Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Bill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have spurred a report due to Congress next month.

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Ladda ner



  • Fake news

    Suitland39 !!!Suitland39 !!!2 timmar sedan

    Ofek ROfek R4 timmar sedan
  • You don't have any idea walking among you someone born here you can only tell from the markings that I do know the government don't know of one he been born in 1961 this person have power he can't explain hiding out from the public that I do know

    Johnny SimonJohnny Simon7 timmar sedan
  • ******(EVERYBODY)****** Please WRITE to 60 Minutes news, and tell them that we want to see MORE News stories, about the UFO cover up by the Government! This is the EMAIL address to WRITE to 60 Minutes news.

    Ken MasonjKen Masonj11 timmar sedan
  • *****(EVERYBODY)***** Please WRITE to 60 Minutes news, and tell them that we want to see MORE News stories, about the UFOs cover up by the Government! This is the EMAIL address to WRITE to 60 Minutes news.

    Ken MasonjKen Masonj11 timmar sedan
  • UAP's? Stop trying to make it seem more complicated. They're UFO's. Same as they ever were!

    Eric ParkerEric Parker16 timmar sedan
  • I love how Christopher Melon says authoritatively that- "It's not us. " Try this one on- It's us, but a future generation of us that is time traveling back to visit the past? Maybe they will intervene and help us save the planet from ourselves before it's too late.

    Dan BaronDan Baron17 timmar sedan
  • yes i believe because i seen one,out side of phoenix AZ about 2 years ago,my blood pressure went up for a minute,it was nice

    Frank AlvaradoFrank Alvarado18 timmar sedan
  • I would think if they are gravity propelled they would be bending space around themselves and that would distort that space . So that’s why even today no one can get a good picture of them. But I’m definitely not a scientist. Thoughts? Also the government said “its not U.S technology “ that could just be a careful play one words could be they have alien technology that the government has back engendered . “Not U.S technology “

    william webbwilliam webb19 timmar sedan
  • NORAD don't work

    Alibi QAlibi Q19 timmar sedan
  • Puerto Rico has a lot of UAP sightings, 📡🌎💯👽🏝️🛰️

    Dragon PRDragon PR21 timme sedan
  • All bs

    John CitizenJohn Citizen22 timmar sedan
  • I take it no one had a space alien classmate!

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith23 timmar sedan
  • Better clean up the lens of the targeting optic sometimes

    Joachim EdelburgJoachim EdelburgDag sedan
  • UFO'S identified as small isolated pockets of atmospheric oxygen and hydrogen gases BONDING together creating a state of solid mass water, and miniature lightning's . On the larger scale it's visible to the naked eyes as falling RAINDROPS, and great big prangs of lightning's.

    RayagoldendropofsunRayagoldendropofsunDag sedan
  • Let's crank the math and get the real numbers now. 80,000 ft (possibly more) to 5 ft above the surface of the ocean in less than 1 second (let's call it 1 second exactly for conservative results). Check out my math to see if I'm mistaken, but here goes.That maneuver has an average speed of 54,542 miles per hour or Mach 71. The deceleration to end that move is at least 2486 Gs. What structural material or living beings could survive those forces without destroying themselves? The government knows, but doesn't want the taxpayer to know. The motto for patriots in 2021 should be, "No taxation without information." Stop funding a government that is guilty of lying and covering up secrets from the very people it's meant to represent.

    Eric ZeiglerEric ZeiglerDag sedan
  • All jokes aside I think I know what this is And it's awesome Because no one can figure it out Here's a hint 1st spot one is spot 1 then follow it Then reverse protectory And you'll find the solution

    israel mendezisrael mendezDag sedan
  • Wow I think I know what it might be for what they're saying what they seeing It's not a ufo or a up its a tic tac And Skittles

    israel mendezisrael mendezDag sedan
  • i saw UFO in Morocco 2007

    BecoolBecoolDag sedan
  • They usually are unmanned and they usually belong to humans from earth that are 12 feet tall and have been allowed to share the technologies and abilities of 'aliens or upper beings'. Small humans are greedy and murderous, we will not be given anything.

    Pancho VelazquezPancho VelazquezDag sedan
  • I dont claim to know what they are ,but in my lifetime ive seen three sightings in Puerto Rico. Very impressive how they just like float , rapidly move and then just diaspear ! Wow !! Amazing !

    Melba GamboaMelba GamboaDag sedan
  • Welcome to the party.

