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  • NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

    1Rod1ReelFishing1Rod1ReelFishing24 dagar sedan
    • @Tanvir Hasan Eaten by a fish? Only if Adonai decides to do a Jonah thing with me, LOL.

      KF42KF423 timmar sedan
    • @Wendy Throw in Man's Best Friend? Heck no! Now _you_ might make good bait for giant river catfish, or piranha! 😂

      KF42KF423 timmar sedan
    • @Tanvir Hasan black men like me are constantly being picked off every day. You would know right oppressor

      Millz MillzMillz Millz17 timmar sedan
    • @David force feeding is not Oki doki

      Tanvir HasanTanvir Hasan17 timmar sedan
    • @David I think the biggest bad ass kid is u, go to your mom to teach u some lessons

      Tanvir HasanTanvir Hasan17 timmar sedan
  • dude that's violence 😐

    reza nazarireza nazari43 minuter sedan
  • One day they’ll use him as shark bait.

    Fumer PueFumer Pue44 minuter sedan
  • What a nob!!!!!

    Paul ReadPaul ReadTimme sedan
  • Don’t worry Mr. cicada, your family and friends will be going you real soon…😆

    753relddiR753relddiRTimme sedan
  • You in florida?

    Zack “Awesomer555” JZack “Awesomer555” JTimme sedan
  • That's so cruel! It's fine to kill annoying or deadly bugs... But c'mon! Why?! But honestly... A lot of the fault can also be blamed on itself. It wasn't quick. It got caught. It failed... Survival. It's its fault. I know another situation like this. The mitochondria. The mitochondria used to be a cell that live its own live. But one day it failed. And got caught up by another larger cell. Though a bond was formed from this occurrence, the mitochondria had to be come an energy slave. All its simple life was thrown away. To just become a... Well a b****.

    Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin RegaladoAndrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado3 timmar sedan
    • Its nature

      notiexnotiex2 timmar sedan
  • He is a cicadaNAPPER

    Gangsta VicGangsta Vic5 timmar sedan
  • Cicade: *gets taken away and gets eaten by fish* Friend cicada: what have I witnessed... eh probably nothing *AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS CICADAS MAKE BAD FRIENDS SO REMEBER KIDS... KILL EVERY CICADA YOU SEE*

    Makoto kittyMakoto kitty8 timmar sedan
  • Could spit in the water and those fish would eat it.

    Tyson HughesTyson Hughes8 timmar sedan
  • RIP cicada😢😢😢😢

    Dominic PadilloDominic Padillo10 timmar sedan

    ModelKingersModelKingers10 timmar sedan
  • Cicada- yeeted

    Afiq HAfiq H10 timmar sedan
  • Shakira ir sakadia i donde see a diffrence

    yaya10 timmar sedan
  • that cicada spent like 7 years underground, finally came out just for a week and this dude just fed it to some fish

    otemealotemeal11 timmar sedan
  • The cicadas aren’t arriving in my area YAS

    William CochonourWilliam Cochonour11 timmar sedan
  • Is your thumb shedding skin?

    V JV J11 timmar sedan
  • Rip cicada

    CaromelCaromel11 timmar sedan
  • Youre a fucking weirdo for licking uo a cicada with your bare hands

    spamooses-.spamooses-.11 timmar sedan
  • I would be so scared I wouldn't even touch it I would runaway be like Mommy can we go home

    My little squirrelsMy little squirrels11 timmar sedan
  • I just witnessed a murder😨😨😱

    UgotWrecked YTUgotWrecked YT11 timmar sedan
  • So they get this tasty snack every 17 years,,,,,,THEY BETTER CHERISH IT!

    Jenny TouhyJenny Touhy11 timmar sedan
  • Sekayda

    Human by NatureHuman by Nature11 timmar sedan
  • Man cicada just chillin there and you sacrifices it 😔✨

    Da bamaDa bama11 timmar sedan
  • Murder

    TTG BroadcastingTTG Broadcasting12 timmar sedan
  • Can we get F for that poor thing

    NoardNoard12 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: The cicadas: Reeeeeeee The TickToker: talking about how cicadas are good bait

    💜Bønnie the bunny💜💜Bønnie the bunny💜12 timmar sedan
  • Insects are vero happy

    giuliangiulian12 timmar sedan
  • Dude just picked it up with his bare hands

    Rafael AgustinRafael Agustin12 timmar sedan
  • I can catch 🦗😭😭

    Mahamad HawleriMahamad Hawleri12 timmar sedan
  • the cicada screams for his friend to help as he gets torn piece by piece while being recorded by a tiktoker, laughing. As he slowly dies a painful death, the friend leaves not knowing what happened But in all seriousness, what if he fucked it

    moshiartzmoshiartz12 timmar sedan
  • you stupid?

