedan
  • Get better need more football vids

    HarleyHeff YTHarleyHeff YTMånad sedan
  • I was getting upset he wasn’t gonna upload

    Toby MarksToby MarksMånad sedan
  • Well done lads

    Khalid somaliKhalid somaliMånad sedan
  • Ben if you could take any Watford player back who’s left whilst you’ve been there, who would u have back?

    Ethan RaspisonEthan RaspisonMånad sedan
  • No one gunna talk about how he can edit and play football

    Lewis BluesLewis BluesMånad sedan
  • What’s the game called

    Alfie PhillipsAlfie PhillipsMånad sedan
  • I’m a Wigan Athletic fan but Ben foster makes my day

    Paula CrosslandPaula CrosslandMånad sedan
  • No mention of Troy Deeney's terrible foul that should've been a red?

    Matt JaggarMatt JaggarMånad sedan
  • This is the channel I never knew I needed. Love it Ben.

    Thomas HaileThomas HaileMånad sedan
  • KDB didn't do much, that 59th minute sub was criminal :(

    Prajesh AithalPrajesh AithalMånad sedan
  • Great content Ben , watched all from the beginning . Keep up the hard work mate .

    DHS ConsultancyDHS ConsultancyMånad sedan
  • Ben bro you have turn Watford into my 3rd club behind Manchester City and spurs this is because man city is the club I support and my uncle supports spurs but because of your yt channel and the club this is now my 3rd club respect to you mate

    Jake HeywoodJake HeywoodMånad sedan
  • I've been a Baggies fan since the 60s and Ben's the best keeper we've had in all that time. Can't deny being annoyed by the way he left but can't help but like him. Love these vids!

    a2zpaula2zpaulMånad sedan
  • I hope you get better

  • Dad did similar a year ago. Chipped bone, tore ligaments and dislocated his finger in the warm-up! Had to rest but was back playing within 4-5 weeks though 💪🏼

    Henry Save-AllHenry Save-AllMånad sedan
  • Ben I got soft tissue damage once I don't play in goals anymore but when I did I done that and I couldn't play for 6 weeks

    Noah Drysdale15Noah Drysdale15Månad sedan
  • Love your Videos! Realy cool :-) and i love your Tesla :-D best regards from germany Ben!

    Patrick PieroggoPatrick PieroggoMånad sedan
  • Get Tom to sort his front wheel skewer out.

    Gary FryettGary FryettMånad sedan
  • pls render it on 60fps

    IZZI 12-2IZZI 12-2Månad sedan
  • Come back to BIRMINGHAM

    ITZ _ Thomas9780ITZ _ Thomas9780Månad sedan
  • Wouldn’t mind seeing what happens after a game like when you leave the ground do you drive straight home or go back to the hotel, would love to see after the game content kro💙

    Lewis ParkerLewis ParkerMånad sedan
  • the sidelined GK

    Michael Football skillsMichael Football skillsMånad sedan
  • Good luck with the finger 👇👆☝️🖕🖖 you’ll end up wearing fingersaves! 😇

    TheReefloverTheReefloverMånad sedan
  • Up the ‘orns

    Owen MehrOwen MehrMånad sedan
  • 667

    John HJohn HMånad sedan
  • Ben...What is your fantasy football team name?

    James ClearyJames ClearyMånad sedan
  • I want to be a goalkeeper but I don’t know how to start practicing with quarantine

    Dean smith OfficialDean smith OfficialMånad sedan
  • No over shoes 😮 your feet must be freezing 🚴🏾‍♂️🥶

    Ray WynderRay WynderMånad sedan
  • will watford go up?

    Beautiful Graphs and SpreadsheetsBeautiful Graphs and SpreadsheetsMånad sedan
  • How ironic that when he didn't play vs Huddersfield (the team that he did a big mistake) they won 2-0

    Rafael SantosRafael SantosMånad sedan
  • How did Philip play?

    sander 2306sander 2306Månad sedan
  • I am from Turkey. Iam enjoying your videos so much.

    Can AlpkayaCan AlpkayaMånad sedan
  • Speedy Recovery mate


  • You looked down at the game mate. U usually go sick when you score. Ok u weren't involved in the heat of battle but I imagined u going crazy in the stand when u scored lol. Hope your well.

    Andrew InwoodAndrew InwoodMånad sedan
  • only on 1085 points in Fantasy, come on Ben you can do better than that! (1123 for me :P)

    R70RYLR70RYLMånad sedan
  • Craig Dawson is class thx watford

    crazy 10crazy 10Månad sedan
  • Mate get fit and then get going on the first match and be the best goalkeeper in the world

    EZK SkillsEZK SkillsMånad sedan
  • What is that thing that you play and make transfers on

    Mihai HarabagiuMihai HarabagiuMånad sedan
  • Every Cycling GK Videos Consists Of - Our Favourite GK The Best Saves We've Ever Seen Our Favourite Off-Field Player Scenic Cycling Routes We Love You Foster

    Hot RLHot RLMånad sedan
  • Good luck with the finger I hope it heals very quickly

    Pete BuckPete BuckMånad sedan
  • Holy shit, I just love this guy! Such a great personality.

    Dino PenavaDino PenavaMånad sedan
  • Olivia the git!