    Jesse WoodwardJesse WoodwardDag sedan
  • Remember the 80's Disney movie, "Flight of the Navigator"? The space ship in the movie looks like these ships they're spotting. Lol

    Joshua MillsJoshua MillsDag sedan
    • It's field technology with interactive skin. Literally zero resistance from the deepest sea to the outer atmosphere and disconnected from gravity- slightly outside our plane of existence. This way you avoid the mass , instant zero drag acceleration. Just don't hit a mountain. Interferes with jet fuel systems , its why the engines cut off. The question is not, what happens when they hit a seagull. But can they?

      sudilos117sudilos117Timme sedan
  • These scientists who mock this phenomenon should give up their licences as a scientist. It's so pathetic to listen to skeptical scientists making proclamations with out investigations. One scientist claims it must be some type of electromagnetic phenomenon we are not aware of but what about the landing sites of some of these crafts where they left evidence of burned soil and branches burned? Its physical and you can walk down and thump it. Also absurd to think china might have this technology when they try stealing our technology to catch up but this space/time changing technological vehicles were reported in 1949 when we used picture tubes in tvs! Absurd. Here's the skinny; These are inter dimensional visitors concerned that our military industrialized complex is in a game with other countries. A technological contest war with russia and china who can get this technology FIRST. It's all about the POWER source to make a super weapon out of it. And now they will ask for another 100 billion a year to pursue learning about this phenomenon, but instead our military will USE this new money,to try duplicating their power source ,by building the space weaponry war machine to shoot more of thee vehicles down to back engineer them. So sad considering these inter dimensional intelligence are benign entities,peaceful entities who care about our destruction using nuclear energy.The lie will continue for another generation. The release of the new info will be diversions from the real truth, AGAIN as they did for 70 years.

    Gizella LombardiGizella LombardiDag sedan
  • bullsht

    Done fedupDone fedupDag sedan
  • 10 million views, hello?

    JigglypuffJigglypuffDag sedan
  • 7:43: I don’t why but I think a woman in the pilot’s seat of an FA-18 aircraft is one of the most badass things. It isn’t easy to get that job. God bless you ma’am.

    patton303patton303Dag sedan
  • if we had that technology wonder how it would be

    Jerry WillisJerry WillisDag sedan
  • Its the chinese

    Mr. FujiwawaMr. FujiwawaDag sedan
  • This very short video will provide you with some real answers as to how ET UFOs work. Feel free to email the link to any of your friends who also have an interest in the subject:

    Ken BehrendtKen BehrendtDag sedan
  • Maybe it's the Sonora Aero Club. They've been around since the 1850s. And it's rumored that German scientists and engineers improved the technology in the 1930s then after that the United States and Soviet Russia acquired the technology after World war II. So..🤷

    The MongooseThe MongooseDag sedan
  • This was one of the worst 60 Minutes episodes. Of course UFO’s are real, because they are unidentified. The interview flavors this report with childish and irresponsible reporting and emotional reaction. The skepticism is in regard to aliens visiting the earth, which is less than a 1% possibly.

    Jason MarchiJason MarchiDag sedan
  • They’re good. Most people are the bad guys.

    JulieP2969JulieP2969Dag sedan
  • It’s intentions is to keep you in check. Yes, they are everything but God of course who doesn’t even exist, according to the sinners and evil doers.

    Heavenly JerusalemHeavenly JerusalemDag sedan
  • How are we not talking about this every single day

    Electric sheepElectric sheepDag sedan
    • because people look at you as if you claimed to be an alien, just for repporting what you heard

      carlos marcoscarlos marcosDag sedan
  • Advanced cloning Extraterrestrial life in the sense of scientists The lack of vision Will not be able to travel between the universe and not understand. book Mind. Human (Aliens) That lives every star in the universe When it has the maximum growth, it can survive in all weather conditions.

    Aumouth mouAumouth mouDag sedan
  • They know what it is. They've known for a long time. Not these guys being interviewed, but higher up they know what it is.

    Wood BoogerWood BoogerDag sedan
  • Lies lies lies lies lies loes6

    northboss tnbnorthboss tnb2 dagar sedan
  • I think it is interesting UAPs are appearing to us more frequently it seems at this particular time when humans are threatening the life of our planet , our planet hanging in the balance . Also at a time when we are entertaining the idea to colonize another planet ( Mars ). Possibly they see us as a threat to ourselves, our planet & the entire cosmos ? I think these are something/ someone with good intentions .Something not from here .🌌

    Kate V.Kate V.2 dagar sedan
  • They have been here,since the beginning of time,& 9 times out of 10,way before humanity.

