The Rich Are Preparing For The Apocalypse Better Than You

Throughout human history, doomsayers -- people predicting the end of the world -- have lived largely on the fringes of society. Today, a doomsday industry is booming thanks to TV shows, movies, hyper-partisan politics, and the news media. With the country's collective anxiety on the rise, even the nation's wealthiest people are jumping on board, spending millions of dollars on survival readiness in preparation for unknown calamities.

We sent Thomas Morton to see how people across the country are planning to weather the coming storm.

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  • We sent Thomas Morton to see how people across the country are planning to weather the coming storm. WATCH NEXT: This Is What a Nuclear War Would Actually Look Like -

    VICE NewsVICE NewsÅr sedan
    • These bunkers are not to strong enough to keep us alive because lava could enter the door and roof it's not to strong enough and the big earthquakes will open the floor and everything will fall how we will survive that and also the rapture of the end will destroy the whole earth how you call that thing that it will survive us from this if we're having covid-19 because he's coming soon that won't save us. It's your turn tell me what do you say is this really going to protect us or this is just a joke for money.

      BTS ChimmyBTS Chimmy7 månader sedan
    • @Jason McGrath Now. By this time next year, a gallon of milk is probably going to be $25.

      Víðarr KerrVíðarr Kerr7 månader sedan
    • Those shelters will be hot spots. Stay away, build your own, and tell no one.

      K TK T7 månader sedan
    • The carbon footprint of the military industrial complex

      Lorenzo BlumLorenzo Blum8 månader sedan
    • Adam Baum fool. Grow up

      Agartha Asgard[HODL]Agartha Asgard[HODL]År sedan
  • Uh oh....God says that the rich's underground bunkers will become their underground TOMBS....I think He knows something they don't....

    Junn WigglesworthJunn Wigglesworth2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah there rich what do you expect? They can afford to prepare

    Jonathan AstroJonathan Astro3 dagar sedan
  • Why running?

    Claire SandovalClaire Sandoval5 dagar sedan
  • U don’t need the bunker, u only need face mask

    Alan HAlan H8 dagar sedan
  • I am used to hearing from middle class preppers.

    Franklin GilletteFranklin Gillette14 dagar sedan
  • Can they survive massive earthquakes with these bunkers?

    Alia CampbellAlia Campbell22 dagar sedan
  • I am building a bunker soon. Actually not kidding.

    Patrick DPatrick D25 dagar sedan
  • Because they can afford camp pain.... Welcome to the, apackofalcoholics..

    Troy HayderTroy Hayder28 dagar sedan
  • Support people who have more knowledge than u because your be on your own wen the internet gets turned off “ SUPPORT” u morons duurrrr

    Donna RecciDonna RecciMånad sedan

    john satterleejohn satterleeMånad sedan
  • Waste of time because nothing will save them.

    Mathew GroverMathew GroverMånad sedan
  • Yeah the rich are preparing for the apocalypse by paying people to do it for them how is that going to go if the SHTF? The guy in the boat aint going to wait that's for damme sure, no hes going to high tail it. The guy who built their bunker or guy who maintains it is going to move into it, your private security will abandon you kill you and steal your escape plan lol.

    JohnnyJohnnyMånad sedan
  • All this coronavirus bullshit is just a huge distraction from what's really happening

    powdered bunspowdered bunsMånad sedan
  • covid 19 is every where baby

    Love DonorLove DonorMånad sedan
  • 11:23 So where is the database with the computers holding all information for education and entertainment purpose.

    Thunder KatThunder KatMånad sedan
  • 1-911 dislikes...I like that

    Thunder KatThunder KatMånad sedan
  • How will you get them there Fast enough in the event of an “Apocalypse”?

    Adrian DAdrian DMånad sedan
  • Tbh it's better to mentally prepared and physically prepared then sheltered prepared

    Apo-Ca-LypseApo-Ca-LypseMånad sedan
  • And the rich will fulfill the prophecy... All for the Glory of God. Revalation, Chapter 6, verses 15-17: . 15And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? The end is nigh. The night is far spent. PREPARE the WAY of the LORD

    USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel PeresUSAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel PeresMånad sedan
  • damn.. i wonder why...