    •Dark_Night_Wgf• Black_tobbi••Dark_Night_Wgf• Black_tobbi•12 timmar sedan
  • guys they just came out why are we torturing them already 😭

    F0RG0TT3NF0RG0TT3N12 timmar sedan
  • The title should be How to end a cicadas life in 12 seconds

    A T H E N AA T H E N A12 timmar sedan
  • F for the poor cicada he was just chillin there when a hooman snatched him and use it as bait

    FakeKezZunFakeKezZun13 timmar sedan
  • Imagine being that cicada minding your own business then someone grabbing you and just screaming for your life but he just throws u into the water and eaten by fish

    totally not a gold bartotally not a gold bar13 timmar sedan
  • He said don't blink and i instantly blink

    José ReyesJosé Reyes13 timmar sedan
  • Man: alright this cicadas' life has started Card declines

    alida flusalida flus13 timmar sedan
  • Imagine spending 17 years underground only for a fishing tiktoker to stumble upon you with an unquenchable lust for views

    Not Julian GreenNot Julian Green14 timmar sedan
  • No la cigarra

    Tiziano Lionel Quiroga MansillaTiziano Lionel Quiroga Mansilla14 timmar sedan
    • Disculpa me podrias traducir al español

      Tiziano Lionel Quiroga MansillaTiziano Lionel Quiroga Mansilla13 timmar sedan
    • Awee I felt bad I had to see that. I wish the cicada's soul rest in peace.

      alida flusalida flus13 timmar sedan
  • Omg it wasn’t even messing with anyone you just took it’s life

    Amyah .TAmyah .T14 timmar sedan
  • “Take our position “ 🤣 u in the army?🤣🤣🤣

    Michael EngelmannMichael Engelmann14 timmar sedan
  • Relax its just an insect

    Cyril JohnCyril John14 timmar sedan
  • Number 15: cicada One day a cicada was just trying to chill and live but a giant 1000 times his size grabbed him and fed him to giant water demons.

    hopper codmhopper codm14 timmar sedan
  • Your pronounce it SAH-CAH-DAH. or. SA-CA-DA

    JeremyJeremy14 timmar sedan
  • Hey is that loch raven???!

    gavin zimmergavin zimmer14 timmar sedan
  • Aight. Now I’m gonna have fun not sleeping for the next 2 weeks.

    VIPERVIPER15 timmar sedan
  • I dont like its death

    Ata AkarsuAta Akarsu15 timmar sedan
  • A part of me feels like fishing with those flying bugs are disgusting 🤮 but another part of me is questions the normalization of worm fishing. I’ve seen hungry fish bite just about anything if the habitat is overpopulated.

    Blunt SessionsBlunt Sessions15 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P

    them_apples (Them-_-apples)them_apples (Them-_-apples)15 timmar sedan
  • His life goneeee

    Warzonegodd WarzonekingWarzonegodd Warzoneking15 timmar sedan
  • Poor thing tho

    KalkoKalko15 timmar sedan
    • @Kalko n o

      KenshiidesuKenshiidesu8 timmar sedan
    • @Kenshiidesu Poor thing tho ngl

      KalkoKalko8 timmar sedan
    • @Kalko n o

      KenshiidesuKenshiidesu9 timmar sedan
    • @Kenshiidesu Poor thing tho

      KalkoKalko9 timmar sedan
    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

      KenshiidesuKenshiidesu15 timmar sedan
  • If every 1-2 year old knew this they would be trowing any bug into the water

    Dr. Ford (Dvaughn Ford)Dr. Ford (Dvaughn Ford)15 timmar sedan
  • U seriously had to show move🙄🙄🙄

    crazy girlcrazy girl16 timmar sedan
  • Awee I felt bad I had to see that. I wish the cicada's soul rest in peace.

    Sade BeckfordSade Beckford16 timmar sedan
  • Did he just -

    Totoro 👁👄👁Totoro 👁👄👁16 timmar sedan
  • Well that was disappointing...

    LIAK LOCCLIAK LOCC16 timmar sedan
  • Why would you kill a perfectly healthy cicada, it was minding its own business 😂😂 RIP!

    N NN N16 timmar sedan
    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

      KenshiidesuKenshiidesu15 timmar sedan
  • Him: don’t blink Me: 👁_👁 〰️_〰️ 👁_👁

    BirbBirb16 timmar sedan
  • damn we just witnessed a murder

    whoisankywhoisanky16 timmar sedan
  • Cicada: chillin Tiktoker: *physically catches him and feeds it to the fishes* Cicada: fucking tiktokers...

