The Mishaps - BMW E46 325i Touring - Project Cologne: Part 10

In this episode, not much goes according to the plan. We start with the much anticipated M sport conversion of the exterior but run into some setbacks. I also sit inside the tires for some reason and teaser of the new project towards the end of the video!

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  • I cannot stop watching! And I do not even like BMWs...

    dorinp007dorinp0077 dagar sedan
  • great vid

    PringPring7 dagar sedan
  • iam not big fan of replacing exhausts for lauder, especally on family old cars, but this seems fine (y)

    Dušan SelcDušan Selc15 dagar sedan
  • Could you please post the link of the video where the gearbox oil was changed. Thanks

    Boris DamyanovBoris Damyanov21 dag sedan
  • Did you just colaborate with a romanian guy? Nice. I feel proud, even if he is moldovian, is just like us

    Patrick GPatrick G22 dagar sedan
  • Bodyshop painting is a lost art. They only can punch in the numbers and spray these days.

    glasjanusglasjanus23 dagar sedan
  • Hey, where did you get this kit? I have the same wheels and I'd like to get new caps and M tags because mine are in bad condition and I can't seem to find them.

    RicardoRicardo24 dagar sedan
  • If anyone has more info on that japanese exhaust manufacturer, I'd be interested in finding more of their products. It sounds REALLY good, and fitment seems perfect.

    Dimitris S.Dimitris S.25 dagar sedan
  • 27:54 oh good you can see the side of the car is a completely different tone than the hood and roof

    HenrikHenrik25 dagar sedan
  • The only thing I could think of when you said falken tyres was; Steve Rizzo - The Falkland Islands

    What Am I DoingWhat Am I Doing27 dagar sedan
  • The guy who painted mine goes by feel.. aided with weed.. it came out perfect.

    Jughead885Jughead88529 dagar sedan
  • beer on my hand and this on the telly life is good

    Enzo MarfalEnzo MarfalMånad sedan
  • I feel this channel is missing something ahhh yes some m57 fixing up where’s the diesel love

    Mirage V6Mirage V6Månad sedan
  • The sound is amazing !

    Stefan NikolaevStefan NikolaevMånad sedan
  • u make my life better, plz don’t stop playing with those bmw cars.

    Haythem DHAHBIHaythem DHAHBIMånad sedan
  • Just wrap it, it’ll solve your color problems. Usually a wrap costs 2-3 grand in the us.

    Carlos J. BellostaCarlos J. BellostaMånad sedan
  • I keep hearing "fucken" tyres. Thanks for another great video!

    ItayItayMånad sedan
  • why is there an e46 coupe in the intro? will that be the next car?

    ValValMånad sedan
  • As a painter the diference even in pictures is huge can't even imagine it in person. We usually if we paint an older car if we paint a bumper we will paint the fender also but we don't go all the way to the doors with the base, only to mach the fender and bumber that way the color is good. And the chiping on the back bumper is because they didnt grind that part with paper so paint didint even stick on to the bumper. Very bad job for 800euros 🙂

    Dream RedlineDream RedlineMånad sedan
  • So on the e39M5 the falkens were replaced by michelins? Or at least on 1 axel. . See 32:30 rear axel. I believe the pilot sports were also OEM in those days

    johanunjohanunMånad sedan
  • I put Falken fk510s on my z4 coupe and I agree they are great tires at any price

    Anthony GillesseAnthony GillesseMånad sedan
  • It`s because matching paint is an art.

    YoldarkYoldarkMånad sedan
  • I just put a set of those FK 510 tires on my Audi UrS4 and have been very happy with them so far. Years ago I had FK451 tires on the same car and loved them.

    Darin NederhoffDarin NederhoffMånad sedan
  • While watching this video I just bought a set of these tires for my BMW m3 e92 just because you recommended them :)

    Cars are my passionCars are my passionMånad sedan
  • Totally correct with German body shops, I just had a car fully repainted here 2 weeks after I had a couple of bubbles where the tin work had been done, no big problem he repaired it FOC. 12 months later the same again, same place same kind of bubble, then he blamed me driving in the rain even though I don't drive in the rain EVER, thats 500 euro please - Hard to find a flexible guy thats willing to advise you correctly and carry out decent work

    james byrnejames byrneMånad sedan
  • 1st wheels is better

    • Negative

      M539 RestorationsM539 RestorationsMånad sedan
  • Make sure the cap lines up with the badge, so German OCD and doesn't realise it, lol

    Sean DavisSean DavisMånad sedan
  • Can you suggest a good torque wrench?

    iFeelsifyiFeelsifyMånad sedan
  • Just love watching your vids .made the lock downs a bit more easy ,,,get the BMW technicians on more ,,just so funny

    Willie CookWillie CookMånad sedan
  • Ever considered doing an X5

    Marcus TeagueMarcus TeagueMånad sedan
  • fun fact: this car has four wheels. I learn something new every day!

