The Most Unique Season Ever | Moto Spy Supercross S5E1

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For the first time in its history, the AMA Supercross Championship will not host a race in California. But the show goes on in 2021, albeit with a schedule that looks unlike anything Supercross has seen before. Changes aside, Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin and the rest of the world’s premier Supercross athletes prepare for another season chasing the #1 plate. Meanwhile, the TLD GasGas team and newly recruited 450 ace Justin Barcia adjust to the new series schedule in their own way.
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  • Who else is pumped for the return of Supercross? ► Watch Red Bull Moto Spy Supercross on Red Bull TV:

    Red Bull MotorsportsRed Bull MotorsportsMånad sedan
    • @Kamryn Ian checking it out now. Seems promising.

      Javier KhalidJavier KhalidDag sedan
    • Dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hack if you wanna try it yourself

      Kamryn IanKamryn IanDag sedan
    • Hi rb. Nice to see moto spy back and also signature series is best. Really the pandemic hit all the action sports fans amd athletes and i missed enduro racing

      UNIA LTDUNIA LTDMånad sedan
    • Barcia Will be the best spoiler this year! He will have a magical run like Millsaps in 2013

      GasGas Rider541GasGas Rider541Månad sedan
    • @Wes Williams yeah from all the pods I listened to, no one really knew about it, and there was no “grey area” either they liked it or they hated it! Lol

      Andy StreetAndy StreetMånad sedan
  • What the hell happened the episodes ??? Red Bull what the hell

    Nathan EsquedaNathan Esqueda4 dagar sedan
  • I like how jetts like I’m not betting especially on something I’m not going to win 😂❤️

    Robyn MRobyn M10 dagar sedan
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    hanunijahanunija13 dagar sedan
  • Just me or is Aldon Baker turning into Joe Biden?

    Vlog EpicnessVlog Epicness17 dagar sedan
  • 0:34 that Venom inspired set would be naaasty

    _Bordz__Bordz_21 dag sedan
  • I think it funny to listen to this today " we don't have that Kenny anymore. we don't have that guy who was going to put down 17 races of completely ruining the field....." OOOPS! he crushing the best. So much talent in SX right now.

    pdrhoundpdrhound22 dagar sedan
  • Fucking dork talking bout intangibles bruh this isn't football that word means NOTHING.

    Aquaberry BackfistAquaberry Backfist23 dagar sedan
  • Mantaa0p oke coooy

  • yewww

    Archie PulbrookArchie Pulbrook28 dagar sedan
  • Duuuuude! The filming & editing is better than most show produced on Netflix

    Jason SmithJason Smith29 dagar sedan
  • Buw 👎🏻

    BirdworxBirdworx29 dagar sedan
  • Tired of the Roczen story just freaking win so I can stop hearing the storyline and the exscuses and the whining from the fans

    Whitetails And Peterbilts DylanWhitetails And Peterbilts Dylan29 dagar sedan
  • Should have just watched the gypsy tale podcast .... it shows them talking 50 % of the time

    Thomas StoneThomas Stone29 dagar sedan
  • I’m pumped for this series. DOPE so far ✊🏻

    CptRed_Beard17CptRed_Beard17Månad sedan
  • Aldon baker is sketchy. Something about that guys just rubs me the wrong way.

    SeaeffSeaeffMånad sedan
  • When is episode 2?

    Alfa Kenny JuanAlfa Kenny JuanMånad sedan
  • How often does an episode of motospy come out?

