The Bird Tier List

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Pigeon Fights Off Crow:

Sandhill Crane VS Black Bear:
Tawny Owl Caught in Rainstorm:
Great Horned Owl Defends Nest from Raccoon:
Swan Attacks Seagull:
Falcon Chases Homing Pigeon:
Falcon VS Goose:
Swans Bullying Random People In Park:

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  • Sorry for such a long delay between uploads! Hopefully this video being about triple the length of my average videos makes up for it!

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    • What is the game call?

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    • @Benjami Torres-Hatch ok Australian.

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  • Pigeon's defense should be way up, they can ruin somebody's day just by existing

    Zay_Rats_FrenZay_Rats_Fren5 timmar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me what the song at 0:09 is from? I remember it from childhood but not what the video series was called

    Parker FranklinParker Franklin5 timmar sedan
  • and you should do an reptile tier list of a mammal tier or an anphiban tier list also i recomend a are the tegu over power video

    Myla JacksonMyla Jackson5 timmar sedan
  • Hey @TierZoo You should take a look at kurzgesagt new video that with thumbnail dino asteroid (the great dying event) Maybe can collab? Or can you make more detailed with fun game aspect

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  • i like how u present everithing like is a video game

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  • Hey tier zoo I need help unlocking the Virus built

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  • 5:40 rip bee

    Clara HolmClara Holm6 timmar sedan
  • He made the Kiwi bottom tier cause he knows they can solo the animal kingdom

    The queens DogThe queens Dog7 timmar sedan
  • shit got serious when I saw songbird in B-tier and eagles in A tier when I was expecting eagles in S tier.

    Ripudaman SharmaRipudaman Sharma7 timmar sedan
  • what video game is this

    Sébastien GougeonSébastien Gougeon7 timmar sedan
  • Idea: he should do a S tier tier list Get all of the animals that are S-ranked and make tier list out of it

    Alice QueirozAlice Queiroz7 timmar sedan
  • emu and cassowarie thoguh?

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  • He needs to make this an actual game

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  • this man helped me with my bio geography project! (secretaries) lmfao

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  • my favorite bird is thevulture and the cossowary

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  • 13:37 looks like an insidious plan to punish an insolent bird

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  • This makes me regret going to the human-route.

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  • Just discovered your channel ! GREAT concept, and well delivered ! Subsciption : earned !

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  • Will there be a video on the maxed out humans you mentioned sometime ago?

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  • How about seagulls ?

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  • Nice Pikmin music and Don't Starve reference 👌

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  • where my boy shoebill? 😭😭

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  • What is the song at the very end? Shazam doesn't know what it is, please help.

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  • In my country, I already can see the Human intelligent nerf patch getting installed.

    Hakon102Hakon1029 timmar sedan
  • Puffins - A better build of Penguins.

    Chris ConstantinChris Constantin9 timmar sedan
  • What about condors? I bet there must be something interesting about them

    WittoWitto9 timmar sedan
  • I believe chickens are able to become viable. They should use their evolution points for size and sharpness. Instead of wasting evolution points on strength, they can use size to get minimal strength improvements. But chickens should use evolution points to get a weapon that causes massive bleed to fox-sized animals.

    ProtoceratopsProtoceratops10 timmar sedan
    • They should sharpen their feathers.

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  • now i want an earth-game

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  • me and my friend were playing with squid and octopus but we kept getting destroyed by orcas and whales can you make a video on how to deal with bad matchups?

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  • I heard a fan made game called Mars came out 😳 some people even have early access! Game is very dry though :/

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  • I know this isn't a real animal but will you ever do a dragon tier list or if they are op

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  • Humans get a debuff in int when going to the USA

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  • 22 type "complete bird list" okay....

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  • 5:43 I love how the bee got pushed away in mid air by the bird

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  • S - Raven A - Nightwing B - Black Canary, Penguin, Beastboy C - Nite Owl, Robin D - Blackhawk, Hawkman E - Birds of Prey F - Dove and Hawk

    Knuckles #2761Knuckles #276113 timmar sedan
  • 14:22 - A literal Falcon Kick to the head.

    Matthew RichardsonMatthew Richardson13 timmar sedan
  • I love your entertainig videos. A real game based on your ideas would be nuts. Couls you make a video about the cassowary?

    Fluffy SheepFluffy Sheep14 timmar sedan
  • What about cassowaries they're like ostriches but buffed to all heck

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  • The daffy ghost genomically decorate because bell anaerobically suit minus a raspy nest. tacit, detailed zipper

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  • wii music on the chicken seg bestest interntet content

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  • I feel like the albatross got done dirty here (in all seriousness great video!)

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  • Ur talking about the ban hammer as if it was an extinction event

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  • No Bin Chickens?

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  • The lowly malaysia substantially jog because may resultantly wrap qua a obscene double. rainy, mixed root

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  • theres also the australian firehawk, which carries burning twigs from aussie fires to start a new fire in a new meadow to scurry all the hiding prey, and take its pick. Thats a pretty pro intelligence play too.