    Jann Airay VELIGANIOJann Airay VELIGANIOMånad sedan

    Dr.Samurai's minute lectureDr.Samurai's minute lectureMånad sedan
  • Then next thing you know it's fall out and your just an experiment

    Jesse RobertsJesse RobertsMånad sedan
  • These people are just preparing for it, they have a hard on for it.

    Jason AldrichJason Aldrich2 månader sedan
  • I see this as entertainment because the super rich are kidding themselves if they think these places are going to save them. I remember president Reagan stating on national tv that after we develop Star Wars weaponry we will give the technology to the Soviet Union. No one to this day realizes why he said that which amazes me. Teller warned Reagan about the biggest threat to mankind in a personal letter after which Reagan gave the go ahead to develop the technology. Some people in governments all over the world know the reason for Reagan's statement. Hint; inside Cheyenne Mountain Norad's deep space network detects what are called UTs for short. That stands for Uncorrelated Targets. My brother, who was a USAF officer spent a lot of time traveling between the Pentagon and Cheyenne Mountain. Think what you will but these bunkers won't amount to a damn if and when the UT's creators decide to make their move.

    NewHampshireBoyNewHampshireBoy2 månader sedan
  • Vivos is irl vault tec

    Theodore BearTheodore Bear2 månader sedan
  • The definition of a Apocalypse is not the end of the world it's the realization of what the world accually

    Benjamin ZepedaBenjamin Zepeda2 månader sedan
  • I didn't know Woody Allen was working for Vice News now.

    Chuck StarkChuck Stark2 månader sedan
    • 🤣

      JDB723JDB723Månad sedan
  • Sorry but I’d I’m having a doomsday bunker I don’t want neighbjrs

    lonbiteslonbites2 månader sedan
  • They will open their doors to ashes and flies....!

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson2 månader sedan
  • OMG idiots buy shelter with movie room, what movie are they going to watch, Dr. Strangelove maybe. Only a thief and an enemy of freedom would buy such thing. Pretty much describes the financial and big tech elite of today.

    vivaparenzovivaparenzo2 månader sedan
  • Preparing is ok, but these people make an Idol of it. You need to prepare for the afterlife! For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 16:25

    Healing ONLY IN Lord Jesus ChristHealing ONLY IN Lord Jesus Christ2 månader sedan
  • Thomas looks like a dedicated child when he's fighting, its a total awww moment

    Rhea SwimRhea Swim2 månader sedan
  • I would rather die in the open than hide like a coward....

    calvin candiecalvin candie2 månader sedan
  • I want the 1%'s heads in pitchforks.

    C-chan!!C-chan!!2 månader sedan
  • I’ve never seen Thomas so happy before @11:25 🤓 📖 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂🩸🩸

    taz santiagotaz santiago2 månader sedan
  • Intro was pretty awesome, good work

    Thomas BobinskiThomas Bobinski2 månader sedan
  • So imagine you are mega wealthy. Imagine you purchased one of these silo bunkers. Imagine that some sort of major event happens. Imagine you are somehow about to get to the bunker. Imagine your shock when they refuse to open the doors.

    MinerxMinerx2 månader sedan
  • Yeah but as fallout taught us the vaults won’t protect you for long. Lmao

    iZk_3iZk_32 månader sedan
  • Do you really want to survive and live in a destroyed world?

    Arend TiemsArend Tiems2 månader sedan
  • Great it’s nice to know all the rich people would survive further showing rich people have it better.

    Mr.Trooper snooperMr.Trooper snooper2 månader sedan
  • a very real conversation will need to be had about ANTINATALISM .... the humanitarian benefits of culling future progeny & the utilization of male BIRTH CONTROL. we clearly will NOT be able to sustain our population for much longer.

    peace azurepeace azure2 månader sedan
  • 3:34 wait ... they don't build the shelters underground?? just pile some dirt over it .... lmao

    Werner FoersterWerner Foerster2 månader sedan
  • How short is this man

    Roman WarnerRoman Warner2 månader sedan
  • The 1% is another name for the ellite or also called illuminati.

    lana cooperlana cooper2 månader sedan
  • The 1% are the elite illuminati who are the same people killing other innocent lives

    lana cooperlana cooper2 månader sedan
  • 😁

    Arch Angel MichaelArch Angel Michael2 månader sedan
  • Your headline is duuuuuumb. I bet the rich are driving better cars too.

    ilovemymomilovemymom2 månader sedan
  • Vice Nazis

    daavilakdaavilak2 månader sedan
  • unless they are living in bunkers all the time, i doubt they have time to get to safety when nuclear warhead hits.

