2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E4 - Charging Station

Sandy and and the Munro Live team take the VW ID.4 to the Electrify America Charging Station in Novi, Michigan!
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  • He is Tesla inclined guy. I have free 3yr charging and I can start charging in 3secs which he didnt mentioned that ID comes with 3yrs free charging

    Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta2 dagar sedan
  • So if it cost me $15 for 30 min charge and doesn't even get me 100% , then I'm going to pay more for electricity then I did for gas.... Unless there is some kinda portable charger I can plug in to a receptical in my home or at a hotel , restaurant , or rest stop, then what good is all this ( besides being environmentally better, which is the point of all this) I'll basically be paying a shit load of money to drive this thing... Not to mention your insurance company probably won't insure the the battery in this car after the factory warranty expires, because the batteries cost could be $5000 to $15000 depending on how many of them need replacing

    Shannon BunchShannon Bunch2 dagar sedan
  • The difference between "other stuff" and Tesla is Design based on first principles and user experience.

    TailWheelTailWheel5 dagar sedan
  • LOL! You gained a subscriber!

    Johnnyboy5520Johnnyboy55206 dagar sedan
  • What Sandy described after first plugging into the charger (establishing communication) is something _every_ EV charging system has to do in order to figure out what voltage and current to send to the vehicle. EVERY charging station has to do this in order to charge. There is _ZERO_ reason that EV manufacturers haven’t already solved this problem - the entire transaction should occur _INSIDE THE VEHICLE_ with no interaction with the charging station other than plugging in the cable. The way these “businesses” have handled charging infrastructure for EVs so far other than Tesla illustrates that they’re still thinking like we’re living in caves among dinosaurs - they understand nothing about technology other than how to supply the bare minimum to part people from their money. Tesla is the only EV manufacturer so far to think like Apple in terms of obsessing _at all_ over the user experience and making sure they get that right. I don’t wish anything bad for the workers and engineers at all the other auto manufacturers, because I know those people really care and want to be able to take pride in their work. But for the decision makers responsible for such abysmal user experiences when there’s no reasaon for it at all, I wish for nothing but failure and shame, or a “come to Jesus” moment where they recognize the error in their ways and change things for the better.

    babybirdhomebabybirdhome7 dagar sedan
  • The little cover in the charging port is there because 99% of the time you're only going to be charging off AC power in your garage which uses the top connector. So they have that cover to protect it from corrosion since they don't figure it's going to be used as often. Easiest way to charge at an EA station is to use the EA app. Get to the charger pick the charger you're going to use in the app swipe to authenticate with your smartphone plug in the car and off it goes. The reason the car stopped at 80% is because he had the charge limit set to 80%. The ID for actually charges pretty quickly and has a very good charging curve p charging is 125 KW but it maintains that speed for a pretty long time. It should be an excellent road tripping car.

    kens97sto171kens97sto17112 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe I'm going to say this...The Government needs to mandate a plug standard for all EV's in the North American market. Get together with Canada and Mexico and come up with a joint standard. Just use Teslas's maybe?

    Richard ParkerRichard Parker13 dagar sedan
  • Its about maximizing profit. From a strip mall owners point of view a slower charger means you spend more time in the strip mall. Its same deal with walmart and other supermarkets putting banks, and starbucks inside. For insteance I worked at a Kroger that had a starbucks they ran the starbucks and all the products ordered from starbucks, and supplied by them, they had to meet their standards, but Kroger employeed the staff and covered other bits themselves. The reason for the starbucks is it increases customer time in store, you more likely to take it easy and take your time if you got a drink and over priced cookie, and there fore statistically more likely to buy more things that were not on your list as you walk past them. Like the profit it generates from the franchise is pretty weak at best, but statistically sales do go up over all as does customer satisfaction. Not only that some people may just stop for that amenity inside, and buy things they don't need persay or wouldn't bought till another day. Same thing here, goal is to make the charging take longer, sign you up for text updates, and since the charging takes longer, they set up time slots even though there is no rush or need for them. I bet the company also did some kind of loose study to decide 30 minutes was best wait time to keep you from leaving the lot, and also from getting too impatient. Goal of this amenity isn't to generate profit from maxmising how much charge you get, goal is to increase the value of the strip mall, so they can increase rent. Also some companies buy out strip malls as well. Like Kroger started buying instead of leasing strip malls whiel I worked for them. that way they can play land lord on the other store fronts, never worry about increased leases, and can modify the parking lot and what not at will with out waiting for a land lord to give the ok.