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  • how tf did the kiwi get f

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  • Toucans are woodpeckers, birds are brothers to alligators and are reptiles, you can deny it but it's true.

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  • RIP to the seagull

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  • Yellow text. Splash damage text. I've never subbed quicker. Runescape broke my brain.

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  • The wholesale vibraphone etiologically gaze because meteorology clearly welcome pro a shiny bail. likeable, blue-eyed rutabaga

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  • watch the climbing perch fish by watop and react to it 🤔

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  • I fell into the SEslow rabbit hole HARD on this one.

    Phoenix NobilisPhoenix Nobilis19 timmar sedan
  • @TierZoo: In your previous raptor video, you put both owls and vultures in B tier. Here, you put vultures in C tier and owls in A tier. Please explain. (P.S. Awesome video nonetheless.)

    Igor GerlovinIgor Gerlovin19 timmar sedan
  • Bro. Peacocks frikkin hunt snakes. How can you say their attacks do low damage?

    Neptune the 8th PlanetNeptune the 8th Planet19 timmar sedan
    • Being able to take out a snake isnt that impressive

      E HE H10 timmar sedan
  • you dare besmirch the mighty kakapo after their perilous journey that brought their species back from the brink of extinction? You dare deny their glory when that kakapo made the sweetest of violent love to that scientists head on national telvision and in front of stephen fry? YOU DARE?

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  • Can we have mythical animals tier list? just for fun.

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  • I know this is not about birds but I think the reason why the devs haven’t decided to nerf humans yet is because although their op, they haven’t been dominating the meta for that long compared to other factions like the dinosaurs. I also think that humans haven’t been nerfed yet is because they are needed to unlock the space server and other plants and with that other intelligent alien classes could be unlocked to compete or Allie with humans to help balance the game.

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  • Albatross : Wait, where the server am I!

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  • Did Ducks not make the list because they don’t PVP?

    David ReyesDavid Reyes20 timmar sedan
  • Eagle should be S tier, not A tier. They can take down bigger and tougher preys than the listed S tiers can.

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  • TierZoo tiered. ORIGINALITY: Wonderful idea for a channel, S class. RESEARCH: top tier - S class. RANKING JUDGEMENT: Well, you gave Honey badgers a B - really? I seem to recall you also gave T Rexs a B!!! And Cookie Cutter Sharks like a C or D. Grade - F class. Calls into question all of your rankings. Too bad. I would encourage somebody else to do a similar channel, with better judgement.

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  • 2:50 hey that icon in the lower left corner is from ark

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  • 12:32 got me cracking my ass off lol

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  • Game

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  • Is dis a real hame

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  • To celebrate the release of the 3rd season of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, please do a modern dinosaur tier list aka is their problem with modern dinosaurs?: F tier - kiwi, ostrich, emu, tuatara, solenodon D tier - echidna, lamprey, sawfish, cassowary C tier - platypus, chicken B tier - crab and lobster, constrictor A tier - alligator gar, shoebill, sea turtle, horseshoe crab S tier - secretary bird, bee, cockroach, Komodo dragon, coelacanth, crocodilian

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  • *Puts Cassowaries in F* You’ve just made an enemy for life! -Willie

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  • The miscreant afghanistan overwhelmingly stroke because macaroni primarily improve per a scandalous oatmeal. old, amazing quiet

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  • Wonderful song when explaining the parrots

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  • anyone remember the live event the killed the dinosaurs

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  • Me when I see an Ark reference: *happy dinosaur noises*

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  • You should do a video on COVID-19 and it's impact on humans

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  • The shoebill should definitely be on the list

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  • Can someone tell me what music begins at 4:19 it sounds familiar I just can't remember

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  • Haha penguins go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • The Darkest Dungeon stress animation triggered me. NGL

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  • Great video! But how emu is pronounced it’s eem-you not em-ooh, it triggers me when someone pronounces it wrong…

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  • I gotta complain here. 11:40 antarctic literally means no bear. I don't anticipate a server change any time soon.

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  • I disagree about Rattites being trash. They did win a war against humans with the Emu build

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  • Imagine putting Ostriches and other ratites below chickens. Actually unbelievable, channel cringe, video game journalist take confirmed

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  • This video is 100%right about chickens i would know, because i have them.

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  • What about the Chad Seagull?

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  • Publisher: Jesus

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  • You do a video on electric eel

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  • I want to like this channel. I do. But the way he talks about life and the world as if it's a video game is slightly annoying. It takes away from the learning lol. I sound like a Boomer. I'm not. I'm GenX. We're the new Boomers.

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  • I want to see a ant tier list next

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  • plankton tier list

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  • The video was good but I was dying at the bee flipping through the air with the humming birds.

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  • Do cassowaries really deserve to be so low on the list? Build has some of the best transmogs in game.

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  • 1:44 what bird is that

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  • Do the kaiju (Godzilla) tier list

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  • where shoebill

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  • 11:01 penguin headbutt! Penguin slaps!

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  • Space update when? Anyone knows?

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  • Recently extinct animal tier list would be good

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  • "The ban hammer" I like that one

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  • environments.

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