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Ladda ner



  • He's funny

    Jasher AdithelaJasher AdithelaTimme sedan
  • big fan of the broken armor clipart instead of the actual warzone symbol

    B4J R3fundB4J R3fundTimme sedan
  • Oh crap, here we go again .. RIP JONTRON ~ 💀💀💀

    GraveXGraveX2 timmar sedan
  • 6:46 The face of the holy spirit

    Bison ViceBison Vice2 timmar sedan
  • Jon Tron is my spirit animal

    James AllanJames Allan2 timmar sedan
  • How many subs can I get off this comment I'm currently on 102 dubs

    JoshDo2 fishlegsJoshDo2 fishlegs2 timmar sedan
  • I missed you jontron 🥰

    Dr.Drea2.0 phmDr.Drea2.0 phm2 timmar sedan
  • a true show of quality over quantity

    oofer dooferoofer doofer2 timmar sedan
  • For the toilet thing...bidets seem to be better on so many ways.

    Lumina EssenceLumina Essence2 timmar sedan
  • 3:58 alastor?

    consider the followingconsider the following3 timmar sedan
  • Jon want to be relevant but gets like gets 2 million views in 1 seconds Jon stop lying you miss us just say it 😊😊

    Terrell PeoplesTerrell Peoples3 timmar sedan
  • When the world needed him most He came back

    Daniel CafarelliDaniel Cafarelli3 timmar sedan
  • Jontron: *uploads new video* His fans: 6:46

    Wrestling824Wrestling8244 timmar sedan
  • Can you please do a new episode on buying dumb things online?

    Yassin DiabYassin Diab4 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who dislikes his recent videos? I mean they’re ok but damn I don’t get the pleasure watching them unlike it was before Idk for me it feels like jontron became a soulless company Cool and expensive production, interesting topics but kinda lifeless performance P.S. that’s just my subjective opinion

    einzellereinzeller4 timmar sedan
    • I don't particularly agree, but i like your constructive criticism. Unlike other people that are just hating and shitting on everyone.

      SomeRandomGuy :3SomeRandomGuy :34 timmar sedan
  • love death and robots episode 1 anyone???

    Mr. Budget OrientedMr. Budget Oriented5 timmar sedan

    Tyler FTyler F5 timmar sedan
  • Who else watching the new John Tron video about 10 times in a row and then gets sad knowing you'll be dead before another video is released lol

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter5 timmar sedan
  • I am still laughing 🤣🤣🤣 at the long booty thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 XD XD XD

    Vijay Vardhan SinghVijay Vardhan Singh5 timmar sedan
  • Every time I’m come back to check this channel you are back from a break I love it

    Michael BuffingtonMichael Buffington6 timmar sedan
  • *me a person who scrunches toilet paper* "👁️👄👁️"

    chloes wack gamingchloes wack gaming6 timmar sedan
  • Wat Wat The Fuck!

    DARK DATA SF2DARK DATA SF26 timmar sedan
  • I need to call my grandma and tell her I lover her so she doesn’t start the robopocalypse

    Jose MansquitoJose Mansquito7 timmar sedan
  • This video doesnt have the same rewatch value that his others have, I feel

    Patrick JacksonPatrick Jackson7 timmar sedan
  • Another day, another Jo- A JONTRON VIDEO?!

    SMUS16475SMUS164758 timmar sedan
  • The way Jon goes away for ages and still some how manages to get 4.8 mil views (that’s what it’s at atm) shows how amazing his fan base is

    Scooby DooScooby Doo9 timmar sedan
  • the cat on boots

    Ray ManRay Man9 timmar sedan
  • Lol 8:18

    shadow dragonshadow dragon10 timmar sedan
  • Omg john tron is back baby yeàaaaa

    shadow dragonshadow dragon10 timmar sedan

    Ishaan SejpalIshaan Sejpal11 timmar sedan

    Samuel Cole AllenSamuel Cole Allen11 timmar sedan
  • WE NEED MORE JONTRON. You could own it all and you teaaaasseeee! haha

    Flying DinosaursFlying Dinosaurs12 timmar sedan
  • I fell in love with your content ever since the flex tape

    skooma-catskooma-cat12 timmar sedan
  • Jontrons video before this was pretty much before I even started to go to school for my senior year and he pretty much posts the next video just a week or so off from my graduation.....man a whole school year of no videos from him is really putting the hiatus he was on into perspective more so than the number of days they show for us in the video, at least for me XD

    The Divine ShadowThe Divine Shadow12 timmar sedan
  • why did you let that plant die... : (

    digitalloversdigitallovers12 timmar sedan
  • alright man, cya next year

    Alex RechkinAlex Rechkin12 timmar sedan
  • Korea is one of the fastest countries in the world? Will it at some point slide out of reach from North Korea?

