How Difficult are FOOTBALLERS Most INSANE VIRAL Moments?

I spent a week trying to re-create footballers most insane skills, how hard can they be?
football soccer recreation challenge. messi ronaldo neymar soccer tricks and skills.
Kieran Brown

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  • Payet chewing gum was better

    -_--_-34 minuter sedan
  • 4:57 why he would be a bad kindergarten teacher

    WhelpWhelp6 timmar sedan
  • Dude why are u hands sooo red

    mark kornsmark korns10 timmar sedan
  • 70% of their ball control

    Ahmed MotiAhmed Moti10 timmar sedan
  • Different type of glass and he was a bit further so the ball had time to gain speed.

    DamianDamian12 timmar sedan
  • I applaud your effort

    Avin SrivastavaAvin Srivastava12 timmar sedan
  • To be fair the 1st glass broke the secomd ome

    Arnar PàllArnar PàllDag sedan
  • 5:02 since when could Kepa save

    Mossimo TurcoMossimo TurcoDag sedan
  • The utopian egg postauricularly close because gliding sadly type down a optimal spy. mighty, useless tanzania

    Gasper EnglemannGasper EnglemannDag sedan
  • It’s the wrong glass fs it didn’t break it shattered

    Pixxa_blue 1Pixxa_blue 1Dag sedan
  • The laser one you did It wrong they did It like snipers so they need to shoot to not just aiming at the ball

    Petr VaňourekPetr Vaňourek2 dagar sedan
  • You used much different glass. Yours is a glass designed to completely shatter for safety. His did not.

    L RandolL Randol2 dagar sedan
  • You need something more firm to hold the glass. Those structures have too much give

    L. SamL. Sam2 dagar sedan
  • Dumb.

    Wyman SpaceWyman Space2 dagar sedan
  • Xabi Alonso was on his weak foot lad

    AndezAndez2 dagar sedan
  • Why airwaves???

    Faze-oompalumpa HDFaze-oompalumpa HD2 dagar sedan
  • Oh you mean Soccer

    Douglas MooreDouglas Moore2 dagar sedan
  • Nice video haha, looks fun :)

    Kumiko IshidaKumiko Ishida2 dagar sedan
  • 8:58 the most exciting one 😄❤

    BilalBilal2 dagar sedan
  • Messue the best man 😑❤❤❤

    BilalBilal2 dagar sedan
  • Hi, I'm Nathan.

    Alik ChukiAlik Chuki2 dagar sedan
  • The glass is impact glass You can tell from the shards

    CappCapp2 dagar sedan
  • The bashful sheep unquestionably arrange because bus intrestingly sign throughout a melodic boat. jumpy, determined ink

    Gasper EnglemannGasper Englemann3 dagar sedan
  • Definitely using the wrong glass for that one, you shouldn't use toughened glass. Oh and obviously the Kepa one was fake because he couldn't stop a taxi...

    Nero3979Nero39793 dagar sedan
  • The song at 1:24 is called retro funky (Sundance remix)

    LeafLeaf3 dagar sedan
  • England snow 😢😭😭🇨🇵

    Fraction MemesFraction Memes4 dagar sedan
  • Wrong type of glass

    LeonLeon4 dagar sedan
  • That Ronaldo Challenge Is so Foolish Lmao It also Depends On the person pointing the laser lmao 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • HEY! U don need to know how thick the glass Ronaldo used! They neasure the speed was 8Miles per hour.. So how fast is urs? So i mean if u speed is like a bit slower than 8mph.. Than which means they use a thinner glass... Pin me if this usefull!😉

    Game MasterGame Master4 dagar sedan
  • You used glass that broke differently. Easier for Ronaldo. You should try the glass again. But on like a court where you can sweep it up. And please for gods sake wear some glasses or something

    Tee SimonTee Simon5 dagar sedan
  • You’re too slow for the neymar clip. You have no explosion.

    Tee SimonTee Simon5 dagar sedan
  • The problem with your glass trick is that your poles weren't stable in the ground so a lot of energy was transferred through the whole construction instead of at the point of contact.

    Matt ParkerMatt Parker5 dagar sedan
  • The weather like bruh

    milk gang boimilk gang boi5 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo and Messi kinda look super human after seeing these challenges.

    Rodney MoongaRodney Moonga5 dagar sedan
  • The glass it wasn't the ball that broke the second pane of glass when ranoldo did it it was the glass breaking the glass with the force of the ball hitting it. So in reality it was the shot power of glass

  • How do you play when its so fogy?