    Dawn CaseyDawn Casey2 dagar sedan
  • The one thing that catches me is the pilot that said he saw this every day for a few years. That just sounds like a flaw in the radar.

    WarfalconWarfalcon2 dagar sedan
  • First Covid, and now UFO. What next? Black hole sun? Brace yourself. This decade is gonna be exciting folks!

    Indian songsIndian songs2 dagar sedan
  • Remember what RONALD REAGAN said about ufos? How it would make the nations unite if they had a common enemy??!!! New dlrow order!

    HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A.2 dagar sedan
  • They need to go back to what Bob Lazar said about S4 at Area 51. Bob Lazar took his friends out and filmed the weekly flight tests of these supposed UAPs that they have. They may have just learned more about them and how to control them and are taking them on further test flights out of the confines of Groom Lake.

    Rich TygartRich Tygart2 dagar sedan
  • I would find it "easier" to accept that this is extraterrestrial intelligence,tech ... The problem is massive if this is a "terrestrial" technology owned by a Russia,China....Huge problem!

    Apps CenterApps Center2 dagar sedan
    • If China had such advanced tech they wouldn't need to keep stealing America's tech.

      Eric HoferEric HoferTimme sedan
    • Things have been seen for 70 years, it isn't Russia or China.

      speterson085speterson085Dag sedan
  • This is let's say..."soft diaclosure"

    Apps CenterApps Center2 dagar sedan
  • I hope its the Atlantians

    Francisco ToscanoFrancisco Toscano2 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to seeing how this evolves, even our National Television channel, the NrK, had a report on this

    Secret Identity Subliminals - S.I.SSecret Identity Subliminals - S.I.S2 dagar sedan
  • If it's the Chinese then we're all frked pretty much ,everybody was Kung flu flying

    Adam BernierAdam Bernier2 dagar sedan
  • Why isnt this what the world is focused on. Kinda concerning people care about what the kardashians ate more. Very.

    Apollo CreedApollo Creed2 dagar sedan
    • No one cares about the kardashians but you cuz only you brought it up

      ALeX ZALeX Z5 timmar sedan
  • SO!!! that's how the Chinese make pirate copy's SO fast :D

    Christian BirkedalChristian Birkedal2 dagar sedan
  • only one can dismiss law of physics, as we have seen in some today's magic show where the magicians shows out of the world magic 'tricks' in a very clear sight. UFOs are the fallen angels. Luke 21:11 "...People will see scary things. They will see extraordinary signs in the sky.”

    Eddy G.LeeEddy G.Lee2 dagar sedan
  • Lmao this is the guy that the alien-believers place their trust in? The guy who says “I’m telling you it’s real, what we need to know are it’s intentions?” This is the kind of media that is mocked when we look back on the late 1900s, stations putting out nonsense just because they know it will entrance the masses. Look at this dude’s facial hair and tell me why I should take his word on anything

    Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me? Or does anyone else notice the UFO above Harry Reid's head at 1 minute and 57 seconds into the video??

    Clay GriggsClay Griggs2 dagar sedan
  • In 1974, while stationed at Keesler AFB, after a ufo sighting near our base, I was shown a car illegally parked in our base motor pool. This car had 1993 tags. This car later proved to be a 1985 renault encore that I bought used in 1986. The car was from the year 1991 with 2 year tags. The us air force is fully read into the ufo situation and has been lying to and committing treason against the American people for decades. Every air force General officer since 1974 should be arrested for treason.

    Rob CollinsRob Collins3 dagar sedan
  • Here's how to sum it up: 1. The phenomenon is true. There are UAP / UFOs. There is no doubt at all anymore. Not even the most ardent skeptic can still say no to that, can he? 2. They are far ahead technologically (no brainer) It has been photographed at least since the middle of the 20th century. Then the question becomes: 4. Is it secret American technology? 5. Is it secret Russian technology? 6. Is it Chinese technology secret? Point 4 seems to deny the United States if what has emerged in the major news channels in the United States is true. Also sounds completely unlikely that they would have had such technology already in the middle of the last century. Does not rule out that they have access to objects (which they were not allowed to work). Given what emerged at the fall of the Soviet Union, they do not seem to have been before the United States. Point 5 seems completely unlikely thus. Since the phenomenon has been documented since the middle of the 20th century, it also excludes the Chinese who during Mao's time were busy growing rice to survive the day. Therefore, paragraph 6 can also be excluded. It then remains that we do not know where these UAPs originate from. No point in speculating more than that. This will probably be what the report will come to as well, and this is where the research begins. Too bad we lost a lot of years because the subject was ridiculed so few dared to talk about it. Curiosity: what is strange is that they seem to have such different looks on the vessels that have been documented. As if they were different makes / models of cars here on earth. Maybe it will get its explanation sometime too.