    Zalzany GamesZalzany Games15 dagar sedan
  • You don't have a problem with tech. The software engineers have a problem with people.

    Martin SmithMartin Smith17 dagar sedan
  • Why doesn't he prepare for the videos? This 'review' is unwatchable and embarassing.

    Allan NielsenAllan Nielsen17 dagar sedan
  • Ruin UK' plug industry? Dude. All of the plugs of the world are made in China.

    iLoveTheseRemorasiLoveTheseRemoras18 dagar sedan
  • 80% charge setting to "protect" the battery life.

    PabloPablo18 dagar sedan
  • Sandy, the problem is millennials are designing these things without involving the users/customers.

    PabloPablo18 dagar sedan
  • Mr Munro, you are god sent!

    Çommenter PersonÇommenter Person22 dagar sedan
  • Electrify America was forced by the US government to be built so VW made it so poorly. Tesla has a huge advantage here. because they cared about ev’s. People will not switch to ev’s if the charging infrastructure is terrible

    Tesla Lover2000Tesla Lover200023 dagar sedan
  • too many adds Sandy

    Tito GaritoTito Garito23 dagar sedan
  • That cover on the charger is because if you are doing level 2 charging, you only use the top plug. I charge at my home, so I would leave that cover on and never use the DC fast charging.

    JimInAuburnJimInAuburn25 dagar sedan
  • Dont blame VW. Its Charge Amerika issue

    Peter SierckPeter Sierck26 dagar sedan
  • You, problems with technology? No way! 🤣

    Wim SchoenmakersWim Schoenmakers27 dagar sedan
  • You can set the charging percentage in infotainment, navigation is in the menu. If you bothered to go through the menu’s you would realize that.

    Josip RicovJosip Ricov29 dagar sedan
  • OMG this is hard to watch. I don’t know do I want to laugh or cry. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Josip RicovJosip Ricov29 dagar sedan
  • I was at my local Volkswagen dealership just last Friday. They don't even have an ID4 to show.

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude29 dagar sedan
  • Grandma, Grandpa, watch this video before going electric, or go with Tesl, or better yet, keep your ICE vehicle.

    Mannix CMannix C29 dagar sedan
  • I thought VW provides FREE charging

    Mannix CMannix C29 dagar sedan
  • Where he saw that he needs to book? Is he still struggling with the saved locations?

    Fernando Magno AlvesFernando Magno Alves29 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, unfortunately no other carmaker has made charging as easy as Tesla has.

    kardy12kardy12Månad sedan
  • Tesla in EUR/UK is a different plug to the US (and different again in China, I think) EU made Tesla use the same CCS2 on model 3's and there are dual standard superchargers, one cable for Model S/X another for 3/Y

    Brushless MotoringBrushless MotoringMånad sedan
  • Ljubomir Ljubojevic Good discussion material. Just a question back at you? Do you work for the VW GROUP? At least Munro & Associates give an honest review regardless of the size of VW AG. Yes VW had their wrist slapped very gently in my opinion. They get to install a charging network instead of a FINE & get to keep the charging network they are putting in. All the while saying to them that it is ok to kill North American's as well as citizen's of the world with their Cheating on Deisel emissions. A REAL Sweetheart deal. In my opinion the VW AG should have at bare minimum have put a network in that their VW EVs can locate on a proper map. I would think that their software prowess would be somewhat better judging from their ability to cheat on emissions using software BUT unbelievable that they are unable to program into their new EV's an interface that should be transparent and stress confidence into their product. I am not impressed AND guess what neither was Sandy Munro apparently. The main reason I like this team of reviewer's IS because they conduct unbiased documentable proof about what they divulge to their audience. Sandy tells it like it is.. Not some embellished half truth about a mediocre product. He gives credit when credit and respect is due. P.S. I drive a Chevy Volt & am not a TESLA fanboy. But if TESLA can get it right from the start EVEN with a dinosaur building issue. At least their software is intuitive and their cars do what is far ahead of the competition.