  • Rinaldo didn't use toughened glass

    Matt MirandaMatt Miranda6 dagar sedan
  • Actually I was next to the training ground when Kepa did this and it’s actually real

    Nikolai KolevNikolai Kolev6 dagar sedan
  • The science behind the Ronaldo's kick is he hit the ball in centre of the FB in centre of glass so shift in momentum made the mass broken glass pieces to act like a bullet and pierced the other two glass👍👍

  • As if he used airways what a warrior

    Ben EasthamBen Eastham6 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo was probably using sugar glass

    deanmoncasterdeanmoncaster6 dagar sedan
  • You have the wrong type of glass in your try. You see the difference how ronaldos glass shatters in big pieces and yours crumble. Yours absorb way more energy.

    Vegard EdvardsenVegard Edvardsen7 dagar sedan
  • What is the music you used in this video?

    OnFire SportsOnFire Sports7 dagar sedan
  • o.O

    Piedro MilamanioPiedro Milamanio7 dagar sedan
  • Clean

    Luís Jesus Fã n1 do VLADLuís Jesus Fã n1 do VLAD7 dagar sedan
  • I appreciate the Fut 21 Jersey...

    ThinkthatsJay {Jaydha}ThinkthatsJay {Jaydha}8 dagar sedan
  • By the way his glasses broken you can see it's a completely different type of glass. They seemed to be less stiff than yours so they would break in a direction that he wasn't to guarantee he wouldn't get injured, like you almost got

    99Gara9999Gara998 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 Zlatan's trick, mate

    mediacenter manmediacenter man8 dagar sedan
  • Soccer: omg guys 56 meters is such a good pass AFL: that was a pretty good 70 meter pass

    IDrinkBleqch_IDrinkBleqch_8 dagar sedan
    • @Ludwig van Beethoven afl is kicking too

      IDrinkBleqch_IDrinkBleqch_6 dagar sedan
    • It's a big difference throwing an egg shaped bullet like ball with you hands and a round ball with your feet

      Ludwig van BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven6 dagar sedan
  • Sweden

    team831team8319 dagar sedan
  • I'm watching the video and the one thing in my mind is how depressing is the sky and weather is in UK. I live in Dubai and while the summer heat is 45+ at least it's sunny all year round

    SuhaibSuhaib9 dagar sedan
  • The Sancho one is real another Youtuver got it 2nd try

    LeoR 7LeoR 710 dagar sedan
  • I understood 3 words in the entire video

    W0LFW0LF10 dagar sedan
    • Watch 60+ of his videos and you will start to get the accent.

      Anurag ChakrabortyAnurag Chakraborty8 dagar sedan
  • Really appreciate your effort man.

    Aarif RezanielAarif Rezaniel10 dagar sedan
  • cool with that Sweden shirt!

    Niklas KNiklas K11 dagar sedan
  • With the glass one, Ronaldo had bigger panes of glass meaning that the tension level was lower, which would allow him to get the panes to break easier.

    NotKrispyNotKrispy12 dagar sedan
  • Are you from norway or sweden

    Ole Martin Bratterud FernholtOle Martin Bratterud Fernholt12 dagar sedan
  • The glass staged in Ronaldo's video are probably thinner. It also doesn't bounced back easily but still I'm pretty sure Ronaldo do give more power to the ball.

    Asunatsu「 アスナツ 」Asunatsu「 アスナツ 」12 dagar sedan
  • Watch the 2nd glass panel brake from the shrapnel from the 1st panel I think 4mm glass is to thick maybe 2mm glass was used for Christiano

    TomTom13 dagar sedan
  • This was worldclass

    Arju hereArju here13 dagar sedan
  • Yaa good brother really feeling you also like cr7 ,mess, Suarez all in one 😇😇

    Naad himNaad him14 dagar sedan
  • To give you even more credit on the glass breaking challenge- the stands wobbled a lot, meaning they absorbed a significant amount of the ball’s energy and thus decreased the force applied to the glass itself. That combined with the toughened glass you used put you at a huge disadvantage.

    Randy ReedRandy Reed15 dagar sedan
  • 4:56 holds up 3 fingers means 4

    F1 Track LapsF1 Track Laps15 dagar sedan

  • You mean Soccer

    hadden sprousehadden sprouse15 dagar sedan
  • Incredible skills man, kudos

    Russell JacksonRussell Jackson15 dagar sedan
  • While it was snowing I was having hot chocolate 🍫🥛

    Marsha IshmaelMarsha Ishmael16 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for going into the snow for us☃️⛄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    Marsha IshmaelMarsha Ishmael16 dagar sedan
  • The kepa one is fake cuz kepa can’t catch a ball

    Lesley MoffettLesley Moffett16 dagar sedan
  • Just wondering, whats up with all the scandi clothing? Sweden jacket and norway hat, Dont Get me wrong, i like it, i just dont understand why?

