The Future Of Reasoning

This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
Molecule animations from
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
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  • Climate change won't be easy for our different societies

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann17 minuter sedan
  • Leftists lack the ability to reason.

    zacktheriprzacktheripr23 minuter sedan
  • If reason is so great, why isn’t there a reasoning 2

    John Wilkes BoothJohn Wilkes Booth56 minuter sedan
  • This is my favorite episode by far. My only problem is Gates. Partnering with someone trying to patent and profit off of lifesaving vaccines? Really not a good look.

    WizardinaPonchoWizardinaPonchoTimme sedan
  • "with great power comes great responsibility"

    Anthony GabrielAnthony GabrielTimme sedan
  • zero is impossible. at least we all are... breathing

    шлема розентальшлема розентальTimme sedan
  • I've been watching you since I was in 5th grade. Thank you for sparking my interest in science.

    Brayden MauchleyBrayden MauchleyTimme sedan
  • i don't have a mind i just live

    VungaVungaTimme sedan
  • Says he’s working with Bill gates.. stops watching and dislikes

    DJ burnsDJ burns2 timmar sedan
  • I find it hilarious that this was done with Bill Gates - the tech world robber baron.

    S RagsdaleS Ragsdale3 timmar sedan
  • This gives a new meaning to "giving someone a piece of your mind".

    Kavin UmasankarKavin Umasankar3 timmar sedan
  • “In partnership with bill gates” ... well, I guess gates needs a partner now that his wife is leaving him lol

    ClaireCalmDownClaireCalmDown3 timmar sedan
  • If you want less lone reasoners then how about stop censoring people for their believes

    IdkIdk3 timmar sedan
  • Repent and believe in God!

    SamiGigiSamiGigi4 timmar sedan
  • the lone reasoner seems to free his mind at night

    MattZAXMattZAX4 timmar sedan
  • Love you Michael

    Anujit MaityAnujit Maity5 timmar sedan
  • Damn, this sounds almost as cool as Unions for Amazon workers, right Bill Gates?

    TheBlue22TheBlue225 timmar sedan
  • Can you do a video on stuttering ?

    Adis meziniAdis mezini5 timmar sedan
  • imagine vsauce where michael die why a ball is not rope from ceiling and music play "or am I"

    Alex WaiteAlex Waite5 timmar sedan
  • The fact you support Bill Gates is the reason you lost a sub. Disgusting.

    SparxebSparxeb7 timmar sedan
  • I like the word "Sortition" better than "lottocracy"

    Lyle GoodwinLyle Goodwin7 timmar sedan
  • Humanity is like a hive mind but each part is completely separate from every other part.

    Ian KucheraIan Kuchera8 timmar sedan
  • Sorry bro there are people who are better at reasoning and, I don't think reasonings purpose is socially sourced. I get that studies were doing to come to these conclusions, remembering that speculation and assumption are huge parts of many peoples thought process.

    Sean SmithSean Smith9 timmar sedan
  • "Where is your mind" This line is good for a Vsauce out of context.

    Angela Jumjums sisterAngela Jumjums sister9 timmar sedan
  • Bro just read Marx ffs

    Chips ZedChips Zed9 timmar sedan
  • I've been watching your videos for a long time and today I realized that I didn't subscribe yet. I'm sorry. 😂

    Abdul samadAbdul samad9 timmar sedan
  • extreme storms are extreme and storms

    AxeaAxea9 timmar sedan
  • I’m disappointed in Vsauce for teaming up with bill gates amid the controversy surrounding him right now-vsauce content isn’t even that good either lately compared to past videos IMO, just watch the video what is down to see peak vsauce compared to this rubbish

    B DubB Dub9 timmar sedan
  • Yo, Vsauce. I just got this idea about a video. "Will you remember this video?". So, what can one do, to plant a memory in one's brain forever? How are memories even stored? Most importantly: could you make the random viewer remember the video, which is based on this exact idea??

    Tobias Skovlund KlosterTobias Skovlund Kloster10 timmar sedan
  • The amount of nuance he delivers is heavy

    taly4lifetaly4life10 timmar sedan
  • The grubby gruesome connection progressively blush because color approximately kneel given a satisfying end. mean, damp yarn

    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley10 timmar sedan
  • Your head will collapse, but there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself: 0:05

    Levan VelijanashviliLevan Velijanashvili10 timmar sedan
  • When you predict what Michael is going to say and say it with him

    kolim jonekolim jone10 timmar sedan
  • Don't waste your money on Bill Gates' book. He only offers solutions if he can make money. I can tell you what he says for free: Animal agriculture is one of the main drivers of climate disaster. Adopt a plant-based diet and cut your greenhouse gas emissions by more than half. Don't fall for this -> 24:28 This is everyone's responsibility.