    Muhammad AvdolMuhammad Avdol16 timmar sedan
  • "right here, we have a cicada" cicada: *_screeches_*

    depufulldepufull17 timmar sedan
  • In province of the Philippines we call those insects "kuliglig". It makes that sound every morning or night time.

    wicc zeezwicc zeez17 timmar sedan
  • A man later that day was grabbed and thrown into the ocean and sharks ate him

    FooFooFooFoo17 timmar sedan
  • Dude.. don’t fucking do that man..

    Kenn EmmanualKenn Emmanual17 timmar sedan
    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

      KenshiidesuKenshiidesu15 timmar sedan
  • bruhhh that was stupid…wtf you let a fish eat the cicada alive. and you did that for views or to show people a hack they already knew about…also, there are plenty of dead cicadas you could have used

    soysauce 776soysauce 77617 timmar sedan
  • The sound of the creature sounds like my electric toothbrush

    Xivixer OtelsXivixer Otels17 timmar sedan
  • As long as you only fish once every 17 years.

    The 570 ExperienceThe 570 Experience17 timmar sedan
  • How to ruin a bug's day

    ONG ZEN EE MoeONG ZEN EE Moe17 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P Cicada, you were chilling on a perch at one moment and in a fish's mouth the other 🖐 2021 - 2021

    •ANX!E-tea• ツ•ANX!E-tea• ツ17 timmar sedan
  • Lol you can spit in the water and sunfish will eat it

    Al KeenanAl Keenan17 timmar sedan
  • How tf do people have the balls of holding insects,bugs

    Square PizzaSquare Pizza17 timmar sedan
  • The bug made me cringe

    Anab YussufAnab Yussuf17 timmar sedan
  • no cap if that was me holding it i would scream and throw it… im sorry 😂

    • S N O O P C A K E Z •• S N O O P C A K E Z •18 timmar sedan
  • Smol dragons enjoy them too

    CoratCorat18 timmar sedan
  • Thats sad 😥. Rip bug

    Madeline puppyMadeline puppy18 timmar sedan
  • Take mine there so LOUD

    Lily ChangLily Chang18 timmar sedan
  • The secrets out.. Fish eat bugs

    Kenny HillKenny Hill18 timmar sedan
  • I was about to throw my phone

    Elena OlsenElena Olsen18 timmar sedan
  • 😦😦😦😦 I feel bad for that bug if it is a bug

    sheri fifesheri fife18 timmar sedan
  • Bluegill, Crappy, what are they?

    Kanon CollinsKanon Collins19 timmar sedan
  • Poor cicada duder. Oh well. Life cycle ain't pretty.

    Lunar DeBrieLunar DeBrie19 timmar sedan
  • Well that was MURDER 😅

    JGXXD \'ja-gud\JGXXD \'ja-gud\19 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P cicada ????-2021

    classical catclassical cat19 timmar sedan
  • Rip buggy

    Toronto BusinessToronto Business19 timmar sedan
  • When you fail the vibe check.

    Dalton BrownDalton Brown19 timmar sedan
  • I hope the tables turn and a giant cicada interrupts him while he’s doing his videos and feeds him to the fishes

    Edward Xavier NeronggaiEdward Xavier Neronggai19 timmar sedan
  • Bruh out here screaming *for his life* and this dude just throwing it the water cause it's cool. Man not even fishing 😭

    HazeHaze19 timmar sedan
  • Bløöd fōr thê blōöd gòd

    CandleLiteCandleLite19 timmar sedan

    Theunknownhuman 11 11Theunknownhuman 11 1119 timmar sedan

    Theunknownhuman 11 11Theunknownhuman 11 1119 timmar sedan
  • Ya good luck with that bait seeing how the next shipment is in 17 years

    CrfrandoCrfrando19 timmar sedan
  • Cicada: D:

    NozzyNozzy19 timmar sedan
  • Why would you do that man. Wtf

    Ll LLl L19 timmar sedan
  • I believe we witnessed a murder 🙂

    Heather SticklandHeather Stickland19 timmar sedan
  • That cicada be like : what did I ever do to you stupid human

    Alyssa HerringtonAlyssa Herrington20 timmar sedan
  • Killer

    Dwi MaryantoDwi Maryanto20 timmar sedan
  • Noooooo cicadaaaa :(

    Vic WatVic Wat20 timmar sedan