Camping with Box Truck Boy in the Mountains (a van life vlog)

My friend RJ met up with me in his box truck, and we camped together for a couple days in the mountains. I've convinced him to open a youtube account, now we just need to convince him to do a build out and start making videos 😉 also, wish this boy a happy birthday, he's 26 today! 🎉🥳
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  • My friend RJ met up with me in his box truck, and we camped together for a couple days in the mountains. I've convinced him to open a youtube account, now we just need to convince him to do a build out and start making videos 😉 also, wish this boy a happy birthday, he's 26 today! 🎉🥳 *Chapters* 00:00 - box truck boy 01:16 - two trucks in the woods 01:45 - I find out im camping with a psycho 03:17 - a hammock montage 04:35 - I’d tell you where we found a pallet but then I’d have to kill you 05:24 - this is not my first rodeo 05:31 - my first rodeo 06:11 - HERE WE GO AGAIN 07:53 - guess wtf we’re saying ft questionable Swedish accents 09:42 - I will sword fight anyone with anything 10:46 - a new day 11:11 - wow I suck at my job 11:55 - I follow through 12:35 - RJ does not drop anything 13:29 - I slept with my doors open and it rained in the middle of the night, and I had to close them halfway through, but I didn’t film that, so I’m mentioning it here 14:48 - I brought him coffee in the rain in my pajamas, I get good friend points 15:23 - goddamit its cold again 15:43 - another campfire 17:01 - lost old boys 19:28 - yes we did have pasta for dinner 3 nights in a row 19:31 - confidence is way too high here Hannah 19:52 - aww last morning 20:55 - 👋

    hannahleedugganhannahleedugganMånad sedan
    • Jelly definitely goes on top bruh!

      LynnLynn20 dagar sedan
    • Me and my partner just got married In the blue ridge area 2 weeks ago 😍 we haven’t posted any videos because yah know newlywed time. We did a 12 day honeymoon from NC to FL and back up to NJ

      DoubleTroubleAdventureDoubleTroubleAdventure20 dagar sedan
    • Happy birthday :)

      Halley EvansHalley Evans27 dagar sedan
    • I mean like

      lena richardslena richards29 dagar sedan
    • Comment number 555💫✨

      lena richardslena richards29 dagar sedan
  • I always do jelly first lol

    Marti SeelyeMarti Seelye2 dagar sedan
  • Peanut butter first! You can’t have jelly sogging up your bagel....ew

    KRo 1969KRo 19693 dagar sedan
  • I agree, peanut butter, then jelly

    David LeutzingerDavid Leutzinger3 dagar sedan
  • PB & J Instructions: Peanut Butter on one piece of bread, then wipe off the knife on the other slice of bread. Then apply jelly to the slice of bread that you wiped off the knife on. Put the two together and eat.

    KellyKelly3 dagar sedan
  • Om glad you have a boy friend. You about the same age as my Neice. Who is Independent like you. But, this camping in the woods with friends. Ain't happening. I don't have a bad heart. I don't want one eother

    Hordes CoffeeHordes Coffee4 dagar sedan
  • I had pb&j a handful of times in my life only but pb first makes all the sense in the world 😂 it's natural... Can't imagine people making buttered toast and jam and put jam first 🥺❤️ - amazing videos, been binge watching your videos since yesterday and i will be sad when i will finish watching everything!

    Marius FecheteMarius Fechete6 dagar sedan
  • It is theoretically easier to spread peanut butter on bread than it is to spread it on jelly because the bread has more friction to wipe the peanut butter on. I can just imagine spreading peanut butter on jelly and the jelly would go all over the place 🤣 I’ve never tried it though, so I could be wrong. maybe the porous bread may just absorb the jelly enough to allow the peanut butter to cling on the bread.

    Amelia's Cozy CornerAmelia's Cozy Corner7 dagar sedan
  • IncoHEARant! I loveeeee that game it’s so much fun. Lol.

    Ashley AndrewsAshley Andrews8 dagar sedan
  • Always jelly first then PB. If you do PB then jelly, I die. Allergic to PB.