    Andrew RidlerAndrew RidlerMånad sedan
  • So are u out of the stoke game as well

    Gethin JonesGethin JonesMånad sedan
  • All the best Ben with the hand!

    Ian DollIan DollMånad sedan
  • We need you in watford!!

    Quinten MoojenQuinten MoojenMånad sedan
  • @Ben as you discuss fantasy in your vids how about setting up a league to allow viewers to pitch their wits against you for a bit of friendly fun Maybe even give people to option to pay a minimal fee to join the league which you can donate to charity Could even do a small giveaway each month the for the manager who scores the most points that month or even just give them a shoutout in your videos Love the vids, keep them coming, your a legend (From a LUFC Fan)

    Dave WarnerDave WarnerMånad sedan
  • like before 1M subs button

    OOXOOXMånad sedan
  • want Watford to get promoted so we see ben in the prem

    swaz lynchswaz lynchMånad sedan
  • Watford FC has a long, long list of great goalkeepers. Great to see Bachmann doing the business after your unfortunate injury, Ben. But I'm also here for the cycling so keep up the great work! 👍

    BikejonBikejonMånad sedan
  • Not even joking Ben has the same midfield as me

    J LDJ LDMånad sedan
  • As you get older your body takes longer to heal

    Colin CunninghamColin CunninghamMånad sedan
  • Birst ob all good ebenin

    Unai EmeryUnai EmeryMånad sedan
  • like before 1 Million subs button

    OOXOOXMånad sedan
  • I'm glad he told us he was Ben Foster in the intro because i had no idea.

    Jake DriverJake DriverMånad sedan
  • Come on the bois !!

    Frankie 098Frankie 098Månad sedan
  • You're a legend!! You should come to the Faroe Islands. Try cycling up all these mountains, huh?

    Rani HansenRani HansenMånad sedan
    • Would love to

      Ben Foster - The Cycling GKBen Foster - The Cycling GKMånad sedan
  • We all love Watford now🤣🤣

    George COYI SmithGeorge COYI SmithMånad sedan
  • Did you say the colour of the chair is purple?😂

    Kgothi RapooKgothi RapooMånad sedan
  • Best channel on SEslow

    JacobJacobMånad sedan
  • Why do I now have a soft spot for Watford

    Lewis YTLewis YTMånad sedan
  • Get well soonest legend!

    Adib AhmasAdib AhmasMånad sedan
  • Yay finally changed the title ben

    Fraser StevensonFraser StevensonMånad sedan
  • Love these vlogs!! Never stop

    1Ummah1UmmahMånad sedan
  • Getting us that behind the scenes even when your not playing! Legend 👏

    Brandon HowsegoBrandon HowsegoMånad sedan
  • Banger🔥

    Callum EdwardsCallum EdwardsMånad sedan
  • What a video

    fmbfifafmbfifaMånad sedan
  • Fast recovery mate! Quick question what are you listening to while cycling ?

    Marcus-Anthony AlexanderMarcus-Anthony AlexanderMånad sedan
  • How many cals you burning in that hour bike??

    brad tallettbrad tallettMånad sedan
  • its the chance for the austrian backup :-)

    Peter BePeter BeMånad sedan
  • Has this man ever heard of peloton before

    Imperial Doggo69Imperial Doggo69Månad sedan
  • Yes fozzy you little sicko. How many miles do you do on your 1 hour bike ride? I'm waiting on 2 operations but as soon as I'm sorted I'll be straight on the bike to regain fitness. Keep up the great content, these videos teach people so much 👍

    Aaron BickAaron BickMånad sedan
  • Loving this channel Ben. Came across you when played for Birmingham City. Stayed at Hilton in Liverpool where I was working and was a mess round with the pre match meal. You guys all came down an hour eariler than expected and nothing was ready as we where given wrong time and by time was you all got off onto coach. How much does that effect you if you had no pre match. Is it both mentally and physically as you not had carbs before. Cheers

    Gerard CousinsGerard CousinsMånad sedan
  • Feel better soon Ben👍

    J JJ JMånad sedan
  • Wich camera do you use for in the goal

    Sam De HaanSam De HaanMånad sedan
  • Gopro in the stands i guess 😊

    Marcus AlfordMarcus AlfordMånad sedan
  • Can we see a CyclingGK x Conor O’Keefe special

    James WrightJames WrightMånad sedan
  • how has he not gotten copyrighted

    hungry_gorilla231hungry_gorilla231Månad sedan
  • Am I colour blind or it that not even a purple chair? 4:34

    ScornetScornetMånad sedan
  • Even though he’s not playing everyone still come back to watch him, what a legend

    Scott WilsonScott WilsonMånad sedan
  • take it easy Ben...

    GilbertTVGilbertTVMånad sedan
  • Hope a speedy recovery for you hope your finger heals

    Ellen UssherEllen UssherMånad sedan
  • What religion are you

    Rice and beansRice and beansMånad sedan
  • What an absolute luxury... broken finger so you're off for months whilst you get paid #easylife

    YouNeedM3YouNeedM3Månad sedan
  • How mutch do you earn in a week

    Edvard LindbergEdvard LindbergMånad sedan
  • you got a new maskkkk

    Louise HennesseyLouise HennesseyMånad sedan
  • Love the content Cant wait for go pro in the goal to come back 🙌

    Vedant VohraVedant VohraMånad sedan