    SpuddySpuddyMånad sedan
  • That plug is a great example of why GB has historically been far greater than America or any other country.it’s engineered properly Including safety additions! Without the switch it could easily electrify America. God you are so irascible! But you are also likeable 👍🏻

    Richard MasonRichard MasonMånad sedan
  • He’s like Walter White sometimes😜

    Richard MasonRichard MasonMånad sedan
  • He really loses my trust with such biased bashing of anything that doesn't have Tesla written on it. Very unfortunate.

    Detlef HoepfnerDetlef HoepfnerMånad sedan
  • so 15usd for 30 mi?

    EvloEvloMånad sedan
  • chademo is also, at least for now, best non tesla way to charge in eu, not just japan

    EvloEvloMånad sedan
  • VW put the cap to prevent the electricity from leaking :). EV manufacturers should have adopted the MagSafe :)

    BudwiserBudwiserMånad sedan
  • Still, the problem with BEV public charging with the exception of Tesla. Elon saw this issue a decade ago and decided to simplify public fast charging. The next smartest to follow is Rivian.

    Ayo DeveneauxAyo DeveneauxMånad sedan
  • ew do americans use type 1?

    xIAMDAVExxIAMDAVExMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 one more reason for legacy manufacturers to catch up. The technology is here, get rid of the red tape.

    Jhony R ZavaletaJhony R ZavaletaMånad sedan
  • I keep on being deeply dissapointed by Sandy. He's just doing a marketing stunt for Tesla with both videos. A supposedly serious high end engineer that can completely dismantle and analyse a car. He seems now to be overwhelmed with any task as using a vending machine or above. I spent my entire work years in research environment. Never have I experienced a scientist or engineer running around all day long whinning "I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't understand." Is he not fully there anymore? Just used as a marketing front end? Usually he is very, very informative. But these two videos driving the ID are a shitshow and he is a fu%&ing bad actor. I don't own an electric car yet as I wait for the KIA EV6 in a month to order but the f&%k, I seem to already know tons more on how to operate them compared to how he pretends to not know. Maybe like billions of old man & women he needs to learn that in this world we are all in the same sinking boat and starts to get into coop mode.

    Philipp KlausPhilipp KlausMånad sedan
  • I watch people struggle all the time and nobody wants to say it but that CCS plug is too difficult and bulky and the average person could struggle getting it plugged in properly

    ShayStJohnShayStJohnMånad sedan
  • WOW in the US it works with credit card, you could be happy. In Germany we have hundred diffrent charging supplier and each with it's own paying system. Once you need the supplier card, for other you must install an app and register, or you must dail a number etc. Even better each supplier has it's own price system. In some cases you charge your car and after you finished charging process you wiĺl informed about the costs.

    dive tabdive tabMånad sedan
  • Can someone check the math: did it cost about $15 to go roughly 60 miles (22% to go 30 miles, recharged delta was 44%, so double 30 miles=60miles cost was $15). That does not seem economical.

    Mr PangyMr PangyMånad sedan
  • Electrify America is engeneerd and build by VW....Very interesting thing🤣

    Bubba ZanettiBubba ZanettiMånad sedan
  • First of all, all new cars are complex and aren't instantly intuitive to operate if you haven't owned the same brand previously. A couple of days after acquiring my ID.4 I drove 120 miles just so I could get some highway miles under my belt and experience charging at an Electrify America station. I loaded the EA app on my phone, but spent zero time in advance trying to figure out the entire charging sequence. After a couple of minutes of furtively trying to commence charging I simply called the toll-free number indicated on the kiosk. After five minutes with Customer Service, I learned the process, started charging and haven't looked back since. If you can operate an iPhone you can learn to charge an EV. No the system isn't geared to work easily for the totally uninformed, but neither was my iPhone.

    Slick Willy IVSlick Willy IVMånad sedan
  • The small cap in your charge port is to the people that charges at home, with a small charger. No DC charging, so you don't need to show the two massive DC conduits that the cap covers. Goofy charging network, in the US?

