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  • This video is a banger 😂😂

    zirdiggzzirdiggz14 dagar sedan
  • Dude when Donnie went through the table omg that was great

    Fig BatFig Bat16 dagar sedan
  • Sell all them yugioh card get some blits 03. Since lz had to flex he has 24 of them now haha

    Tim HolubowitchTim Holubowitch18 dagar sedan
  • Idk about anybody else but bootleg is to fuckin funny 🤣🤣 his sarcasm just cracks me up every time

    Chris TopherChris Topher19 dagar sedan
  • Jimbro I'm shocked you guys dint know wht a led whip is, you need to go check out Shreddy and the Tera crew n get rolling on them dunes.🤙🤙🤙

    RUD3YRUD3Y24 dagar sedan
  • Pour la personne qui a envoyé du empire sick dude

    DGDG27 dagar sedan
  • 12:31 i just want someone to look at me like that 🥺❤️

    Nicksbluecd5Nicksbluecd527 dagar sedan
  • Y’all are a bunch of clowns. I love it! Don’t ever change.

    Studio CetacideStudio Cetacide28 dagar sedan
  • It’s a whip for grading so people see you at night

    Joshua SandelliJoshua Sandelli28 dagar sedan
  • N54 swapped frs is like a poors man A90

    Odin ōðrOdin ōðr28 dagar sedan
  • that's about the funniest sub mail intro i've seen. Really love the old ones where everyone yelled "Sub-Mail!!"

    Braden WhiteBraden WhiteMånad sedan
  • Dj out here looking like the lead singer of a Blink 182 cover band😂😂🤤

    Luwie__Luwie__Månad sedan
  • The canvas is missing Jip... 😭😭😭

    Dylan Busby-CarverDylan Busby-CarverMånad sedan
  • Epic intro LMFAO

    Austin StuartAustin StuartMånad sedan
  • 11:31 Derek breaks character

    David HallerDavid HallerMånad sedan
  • 3 cheers for RJ breaking the table 😩😂

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel RodriguezMånad sedan
  • Josh be MUNCHIN

    Skyler TerrySkyler TerryMånad sedan

    Soarer DaveSoarer DaveMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️DONNY

    johnny fatiaujohnny fatiauMånad sedan
  • Jimmy i made your 240sx in CarX drift racing online pc! Hope you can watch it 🏁

    RicoboyGamingRicoboyGamingMånad sedan
  • Rip Table

    Tawny GahuTawny GahuMånad sedan
  • You need to build a little RC scale Bendpak lift for those Z cars to sit on.

    AbominableJoshieAbominableJoshieMånad sedan
  • 16:40 is fucking nutty 😂

    Nick ConleyNick ConleyMånad sedan
  • That painting of the crew is super cool.

    R1100SriderR1100SriderMånad sedan
  • Best intro ever

    Travis JohnsonTravis JohnsonMånad sedan
  • 6:45 it's an offroad whip, the yee-yees put em on side by sides and shit so they can see each other at night

    Mason BauerMason BauerMånad sedan
  • Why does RJ look like silent bob in that pic lol

    chris riverachris riveraMånad sedan
  • Fuck dj

    christopher wolffchristopher wolffMånad sedan
  • Get someone to turn that printed rotor into a clock! Make it do 1 rpm

    joeman840joeman840Månad sedan
  • that light stick thing is a whip light, usually slapped on sand rails for night ripping dude lmao the way you savages just attacked those snacks

    Glawen the GoyGlawen the GoyMånad sedan
  • I love the fact that sub mail gives me Faith in humanity and how there's really cool and awesome people still in the world A freaking men

    Justin MackiinnonJustin MackiinnonMånad sedan
  • Bite the can open it works better lol

    Henco de LangeHenco de LangeMånad sedan
  • that intro !!!

    Kyle BertiniKyle BertiniMånad sedan
  • More Nissonda!

    Muhammad SaadMuhammad SaadMånad sedan
  • 🤣those pointer fingers were amazing

    Dallas BarnesDallas BarnesMånad sedan
  • I always confuse Derek for Matt from Obsessed Garage

    Alex StavaAlex StavaMånad sedan
  • Derek looks like he would be ants dad

    Hype and Bail crewHype and Bail crewMånad sedan
  • Drunk Jimmy-O video soon?