    MikeMike2 månader sedan
    • @Werner Foerster thanks for the feedback. You could have said that earlier instead of the one liner. While they probably wouldnt get blown away to dust as in the direct centre of the blast, i doubt its still far from safety, from radiation , chaos, emp,etc. According to ASAP Science's video on nuclear detonation, you are still likely to suffer 1st degree burns at 11km of the explosion radius. I assume that the cities that would be bomb would where the highest concentration of population, wealth and industrial power would be, so thats where the rich are likely to congregate, likely making them incredibly near to the blast zone Took into account that the panic from the warning will most likely cause traffic jams and car rammings, the only way they can make it out in time is thru helicopters, and thats if they manage to arrange one to come pick them up and arrive at the bunker. That would make bunkers more like a place to hold out if you can survive the initial blast and still manage to get there. Of course these are just my assumptions, we are not sure how many nukes would be launched in a real nuclear war, maybe thousands, thats why I mentioned that I just doubt that they could get to safety in time

      MikeMike2 månader sedan
    • @Mike My point is this: The blast radius for nukes is not as large as many/ you believe. A one megaton nuke would have a severe blast radius of less than 4 miles. So I disagree with your initial statement as a general rule. Sure, if you live in Manhattan you are screwed, but for the rest of us (99.%) chances are we wouldn't be caught in a blast zone and could evacuate to safe area/ bunker if needed.

      Werner FoersterWerner Foerster2 månader sedan
    • @Werner Foerster lmao, how is it cut and paste. There figures are easily found, and i express my opinion and assumption with those figures that support my view, go find a comment that even 50% match my comments then . It does answer your question, its not my problem if you dont want to accept it. go troll somewhere else

      MikeMike2 månader sedan
    • @Mike thanks for the cut and paste ... still didn't answer my question

      Werner FoersterWerner Foerster2 månader sedan
    • @Werner Foerster a lot. there are almost 14k nuclear weapons, with 90% owned by USA and Russia. at least 3750 are operationally deployed. A hiroshima nuke is 15 - 20 kiloton of dynamite, considered low yield by modern nukes, current weapons are at least 100 kiloton. If USA and Russia launch at least 500 each against each other. There are at least 500 major cities, places of high population density, industrial cities completely destroyed. The rich are most likely in these cities. Those cities are far away from these bunkers and assuming they only get max 30 mins of warning before impact, and maybe 5 - 10 minutes to make evacuation arrangements. its unlikely most of them made it inside within 20 minutes.

      MikeMike2 månader sedan
  • Every unit shown here is now sold

    i69trucknuttzi69trucknuttz2 månader sedan
    • 3:34 wait ... they don't build the shelters underground?? just pile some dirt over it .... lmao

      Werner FoersterWerner Foerster2 månader sedan
  • Yeah what are the rich gonna do when they need to fix something that breaks in their shelter? They won't last long because they're use to having poor people do everything. So they'll be screwed just like the rest of us.

    Sammy McguinnSammy Mcguinn2 månader sedan
  • ...and.... BIDEN was the answer?

    CharlesCharles2 månader sedan
  • Its time too lock and load and get ready for the revolution..🤣🤣

    shine on tvshine on tv2 månader sedan
  • Eat The Rich.

    Peter AleksandrovichPeter Aleksandrovich2 månader sedan
  • Until all the middle class and poor come in droves and take their crap...

    erin healeyerin healey2 månader sedan
  • Nick is such a Legend..bless him :)

    Kasper NielsenKasper Nielsen2 månader sedan
  • I'd hope to die in the initial onslaught, too claustrophobic to live in a luxury hole in the ground.