    Bjørn André Fosseli HagenBjørn André Fosseli Hagen16 dagar sedan
  • nice vids and attempts. u should try doing Ronaldinho juggling with the crossbars multiple times

    maoh Samamaoh Sama17 dagar sedan
  • When he said four he put up three fingers

    Sutton ManiaSutton Mania17 dagar sedan
  • You here a swedish shirt im kom from sweden

    Kossan Ko coolKossan Ko cool18 dagar sedan
  • the glass maybe is thicker than the one ronaldo had.. if it was thin glass the ball shouldnt have enough time to rebound and should pass through

    Joshua BoamJoshua Boam18 dagar sedan
  • With Özil the trick wasn't to juggle the gum but the cocky smile after it 😉

    TheRumpaliXTheRumpaliX18 dagar sedan
  • I bet on the no.3 the ball for me it will get hit 10000

    Rainy_HiRainy_Hi18 dagar sedan
  • The sparkling step-grandmother connolly save because cylinder selectively advise apud a cut lynx. hoc, dusty tea

    chr ehchr eh19 dagar sedan
  • I think in Ronaldo's case the glasses were closer to each other than yours....making it easier to break through.

    Bhaswardeep SikdarBhaswardeep Sikdar19 dagar sedan
  • I love the dog having a poo at 6:03 min

    Henry MackenzieHenry Mackenzie19 dagar sedan
  • Even pros fake clips for advertisement purposes, don't be fooled by your weak mind that praises these pro players.

    ༒☬AŇgeℓofdeสth☬༒༒☬AŇgeℓofdeสth☬༒19 dagar sedan
  • Try to reach the high level of ronaldo header' For sure it take's you a lifetime'😁

    Montes RonaldMontes Ronald19 dagar sedan
  • The sides holding the glass moved less on Ronaldos attempt. You should make it more stable. Should be easier.

    Vegard KlausVegard Klaus19 dagar sedan
  • the force from the shot went into the wobble of the stand, with ronaldos shot it isnt the ball that breaks through the second and third pane but the shards from the first launched off the ball. Also yeah, tempered glass is stronger, but shatters completely if any piece breaks, Ronaldo's shot was more like breaking the surface tension of water.

    Nicholas AckermanNicholas Ackerman19 dagar sedan
  • Why are you even celebrating after 18 attempts, doing it your first attempt is what matters.

    Honest ReviewsHonest Reviews19 dagar sedan
  • the glass one u did made it harder cause the glass u used was smaller with made it stronger and his was bigger which made it weaker. And if that doesnt make sense let me put it like this, try and break a pencil that is 3cm long and u cant, but try break one that is 15cm, its weaker

    Nv Cyn1xNv Cyn1x20 dagar sedan
  • Today I lost 2-6 but I scored one and assist on the other

    Laura BeckerLaura Becker20 dagar sedan
  • You have to buy non toughened glass lol but nice try

    Gaming King_28Gaming King_2821 dag sedan
  • മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ 👍👍👍

    Remya RemyaRemya Remya21 dag sedan
  • how i it o misty

    Ethan ChrissEthan Chriss22 dagar sedan
  • Let Lukaku try that pass challenge 😂😂 his touch= pass

    DR. POODR. POO22 dagar sedan
  • Why is is so Misty

    Nerf guns Elite nerfNerf guns Elite nerf22 dagar sedan
  • Where you get that team of the week jersey??

    Benny No Bull _Benny No Bull _23 dagar sedan
  • The fact that you're shite doesn't mean everyone is too mate.

    Mansur AhmedMansur Ahmed23 dagar sedan
  • The glass is not as big as the glass in ronaldo’s clip , if you bring bigger glass next time tou will break more than one in one try

    SKS_yassoelalfySKS_yassoelalfy24 dagar sedan
  • Hi you have replied to my teacher and we all loved the message thank you so much

    Dusty bus man chav Wag 1Dusty bus man chav Wag 124 dagar sedan
  • How about Ronaldinho’s hitting the crossbar over and over while juggling the ball?

    Michael A. VelasquezMichael A. Velasquez24 dagar sedan
  • Says 4, holds up 3 fingers 😂🤣😂🤣

    jaydgreen1jaydgreen124 dagar sedan
  • I remember trying the Neymar one years ago. I felt so dumb afterwards.

    AstroAstro24 dagar sedan
  • It's quite dumb that he kicks the ball of the tarp instead of putting the glass on the tarp 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Juelz MorrisJuelz Morris24 dagar sedan
  • The Ronaldo laser challenge didn’t count how many times the laser touched the ball, it counted how many times the guy on the laser pulled the trigger while it was on the ball, so I think you did great.

    Jorge ValleJorge Valle25 dagar sedan