    Tyler ReidTyler ReidMånad sedan
  • Tristan a real one

    ItzNefariousItzNefariousMånad sedan
  • hang the pineapple thing on the light whip on the kei truck

    Frasier JamesFrasier JamesMånad sedan
  • That light is called a whip light, SxS guys run them

    Aggressive MiataAggressive MiataMånad sedan
  • I had a feeling Derek and ant were related lmfao

    Vq_NateVq_NateMånad sedan
  • Those 300zx body’s are sooo sick holy

    Vq_NateVq_NateMånad sedan
  • Who else came here to see Donald get slammed😂😂😂🙋🏼‍♂️

    German InvestmentsGerman InvestmentsMånad sedan
  • With all due respect, steph is the hottest gf on SEslow, mad props jimmy

    brian acuffbrian acuffMånad sedan
  • Best sub mail by far. That was hysterical

    Lincoln GrafLincoln GrafMånad sedan
  • D-Von get the table... Ups... Sorry, Wrong channel 😂😂😂

    Luis CapelaLuis CapelaMånad sedan
  • The opening KILLED me🤣🤣

    ValleyBuiltValleyBuiltMånad sedan
  • Derrick is such a proud father...

    Gabriel HernandezGabriel HernandezMånad sedan
  • Can’t waste an air head 😂 fucking love b hall

    Cody BodmerCody BodmerMånad sedan

    KasharelloKasharelloMånad sedan
  • Tristan Gauvin is the super fan this time. Love every submail vids, just shows how big and hardcore is your fan base. :)

    ali castroali castroMånad sedan
  • The one hole in the shop 🙄

    BehindYour HouseBehindYour HouseMånad sedan
  • That flat water has some punch. That artwork was great.

    wobbly saucewobbly sauceMånad sedan
  • Been rewatching yugioh! On season 3 wish I never got rid of my cards😤 big sad such mad

    Marco AndradeMarco AndradeMånad sedan
  • Josh is SOO HIGH lmaooooooo

    TyHeinousTyHeinousMånad sedan
  • i think jimmy should beams swap a old hilux and slam it to the ground

    LukeLukeMånad sedan
  • Best sub mail to date! Love it

    James VeselyJames VeselyMånad sedan
  • 0:10 F in chat bois

    NightzNightzMånad sedan
  • What is jimbos outro song?

    Riley PearceRiley PearceMånad sedan
  • Was strait faced until I heard chords..

    J RADJ RADMånad sedan
  • I love you Jimmy such good energy bro. Hilarious bro keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you setting up a dyno at adams compound

    Ian ShackletonIan ShackletonMånad sedan
  • The rock bottom it the beginning made the video!! 😂

    Rashad PRashad PMånad sedan
  • The light pole is for like sand dunes so there is visibility also works great for trails.

    Camron NorthrupCamron NorthrupMånad sedan
  • Tastes like flat water 🤣🤣🤣

    Mitchell coyleMitchell coyleMånad sedan
  • The Bettle guy making rotary jokes hahahaha ok barbie 😂😂 Jk love ya RJ

    Conrad WoodConrad WoodMånad sedan
  • Ant is my new fav, more ant, Where did that guy come from!

    anthonoy biddlecombeanthonoy biddlecombeMånad sedan
  • Hey i would love to see how a link ecu works in person

    toyota200512toyota200512Månad sedan
  • This is submail cast after 1 drink.

    Nick FerrainaNick FerrainaMånad sedan
  • awww steff isn't in it!! the portrait!!

    Hector MartinezHector MartinezMånad sedan
  • Can we get DJ doing an uncensored version of sub mail?