    Super ShifterSuper ShifterMånad sedan
  • Thats an Arqray exhaust. Usally the JASMA number should contain the manufacturer. But this can be a little bit tricky with contractors produce them like Ronal in germany produced rims for Brabus. The site should be arqray[dot]jp. You could email their support for a datasheet of the JASMA certificate parameters. A good inspector at Dekra or Tüv could use is as a "Teilegutachten" wich would save some bucks. Usally japanese parts are well documented. They even got an english site back in the day. I remember that from a friend who got an Arqray on hes E430 Benz. If i remember correctly he got it via Essing Performance Center in the netherlands. Worth a try.

    SmokedSmokedMånad sedan
  • Mate, finding ANY services in Germany is tough. The service and quality here is garbage. Sorry about the poor painting.

    Alex BurchellAlex BurchellMånad sedan
  • right on brotha

    s “leffe” Rechts “leffe” RechtMånad sedan
  • I'm keen on a T-shirt but all the way in South Africa and unfortunately our currency is really weak against the €

    Alan HumeAlan HumeMånad sedan
  • Style 68 do look good :)

    Samis VideoSamis VideoMånad sedan
  • jasma stands for "Japanese Automotive Sports Muffler Authority" and if its an SR S exhaust it is really good

    jack korsmitjack korsmitMånad sedan
  • It's difficult for the paintshop to recreate 20 years of wear and tear on the paintwork on the bumpers. But a good paintshop would have kept the car, so they can match the paint on the car

    Jesper Søbirk Warnich JensenJesper Søbirk Warnich JensenMånad sedan
  • Can we please hear the lame explanation you gave for being late? Schatze... es gibt eine Probleme mit dem Schraube... es ist abgebrochen! Was kann ich tun? And as a reply you get: NEIN! WIR SIND ABGEBROCHEN! VIELE GLÜCKE!!! Anyway, hope the painters redid the job for free. Good content and greetings from Latvia. Keep up the work!

    JurisKankalisJurisKankalisMånad sedan
  • Just waiting for him to contact me about my E36 :P

    VerinxzVerinxzMånad sedan
  • Clean bmw inside what use

    K SmithK SmithMånad sedan
  • can`t wait for that "dacia 1.3" roar

    Stefan GeorgeStefan GeorgeMånad sedan
  • Fantastic channel, you need a tv series. Can’t wait to see what Nissan you have

    Richie LRichie LMånad sedan
  • Big fan from Colombia! I enjoy all your videos! Keep going man!

    Juan DavidJuan DavidMånad sedan
  • The rims looks totally better! if you need some help in spain with your future project, I'm here!

    chomiaquitoxchomiaquitoxMånad sedan
  • Wouldn't it make sense to paint rest of the car? Or does that cost way more than repainting the parts again?

    LancerFINLancerFINMånad sedan
  • Legend

    LS10 WorksLS10 WorksMånad sedan
  • I love the fact that I can actually watch the full 30 minutes of his videos. Like very few youtubers can make me do that

    astrit melenicaastrit melenicaMånad sedan
  • I was hoping that you'd put the tyres on yourself, making a joke around the lines of "I can't put those Falken tyres on!"

    urban24urban24Månad sedan
  • If you can’t find a good paint garage in Germany where can you?

    Ivan JaenIvan JaenMånad sedan
  • WHY CUT THE wires to put the same exact connectors :p

    Vincent VERGOTEVincent VERGOTEMånad sedan
  • I thought everything in Germany was zee best?........I see the dark art of spray painting is every bit as troublesome as in Ireland.

    Gu LagGu LagMånad sedan
  • how many beers you had ?(:

    Yaro Car HustleYaro Car HustleMånad sedan
  • ATF from the steering rack or CHF 11 S ?(:

    Yaro Car HustleYaro Car HustleMånad sedan
  • can u please help me with my bmw e39 2002 530i?

