LZ Compound Renovations Have Begun!

Turbo S is back! R34 is officially home too! Little update video bringing you guys up to speed as we end the planning phase of the biggest changes to come! LZMFG.com

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  • used to live in Florida but 100% forgot lovebugs existed

    Sebastian CoeSebastian Coe5 dagar sedan
  • It's not Pamanera, Panamera.

    ojas chandegaveojas chandegave13 dagar sedan
  • The Fiber is a Life changer...

    KTE Knight Time EditionKTE Knight Time Edition16 dagar sedan
  • PaMaNeRa :D

    DSHanskaDSHanska21 dag sedan
  • How about an indoor skatepark...

    YakPaks truckYakPaks truck24 dagar sedan
  • Adam I been watching your videos for years sell me a car! I can’t find anything worth a damn in Florida and I sold my s14 with a rb20det running with a rb25 turbo last year for 3500, what you got for sale. That’s not my budget, what ya got!? How much?! Lol

    Austin KiefferAustin Kieffer25 dagar sedan
    • Also I build showers and do floors I have my own business maybe we could work something out?

      Austin KiefferAustin Kieffer25 dagar sedan
  • Good luck.😎

    Mohamad HidayatMohamad Hidayat26 dagar sedan
  • 12:36 - That would be a great spot for a balcony.

    hycron1234hycron123428 dagar sedan
  • Why ruin the show room...

    Jake thetacoguyJake thetacoguy29 dagar sedan
  • This is fun sir

    Danny WannyDanny Wanny29 dagar sedan
  • Love it! Thumbs up.

    Ivans Bikes BmwsIvans Bikes Bmws29 dagar sedan
  • Pamanara 😂

    Americanpatriot2Americanpatriot2Månad sedan
  • Pamanara

    JSJSMånad sedan
  • "All the peasent youtubers who unbox stuff"...Stay humble Adam!

    Shaker 345Shaker 345Månad sedan
  • Look into bridging Starlink into your fiber setup

    Nick HanscomeNick HanscomeMånad sedan
  • You should add more lighting in the room you’ve put the new carpet

    Simon BerlinguetteSimon BerlinguetteMånad sedan
  • *This an awesome compound, but sadly those sinking problems will only worsen*

    Mr ManMr ManMånad sedan
  • I will hook you up input and help with the FIBER... hit me up

    Christian Brothers RestorationChristian Brothers RestorationMånad sedan
  • I can’t wait for this to all be done & bring my GS to Adam to work on it with his cool team 😎

    VariousVaughnVariousVaughnMånad sedan
  • Nothing better than putting together a new race shop ! Looking great...

    mann5353mann5353Månad sedan
  • 👍🏽👍🏽

    Rick SpenkelinkRick SpenkelinkMånad sedan
  • Hey Adam the “n” comes before the “m” in Panemera

    Seth BaldwinSeth BaldwinMånad sedan
  • The fiber internet will get you way faster speeds then 30 up and down

    Boom SquadBoom SquadMånad sedan
  • In 5 years this is going ot be the underground sanctuary hidden away from the EPA

    Eliáš MachálekEliáš MachálekMånad sedan
  • Duuuude I got you your hook up on vinyl flooring

    Phobic GuavaPhobic GuavaMånad sedan
  • Sound soak acoustic panels and fabricmate system will sound proof that upstairs room

    Dustin PetersDustin PetersMånad sedan
  • PaMAnErA 🥴

  • What kind of car is it again?

    JoshuaJoshuaMånad sedan
  • Pamanara

    Curtis DaveyCurtis DaveyMånad sedan
  • Niceeee gtr

    Diego Investigado!Diego Investigado!Månad sedan
  • I want to be you someday

    SpinalSpinalMånad sedan
  • wait yall say paManera?

    Maxime VhwMaxime VhwMånad sedan
  • Trim that damn mustache

    JonesJonesMånad sedan
  • Adam for the upstairs area. Instead of getting bigger windows you should put a sliding glass door like the one where you enter the room. That way its more "window" space and goes to the floor aswell as you can open it so you'd be able to talk to someone that is below in the garage without having to leave the room and walk all the way to the garage area.