    Marcus WMarcus WMånad sedan
  • Love these vids

    Marcus WMarcus WMånad sedan
  • That noca water hit them hard

    zipone _zipone _Månad sedan
  • “Idk if your father and son or brother and sister” 🤣

    Rish MediaRish MediaMånad sedan
  • RJ slamming DJ in the table Should be the new intro with enchanted affects and wwe music screaming 🤣

    Rish MediaRish MediaMånad sedan
  • If you need a “creative operations director”. I got you legit . Dominican in Alaska 🤣 bro I got nothing but ideas. Long time fan first time comment

    Edwin AlmonteEdwin AlmonteMånad sedan
    • Glad to see you here Edwin!

      Patricia OakesPatricia Oakes27 dagar sedan
  • That shotgun is gonna need some work Jimbo

    spentspentMånad sedan
  • Should do Australia number plate frames

    Ashley MilneAshley MilneMånad sedan
  • @18:28. Rjay looks like silent bob 🤣

    Lifestyle GarageLifestyle GarageMånad sedan
  • Someone legit sent jimmy trash 🤣🤣

    Gabriel RosalesGabriel RosalesMånad sedan
  • Hahah 😂 Best fucking intro of all time! That shit was too good! All that was missing was the beer smashing it on Rj’s forehead straight stone cold Steve Austin shit!

    Noel BurciagaNoel BurciagaMånad sedan
  • 6:50 they are called whips used on off road vehicles often on the sand

    kelly soulinhavongsakelly soulinhavongsaMånad sedan
  • That LED is a whip. For off road vehicles. Atleast it's what I see them for. I have 2 on my rig. With flags hanging off of them. Put it on the mini truck.

    Joe CodyJoe CodyMånad sedan
  • Braaah donny took that slam like a champ lol

    Ivy PirikaIvy PirikaMånad sedan
  • Rj tossing dj through that table at the start was absolutely amazing! 30 seconds of Jimmy Oakes content has made my day!!!

    FoaploFoaploMånad sedan
  • this channel is starting to have it's own universe and cannon. Like the Ant and Derrick conspiracy, a fun one people like to bring up all the time and jimmy breaking the fourth wall by bringing it up

    Kane NielsenKane NielsenMånad sedan
  • Those rc bodies are like 120 each just painted one myself! Best sub mail yet! And if you want to get a rc drift car you gotta go yokomo

    Beau InabnitBeau InabnitMånad sedan
  • Please drink every sub mail. This was the funniest shit ever

    Alex ReynoldsAlex ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • Somethin tells me they all smoked lmao, love the vibes in every video

    Alex ChavezAlex ChavezMånad sedan
  • Hey Jimmy been thinking about getting an rc drift car but idk how to go about doing it

    R ReifschneiderR ReifschneiderMånad sedan
  • Gotta get jip to break up with his gf so hes back around more

    TheSmosisTheSmosisMånad sedan
  • Finally we derrick and ant side by side! 🤣

    Vein DawgzVein DawgzMånad sedan
  • That zoom in on Ant @3:00 had me rolling 🤣😭😭😭

    Chronic KushChronic KushMånad sedan
  • The pinaple is a dish drying matt

    William BridenbaughWilliam BridenbaughMånad sedan
    • And I absolutely love it!!

      Patricia OakesPatricia Oakes27 dagar sedan
  • for frick sake, stop reading the notes. no one cares.

    KyleKyleMånad sedan
  • Sign the cards so the people know it’s real after the videos... it’d be dope ass memories

    Xander PageXander PageMånad sedan
  • Woohoo hello from down under, love it when I wake up to more Jimmy ooo vids 🤘. Will have to send some goodies soon. Also, got my merch today. Perfect time here for a mad hoodie and beanie. Thanks guys!.

    Adam DaviesAdam DaviesMånad sedan
  • D-von get the tables

    Nick HolmesNick HolmesMånad sedan
  • Lighted antenna is known as a "buggy whip", needed for some offroad parks (and people think they look cool). Brian, the Depo Tacoma taillights are pretty solid, I have had a set on my truck for about 5-6 years. No leaks, fading etc and they got rid of the God awful red/faded pink looking crap that the stock tails have.

    WeaselBurritoWeaselBurritoMånad sedan
  • Poor Anthony. The kid is just lost. In space even.

    MikeOrkidMikeOrkidMånad sedan