    Swedish Olle BeckerSwedish Olle Becker3 dagar sedan
  • "I don't think that we have developed that [UFO] technology. I don't think we developed it on this planet". Retired Navy Commander David Fravor You will find it here:

    Dr MabuseDr Mabuse3 dagar sedan
  • All encounters are above the ocean. Nasa stop exploring the ocean a long time ago for unknown reasons. This could be why..

    Robin StåhlbergRobin Ståhlberg3 dagar sedan
  • The truth is that the us government knows what they are and who they are. Crash retrieval has happened for years. Look at the Billy the kid ufo stoy. There are a lot of these stoys that point to only one thing, we are not alone! If that scares you, than you need to get over it, and wake up! What is sad, is that all these news company's have failed as a news reporting agency. Failed the American people! I wonder which news agency will finally step up and go after the truth no matter what it cost! Thats A NEWS CHANNEL I RESPECT!

    Johnny leeJohnny lee3 dagar sedan
  • They just wanted to go to the beach and have some fun........

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown3 dagar sedan
  • It's a flying penis.........😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown3 dagar sedan
  • Why do you want to know about aliens... two legs two arms and I guess I have a private area.... that's it we're done here...

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown3 dagar sedan
  • Is it aliens is it a plane...... super- s***

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown3 dagar sedan
  • Can we send send Marco Rubio to investigate? Like strap him to a wing of a fighter plane and hope the UFO people take him because the people of Florida certainly don't want him. #ValDemings

    Fabulous WomanFabulous Woman3 dagar sedan
  • WHY does SHE keep saying, (HEY MAN), all the time??? 🤣😂

    Ken MasonjKen Masonj3 dagar sedan
  • Independent day,the,movie.

    Luis AlveloLuis Alvelo3 dagar sedan
  • This seams that a new craft had been built by a Government and it is highly advanced and is monitoring other countries abilities

    tirzha prinslootirzha prinsloo3 dagar sedan
  • 7:39 Descending 80,000 feet in less than a second = over 54,000 miles per hour.........If true what man made object can fly that fast?

    michael brinksmichael brinks3 dagar sedan
  • Pentagon Military and Gov are FULL OF LIES

    bobo brazilbobo brazil3 dagar sedan
  • well there was no splash

    ShaunShaun3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah. This was u.s.a goverment will fake an ufo attack.

    paula costapaula costa3 dagar sedan
  • They're here trying to tell us that we don't need fossil fuel. We have the technology for free energy but are held hostage by the fossil fuel industry. They're showing off their vehicles saying, Look what we drive, like a GTO at a Volkswagon rally.

    Walter HolokaiWalter Holokai3 dagar sedan
  • The young lady looks like sigourney weaver from the movie Alien. How ironic is that.