    FindingDowcetFindingDowcet8 dagar sedan
  • Hannah please buy a pot with a locking strainer lid

    MM9 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever seen someone who needs a dog so much in your life? The pure joy in this i swear

    Annie HAnnie H9 dagar sedan
  • Jelly first always

    ValentineValentine10 dagar sedan
  • peanut butter always 1st. that's why its called peanut butter and jelly, not jelly and peanut butter.

    tbone24tbone2410 dagar sedan

    lucy xxoolucy xxoo11 dagar sedan
  • You have to use peanut butter after everything because you don’t want to leave anything peanut butter in your jelly because people that do have peanut allergy is really dangerous to them and I only know that because I knew someone that was allergic to peanut and if you would have been at her house she would of throw everything in the garbage can because of her son allergic to peanut this is very serious for those people and I can’t never do that again I take 2 knife if I have to because you never know how could use anything that you had used previously for peanut butter

    D RD R11 dagar sedan
  • One side piece with Peanut Butter and the other piece with jelly (lots o jelly). Beautiful park there.

    SojollySojolly12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Hannah 🥰 I have a feeling like I'm traveling all these places, so nice to see it.

    Svetlana SSvetlana S12 dagar sedan
  • I would be a little bit scared to leave my doors open while i slept.

    Shelley WilkinsonShelley Wilkinson12 dagar sedan
  • I'm a jelly first too person. Easier to wipe of jelly than peanut butter.

    Meg MeyerMeg Meyer12 dagar sedan
  • Peanut butter firs lol

    Cristina CCristina C12 dagar sedan
  • HANNAH!!!! $1...BUY A STRAINER!!!😂😂😂💖

    Nicole CottleNicole Cottle12 dagar sedan
  • bro i literally waved when he left like wtf. 😂😂

    Hey It’s PaigeHey It’s Paige12 dagar sedan
  • Ok this is adorable and I want it

    viceb7viceb715 dagar sedan
  • this has to be the laziest vlog 😒

    BeyondHopeBeyondHope15 dagar sedan
  • This is not my first rodeo.. Spills pasta AGAIN same way lmaoo

    esmaesma15 dagar sedan
  • Jelly absolutely goes on the top. That man scares me lol

    Shi VendettaShi Vendetta15 dagar sedan
  • once you get enough followers can you earn money making you tube videos, I am building up my land from nothing to something

    Jaded WillowoodJaded Willowood15 dagar sedan
  • Love the beannie, overalls and sweater look Hannah!! Its Lit 🔥🔥🔥

    gateway eye59gateway eye5916 dagar sedan

    lilzhae1lilzhae116 dagar sedan
  • This guy isn't the one. He didn't eat the dirt pasta.

    caseyknowscaseyknows16 dagar sedan
  • It's peanut butter and jelly, not jelly and peanut buttter. Lol, jk.

    dailey3drevolvedailey3drevolve17 dagar sedan
  • Please buy a pot with a lid that locks in place and has a strainer in the lid. We hate seeing you loose noodles. Love, Internet parents.

    Corey & Angie CrawfordCorey & Angie Crawford17 dagar sedan
  • First you spread one bread slice with Butter, or a spread like Smart Balance. Then you spread your Jam or Jelly over that. The other slice gets the Peanut Butter.

    StinkFingerrStinkFingerr18 dagar sedan
  • He's really cute, funny, and decent. Unlike the last guy who was so creepy lol

    IcySyncIcySync19 dagar sedan
  • The second time your water from noodle pot, I lost it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 deep belly laugh as you danced around with the redemption pot of noodles! Hilarious and redeemed! Blessings!

    Chrissie VanDykeChrissie VanDyke19 dagar sedan
  • Can someone tell me where this is exactly??? I live in ga and my boyfriend and I want to go camping at this spot.

    Dawn SmithDawn Smith19 dagar sedan
    • Lemme see if I can find the spot again.

      OfTheMeadowOfTheMeadow5 dagar sedan
  • I'm judging both of you lol. Cut the bagel in half. One half gets peanut butter and the other half gets jelly. Then put them together.

    Shannon Jo AckerShannon Jo Acker20 dagar sedan
  • Why is it nobody says anything about Hook Ups in Van Life ??

    SAMM KinderSAMM Kinder20 dagar sedan
  • I have never thad a peanut butter and jam sandwich

    NirjharNirjhar20 dagar sedan
  • I'm thinking I wanna be you when I grow up. 😂 I'm 65. 😂

    Phoebe VanderhorstPhoebe Vanderhorst20 dagar sedan
  • Aaaw cute watching u two.