    Jeff WJeff W3 månader sedan
  • Any good apocolypse book will tell u why 99% of bunkers are a stupid idea

    Beelzebob the innocentBeelzebob the innocent3 månader sedan
  • Seriously 9-11 on Wall Street? Wtf Is that

    But ButBut But3 månader sedan
  • Evil wicked ppl can’t escape Gods wrath.

    The body of CHRISTThe body of CHRIST3 månader sedan
  • The silo "condos" remind me of Mount Weather in The 100.

    Jae LynnJae Lynn3 månader sedan
  • I want to know how they're going to get into those bunkers when it's snowing outside and I don't really see roads or plows there.

    Jae LynnJae Lynn3 månader sedan
  • "it a peice of mind" it always good think about the future cause we don't know the outcome but let focus on what we can do in the present to fix it and slow down could or would happen.

    leo kingleo king3 månader sedan
  • Sounds like a great idea until you realize the Soviet Union and China have the silos on their hit-list, have these countries removed the silos from their hit list because the military is no longer using them or do they trust that our military is no longer using them, that's a big question. I believe in bunkers but not Silo bunkers.

    RockyMtnGobblersRockyMtnGobblers3 månader sedan
  • Take notes, y'all, so when we start the revolution we know who to put at the top of the list.

    johnnydtractivejohnnydtractive3 månader sedan
  • They have to come out sometime, there’s only so much fuel and food you can store and bullets don’t stay live forever. And there wouldn’t be the low paid workers producing goods for them anymore so they would have to start working to survive, that would be true karma.

    Davide UnbekanntDavide Unbekannt3 månader sedan
  • And how long would it take for one of these super-rich egomaniacs to go crazy when they realize life is practically meaningless or start a coup for control within the complex?

    grimezigrimezi3 månader sedan

    #ĀVREEEVANS#ĀVREEEVANS3 månader sedan
  • vivos = Vault tec :D

    Dexter MorganDexter Morgan3 månader sedan
  • Fallout vibes 😍

    Mazin SamiMazin Sami4 månader sedan
  • Too bad nobody informed the “rich” that everyone eventually dies. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us ☠️

    SerpentStarSerpentStar4 månader sedan
  • Watching this in February 2021 seems f*King MAD!.. If I'd have watched this 12 months prior I would've thought this as useless dribble!

    Alan McAlan Mc4 månader sedan
  • I’ve been pent up in a house, above ground for 6-11 months in a pandemic and I’m going bonkers, just imagine what the rich parasites are going to experience when things go sideways-mental because the rest of us are tired of eating cake and they retreated to where rodents often retreat to.... a hole in the ground. No amount of luxury in a hole 🕳 will suffice for contact with nature.

    • Nailed it

      The One And OnlyThe One And Only3 månader sedan
  • NO PENDING “ ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” ,what they’re afraid of is the pending ECONOMIC REVOLUTION.... WE’RE TIRED OF BEING FLEECED! I’ve had enough cake to kill me from sugar poisoning.

  • Unbelievable how much Racism, Jealous and Religious Anti Rich people are there in the Comments.

    Warcr!mesenioyer_823Warcr!mesenioyer_8234 månader sedan
    • @OMEGALUL Clap Yes, it's good to demand more Taxes and more money for Employees. I support that. But supporting this doesn't mean you're against rich people. Anti Rich is someone who just really hates them and is jealous of them.

      Warcr!mesenioyer_823Warcr!mesenioyer_8232 månader sedan
    • Anti rich HAHAHAHA as if that’s a bad thing. Is a bad thing if I want the rich to pay higher taxes? How about pay their workers more? Like how much of a bootlicker are you? Why are you defending people who don’t care about you or the people?

      OMEGALUL ClapOMEGALUL Clap2 månader sedan
  • It’s so funny because no matter how rich you are you’re gonna go crazy living in those bunkers for even a few months, as we have all seen during these covid lockdowns :)

    sabrielesabriele4 månader sedan
    • I don't think so I like being alone as I am most-all of the time.