    Al & Essty SanchezAl & Essty Sanchez3 dagar sedan
  • It seems like the government here and in other countries will sometime in the next several years or so finally just come out and admit that a lot of the UFO's and contact events that have happened for more than 80 or more years are not human in origin, regardless of who or what is utilizing this anti gravity zero point energy technology now. But after that it would be awesome if Joe could have Tom and Chris Mellon and elizondo and George Knapp and Bob Lazar and Sean Cahill and Richard Dolan and lex Friedman and others on his show to discuss what happens next and how will the governments apologize to the millions of civilians and others who have been embarrassed, forced or intimidated or bullied or bribed or threatened or medicated into silence when it turns out they were correct all along but purposely put down and ignored... Who will sue who for what in courts worldwide for financial and mental and emotional and medical damages? What about when the news organizations admit they've known for a long time but were forced or bribed or threatened or paid off to ridicule or smother the topic? Are they then legally liable for damages to the public even though it could deemed indirect damage? How many journalists or news people will have the guts to take a stand and risk their lives and careers to start telling the public about all the deep black operations projects that have been done in secret locations all over the world dealing with the aliens themselves as joint operation projects (as the Israeli space agency intelligence chief Haim eched said, or the former Canadian prime Minister Paul Hellyer?), or on reverse engineering projects, or on esp and mind manipulation projects, largely done without any congressional or military oversight at all using illegally created shell companies and Unacknowledged Special Access Program dark funds taken out of the national or global banking system without any humans consent or approval? Are the law firms and accountants and private scientific contractors liable legally now by being directly involved or even indirectly complicit and enabling by not being a whistle-blower decades ago? What about the pollution and devastation done to the world on forests, rivers, oceans, lakes, and land that could have been undamaged had this free and limitless and clean zero point energy been utilized for the global good many decades ago instead of oil gas coal nuclear or battery or wind or turbine or solar power? What about the people who already have passed away? Can their families sue now? What about those who got so put down that they ended up losing their livelihoods and got divorces or worse? What about possible assassinations of citizens to keep them silent without any judge or jury? What about companies that wrongfully lost business contracts to other companies who unfairly cheated by somehow having access to pieces of reverse engineered alien and or inter-dimensional technology? What if these companies and scientists and engineers and doctors and military people claim ignorance that they didn't know for sure until now that what they were working on was nonhuman and that they were justified by any means necessary because the tech could destroy their country and or the entire world? And what about the millions of people who've been abducted against their will and without consent? These aliens obviously do not recognize human legal laws or the concept of consent at least not some of the species so how would we then protect ourselves if at all from the bad ones and become friends and allies with the good intentioned and friendly helpful beings? What will society do if it's found out that we were in fact engineered scientifically with very advanced DNA manipulation tech hundreds of thousands of years ago mixing alien or custom made DNA with ancient Neanderthal and denisovan DNA to create us and then tweak it further over time especially after World War 2? How will the global financial and banking and medical and religious and scientific and academic institutions react to this? Will people raid the grocery stores to pick out all the food or will they just chalk it up to "oh well, God's creation is obviously a lot bigger than we thought and we're not the smartest in the universe so let's just keep living our daily lives as usual" and let everything slide? What will terrorists or rogue states do with zero point energy technology?

    John MuzicJohn Muzic3 dagar sedan
  • Will they really tell us the Truth? Or will they just Keep Lying to the Public, and say that all of these UFOs, are just Balloons or Drones or Foreign Technologies?

    Ken MasonjKen Masonj3 dagar sedan
  • They’ve never been hostile so what’s the big deal

    Landon PriceLandon Price3 dagar sedan
  • Movie Independence Day- "Plausible deniability"

    Dancing WolfDancing Wolf3 dagar sedan
  • When you realize there is to many planets outside of our solar system and you didn't believe any life on it. Are you self centered Human?

    Yuri SantosYuri Santos3 dagar sedan
    • When you don't believe any intelligent life form can be more intelligent and capable than your own species, are you a self-centered, ego-centric, ignorant human?

      Wood BoogerWood BoogerDag sedan
  • It is unclassified ;ah; right?" It is now ;weather you like it or not."

    A AA A3 dagar sedan
  • Dear Alien Visitors, if you can read this, your pet that you are looking for lives in a place we call Maralago in Florida. Please come get it and take it and its off spring far away with you.

    Mac RichardsonMac Richardson3 dagar sedan
  • imagine pointing a flashlight at a wall in a darkened room. You can make a ball of light appear to fly across the wall and perform all kinds of dazzling maneuvers. It is not a self-powered vehicle, it is powered by the light source and controlled by your hand. You are projecting a three dimensional beam of light across the length of the room and onto a two dimensional surface, the height and width of the wall. Now imagine time as a fourth dimension, as introduced by Albert Einstein and firmly established in the field of astrophysics. Suppose you could somehow project a four dimensional beam across the time of the universe onto a three dimensional space within our atmosphere, and you could move what appears to be a three dimensional object around in all kinds of fantastic ways. But it is not a self-powered vehicle. It is a remotely energised object that like my flashlight beam allows the user to move it about at will and view what is within it's proximate space. I submit that is what these objects are, though we ourselves do not currently posses the technology to make them ourselves. In other words the aliens are not here. They are only shining flashlights on us from very far away.

    Nick LongoNick Longo3 dagar sedan
    • @Bert Hubnip It means what it says. If you are asking what is the science, then like I said we don't have the science. It's science fiction. If I was writing a book I would add a few paragraphs discussing the science of time beams, maybe even a biography of the original inventor of time projection, the noted Oxford physicist Dr. Parsons. I would even include a footnote that the development of the first working time beam was funded by the Galactic Science Foundation. It was called the Alan Parsons Project. Google it.