    DjupstatenDjupstaten13 timmar sedan
  • Anyone got the testikuzzi commercial 😂

    MIKIMIKI14 timmar sedan
  • Enought with the "Jon takes a long time to upload lololol!!" Fucking give him a break and if you like his shit then support him, don't bitch at him all the time.

    Cody AllenCody Allen14 timmar sedan
  • at 1:09 I believe you mean flout. To flaunt is to show off. To flout is to disregard

    jackson mooneyjackson mooney15 timmar sedan
  • 8:59 What people mean by "I watch jontron for the plot"

    Trick ShotTrick Shot16 timmar sedan
  • Why does the cane fu instructor sound so much like Nicholas cage?

    TimehubTimehub16 timmar sedan
  • The real title: *cult weapons*

    OCULU games & craftOCULU games & craft17 timmar sedan
  • That second product got her lookin like Omega Shenron

    Sevak TarpinianSevak Tarpinian17 timmar sedan
  • 6:46 okay now you have my attention

    JonJon17 timmar sedan
  • 0:57 if elders day is at that date in Korea and on the (nearly) all of the world its day before, its not international day, its NATIONAL day.

    OlenholOlenhol18 timmar sedan
  • It's so long days u back bruh 😂

    kartik yadavkartik yadav18 timmar sedan
  • JonTron with drums

    Justice HarmonJustice Harmon18 timmar sedan
  • Papa jon. Come back. I swear I'll like and favorite, subscription whatever.

    theFLCLguytheFLCLguy19 timmar sedan
  • The third one looks like the death mask from saw 2

    Oodles CanoodlesOodles Canoodles20 timmar sedan
  • Anyone know what the music at :12?

    taylor yamamototaylor yamamoto21 timme sedan
  • do jontron videos share continuity?

    im bad at gamesim bad at games21 timme sedan
  • Angelas always love money

    Rilan AndersonRilan Anderson21 timme sedan
  • Bro don’t leave you’re hilarious 😆

    Kevin CanalesKevin Canales22 timmar sedan
  • Jon playing Bongo in the last video look so much like Steven Seagal XD

    Stéphane BrosseauStéphane Brosseau23 timmar sedan
  • HE’S BACK again please don’t leave us again

    LegoHOTDOGman YTLegoHOTDOGman YT23 timmar sedan
  • R U S S I A N R A D I O B R O A D C A S T

    Wyatt BallesteroWyatt BallesteroDag sedan
  • "While you were chasing widowers, I studied the cane."

    PotsherdPotsherdDag sedan
  • Is he gone again Just like my dad

    Robbie FizgerldRobbie FizgerldDag sedan
  • That facial mask looks like the face that Dwight cut off of the cpr dummy and says "Hello Clarice." Haha🤣

    Ben HaynieBen HaynieDag sedan
  • "Butter side down on the rim."🤣🤣

    Ben HaynieBen HaynieDag sedan
  • Too early for a new waiting room?

    beeclan50beeclan50Dag sedan
  • I am flipping hooman

    Janice JonesJanice JonesDag sedan
  • Sick episode see you in 8 months

    TohubohuTohubohuDag sedan
  • "The guys with the guns were out on patrol. At that point the U.N. regulations just become a suggestion." Jon predicted the Gaza conflict lol.

    Marcus MoodyMarcus MoodyDag sedan
  • The jontron hiatus is real.

    bpwn3rbpwn3rDag sedan

    Deadsniper109 DeadmanDeadsniper109 DeadmanDag sedan
  • That mask is creepy af.