    Aloush sakrAloush sakrMånad sedan
  • Looking sharp as a toenail!!!

    Michael “mikedsilva911” DSILVAMichael “mikedsilva911” DSILVAMånad sedan
  • 61 people are jealous because they cant fit into a stack of tires like you can.

    Alec FloydAlec FloydMånad sedan
  • OMG its a Nissan 2000 GTR ha?

    Brian 330xiBrian 330xiMånad sedan
  • 800€ and they did not prepare the surface correctly? It is time to burn the paint shop.

    D. R.D. R.Månad sedan
  • So Sreten, did I understand this correctly? Did you quit your IT job to do this full time?

    SteveSteveMånad sedan
  • Its not a proper BMW if it does not leak! :)

    MartMartMånad sedan
  • Samcrac found this active hybrid 7 Series for $3,ooo US in Florida. The car itself is beautiful. Samcrac is legit, Ratarossa went to Florida to help him repair a Ferrari 355 Jump to the 17:35 mark to see it

  • many german car shops wont listen closely to a non nativ german. sadly.

    MilonsoMilonsoMånad sedan
  • I understood fucking tires :D (0:37)

    Lennart GerkenLennart GerkenMånad sedan
  • What is your rim and tire sizes ?

    Valters NeļķeValters NeļķeMånad sedan
  • What do you mean about Dacia 1.3 ? Not bad things, I believe!

    Liviu ParepaLiviu ParepaMånad sedan
  • this is the pure e46 experience in a nutshell "this stupid plastic piece costs 175$???" great video :)

    noiiaz96noiiaz96Månad sedan
  • nissan!! what? 300zx turbo?

    Andres CruzAndres CruzMånad sedan
  • Hate it when they get so wrong on the colour.. I feel the pain bro. Great video! :) :)

    Mini The RedMini The RedMånad sedan
  • wrong-nope-we didn't :D

    Sjoerd MekenkampSjoerd MekenkampMånad sedan
  • German guy here 👋🏻 i absolutely agree with what you said about paint shops in Germany. I totally don’t understand why it is like that

    Arne PolliArne PolliMånad sedan
    • Weil's immer weniger Leute gibt, die in diesen Beruf gehen wollen. Dann gibt's später noch weniger, die den Job auch gut machen können. Es gibt inzwischen sogar zu wenige Auszubildende für Mechatroniker (vor Jahren noch absolut undenkbar), und den "dreckigen" Job als Lackierer wollen noch weniger machen.

      monstermirrormonstermirror17 dagar sedan
  • Lemforder FTW. They make the best OEM replacement stuff. It's not out of the norm to see a Koni or a Bilstein shock go bad once in awhile. I've seen it happen before a few times. Probably just got a bad one that was defective. The Koni yellows have been around for awhile and if I was running a Koni, I would use them as I have had good luck with them in the past. Sucks when the rack pukes its seals out. When your boots are good it can hide the leak for awhile. Also agree with the OEM wheel comment. BMW makes the best OEM wheel designs and there are TONS of great choices. So that Einsenmann was droney??? With how expensive they are that definitely surprises me, and frankly its probably the first time I've heard that. New exhaust sounds pretty good, and is quiet enough to tolerate for an every day daily driver. I enjoy making my own out of mandrel bends, v-bands, and a quality muffler/ resonator. The prep work was definitely shitty on those plastics. They probably didn't scuff it up enough, or use flex additive in the paint like you are supposed to. Plastic adhesion promoter doesn't hurt to use either. Good body shops here in the states are few and far in between as well. Lots of sub-par shops out there who do questionable stuff just to get the job 'done' and out the door. Hope you get them to own up and fix their work. Great video as always, I enjoyed it.

    P SavelP SavelMånad sedan
  • The big question remains did project 'home' work out? Did your girlfriend still let you in the house??

    NeverendingindnereveNNeverendingindnereveNMånad sedan
  • Btw. save the keycard from the security bolts' box and put in in the documentation of the car so should you lose the bit you will have the bitting of the key on the keycard. I was surprised that all that costed me from BMW was 40BGBP because I totally managed to lose mine and I did have the keycard to order a new key to it. I think I know which shocks not to buy... I went with OEM last time and it holds.