    John CaryJohn CaryMånad sedan
    • Next ep dropping this week 😏

      Red Bull MotorsportsRed Bull MotorsportsMånad sedan
  • I dnt know something always botthered me about Baker he gets result because hes the only game in town and he come from cycling the best match for physical fitness with motorcycles. His guys all get hurt and hurt bad hes a fitness based trainer and not finesse bases or suggested . That being said the bikes being idiot proof computerized robobikes I couldn't take the insincere cheer-leading small talk that floats around an Alden baker camp. Plus Baker can't ride i mean really ride. Aldens' effective hes the first one no other guy out there making it a science like he is I just think there is better science ambition all too often beats talent to the finish..... I dont like him thats it

    Sean YeahrightSean YeahrightMånad sedan
  • Where is episode 2? Falling behind again. Like last year, then we’ll just have short rushed episodes with four rounds pushed into one video. Need a new team clearly.

    COOKERS 95COOKERS 95Månad sedan
  • ‏I like your videos and a subscriber to your page is a very wonderful job. I wish you good luck and please subscribe with me and all your friends as long as you are all healthy and well

    Fadi SayedFadi SayedMånad sedan
  • The scarce stock inevitably heat because thrill symptomatically deliver but a black ease. economic, wiggly smoke

    Simonds SabinSimonds SabinMånad sedan
  • It's funny to me how even with the Supercross Championship, they (every Moto channel) still don't give any credit to Tomac; and the fact he's faster than anyone on the track.

    Yo HYo HMånad sedan
  • Gypsy tales is trash! Worst moto show

    Jun LuJun LuMånad sedan
  • Man this is good work. Love this. Ken is a champ in my eyes for loading that wheelchair every day and doing what he does. The heart that guy has to stair at that and still support his family with the mental capacity to shrug it off. I think I might rethink how he will do this year.

    ATOM I AMATOM I AMMånad sedan
  • We love #18 🤘🏻

    1971isak1971isakMånad sedan
  • Soooooo anyone besides Steve Mathess doesnt know what the fuck they're talking about..fuck off...put me on the show and I'll stand up to any of his fuck boys he always has

    Solorunner13Solorunner13Månad sedan
  • Corona, California I think that's a red zone

    Snifey 76Snifey 76Månad sedan
  • 9:43 Results show Marv was right Love seeing em sack up


    Nate MillerNate MillerMånad sedan
  • “Most Unique” - let that sink in a while......

    timbermeistertimbermeisterMånad sedan
  • This thumbnail was spot on I don’t get it.

    Solo EnduroSolo EnduroMånad sedan

    RAW MXRAW MXMånad sedan
  • 7:15 what is this machine used for. Not sure what is on the screen as well

    tanner mackaytanner mackayMånad sedan
  • I love this format guys.

    Mike LMike LMånad sedan
  • Dang Moto spy is so good.

    Old Rivers FarmOld Rivers FarmMånad sedan
  • Lawrence is a better coach than Aldin talk to these athletes like professionals

    SwayCanalesSwayCanalesMånad sedan
  • lmfao "this place looks a lot different without dirt"

    bmobmoMånad sedan
  • and yet Barcia swept the field at Huston!!

    Marlon ManchanayakeMarlon ManchanayakeMånad sedan
  • I saw this team cruise by in Texas

    Hugo PachecoHugo PachecoMånad sedan
  • 9:03 “Bacon, we aren’t playing this game this year.” -Webb . Bruh just clapped Musquin into breaking before a round even started. Someone’s hungry. & someone needs to commit to whoops 😬

    Zachary GrosserZachary GrosserMånad sedan
  • Lma gix ikk to

    Evan DavidEvan DavidMånad sedan
  • Awesome new KTM

    Beam KangarooBeam KangarooMånad sedan
  • Keren👍👍👍

    Seputar Luwu UtaraSeputar Luwu UtaraMånad sedan
  • Gotta make a show at the bakers factory that’s goes through the practices with the guys uncut. Would be great tv

    tcparker2tcparker2Månad sedan
  • The slippery octagon ontogenically wonder because education conceivably introduce underneath a grandiose biplane. useless, longing grade

    Simonds SabinSimonds SabinMånad sedan
  • thank you for the video 👍👍

    Senseless _AppearanceSenseless _AppearanceMånad sedan
  • so excited to have these new aussie kids in! fuck yeah boys get some! show those yanks!