    Andre Tiltman MusicAndre Tiltman MusicDag sedan
  • 14:09

    Bioshock boy 21Bioshock boy 21Dag sedan
  • Lmao at 11:00

    OBOBDag sedan
  • What happened to Jacques?

    Ishan PawarIshan PawarDag sedan
  • At the cane part at first I didn’t realize the guy in the back with the drums was jon

    someone maybesomeone maybeDag sedan
  • As a 100 year old lady. It took me over a decade to say "Yes".

    KermisVoyager1997KermisVoyager1997Dag sedan
  • "Old people and thier pain". This sentence made me smile 🙂

    the magicBearthe magicBearDag sedan
  • I swear only in Jon's videos will I pause it mid-way to search up some word he said that I have no idea of, thanks JonTron for enriching and expanding my vocabulary!

    Tovarisch ShashlikovTovarisch ShashlikovDag sedan
  • I don't know rather I should continue to be pissed or be happy we finally get a video. Im tired of my favorite youtubers doing this cocktease content. Leaving for years and coming back like nothing is wrong.

    Cortez LeeCortez LeeDag sedan
  • No one talking about how he actually bought some of these.

    Sean CresswellSean CresswellDag sedan
  • Hearing that woman talk about electronics actually killed me inside..

    soinu foigsoinu foigDag sedan
  • "Just slap an ACOG scope on that bad boy" *proceeds to slap a red dot sight on that bad boy*

    LhidronLhidronDag sedan
  • That mask will turn you into a vampire and you will never age. Makes sense tho.

    RakwnRakwnDag sedan
  • Wat WTF!

    Taha köse123Taha köse123Dag sedan
    • @soinu foig I can tell more or less what you're saying right now, by the way, your profile photo looks good😁 I don't understand because my English is shit😂 if you want to talk to me, you can translate it in Turkish 😉

      Taha köse123Taha köse123Dag sedan
    • @soinu foig I can tell more or less what you're saying right now, by the way, your profile photo looks good😁 I don't understand because my English is shit😂 if you want to talk to me, you can translate it in Turkish 😉

      Taha köse123Taha köse123Dag sedan
    • Wht......what the fk..! Loved This dude

      soinu foigsoinu foigDag sedan
  • God I love you, Jon.

    TBoneDMTBoneDMDag sedan
  • I do want to make note that the wipe reach is a way to do that if you have low mobility and live alone, a lot of the sold and 'have silly' reasons are made for people with specific or low percentage disabilities, then they try and make some of their money back from development.

    CaptianRedGoatCaptianRedGoatDag sedan
  • ha i was dying looking at that robot, one loose wire or rock and he's faceplanting with those tiny wheels, also is it just me or did the guy look like he was nervous the whole time explaining it

    Supa BlankSupa BlankDag sedan
  • Hes gonna leave us again.

    Ppman 69Ppman 69Dag sedan
  • Seems like Cane Fu was the only style mastered by Steven Segal

    Shaney McBabyShaney McBabyDag sedan
  • That plant was probably watered the last time he made a video 🥴

    TickleMeWeskerTickleMeWeskerDag sedan
  • That face mask reminds me of doll face from twisted metal

    Devilman666312Devilman666312Dag sedan
  • When I was waiting for another video, I was not expecting this. Not that I'm complaining!

    HarshegoesHarshegoesDag sedan
  • like

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDag sedan
  • Miss your vids Jon 🙁

    Reese YetterReese YetterDag sedan
  • @4:22 solenoids are having copper wires lmao

  • 5:51 who else flinched. Having flash backs must be codtsd.

    theaveragejoe !theaveragejoe !Dag sedan
  • 4.1k people apparently cant get over the past or are old people.

    idiocityproductionsidiocityproductionsDag sedan
  • See you in a year. 😂

    BGameme2BGameme2Dag sedan
  • Wht......what the fk..! Loved This dude

    〖Sקidey〗〖Sקidey〗Dag sedan
  • Why don’t you make gaming vids anymore?

    NintegaNintegaDag sedan
  • So, if you manage to get a working copy, would you review Paper Mario TTYD?

    Rustyguacamole AFRustyguacamole AFDag sedan
  • Amazing, cried every time

    Papa SmurfPapa SmurfDag sedan