    Zoltán KozmaZoltán KozmaMånad sedan
  • The only youtube channel I stream on my TV. The other ones are not worth it. And even my wife knows "the guy that fixes BMWs"

    ElektroDaElektroDaMånad sedan
  • Is your merch in 'China' sizes??? I wear XL normally but nowadays its XXL with all the crap from china.

    michael Bernonmichael BernonMånad sedan
  • that car has 4 wheels? unsubbing

    Chris HimselfChris HimselfMånad sedan
  • Did you make a Video about the Reuter exhaust?

    Werner (bmwerner11)Werner (bmwerner11)Månad sedan
  • 0:25 And that kids is how a mechanic is born

    T MT MMånad sedan
  • Only buy oem, hey look at my Japanese exhaust

    nerdalertnerdalertMånad sedan
  • 635CSI E24 retroracingshirt t-shirt

    retro racing shirtretro racing shirtMånad sedan
  • Great content, impressing craftmanship and I am enjoying every minute of it. I hope the dinner was good!

    Ahlberg AAhlberg AMånad sedan
  • US$14 for a pair of clear plastic protector for the fog lights. I had a rock chip that cracked across the glass and I end up paying $80 for a one new fog light assembly. BTW: The 135 wheels goes great with the yellow Koni FSD on my ZHP.

    JpadIceCoffeeJpadIceCoffeeMånad sedan
  • That's a lot off euro for bad paint job that doesn't even match and peel off sure that left sour taste in your mouth :-0

    Rab KRab KMånad sedan
  • Hey, can u do the episode repair or rebuild of the ZF 5HP19 transmission ? Because alot of m54 got this issues, especially with my e46 m54 right now 😅

    Caya_bimmerCaya_bimmerMånad sedan
  • great job brother, as always. love the content. cheers!

    smanacessmanacesMånad sedan
  • Im really patiently waiting for Sreten to buy and restore an E36 or an E30. Great content man, congrats!!

    Alejoide990Alejoide990Månad sedan
  • I totally think you could pull off being a male stripper.

    Mike NoneMike NoneMånad sedan
  • i am SO excited for the Datsun

    Mike BMike BMånad sedan
  • Big problem for a small paint flake on a plastic bumper? Calm down lol

  • Bester Mann 😁✌️👍

    PacoAguilarPacoAguilarMånad sedan
  • still electric vehicles have the best exhaust system on the market !! :))

    x111x111Månad sedan
  • Just tell that control arm to "fork off." LOL... Regarding shops that do shoddy work, here's a suggestion: give them ONE chance to make good on the problem. If they STILL screw it up, get a refund if you can, take your business elsewhere, and be sure to post a one-star review on that business' Google Maps page and or Yelp page if available. Life's too short to put up with shoddy customer service.

    Brian WeirBrian WeirMånad sedan
  • I have the same car. I was wondering is it worth to fix rust on this car and do you have a vid of you repairing the rust?

    The988The988Månad sedan
  • Hugh jackman

    Ftt Y4Ftt Y4Månad sedan
  • Super ! Super ! Glad you have a Tire Sponsor - but I live in California and I buy tires made in America and that’s the way I roll in my M. Next time call me and I’ll tell you how to install a rear bumper without marking it all up and BTW don’t touch that Datsun !

    Rudy BishopRudy BishopMånad sedan
  • Sreten, that paint shop gives a vibe of being in a rush. Instead of being polite and waiting on approval of the color, rushed ahead. To further save time, didn't use an adhesion promoter. Sure get it right the second time.

    Adriel RowleyAdriel RowleyMånad sedan
  • Glad to help...go get em

    Thomas MooreThomas MooreMånad sedan
  • //M635CSi? Please, please.

    unixnerd23unixnerd23Månad sedan
  • I really understand your enthusiasm after quitting your job, i was in the same situation, back in october 2019 i bought a 2006 honda accord and filmed it as a fan on a SEslow channel, and after about one month i became part of their team and now i film cars and motorcycles daily, in a unique style on the romanian side of SEslow...never been happier professionally speaking, i was drowning in an office full of idiots. When i film bmw cars i always make a reference to your interesting channel. Dobri filmovi, Sreten! Veliki pozdrav iz Rumunije😁

    Vlad MicsunescuVlad MicsunescuMånad sedan