    G RiosG Rios20 dagar sedan

    sick beanssick beans21 dag sedan
  • I’m here to speak out as a strong believer in Jelly Then PB method. Jelly is DEFINITELY easier to wipe off the knife before then getting your PB, not the other way around!! I support you, RJ lol

    Madeline ParkerMadeline Parker21 dag sedan
  • Happy birthday RJ

    Three ClownsThree Clowns21 dag sedan
  • As a sweed im a little ofended🦭🌯

    Majken YsanderMajken Ysander21 dag sedan
  • He has dean winchester vibes lol !!!

    Kiley MKiley M21 dag sedan
  • hannah girl how come you never wear your mask :(

    Kaela MurilloKaela Murillo21 dag sedan
  • Pb first then jelly

    sarahhockenberry09sarahhockenberry0922 dagar sedan
  • 🌟

    Jean SommerJean Sommer22 dagar sedan
  • You dropped your pasta in the first video I watched from you too 😹

    Hannah MiresHannah Mires22 dagar sedan

    Jonaé AlyseJonaé Alyse22 dagar sedan
  • Her and RJ would make a cute couple 🥰

    Evie .L. SwanEvie .L. Swan22 dagar sedan
  • Omg he is not talking Swedish at all 😂 lol I am from Sweden 🇸🇪

    M E JM E J22 dagar sedan
  • I put the peanut butter on one side, the jam on the other side, cut down the middle and squish them both together. No open faced PBJ Begals for me.

    Snarky McSneSnarky McSne22 dagar sedan
  • She dropped the spaghetti... AGAIN AHAHAHAHHSHSHSHSHS😭

    Jemima CdsJemima Cds22 dagar sedan
  • What’s the card game you were playing around the campfire? Looked like lots of fun! X

    Charlotte Furness WriterCharlotte Furness Writer22 dagar sedan
  • They need to get together already their a cute couple

    AmandaAmanda23 dagar sedan
  • Lowkey ship these too together.

    Peta StaffordPeta Stafford23 dagar sedan
  • Do we need a crowdfunder to get Hannah a colander/sieve for future spaghetti endeavours? 😜

    Charlotte Furness WriterCharlotte Furness Writer23 dagar sedan
  • You clearly need yourself a pup lol

    Kailee HagmannKailee Hagmann23 dagar sedan
  • Can someone tell me what the song is at 11:13? Also, as a Swedish person, I am not insulted ;)

    Ulrika LandströmUlrika Landström23 dagar sedan
  • poor leashed dog in nature

    Kuya TomKuya Tom23 dagar sedan
  • Did she really actually rinse off the pasta that spilled onto the ground and then eat it. Because pasta absorbs EVERYTHING, it doesn't just rinse off even if you were to reheat it the pasta still already soaked it up.

    PoM MoMPoM MoM23 dagar sedan
  • I would suggest getting one of those pots with the holes in the lid for straining lol

    Metassebia HailemariamMetassebia Hailemariam23 dagar sedan
  • Hannah, for the love for all things good, you need a STRAINER lol or... maybe not because my first video I watched of you you dropped the spaghetti and just stared at it and I laughed so hard... but please... get a strainer

    Madison JettMadison Jett23 dagar sedan
  • Does a bear shit in the woods

    Luke LondLuke Lond23 dagar sedan
  • Peanut butter always comes first, than jelly on top. It’s easier to spread that way imo 😁

    Jillian NobleJillian Noble23 dagar sedan
  • @hannahleeduggan what is going on with the tree behind you guys at the campfire 8min and 40 seconds into the vid. It looks like it has white flames coming out of it.

    Irish BlokeIrish Bloke24 dagar sedan
  • He reminds me of Graham Coxon 🌹 Nice Video

    Catalina Elena SandovalCatalina Elena Sandoval24 dagar sedan
  • Yep, peanut butter first!

    Linda StatesLinda States24 dagar sedan
  • I totally agree pb always goes before jelly! If you get a little pb in your jelly then that’s fine but jelly has to stay cold so it can get gross in your pb!!