      Warcr!mesenioyer_823Warcr!mesenioyer_8234 månader sedan
  • So are we gonna ignore the failed news on 2012 being the end for humanity? It’s the same thing guys come on

    Elyceus ArtElyceus Art4 månader sedan
  • Watching this reporter train is like watching my gf throw a football

    Aldo TelloAldo Tello4 månader sedan
  • We half to

    Jai NormanJai Norman4 månader sedan
  • They said Titanic will never sink

    Melklee24Melklee244 månader sedan
  • Better than me? (Cocks back the glock)

    Frank GuzmanFrank Guzman4 månader sedan
  • If fallout taught me anything it's you don't get good karma for helping these people.

    MandoMando4 månader sedan
  • So they were chilling all during Covid

    Joinee JonesJoinee Jones4 månader sedan

    Siou NeoSiou Neo4 månader sedan
  • 2021 know wo is crazy be safe covid19 and more virus 🦠 will come to mankind

    Jonathan MendozaJonathan Mendoza4 månader sedan
  • Who ARE all these nimrods who can't like speak like a sentence without like saying "like" half a dozen times?

    Chik WeidChik Weid4 månader sedan
  • Too bad they don't teach you how to defend against *Super Mutants* and *Mirelurks*

    zZStormZzzZStormZz4 månader sedan
  • China joined the IMF and World Bank in the late 1970s under Deng Xiaoping and opened Special Economic Zones to attract foreign investment. Farming was privatized and agricultural output soared. The new economic reforms led to calls for political freedoms and, in 1989, a million student protestors gathered in Tiananmen Square. Deng declared martial law and sent in the tanks. Despite China’s economic reforms, the Communist elite wasn’t going anywhere. With the economy booming, there was no popular revolt. The rest of the Communist world collapsed and globalization took off. The world’s industries migrated to China and 200 million people moved to the cities providing a vast pool of sweatshop labour. Unregulated factories poisoned major rivers, unregulated agribusiness drained rivers dry, logging ran wild and powerplants polluted the air with smog. Chinese industry flooded the West with cheap consumer goods and China’s east coast cities boomed. America is a young subcontinental empire built on debt and driven by consumer spending. China is an ancient subcontinental empire built on industry and driven by investment with much of GDP ploughed into new infrastructure. In 2011, for example, the state built 11,000 km of motorways bringing its network to 85,000 (10,000 more than the US). Xi Jinping rose to power in 2012 and, just like his close ally Vladimir Putin, is a strong nationalist leader who is not afraid to confront the West. Xi has further concentrated power into his own hands and turned the state’s vast resources towards developing high tech industry, building up the military and increasing China’s presence in space. With the rise of modern China and the resurgence of Russia under Putin, the world's nuclear priesthoods are now engaged in a second, much more dangerous Cold War of nuclear brinkmanship.... Waleed Higgins Full text available on Amazon, Last Messages: 9/11 and the End of History

    Waleed HigginsWaleed Higgins5 månader sedan
  • Fear, economic digital apocalypse

    ron mundiron mundi5 månader sedan
  • Good job thomas every reporter should have some of this training really and literally life or death this times!

    Oscar MohedanoOscar Mohedano5 månader sedan
  • Top 10 Richest persons 2021, MUST WATCH, Elon Musk short Biography Must Watch,

    NeevanNeevan5 månader sedan
  • Obviously they will prepare better than me duh... they're f*cking rich man lol

    Alexander GonzalezAlexander Gonzalez5 månader sedan
  • 7:06 Thomas Cruz 🤣

    Brisk StevensBrisk Stevens5 månader sedan
  • It is so hard to talk like this while running, wow he deserves an award

    armyofautisticsarmyofautistics5 månader sedan
  • Eating the rich and making toe necklaces out of politicians I cant wait 😊

    virtual villainvirtual villain5 månader sedan
    • @Warcr!mesenioyer_823 good 😊

      virtual villainvirtual villain4 månader sedan
    • But that will basically mean no stores and everything will be closed.

      Warcr!mesenioyer_823Warcr!mesenioyer_8234 månader sedan
  • Did they mention blm,antifa terrorist ?

    MuzzleblastMuzzleblast5 månader sedan
  • 15Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” Revelation 6

    FABAFABA5 månader sedan
  • Is this a joke, how dumb are these people?

    Phatty BoomBoomPhatty BoomBoom5 månader sedan
  • Thats a provocative tittle on so many levels....

    Heidi JosefsenHeidi Josefsen5 månader sedan