      Nick LongoNick Longo2 dagar sedan
    • What does “project a four dimensional beam across the time of the universe” even mean? What would the characteristics of this time-beam be? You talk about it as if it were just a beam of light that you can make shadow puppets with

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dagar sedan
  • Chariots of fire YAHAWASHI is coming.

    Slick RicSlick Ric3 dagar sedan
  • What if these are not extra terrestrial but are actually secret advanced tech. by earth governments.

    Dana M.Dana M.3 dagar sedan
  • definitely made in china

    erickerick3 dagar sedan
    • Definitely not.

      Dr MabuseDr Mabuse3 dagar sedan
  • Why does everyone getting interviewed seem very unnatural and almost alien-like...?

    KiweebKiweeb3 dagar sedan
    • Because they aren’t being genuine

      Bert HubnipBert Hubnip2 dagar sedan
  • ⚡️🤘🏼👽🤘🏼⚡️

    Rad RemedyRad Remedy3 dagar sedan
  • I saw a black triangular ufo down the road from my house... Yeeaars ago. I stared at it for a minute before I sped off to find family to see it too. It was almost the same color of the sky.

    Hummingbird EyesHummingbird Eyes3 dagar sedan
  • We have a female pilot who looks like Sigourney Weaver talking about UFOs. Lol!

    Jau Ho ChangJau Ho Chang3 dagar sedan
    • She looks like Sigourney Weaver, but better. She's the real deal.

      Dan BaronDan Baron17 timmar sedan
  • lol theres no such thing as aliens

    Jimmy De SantaJimmy De Santa3 dagar sedan
  • “The United States government is telling you they’re real” me “wow”

    Fernando LoeraFernando Loera3 dagar sedan
    • What's really going on?! Lol

      Mikey CarsonMikey Carson22 timmar sedan
  • These objects are being tracked since the 1950’s at least. It is nothing from earth. We dont possess this tech today, imagine 70 years ago.

    Alexpunktattoo MachadoAlexpunktattoo Machado3 dagar sedan
  • Why assume they are a "threat", and why is the Dept. of Defense involved/ How many of us have they killed? Did they blast any aircraft carriers out of the water? They have shut down a couple of our nuclear missiles. I don't think they want us to self destruct. Is it possible that we have back engineered a few of these? Would our military's budget like these to be scary?I like the timing of these releases, from a political point of view

    Ann ChurchillAnn Churchill3 dagar sedan
    • Not assume a threat but consider a threat a possibility.

      Dave McleanDave Mclean3 dagar sedan
  • God of the Bible still is God of the aliens when they are made known many will lose their religion but a few will ask them do they know about Jesus and they will say yes we do. John 12 32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. 33 This he said, signifying what death he should die. Hebrews 1 1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; Hebrews 11 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good report. 3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Colossians 1 16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. John 15 16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. 17 These things I command you, that ye love one another. 18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. 21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name's sake, because they know not him that sent me. ( No matter the man alien or angel the truth is the same to all living things if you know Jesus Christ then you know judgment in the next life is the reality every aliens ,angels or men knows is real. Can't lose your religion when you know the truth. Mark 16 15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Revelation 21 8 But the fearful, and..... unbelieving, ....and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and….. idolaters,….. and.... all liars...., shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. John 3 16 For God (the Father )so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,( Jesus Christ)that whosoever believeth (trust,faith) in him should ...not perish,... but have( present tense ) everlasting life. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. JC lives

    jon jonesjon jones3 dagar sedan
  • It's UFO, always has been, always will. DON'T TRY TO CHANGE THE NARRATIVE!

    Jerry RogersomeJerry Rogersome4 dagar sedan
  • Pretty soon the public will have confirmation of "Our friends from out of town"

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt4 dagar sedan
  • Saying there are no alien civilizations is like scooping a teacup into the ocean and saying there are no fish. The time is long overdue to start taking this subject seriously. The evidence is positively overwhelming. Those that refuse to view this information that challenges their pre-conceived views can't be argued with. "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." ~ Arthur C. Clarke "I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real". ~ Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14

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    • @Scott Cromwell Quotes also aren’t evidence

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    • ​@Bert Hubnip You have the right to remain uninformed. "There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell ‘em." ~ Louis Armstrong

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    • Well sure because those pre-conceived notions are “I need evidence to believe aliens are flying around Earth”. You saying the evidence is positively overwhelming is just straight up nonsense

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  • cool

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