    SPL2SPL2Månad sedan
  • has over 100 lifts 'buys more lifts'

    ParKKos97ParKKos97Månad sedan
  • The disastrous poland disappointedly blind because prison radiologically punch over a drab tent. gullible gusty, actually stone

    Theodora PassmoreTheodora PassmoreMånad sedan
  • Instead of extending the windows you should put in sliding doors on that side also with a little balcony

    Jon AlgerJon AlgerMånad sedan
  • 10:11 bro your ceiling fans are dead haha

    Diamond HeadDiamond HeadMånad sedan
  • That is a sweet setup! This literally reminds of the scene in Breaking Bad where Gustavo shows Walter White the Underground Super Lab!!!!

    MansaBusaMansaBusaMånad sedan
  • *I wanna see Rudnik boarder line pass away in that lounge*

    Gavin AdamsGavin AdamsMånad sedan
  • Lol whats new a broken German car.

    Aaron WoodardAaron WoodardMånad sedan
  • Porsche Marinara

    Cameron MardisCameron MardisMånad sedan
  • @vtuned would actually do some crazy stuff w you man...🤯 you could fix your cars there

    JuniorJuniorMånad sedan
  • What’s with his hair? 😂

    Bam WrightBam WrightMånad sedan
  • Hmm, that edge on the concrete vs gocarts doesn't seem to be good for each outher 😂 maybe mark it with a flourescent color or something for time beeing hehe 😜

    Henrik KarlssonHenrik KarlssonMånad sedan
  • Just say panamera

    Burrito Bowl01Burrito Bowl01Månad sedan
  • Panamera, not pamanera

    FTWKFTWKMånad sedan
  • How much does LZ pay in annual car tax ? It's 800 per year for just one of my cars :/

    StevyGamingStevyGamingMånad sedan
  • I do heating and air for a living but you need to open them vents if to many is closed it can make back presser on the unit and we'll make it work harder

    Brian UnderwoodBrian UnderwoodMånad sedan
  • When you realize he was being serious when he said pamanera and not Panamera 😂😂

    Jordan MckeelJordan MckeelMånad sedan
  • You should consider installing pylons on the outside corners of your AC units :)

    Kil7witch84Kil7witch84Månad sedan

    Hannes MarschalekHannes MarschalekMånad sedan
  • I love the constructive comments regarding machinery and not seeing any hate.

    RodgerRodgerMånad sedan
  • Where is the 370z

    antonio walkerantonio walkerMånad sedan
  • Replace the lighting in the roof of the loft to a flush mount LED downlight, you’ll get rid of the spot effect of the existing lights and have a better spread for filming 🤙

    Nathan OakleyNathan OakleyMånad sedan
  • Cool side hawk

    Marc TorresMarc TorresMånad sedan
  • I cringe everytime you say Panamera

    Jdm GuyJdm GuyMånad sedan
  • What radar detector do you use?

    BrettBrettMånad sedan
  • The guy above me farted

    Jhon JohnsonJhon JohnsonMånad sedan
  • What a dream come true

    David “Kelmsta” KelmDavid “Kelmsta” KelmMånad sedan
  • Should've gotten manual instead of PDK. True driers car.

    Dylan HDylan HMånad sedan
  • Hey Adam you said fiber if it's threw At&t let me know I can definitely take a look into that for you and find out and get hat taken care of!

    Fraggett _-_Fraggett _-_Månad sedan
  • I'm jealous, but not like bad jealous. I'm happy for Adam, but damn would I love this shit...

    Didas 97Didas 97Månad sedan
  • his loft is the size of some houses. LOL

    Brady AndersonBrady AndersonMånad sedan
  • Adam lives an amazing life.

    scottcol23scottcol23Månad sedan
  • Why have mask on inside car?

    J OlivierJ OlivierMånad sedan
  • take your mask off. SCAMDEMIC

    Chook ChookChook ChookMånad sedan
  • Sounds like he's saying Panera Like Panera Bread.. lol Adam TROLL level 100!

    scottcol23scottcol23Månad sedan
  • U just can't make these videos fast enough lol. I love these so much, literally a dream compound and just so many garages for cars and shop space 😍😍😍

    alindbmxalindbmxMånad sedan
  • Dude really struggles to say panamera 😂😂

    Alek McmurrayAlek McmurrayMånad sedan
  • It would be really cool to see peter McKinnon film and edit one of your videos.