    WeissM89WeissM8911 timmar sedan
    • opinion and more rational voice for the future for generations to come.

      kolim jonekolim jone10 timmar sedan
  • i understand nothing

    SANairSANair12 timmar sedan

    Lewis RainwaterLewis Rainwater12 timmar sedan
  • Liberty. Limited government.

    blightmoonblightmoon13 timmar sedan
  • It would have been nice to see some direct references to existing political theory and practice in here - these principles have been written about extensively and incorporated into successful societies already - it's just that these successes have been actively hidden. If anyone's interested, look at Rojava's implementation of Bookchin's communalism; the EZLNs incorporation of libertarian communist thought; foundational anarchist works like 'God and the State'; pieces on psychological egoism, like 'The Ego and It's Own'; or pieces of syndicalist, council communist and libertarian Marxist theory.

    OliverOliver13 timmar sedan
  • This video in a Nutshell: Its not a bug, Its a FEATURE.

    21 Muhammad Ikram21 Muhammad Ikram14 timmar sedan
  • With this information, what do we say about the UAP element in our skies now? Do we get to start reasoning together on the subject, or are we going to continue with the open ridicule and hand waving? Because if "they" can reason with humans, we have the best shot at solving all of our current problems.

    Transcend the great divideTranscend the great divide14 timmar sedan
  • You are how to basic

    OZAN AKTEPEOZAN AKTEPE14 timmar sedan
  • We will one day be the ancients.. let that sink in

    أبو عربأبو عرب15 timmar sedan
  • As always, Michael never disappoints, very interesting video, I really liked the "lottocracy" thing. Once I got to similar conclusion that something like this would be better for the democracy process.

    Alvaro BRAlvaro BR15 timmar sedan
  • Okay, what?! I was with you nodding along until you said "But what if reasoning wasn't built for what we've become?" 🤯 This is both scary and cool. Lottocracy doesn't really sound that much better than democracy, or at least what democracy is supposed to be. Lottocracy just sounds like complete random, whereas the idea of "the crowd" managing to average out the results would indicate that the idea of democracy (in theory, not in practice) should end up with the best results, no?

    NozzaNozza15 timmar sedan
  • I miss his old music

    Rhyan MRhyan M15 timmar sedan
  • Who would win? A professional scientist with multiple degrees in said fields OR A funny bearded man with glasses

    DefinitNotKevDefinitNotKev15 timmar sedan
  • 26:18 "lottocracy" was used in ancient Athens for various public positions

    SilentLoL LoleRSilentLoL LoleR16 timmar sedan
  • @Vsauce you mention the average guess for # of jelly beans is more accurate but you don’t mention whether that is the value people actually come to when deliberating as a group. Do certain voices dominate and the groups guess is swayed more in that way? Are there individuals who’s guess is even more accurate than the group average? And if so wouldn’t them leading be more effective, sort of like a meritocracy

    tmosh55tmosh5516 timmar sedan
  • In case you’re finding 1:57

    karrotkarrot16 timmar sedan
  • the vsauce drop is in 6 min of the video wow, that took longer than expected

    DenizDeniz17 timmar sedan
  • What a motivating ending, challenging me to instead of being so apathetic about my time on earth and the time I take place in, to instead step up and clear head, form a better opinion and more rational voice for the future for generations to come.

    Krunk CobainKrunk Cobain17 timmar sedan
  • Michael, how do you feel about blockchains and decentralized consensus mechanisms as a potential solution to this problem? Cheers.

    Jack LemosJack Lemos18 timmar sedan
  • I'm was pretty sure you were going to say "this is why we need CARDANO! (ADA)".... =)

    Dark MatterDark Matter18 timmar sedan
  • *100% of the things Vsauce teaches us, we care for, want to know and need to know. *Approximately 37% of what we learn or have learnt in school, we actually need in life. *in conclusion...... I learn from this guy

    Abi BAbi B18 timmar sedan
  • what???????

    Harsh Wardhan Singh MundiHarsh Wardhan Singh Mundi19 timmar sedan
  • How can we start this?

    bird Samorabird Samora19 timmar sedan
  • This video is so right! If only those with political opinions that are different from mine watched this video and learned how they can improve their reasoning!

    CurrentlyCurrently19 timmar sedan
  • omg omg omg omg vsauce video

    Wilson JCByrdWilson JCByrd19 timmar sedan
  • Michael has never been the same since he drank the earth tea.

    Brayan GuzmanBrayan Guzman20 timmar sedan
  • I hope people talk about vsauce in 500 years

    MaxieMaxMaxieMax20 timmar sedan
  • I had already seen a video about the Ancient Athens way of government by randomly electing people to temporarily serve as officials and always found the idea fascinating. It would eliminate sooo many problems with our failed "democracy" (but which is really a "representative republic"). Though no doubt introducing new ones in turn. Still, it would be a fascinating experiment for a small country to do and see how that goes.

    bennemannbennemann20 timmar sedan
  • I weep in the realization that I didn’t see this right when it came out

    Beth DukesonBeth Dukeson20 timmar sedan
  • Losing myself in the beat around 14 mins lol

    Sam SnowmanSam Snowman20 timmar sedan
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  • are you and uncle dane connected????

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  • Watching this video made me realize just how much human behavior I don't show...

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  • Dad's back with the milk.

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  • When the beat drop hits yk ur mind is about to be blown

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  • "We don't have measuring-tape tentacles that shoot from our eyes" Speak for yourself.

