when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares


EDIT: Moments where Gordon LIKES THE FOOD, if it wasn't obvious.

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    • oh my god.

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  • Bruh her name Candice

    NOT ad3tyaNOT ad3tya24 minuter sedan
  • Anyone thinks the owner looks a bit like Freddie mercury?

    utopianutopian50 minuter sedan
  • I fed Gordon Ramsay and he CLEANED his PLATE. Biggest. FLEX. EVER

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  • I wil make ketchup and cheerios for the person making these titles

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  • looking at the description makes it even better

    Aron AmperAron Amper3 timmar sedan
  • Sheeeeesh

    el campitossel campitoss3 timmar sedan
  • Chef: Suck on this burger Jan! Jan: Your fired..

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  • 1:05 “What’s with the decorations? Who”s idea was that?” “Oh, it was mine and my husband’s.” “To eat in a swamp?” man, don’t disrespect my guy shrek like dat

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  • Chef David is by far my favorite person on kitchen nightmare because he isn't delusional

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  • Im subscribed!

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  • lol the blue shirt rv restaurant owner has always pissed me off for calling wagyu waygu.

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  • If your attitude as a chef is "Everything I make is perfection", much like any other walk of life, you've failed yourself before you even began. You can't improve if you think you're perfect. Even in the best of chefs or people for that matter, thoughts like that lead to stagnation and eventually degradation. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by thinking you're perfect. Accept criticism, learn from your own mistakes and acknowledge your failures.

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  • Looks like there's a new channel manager lmao

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  • Maxmoefoe and Chad must be running this channel

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  • who's running this channel

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  • I've been saved by mother Mary 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Lmao. Show trying to stay hip

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  • Kitchen nightmares channel person, I love you please marry me it would make me the happiest mf alive

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  • What is season and episode is this?????

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  • Jews have no business cooking Italian food. Their own cuisine is based on being as bland as possible. It's a tragedy.

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  • Zoomers have entered the workforce

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  • Title: When the food bussin Video: "Cold, bland, tasteless"

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  • to whoever runs this channel, i want to be friends rn🫂

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  • Whos candace?

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  • Why have I not subscribed to this channel yet?

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  • how is he so brave enough to say this sh*t lmfao

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  • 15:56 Gordon probably had an Ego from ratatouille moment after having that catfish

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  • The only person vordon likes is the waiters

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  • I thought it was fake

    sukh beslasukh besla11 timmar sedan
  • i clicked because of the title

    jett mjett m12 timmar sedan
  • When she told the chef that he liked his bread pudding, his reaction was just so cute🥺💜i absolutely loved it

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  • Pov: The person that makes the titles just learned a new phrase

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  • This whole video captures my mood when I cook Christmas dinner and my mom still finds something that she feels is wrong with it.

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  • What was the first waitress’ name

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  • the titles are sending me

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  • Someone's name's Candace...

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  • lol her name is candice

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  • who is behind this channel 😂

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  • Every delerious chef: "I don't have a problem with the food, I think it's delicious!" Me: "You're not the one paying for it to eat it!"

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  • "What's that strong after taste I'm getting?" It's called fucking flavour! 😂

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  • I’m convinced he doesn’t like food unless it’s desert

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  • wait whats the first servers name

    imnoahhimnoahh15 timmar sedan
  • nobody mentioning the waiters name is Candice

    𝓹𝓲𝓰𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓹𝓲𝓰𝓮𝓸𝓷16 timmar sedan
  • Her name is candice ahahah

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  • omg

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  • I cant help but laugh every time i see the tittle😂

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  • Notice how the majority of the nice food comes the chefs who work their not the stuck up owners who think they're the best chefs on the planet.

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  • The chef who cooked for Gordon is Priceless!

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  • I’m howling at the title

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  • Alan needs to get his ass out of his head.

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  • 'Candice where are the shrimps fresh' who's candice

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  • the person who is making these titles I don’t have any pigeons in my kitchen

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  • Most of those foods look straight up disgusting

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  • To the person running this channel, gimme your phone right now

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  • This channel seems to running by the actual admin's nephew. Like the actual guy gave his nephew gave him the password oneday and the nephew then locked him up and here we are with some of the best titles ever 😂

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  • It’s the ive never seen chicken so fucking hard for me 😂😂😂

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  • Awwwh the older lady who made the Red Velvet cake is so cute!

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  • Tilly?!! Is that you? I bet you she's running the account 🤣🤣

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  • Candice...?

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  • Apart from the last place all the other dishes he liked werent touched by the owner.

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  • Pain

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  • 6:23 The fnf girlfriend looks a bit different

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  • 5:05 was the best part. Hard me laughing to hard.

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  • 2:28 who’s Candice?

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  • whos running this channel i just wanna talk 💀

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  • The person that made that title LEGEND

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  • This is a masterpiece

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  • The redemption burger story is pure comedic gold. The two owners completely delusional with that bloody piece of meat on the plate with the chef waiting in the background, the coughing. Everything

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    • Medium rare girl

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  • Sheeeeh

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  • What I like most is the endless denial of the owners/chefs.

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  • Who hacked the account 😂

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  • The admin is valid

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  • This just in; Gordon is a cake aficionado

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  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhh

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  • thank you chef

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  • Is some tik tok zoomer running this channel?

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  • Kitchen nightmares are now in gen z

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  • Ï love these moments. When something good actually turn up. Big thumbs up, especially to Cherri at the end!

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  • I aM a MeDiuM rArE gIrL

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  • Idk who you are, but thank you for running this channel the way you do

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  • Gotta love the woman with the carrot cake... Edit: I have never seen such a delicious looking cake like the red velvet cake... It's beautiful...

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  • I'm sure whoever is behind this acc is fun

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  • Candice lol

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  • What in the 6ix9ine is the title

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  • A lot of this food was not as bussin as the title made it out to be

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  • Just because you find something delicious dosent mean it should be on a menu lol

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  • I'm starving

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  • Bruh who ever made that mf title is fucking goated😭.

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  • It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant and ignorant these people are I get it’s your business and it’s hard to take criticism, but come on

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  • Alex the waiter looks like Levi Niha if he grew a killer 'tache

    Tidmouth MilkTidmouth MilkDag sedan
  • How can these restaurants still be in bussiness? When I'm comparing my food to local restaurants food I rank my food at like 7-8, at rare occations the restaurants surpass me but this litteraly lands me at 10/10..

    RobertRobertDag sedan
  • when its bussin = :))) when its not bussin = :(((

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  • Candice eh?

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  • MANANNNN alex has such a fucking charisma about him i love this guy

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