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Carter Sharer just got done CUSTOMIZING MINI LAMBOS with ZHC ( ). And today, Lizzy Capri, Deniesse, Bailey Payne, Stove's Kitchen, Matt, Andrew and Matt Braeden do the LAST TO STOP DRIVING MINI LAMBORGHINI GO-CARTS WINS $10,000!! These things are so much fun to drive, but even more fun to crash apparently because we had way too many accidents!! Plus Lizzy and Stove got in my brand new Lamborghini Aventador with my new customized TEAM RAR wrap from @Fantazy Motorsports ! Things got crazy as Carder Share ended up going off a huge jump on a mini-motorcycle right over the Team RAR mansion pool. Does he make it? Who do you think should have won?? Comment below!!


@MrBeast Lamborghini Race, Winner Keeps Lamborghini
@FaZe Rug Last to Leave Lamborghini, Keeps It - Challenge
@Lucas and Marcus We Took Jake Paul's Lamborghini *HE WAS MAD*

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  • bruh how did Carter accept the jump its obviously gonna fail

    Abhiram AylaAbhiram Ayla13 timmar sedan

    FOONG KAI WEI MoeFOONG KAI WEI Moe13 timmar sedan
  • Carter won bc it last won to stop driving and lizz stop driving

    HTK_ChampionYTHTK_ChampionYT17 timmar sedan
  • TEAM RAR: Lizzy Capri: Ryan Prunty: stove's kitchen: bailey payne: milli's world:

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  • My name is Kevin and I was thinking about you all day and I want one of your money gun

    Carmen LopezCarmen Lopez23 timmar sedan
  • Team RAR: Comment down below is you think I’m going to win Me: No one does that 😐

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  • #Lizzy

    Elizabeth FoderElizabeth FoderDag sedan
  • Carter chatted he told, Liz if he dint make it Liz won

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  • Very cool

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  • Hola retengo una propuesta respuesta 20 suscrtores y tu medas un carro

    Mercedes Arias navarroMercedes Arias navarroDag sedan
  • Bailey was touching when you started the race

    Roderick ChowRoderick ChowDag sedan
    • Chad wild clay Stephen sharer Jonathan rayshawn Taylor Lane Taylor

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    • That's what I said

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  • #sotve

    Medi SernMedi SernDag sedan
  • bayli tauch the ground when carter racing

    nadya najwanadya najwaDag sedan
  • Actually liz won

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  • 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂yo

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  • Bailey is out bc wen he stoped he toched the floor

    Tahmina HaqueTahmina Haque2 dagar sedan
  • Carter you y Touch the ground

    Enoske Tangiro nezuko zenitsu demonsEnoske Tangiro nezuko zenitsu demons2 dagar sedan
  • Bailey touch the ground

    Enoske Tangiro nezuko zenitsu demonsEnoske Tangiro nezuko zenitsu demons2 dagar sedan
  • # Lizzy and. Denise

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  • Cárter should win the money 💰

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  • op

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  • I did it

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  • #stove or # Bailey

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  • Bailey touch the ground when you guys were starting the second round

    Zuo ZuoZuo Zuo2 dagar sedan
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  • The neat step-son substantially yell because dinosaur genetically rhyme anenst a daily ceiling. lethal, barbarous brazil

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  • K9

    Stacy HootsStacy Hoots3 dagar sedan
  • Carter cheated it's not even fair

    Gabriela PadronGabriela Padron3 dagar sedan
  • Liszt won they said if carter went on the pool she would win if he made it across the pool he would win

    Abbigail WilliamsAbbigail Williams3 dagar sedan
  • #Carter

    Raaed Rayyan GulamRaaed Rayyan Gulam3 dagar sedan
  • Poor Lizzy in the back gun did not work and she was pretending that it was working 😆

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  • #carter sharer

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  • my money is 900milon

    Julianna RamosJulianna Ramos3 dagar sedan
  • Carter you're actually wrong you said if you make a cross you win the money but you're actually wrong because if you even the water and you said if you want to water live one so you just pushed in the pool for no reason

    Brandon DavisBrandon Davis3 dagar sedan
  • Bailey’s feet were touching the floor one he was on the motorbike