    Good one!Good one!Månad sedan
  • Barcia and Malcom 1 and 2

    Teddy FTeddy FMånad sedan
  • Gypsy tales is a joke. C'mon Red Bull, you know better.

    Nathan OmastaNathan OmastaMånad sedan
  • Sad that it's not starting in Anaheim.

    Dan KochanekDan KochanekMånad sedan
  • The apathetic pin relevantly attend because ceramic biosynthetically whine sans a abashed turn. meek, automatic ray

    Simonds SabinSimonds SabinMånad sedan
  • Really love the way ken looks out for Blake it’s so wholesome

    Eric WheelerEric WheelerMånad sedan
  • Cooper Webb is a Beast

    Rasta GideonRasta GideonMånad sedan
  • Steve matthes big mad they used more gypsy tales clips than from his shitty podcast

    xxTyphoidxxTyphoidMånad sedan
  • sick!!!

    Transportadora Faleiro VasconcelosTransportadora Faleiro VasconcelosMånad sedan
  • I love that we get to see the grind from all these favourites while Tomac keeps getting mentioned as the favourite. Gives an air of mystery coming into round 1 as to what Eli has prepared for everyone.

    Vittorio FabregasVittorio FabregasMånad sedan
  • Cali sposta break off and sink to da bottom soon......No?

    Yamaha 1200Yamaha 1200Månad sedan
  • Can kenny come back from a year of off racing? He came back from one of the most insane injuries, a year off definitely won’t hurt him..

    Tristan BotteramTristan BotteramMånad sedan
  • "We are going to do 70 laps today. Johnny O says that back in the day, they used to do 100 laps". That says a lot.

    motoprof1441motoprof1441Månad sedan
  • Aldon baker is a scam all for the money and the riders actually believe in him 🤔🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ look at some of the Old Time greats MX riders they didn't need him

    Spencer RatcliffeSpencer RatcliffeMånad sedan
  • This, MX Nation and MX World is such quality series! Love them!

    LinusNilssonLinusNilssonMånad sedan
  • I get that you’re going for an “international flavour” but fuck me gypsy tales is so cringe. It’s hard to watch

    TRIGG3RDTRIGG3RDMånad sedan
  • Coopers Comment "I ain't playing this game this year" 😂 Frenchie is whining

    Arthur BaxArthur BaxMånad sedan
  • 9:04 Not a Coop fan but i hope one day Webb just says fcuk it and punts him over a berm

    Hayabusa TKHayabusa TKMånad sedan
  • what are these strange looking gloves or braces that Ken Roczen has on his wrists? Is it because of his wrist/ arm injuries he had?

    Szymon TeodorczykSzymon TeodorczykMånad sedan
  • Awesome video!

    Kory RomanatKory RomanatMånad sedan
  • Jase doesn't go to the races...what the fuck would he know 😂😂😂😂😂

    greymuzzgreymuzzMånad sedan
  • Fuckin hurry up 🥳

    Rowan GeerlingsRowan GeerlingsMånad sedan
  • If Webb gets the whoops dialed. He's still just a top 5 guy.

    ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴMånad sedan
  • Year in year out, Marvin's counted out as a serious contender, yet he's been outside the top 5 in both Moto and Supercross in the class he competed in only once since 2012. Great to see racing return, and I'm still pulling for Marvin, be great to see Malcolm compete for the championship as well

    Richard CleggRichard CleggMånad sedan
  • I am was too keen for this season especially with max comping into the 250s and jett and hunter looking better than ever

    Clay BurnellClay BurnellMånad sedan
  • Allow aotumatic subtitles in videos, please...