    Oddbjørn GebhardtOddbjørn GebhardtMånad sedan
  • So you paid $15 for "half tank" + $10 for a coffee and bagel sandwich which took 30 minutes .... A half tank of fuel for my Highlander costs $15 and 3minutes ....... This proves that the EV movement is a scam.

    Mac KellyMac KellyMånad sedan
  • But i get it, sometimes, experts tent to overthink stuff way to much and not simply follow instructions. As they do have a plan on their mind and hard to switch it.

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • Hey Sandy, set the charge limit to 100% and it will go on charging, ok, that's no science at all, to read "Charge to 80%" in the settings. Even my wife got it and she only knows how to turn on and off the computer.

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • You can actual place a charge limit, so it stops at 80%.... yeah, it is embarrassing .... not more.

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • Because Tesla SC got a coffee right next to or a toilet ^^

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • In Eu, if proper charging card is on hand, you drive on, put card on and charge, if all goes as planned of course and Tesla is in lead here, no doubt, but it is not that kind of problem, mostly.

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • That clearly shows, how fucked up the charging infrastructure is, compared to EU, mostly.

    Andreas KlossekAndreas KlossekMånad sedan
  • This is so funny. Grandma out on a expedition 😂😂

    BadMonkeyBadMonkeyMånad sedan
  • “The best system is no system”

    Heinz NHeinz NMånad sedan
  • Don't ask him to program a VCR!

    Len ImberyLen ImberyMånad sedan
  • Tesla’s supercharger is far superior to all other charging solutions. It’s not even close.

    Q JQ JMånad sedan
  • I wish Telsa would make an SUV that shape & Size. Maybe the possible Toyota partnership will get us an electric Hylander.

    Scott From MarylandScott From MarylandMånad sedan
  • Now with the new video we can see that the car has averaged some 2.9 miles a kWh over about 182 miles but somehow with an average speed of 8mph. The 8mph is weird but it proves that the car is likely doing far better in their testing than 2.9 miles a kWh. Regardless, if you use ABRP for comparison The car had to get between 2.9 and ABRP estimate of 3.47 miles a kWH. That means the car should have only used about 10% of it's battery. The car should have arrived with more than 45% SoC likely 48%. The car at EA at that SoC would charge at roughly 100kWh or a bit better but likely would have recouped the rough 10% in about 5-6 minutes. At that SoC it would only take about 45 minutes and the car would be fully charged. It likely stopped charging because it was fully charged, he never shows or explains the SoC, likely because he doesn't want you to know that. Keep in mind the ID.4 takes only 65 minutes from 0% to 100%. But likely from the last video it was set to 80% as that was clearly displayed as the charge limit which would have taken only about 20-22 minutes. He got lucky to get back within the 10 minute window or he would have been charged idol fees, that would have been hilarious. The 15 dollars he cites equals almost exactly 30kWh delivered(including taxes etc) which is almost exactly 45% to 80% SoC delivered by a EA station to a ID.4. The 15 dollars kWh delivered based upon that at 43 cents a kWh do not match up with arriving at 36% SoC, the cost would have been closer to $20. Whatever he is saying is not founded in the video evidence we see. He is creating a narrative that literally goes against what we visually can see. Which makes me feel like his newest video and this video is just an act to push Tesla.

    Darren OrangeDarren OrangeMånad sedan
  • I noticed on your drive video going around 78-80mph was around 2 miles per kwh (500wh/mi), where as the tesla model 3 gets around 300wh/mi at those speeds. Looks like the drag coefficient for the id4 is .28 vs tesla .23 giving the tesla an almost 20% reduction in drag which plays a HUGE roll at higher speeds.

    James McTavishJames McTavishMånad sedan
  • well the charge went away as the ID 4 (brick) has about an air drag coefficient (CD) of 0.30, you may need a Lucid Air or New Tesla Model S which have around 0.20CD so those two are great cars for a heavy foot, and an the recent Mercedes EQS is the most aerodynamic of the bunch!.

    Bert HogendoornBert HogendoornMånad sedan
  • German !!!! Over complicated 😉 Das auto!!!

    taty1taty1Månad sedan
  • The NEW Sandy Munro stand up comedy show sponsored by VW...! Musk should put Sandy on retainer....