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  • 15:27 Now we know why people prefer nVidia over AMD.

    AntilliAntilliDag sedan
  • "This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates"

    Smug SheepSmug SheepDag sedan
  • Partnering with Bill Gates????? I thought better of this channel....

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  • "The impact of emissions on our planet is not gonna be the last hyper object we face" He has so much faith is us!

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  • +

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  • This whole video was basically just a half hour long "No, you!"

    lars larsenlars larsenDag sedan
  • Dude, I thought you were smart enough to know not to get involved with Bill "I wanna control the world population thru vaccines that sterilize women" Gates. How do you reconcile that info? Hint: you don't, you quit associating w/ douche bags! Smh...

    Farmer J1sFarmer J1sDag sedan
  • Can I do “why do we punish”

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  • Read the caption my friends... Sponsored by Gates of Hell 👎👎👎👎👎

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    • wtf

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  • Someone :I can't walk Vsause : or can you

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  • Reason has gone to shit. People are stupid nowadays.

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  • Brain malfunction

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  • tell me friend, when did michael the wise abandoned reason for madness ?!?!?

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  • Yo this Bill Gates partnership seems a little poorly timed now with his Epstein connections hitting the news again.

    Jason KJason KDag sedan
  • bro why did you have to open my 3rd eye like that

    Anime Girl Not FoundAnime Girl Not FoundDag sedan
  • The content, the presentation, hehe, the reason used for this was outstanding. Thanks.

    James FinnertyJames FinnertyDag sedan
  • This open my eyes on a lot. The most important is now I won't try so hard to win debates or arguments. Even if I am "right" my experiences and thought process are why I see it that way.

    Donald DarkoDonald DarkoDag sedan
  • To contribute to the "wisdom of crowds" in the line of “lottocracy” he mentions “people paid to learn from experts” (as to cast their vote on political issues) but who will control who is the “expert” and what are those expert preconceived ideological leanings (that are almost inevitable)? And who determines the range of experts that could exist to offer nuances of whatever field is offered on a subject? There is little room for error in things like mathematics but on so many other things (most things in fact) there are nuances and differences. And even worse: You can even produce experts that hold different views on a given field with equally valid points. And the worst: You can even produce “experts” on pseudoscience that sound as good as real experts for the untrained ears and minds and can simply induce fake conclusions rather that help people to have a honest view on reality. For instance, social sciences nowadays are mired with hypothesis that do not pass the scientific methods AND yet they are used (over and over again) to justify policies that are ideologically tainted to the core, and all in the name of politically correct views that can not be scientifically challenged (lest those who do are socially punished).

    magnvssmagnvssDag sedan
  • I need you in my life

    Jonathan BeronJonathan BeronDag sedan
  • Dear Ben Shapiro, here is why facts and logic doesn’t always work

    Cheese RainbowsCheese RainbowsDag sedan
  • It’s hard to want to do individuals at random guided by experts because experts have a vested interest in supporting their opinion through confirmation bias as well. The best solution thus far has been to find experts that have different opinions and put them against one another. Hence why we have two different parties. Federalist 51: Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. *Edit: I typed Fed 10 not 51

    Jacob RogersJacob RogersDag sedan
    • This is a misunderstanding of both the issue and the two party 'solution'. This video is a direct response to the failures of this system to work with principles of collective decision making, specifically around hyper-objects. I assume by 'we' you mean the US - in which case the only reason the US has 'two' parties is it's FPTP voting system - the largest parties will always stay dominant and therefore have no incentive to provide contesting perspectives for any other reason then ensuring election. This cycle removes all motivation for 'experts' and falls into the exact traps this video points out. The parties do not represent two contesting sides of a conflict, but two manifestations of the one and the same oligarchy that is caught in an endless power struggle against itself, resulting in a consolidation of policy and decision making into a small group of elite, rather than the collective.

      OliverOliver13 timmar sedan
  • Best channel on youtube. Period.

    Doğuş ŞahinDoğuş ŞahinDag sedan
    • Re: Daniyer gaming, litally 60fps 4k quality content

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    • Re: Lottocracy, Glorious Bellerophon's perfect ways of governance are finally escaping creation I see

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  • the subtitles are wrong in places and it bothers me so much

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  • Vibin 3:01

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  • The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle.

    Brian Ian DayBrian Ian DayDag sedan
  • I think it's about time we rethink our definitions of 'Democracy'. I welcome all the wild ideas for improving democracy or governance in general.

    Gargesh PatilGargesh PatilDag sedan
  • prepare for unforeseen consequences

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  • Humans have relied on wisdom of the crowd, Remembers witch burning scene from monty python. Yes "wisdom" ...

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  • Sex ist nice, but have you ever tried this: 1:55 ?

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  • You collaborated with a friend of Jeffery Epstein? Who also flew to his Private island where we ALL know what transgressed there? Who’s wife, as of writing this , just recently divorced him because of this. Boy, for such a smart man and one whom I used to admire greatly, that was in incredibly stupid thing to do.

    Ryan G.Ryan G.Dag sedan