    Taneisha JacklinTaneisha Jacklin3 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy touched the ground when denies got out

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  • Hi

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  • Vid😋😗🧐😝😝😘🥶😠😩😡🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😔😔🤯🥵😥78

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  • it teachilly say that liz won

    Jacob LongJacob Long3 dagar sedan
  • #stove

    Jennifer YSJennifer YS4 dagar sedan
  • But he didn't touch the ground so you actually lose

    geovonni Oliviageovonni Olivia4 dagar sedan
  • # stove

    Ashley inestrozaAshley inestroza4 dagar sedan

    Christian TerryChristian Terry4 dagar sedan
  • Carter told liz that if he does not make it she wins.also it’s not fair that Deniseese is always out in the beginning.

    Hailey WilliamsHailey Williams4 dagar sedan
  • Didn't Carter say if he didn't make the jump lizzy would win

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  • Sorry

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  • Zhi

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  • For Bailey to win

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  • Bro they said if Carter landed in the pool Liz would win and Carter landed in the pool so Lis obviously one

    Gavin DuffyGavin Duffy4 dagar sedan
    • #freindly Phil

      Phantom GamingPhantom Gaming2 timmar sedan
    • *won*…sorry to be those people

      Eden VillicanaEden VillicanaDag sedan
  • bruh is no one going to talk about the deal that carter and liz made he is a bad boyfriend he cheated he needs pay back who agrees

    Michelle SmithMichelle Smith4 dagar sedan
  • Carter lost the challenge Lizzy won the challenge

    Jenna WileyJenna Wiley4 dagar sedan
  • #Stove

    Kerrin HaynesKerrin Haynes4 dagar sedan
  • Denise was out at 2:14 of the video look at her hand

    Aracely VelasquezAracely Velasquez4 dagar sedan
  • Those things are sick bro 😎

    Isabella RodriguezIsabella Rodriguez4 dagar sedan
  • When you and Bailey were doing second race when you were talking Bailey put his both feet on the road

    Chantel OlcottChantel Olcott5 dagar sedan
    • Yes and carter too so carter lose too

      rose qisrose qis2 dagar sedan
    • Yeh

      Quinton and Kira AllenQuinton and Kira Allen2 dagar sedan
  • Liz won that you said if you couldn’t make the jump she won and you didn’t make the jump

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  • wait didnt lizzy won bc carter said "if i made it i win if i dont make it then you win " and carter did not make the jump so lizzy win

    yusoff kongyusoff kong5 dagar sedan
  • The Moment stove realised he was out made me laugh so hard smh

    khloe lovekhloe love5 dagar sedan
  • #carter

    Monisha MitraMonisha Mitra5 dagar sedan
    • Bailey is out because when bailey was racing with carter when he stopped his foot went out you can rewind the video

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  • Wait isn’t Liz and stove out because the challenge is a MINI Lambo

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  • Boyz

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  • # stove

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  • Bailey is terrible when yall were talking about the race when he was on the motorcycle he touched the ground so he can balance

    Vickie BrogdenVickie Brogden6 dagar sedan
  • That was so funny when Carter said I'm going to win 10000 but when Carter gave Bailey $1,000 because he won so technically if Carter winter when 9000 dollars

    Selena CSelena C6 dagar sedan
  • By the ways with Carter and Bailey or doing the race when Bailey was on the motorcycle Bailey is out Bailey you don't know you're doing even though you're touching the ground like stove did I can't even know he touched the ground technically you're out and stove is out

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  • Anybody’s name who is Braxton you’re not in the money

    Bob DoyleBob Doyle6 dagar sedan
  • Carter lis and Steve stole your Lamborghini

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  • Has anyone realised team RAR has a backwards R at the end

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    • yes

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  • You are so cool I LOVE YOUR CHANLE

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  • Ye I did

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  • your blackpink and for me

  • I love that money gun

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  • Did you know that Bailey is touching the floor

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  • Please can I wanna is it in the green money wrong

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  • Did anyone notice when stove walked away from lambo carter stood up in the back ground

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    • yes

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  • Loer hahA

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  • He's gonna win

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