    Schalk SpiesSchalk SpiesMånad sedan
  • Tap to Pay Much, Sandy?

    Jim LeyJim LeyMånad sedan
  • Sandy u should do these with all en EVs love it 😂. Hey is how pp will react to the product so really good

    Javier SerranoJavier SerranoMånad sedan
  • in conclusion: buy more TSLA.

    NAMAHENAMAHEMånad sedan
  • The charge was interrupted at 80% because the charge limit was set to 80% Sandy. Look at it on the screen at minute 08.21.

    Gion StifflerGion StifflerMånad sedan
  • No wonder Tesla are eating their lunch.

    davenz000davenz000Månad sedan
  • The reason the UK uses that switch on/switch off thing with the plugs is that they are on 220volt for everything. Same with the rest of Europe. Whenever I plug anything in when I;m in Europe, it always arcs and flashes because of the higher voltage. You show this complicated chart of all the different plugs, but only three of them are used here: Fast DC charging, the regular EV L1/L2 charge plug, and Tesla's special plug that has an adapter so you can use a regular EV plug. It ain't that hard.

    Erich TisnadoErich TisnadoMånad sedan
  • Sandy got spoiled by the easy Tesla superchargers, like me. I hope I never have to touch a VW charger.

    Max GMax GMånad sedan
  • Love my S with free lifetime Supercharging!! Plug it in, walk away.

    Ronald LenzRonald LenzMånad sedan
  • Hey Sandy! I'm pretty tech-savvy as well, but I also have to say that Electrify America designed their systems pretty poorly. Even with an account, charging sessions will stop randomly for bogus reasons, and even start charging you 'camping' fees if you're not able to run back fast enough to unplug your car! :) I've use their charging Network several times for long-range trips, and I've had issues initiating a charge on most of them, or charging shutting off prematurely. Chargepoint and EVgo (which can be activated with a single phone tap or RIFID card tap) simply give way less problems.

    Jrharbort ProductionsJrharbort ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Also keep in mind, Tesla doesn't get to use their plug in China or EU.

    Dave SullivanDave SullivanMånad sedan
  • It's not you. I'm an engineer with a masters degree and I've used the Electrify America network a dozen times. Every single experience is a nightmare.

    Alex WaardenburgAlex WaardenburgMånad sedan
  • Use tap and pay.

    Dave SullivanDave SullivanMånad sedan
  • He's a no non-sense guy which I like.

    Max KonigMax KonigMånad sedan
  • 'The English plug is clunky, its huge'. 'It's protectionism'. You should feel right at home then. That's describes most things in the US 😄

    John PadgettJohn PadgettMånad sedan
  • CCS2 should be the standard in USA like the EU. Tesla have added CCS2 to most Supercharger locations in europe now to support Model 3 and forthcoming Y launch. As a Tesla model 3 driver in the EU you get the best of both worlds - Superchargers at Tesla and 3rd party CCS2 DC high speed with no need for adapters. As probably mentioned in the comments, the bottom two pins are the DC pins on CCS2 and are only needed for fast charging. AC charging up to 22kw only uses the top pins. Hence why you'd want to cover the DC pins when not in use. Tesla don't ship a DC bottom cover with their EU model 3 however. You can buy little covers for them from 3rd party vendors.

    Barry DwyerBarry DwyerMånad sedan
  • hhh, I get the feeling that you are cranky about everything! Oh, I have to put that in or remove that or do that .... come on!

    نظام تمكيننظام تمكينMånad sedan
  • It’s so funny to see how the infrastructure in America is soooo far behind ROW! I’m surprised Sandy didn’t pay with a check, LOL!😂Not meaning to offend anybody, but the USA is quickly becoming a 3rd world country...I used to love it there, studied there in 90-91 and have had a house in Florida for 18 years but had to sell it a couple of years ago due to the distance. The US in not what it used to be, it’s really sad, super nice people and such a beautiful interesting country😔

    CF BCF BMånad sedan
  • Tesla charging infrastructure is so much undervalued by people. VW / GM can make as good a car or even better than Tesla, but the charging network will just be so much worse. Who cares about some panel gaps ...