    Kaden BeraKaden BeraMånad sedan
  • Blue rug looked better 🤷‍♂️

  • the awesome thing about this compound is that Adam and Colette can take breaks from each other, while still being home. and they announce they're ready to make up with burnouts in the shape of hearts lol 😆😂...sorry, I'm weird. still funny. this should be like a legit tv show lol 😆😂👍

    sesssessMånad sedan
  • Seeing all of those gorgeous JDM and Euro cars together in the shop is soooo EPIC😦

    AbarthCorsaAbarthCorsaMånad sedan
  • Would you and your friends and employees be interested in doing a retro mod of a SC300 manual with a budget of $18000?

    christopher Oberlanderchristopher OberlanderMånad sedan
  • Please bring back the BMX just for one episode

    Zakke HoelscherZakke HoelscherMånad sedan
  • Fixing the buidings on a Budget..also leaving the building with 60 lifts empty, and installing new lifts and cutting up floors in the building that has no lifts...it's good to have disposable cash

    Peter van DiggelenPeter van DiggelenMånad sedan
  • that upstairs lounge, carpet the walls. otherwise is gonna be loud with echoes.

    sesssessMånad sedan
  • Bmx park at the compound ?

    EliEliMånad sedan
  • Sick!!!

    Manual Medicine Björn HermanssonManual Medicine Björn HermanssonMånad sedan
  • Did they fix the steering wheel?

    Darrell's Adventure.Darrell's Adventure.Månad sedan
  • Cmon LZBMX, no quarter pipe in the compound?

    Lucas RhynerLucas RhynerMånad sedan
  • Probably would have performed more consistent at Road Atlanta if would've relaxed a bit more the few days beforehand. Going into an event after running silly for days beforehand leads to exhaustion and reduced reflexes.

    TVS GT500TVS GT500Månad sedan
  • I kinda think you should just build your own daily driver. edit: I hAvE R34 bUt BuY PORSCHE fOr DaILy DrIVeR 🥴

    sesssessMånad sedan

    Zahir Teknoloji StudioZahir Teknoloji StudioMånad sedan
  • I'm a carpet installer and that was pretty cool to watch even tho I install everyday.

    Chuck CecilChuck CecilMånad sedan
  • The homeless day considerably slow because knowledge postnatally camp about a venomous vermicelli. broad, smoggy protocol

    San MarcosSan MarcosMånad sedan
  • You should reach out to Linus after hearing the Fiber !

    SourBogBubbleSourBogBubbleMånad sedan
  • I am so exited for you the compound has the biggest potential for car guy paradise that ive ever seen ♥️

    SLOW201SLOW201Månad sedan
  • I remember when you had the s13 and 335i lmao now u have a collection with a huuuuge shop I’m so happy

    giannis pogiannis poMånad sedan
  • I think it’d be sick if you had someone paint a huge lzmfg mural on the back wall of the shop so you can see it from the windows

    ReziReziMånad sedan
  • Myfiber

    Leighton LundstromLeighton LundstromMånad sedan
  • So what happened to the turbo c8 and sheepy? It seems all the videos have been scrubbed from the channel?

    ChicagoModzzChicagoModzzMånad sedan
  • I’m dead at the trolling with the panamera name changes 😂😂😂 trigger activated on many heads

    Rafael HernandezRafael HernandezMånad sedan
  • Panamera

    Nicolas FrancisNicolas FrancisMånad sedan
  • Didn’t you just buy a Porsche to daily now he wanne be mister el cheapoooooo 😂🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

    Purple 89Purple 89Månad sedan
  • Get rid of that perv stash

    Night KruzerNight KruzerMånad sedan
  • whats the beat used at 8:35 ?

    Nicklas HesselNicklas HesselMånad sedan
  • Is it "pam-anera" or is it "panamera"...

    PakchoBlackPakchoBlackMånad sedan
  • Does anyone remember when he just had a 240sx or 180 I can’t remember but damn he’s moved up in the world like hell I want this to happen to me.

    Capital Camp9093Capital Camp9093Månad sedan