    MRCalderon3DMRCalderon3DMånad sedan
  • Love it 💪🏻

    izzy ariasizzy ariasMånad sedan
  • This rider more years ago have more muscle... Now same cyclist... Is this a new way? Or is only because age increase hormone change etc? Thanks

    LeoLeoMånad sedan
  • Jetski 2021 lites champ

    adam bennettadam bennettMånad sedan
  • I know that was one little clip but dang did marv look unhappy haha. I feel like Marv passed that point where he needs the strict coaching to do better. its a normal routine programmed in his head at this point. Its been how many years and nothing huge has happened.. And Im sure he has taken away some valuable knowledge but imo that type of coaching only works for some people and I don't think marv is at a point mentally where he needs the added stress.. Hard work / elevating your game isn't easy and its not all flowers and rainbows!!!! but it really doesn't have to piss you off to make you better... Ive been wondering for a while if he changed teams/programs would he be better off? He wants to enjoy his racing at this age, not hear about every little thing he's done wrong each practice.

    Kyle DouglassKyle DouglassMånad sedan
  • Yeet

    JoshuaJoshuaMånad sedan
  • I love this show however I wish it showed other riders as well not just red bull guys but I get it, it’s Red Bull’s show.

    DdDtenDdDtenMånad sedan
  • Take that Steve ! Gypsy tales got on the final edit.

    Steven MellingSteven MellingMånad sedan
  • Sooo pumped

    Steven MellingSteven MellingMånad sedan
  • Marvin is getting burnt out being with Alden. He need to make a change and train with ken

    Chad CoursonChad CoursonMånad sedan
    • The fact is that Marvin is getting older too... I don't know if he will be able to get back to winning form

    • yep

      A tiny Grilled CheeseA tiny Grilled CheeseMånad sedan
    • Facts

      Shred SpectrumShred SpectrumMånad sedan
  • Yes Redbull you guys are unreal !!! All about the gypsy tales input !!

    Ryan GowerRyan GowerMånad sedan
  • When does it start?

    MarcoMarcoMånad sedan
  • GAS GAS = KTM Whatever

    Boba Milk TeaBoba Milk TeaMånad sedan
  • Love the vids red bull keep it up

    Abby RomeroAbby RomeroMånad sedan
  • Lets go racing

    Abby RomeroAbby RomeroMånad sedan
  • Yes, finally. Been waiting so long for this

    SuperDark HoodClownSuperDark HoodClownMånad sedan
  • Barcia looks lean and fit! Loved Alden telling Marv he was about to hit the dirt!!

    wednesdarwednesdarMånad sedan
  • This series is amazing and honestly just as excited for this every episode as I am every race day.

    JesseJesseMånad sedan
  • Webb 🥇

    Maverick224Maverick224Månad sedan
  • 2021 is going to be interesting that we can all agree on.

    Your Mother should of swallowedYour Mother should of swallowedMånad sedan
  • Gypsy Gang movin up in the world

    Noah JordanNoah JordanMånad sedan
  • This was dope! 🔥 so pumped

    Dalton PetschDalton PetschMånad sedan
  • This year is gonna suck cause of my wittle PaNdEmIc 🥺🥺

    Seth BensonSeth BensonMånad sedan
  • Ken Roczen should have been shown much more respect than this..

    DJ Y.O.U.DJ Y.O.U.Månad sedan
  • Guess the chemistry between two red bull ktm will become an issue for team

    Raynmar ManuntagRaynmar ManuntagMånad sedan
  • Bam Bam on the Gas Gas now

    Brayden GroverBrayden GroverMånad sedan
  • im so pumped!! Gooooo Barcia!!!!🇺🇸 🏆

    scott peitavinoscott peitavinoMånad sedan
  • That’s good he doesn’t care what we think, it’s his ride. He is the Product, his patterns he changed to get him farther than most pros have even gone through. 99% quit the one percent is the magic percentage, Kenny is that 1% we won’t see another unless they can think like him. I don’t care about him being in the lead every weekend, I do care that he gives it his all each week and don’t give anyone a chance to pass him unless they work at it.

    Steve PadillaSteve PadillaMånad sedan