    TheUndertaker84TheUndertaker84Månad sedan
  • Electrify America is a VW company and it doesn't work automatically with their own cars and they are a complete rip-off.

    Robert EvansRobert EvansMånad sedan
    • What ? Please read the comment of Greg Jaskewicz.

      Richard SchweizerRichard SchweizerMånad sedan
  • It's painful to watch americans struggle with simple things.

    Greg JaskiewiczGreg JaskiewiczMånad sedan
  • I did a test drive of this car yesterday.. 202 miles.. plug in.. charging starts.. No problem.

    TheJHA67TheJHA67Månad sedan
  • 80% charge problem? You set the charging limit to 80% in the infotainment. It’s a setting. No app necessary.

    mcmormusmcmormusMånad sedan
  • VW has hobbled their Electrify America network intentionally to stave off EV adoption. This isn't a bug, it's their buggy feature to keep their dino-burning buggies on the road.

    My Tesla WeekendMy Tesla WeekendMånad sedan
  • The old man really clowned himself here. Shocking lack of understanding of some of the basics on display. Looking forward to more however and him learning more about this car. That said the Electrify America network needs improvement, it's not ready for prime time.

    Tuomas LeoneTuomas LeoneMånad sedan
  • Re. the English and German high voltage plugs, they're much safer to use for the consumer than similar American plugs. This is especially the case with the German high voltage plug & receptacle. The way it's designed there is no way you can touch the pins on the plug when it's being inserted into the receptacle. As a contrast, I suggested that you look at the potential hazards of plugging in your 40amp electric stove. The safety of the German plug/receptacle will be obvious immediately.

    James C HuffJames C HuffMånad sedan
  • UN should standardize all EV sockets and plugs

    South Ka ChandanSouth Ka ChandanMånad sedan
  • wow... that makes me so happy to not use Electrify America. Driving tomorrow in my Tesla and no worries at all. I can only imagine the angst if that was the experience.

    Russell CopelandRussell CopelandMånad sedan
  • Volkswagen made it difficult what supposed to be simple task. Customer want to do very simple task just plug charge nothing fancy , nothing engineering . If someone at Volkswagen does not think that is important . they should find other job .

    changchangMånad sedan
  • So VW need to build more coffee shops?

    Betty SwallocksBetty SwallocksMånad sedan
  • 😍😍😍👏👏👏

    Nelson PinedaNelson PinedaMånad sedan
  • So the British safety plug is panned like the VW 😳 That’s ok because he Could Never be Biased ☹️ Bet he loved Benny Hill 😍😍😍😍

    Dave BoonDave BoonMånad sedan
  • After owning a ccs EV (bmm i3) our current tesla is so much more convenient to fast charge.

    landrover325landrover325Månad sedan
  • The UK plug also has a brilliant safety feature to protect children from sticking things in the socket. The live and neutral points have a safety latch that prevents objects from being inserted into them when there is no plug in the socket. The earth pin on the plug releases the latches when it’s inserted. This is a great safety measure. I’m not sure what Sandy is going on about in regards to having to switch it on and off with the switch in order to use the plug - you can plug an appliance in and out without worrying about the switch being on or off. The switch is simply to turn power off to an appliance if you so wish. It’s optional.

    Ben WarmerdamBen WarmerdamMånad sedan
  • Crotchety old man!

    Hersh CHersh CMånad sedan
  • Totally going to beat tesla

    Clenn DesignsClenn DesignsMånad sedan
  • The cap is there because if you have a home charger you do not need the two lower plugs as they are for high speed charging. If you have to charge outdoors with a level 2 charger, the plug protects those lower plug points from the weather if it’s raining etc..

    Stephen DueckStephen DueckMånad sedan
  • Looks like Sandy might be the world's biggest fan of #MurphysLaw...

    Chad GibbishChad GibbishMånad sedan
  • Can’t compare this to a Tesla SC, not even close, and that’s why Tesla wins! The network is so well done 👍

    Larry NewmanLarry NewmanMånad sedan
    • Scammers be gone,

      Larry NewmanLarry NewmanMånad sedan
  • Charging station must have been designed by a former government employee

    Deb LDeb LMånad sedan