Why is there a giant "OWO" on 2b2t?

Today we uncover why a gigantic "OWO" was built on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and how an inside joke ending up becoming one of the largest obsidian builds on 2b2t.
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  • absolutely blessed

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  • Owu

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  • “ A giant a woo has been constructed on the oldest anarchy server In Minecraft”

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  • his owo sounds like uwu so 2 in 1 babyyy

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  • Its so hilarious xD

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  • man 2b2t is quirky oWo

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  • It took them 6 days to complete and they rested in the 7th day? That sounds like the bible

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  • OwO wut dis

    Henry StickminHenry StickminDag sedan
  • As weird as it sounds I’d love to be a worker lmao. I’d love to just be a rando (I don’t use hacks) and then I just get randomly picked and tasked with doing medial tasks. Just turn on a podcast and start mining, with guarantee protection and some sick loot.

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  • OwO

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  • "OwO what's that?" "OwO." "Wait..."

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  • O woo

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  • that "stay alive out there" just gimme motivation to still alive in this world XD

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  • owo looks like a face

  • i just enjoy the font they used

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  • OwO

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  • “looking to seek revenge” geez bros a sore loser lol

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  • These stories are so fun to listen. 2B2T is indeed something legendary

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  • owo what’s this

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  • should have asked me about the real facts

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  • Joe get the picaxe

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  • The woo actually sounds like how fit pronounces owo

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  • 0:05

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  • 0:06

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  • Am i the only one that thought it was said "oh-whoa" ?

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  • I don’t know anything about 2b2t but how do these people get all the enderchests?

    isaiah2 robloxmineisaiah2 robloxmine5 dagar sedan
    • Duplication exploits

      AssiArmy 187AssiArmy 1873 dagar sedan
  • Im also one player dat mine obby for them lol

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  • i love that they used slave labor lmao

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  • OWO

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  • obsidian slaves OWO

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    • Lmfao

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  • I'm gonna say it ..... OwO UwU

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  • where's the compilation of every owo

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  • oh-woah

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    • thats how you pronounce btw

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  • when he said im a grown man who requires subs because i said owoo (not a typo) i subbed immediately lol

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  • what a furry project uwu

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  • It should be ÒwÓ instead..

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  • Beast Machine, eh? You think he has a friend named Beast War?

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  • Oh kinda messy

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  • Hold my carrots PEKO!!

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  • and then a month or so later... "PE➚KO➘PE➚KO➘PE➚KO➘PE➚KO➘"

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  • I can't hit the subscribe button it makes me unsubscribe ):

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  • OwO time stamps 0:06 1:01 1:21 4:52 5:22 6:07 9:22

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  • the fact you pronounce it owu is suffering

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  • Fit pronouncing "OwO" like "Owoo" makes me irrationally angry. IT'S "OH WHOA" _I BEG OF YOU TO STOP_

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  • *Slave labor*

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  • “OwO” more like OwU

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  • Weebs: haha weeb go brrrrrr

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  • We neva gonna see the big illuminate thing in the middle of spawn in a video ;-;

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  • OwU -fitmc

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  • oh woo

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  • "OwU" - FitMC 2021

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  • Basically Woo2 got mad cause he was a fraud and he was in the wrong

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  • THE_WOO2:i wont bring the obi Watchmen:ok then we will make fun of you.:D THE_WOO2: :| >:( --------|--

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  • Troons and traps are finally taking over. It's the end of the world as we know it(and I feel fine).

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  • Legend status

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  • It's so cool listening these 2b2t stories, it's almost a parallel history from humanity ones...

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  • OwO

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  • OwO

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  • OWO

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  • Dude you know in a movie when you hate a character so much that’s how I feel about woo too

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  • Slave labour

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  • owo uwu Ow< >w< unu

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  • It's OwO not OwUU

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  • UwU

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  • Pekora laughs in the corner

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  • RIP WOO🖤

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  • Some group should take the record again by making the the words fit says next to the owo

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  • its not owu, its owo

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  • FitMC : *says OwO* Me, a furry : *exaltation*

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  • It's weird to think you look like a viking but can't say owo correctly

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  • OWO

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  • :hmm:

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  • OwO

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  • woo is stupid, he lied to the group and seeked revenge because they got pissed at him

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  • The sign: OwO Him: "OwU" Me: hmmm....... (I feel the need to say this isnt hate i just thought it was funny)

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  • weebs unite

    HalbzeitotakuHalbzeitotaku13 dagar sedan
  • What’s the background music? Also, Do you think you could start putting the background music names in the desc or in the comments? Thanks!

  • We have a giant Pekora on 2b2t now.

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    • No way

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  • PingPinPaoPingPinPao13 dagar sedan
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  • OwO this looks like owl it look cute.but the owl look like OwO

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  • Forced labor, hmm~ sounds familiar~

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  • OWO

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  • Ah, yes, *B L O C K Y S L A V E R Y*

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  • Bruhhhhhhhhh pop smoke in Minecraft 😂😂😂

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  • V tubers will invade the server

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  • OwO

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  • Man, this was the first video I watched

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  • Fit: pronounces OwO as “awoo” Every furry in a ten mile radius: If he weighs more than a duck, he’s a werewolf!

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    • True

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  • Jojo reference at 5:27 lol

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  • OWU

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