    TheGoingcrazygirlTheGoingcrazygirl24 dagar sedan
  • You need to adopt a puppy ☺️ seems like u would definitely enjoy one ❤️

    Peace Love And HopePeace Love And Hope24 dagar sedan
  • The Barilla pasta ad I got on this is too fitting 🤣

    Selena RamosSelena Ramos25 dagar sedan
  • Y’all just fought the entire time 😂

    Kharnellia AngeliqueKharnellia Angelique25 dagar sedan
  • You have to buy a colander for the pasta😂

    FedericaFederica25 dagar sedan
  • abrams campground. is like that i loved the night i got to spend there. and it smelled so earthy there. its in tennessee.

    Denise KingDenise King25 dagar sedan
  • He says "DON'T ASK THE INTERNET" because he KNOWS he is 1,000% wrong.

    William WrennWilliam Wrenn25 dagar sedan
  • Hi hannah, i love ur videos. I look forward every week so see them and see what u r up to. Your videos calm me. Can you tell your friend to start doing videos too with the doggy? He should build a house in his car and record it like you! It would be awesome!

    Angelica HerreraAngelica Herrera25 dagar sedan
  • I always thought you we're so small and tiny Now I see you next to him and, dang you're tall

    villian hitoshi shinsovillian hitoshi shinso25 dagar sedan
  • You’re just the most beautiful train wreck

    Erin GinnErin Ginn25 dagar sedan
  • He’s so cute!

    Margo DempseyMargo Dempsey25 dagar sedan
  • Jelly firsttttt lol make less of a mess lol RJ is correct lol

    Kailee HagmannKailee Hagmann25 dagar sedan
  • PB first all the way lol

    Sabrina AstleSabrina Astle26 dagar sedan
  • Best first date everrrr!

    Summer WiseSummer Wise26 dagar sedan
  • I know van life is different and there's always gonna be loose stuff but those roller skates being so near your head are stressing me out.

    Sarah DeeSarah Dee26 dagar sedan
  • you should make another video of you guys doing up his truck!!

    Vanessa AVanessa A26 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually so curious as to where you go #1 and #2 LOOL

    Vanessa AVanessa A26 dagar sedan
  • This is the cutest first date I have ever seen 💗

    occupied1111occupied111126 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn’t you just put Jelly on one side and Peanut butter on the other and put them together???

    WHAATEVENWHAATEVEN26 dagar sedan
  • Peanut butter first, then Jelly. EOS. Love the fact that she has a teddy bear!

    Paul BrochnerPaul Brochner26 dagar sedan
  • What a sweet heart. He let you cook and eat the dirty pasta that fell on the ground

    Daniel PaoliDaniel Paoli26 dagar sedan
  • Wait I cannot believe you just ate that LOL I would have fed it to the animals and fasted Jajajaja You are a G. Also I can definitely see how real shit can get 0-100 real quick!

    Katherine Ixchel SalasKatherine Ixchel Salas26 dagar sedan
  • You drinking banquet and him drinking lights 😬🤣🤣

    Mackenzie IreneMackenzie Irene27 dagar sedan
  • Chilling in the mountains drinking coors camping for ever would be a dream sure its hard at time but overall seems peaceful imo

    Jacob BJacob B27 dagar sedan
  • I think the spaghetti is on purpose!!!!! Surely someone would have WANTED to get a strainer by now!!!!! What a waste...for what...a video!!!

    Gail DavisGail Davis27 dagar sedan
  • Were you in North Carolina grassy creek for this? If so, there's a huge possibility you were very close to where I live!

    Beth WagnerBeth Wagner27 dagar sedan
  • I live in the blue ridge mountains! But in Virginia! I own a Jersey milk cow you need to come camping here! 🤣🧡 And I own like 5 strainers! 🤣

    melissa kiblermelissa kibler27 dagar sedan
  • I mean that fake swedish accent wasnt too far off actually, coming from a swede

    Albin WingeAlbin Winge27 dagar sedan
  • What size carhartt overalls did ya get? Small short or small regular, I need a pair for work & im scared to order them & I cannot try any on because C0v1d 🤦🏼‍♀️😭 I’ve been needed them for a long while too, I’m just riding it out.

    Hugh Mad BroHugh Mad Bro27 dagar sedan