Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft Beta Squad

Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft @Beta Squad
In this video @Chunkz @Sharky @Johnny Carey @Aj Shabeel and myself all competed in a boxing tournament to win an iPhone 12 Pro Max. We also had the best referee of all time, @Niko Omilana LOL enjoy.

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  • Safe to say niko is an awful ref LOL

    KingKennyTvKingKennyTvMånad sedan
    • Tru lol

      •Chocofount••Chocofount•Dag sedan
    • You are cool

      Balbir SinghBalbir Singh2 dagar sedan
    • Hi Kimmy I am your friendship

      Vanessa RodriguezVanessa Rodriguez4 dagar sedan
    • Hi kitty how many friends

      Vanessa RodriguezVanessa Rodriguez4 dagar sedan
    • More prank videos

      TheUnrealMelon27TheUnrealMelon278 dagar sedan
  • WTF

    Ludvig JacobsenLudvig Jacobsen12 timmar sedan
  • You really dont post anymore😔😔

    Deamaj BowmanDeamaj BowmanDag sedan
  • Just came back to this channel after 2 years still going strong

    Brendan GoulderBrendan GoulderDag sedan
  • The only good thing of being a ref is watching the fight and getting made fun of cuz you can't do your job while your freinds are selling at you and laughing

    Hassan SialHassan SialDag sedan
  • Bro I remember watching you when I was younger like four years ago when you used to do pranks and stuff And you are having trouble with the family friendly stuff on SEslow You only had 150k subs and just came back now to see if your channel was still alive I remember when I was watching you I didn’t even have a SEslow account lol

    LinixxzLinixxzDag sedan
  • Pls come back

    pro gamingpro gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I watched his 2 years ago but i am back

    Renz ClanRenz Clan2 dagar sedan
  • ksi:the fuck ur saying

    非洲紅茶非洲紅茶2 dagar sedan
  • 🤘👌

    Balbir SinghBalbir Singh2 dagar sedan
    • Some one reply on her

      Balbir SinghBalbir Singh2 dagar sedan
  • King Kenny, Make your brother cry because it looks funny

    Balbir SinghBalbir Singh2 dagar sedan
  • all this for a phone

    joshua elkajoshua elka2 dagar sedan
  • You suck you just broke the xbox one

    Veronica PenafielVeronica Penafiel2 dagar sedan
  • Adjustable

    Veronica PenafielVeronica Penafiel2 dagar sedan
  • why don't you film with wisdom on fortnite

    david I'm your cousindavid I'm your cousin3 dagar sedan
  • I'm actually surprised I mean for his weight he's actually good is chunkz

    HamzyHamzy4 dagar sedan
  • His old channel 🤣🤣🤣

    Tim5635Tim56354 dagar sedan
  • ngl aj got moves

    nice men.nice men.4 dagar sedan
  • chunkz deserved that soo much

    Nathan_ AlbiNathan_ Albi4 dagar sedan
  • ik that sharky could knock johnny easily

    Nathan_ AlbiNathan_ Albi4 dagar sedan
  • the way he chose Niko as the referee is just perfect

    Nathan_ AlbiNathan_ Albi4 dagar sedan
  • Gib wants the smoke

    D17 GamingD17 Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • what is kennys upload schedule

    Abu AathirAbu Aathir4 dagar sedan
  • Sharkey got the knockout at 11:44

    the cool and awesome lifethe cool and awesome life6 dagar sedan
  • I wish he uploads more :C

    Blackz._.SaiyanBlackz._.Saiyan6 dagar sedan
  • I'm gonna celebrate early..... Congratulations for 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS KENNY! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Amal AhmadAmal Ahmad7 dagar sedan
  • I forgot hes evena thing

    XxcharkyxXXxcharkyxX9 dagar sedan
  • Kin kenny play five nights at freddy

    Zuleica FamiliaZuleica Familia9 dagar sedan
  • Hope Johnny wins

    Jenny KempsonJenny Kempson10 dagar sedan
  • missing those prank wars!!! and what's up guys it's your boy king Kenny tv!!!

    Cooking With NalandaCooking With Nalanda10 dagar sedan
  • You can tell Niko was scared when it was Kenny Vs chunkz

    Earth HubEarth Hub11 dagar sedan
  • 7:32 cheeky little ali shuffle from sharky over there 😎😎

    bluezenitherbluezenither12 dagar sedan
  • Dang you still makin videos?

    NotGhastlyNotGhastly12 dagar sedan
  • Bruh I remember when this guy was a prank channel but now he's black morgz

    UliUli13 dagar sedan
    • @A&BProductions True that

      UliUli11 dagar sedan
    • He’s not even close to how fucking garbage Morgz is, this guy is actually good.

      A&BProductionsA&BProductions11 dagar sedan
  • We need more uploads 😎

    FxtchFxtch13 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      ShadowTheProShadowThePro6 dagar sedan
  • Aj will never relax kenny in a boxing match he will kill ilyas

    Cali DhagooleCali Dhagoole13 dagar sedan
  • Niko is not entertaining at all!!!

    E RE R13 dagar sedan
  • Amin

    Bangla YusufBangla Yusuf14 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz Is Strong af

    KingEvanV2KingEvanV214 dagar sedan
  • I'm not calling Chunkz fat I'm callin Chunkz some gigantic human

    Amal HajaliAmal Hajali14 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz is big so he is going to win

    Amal HajaliAmal Hajali14 dagar sedan
  • Jonny's boxed before, for a descent amount of time. You can just tell by his timing and foot work.

    HermeśTreśHermeśTreś15 dagar sedan
  • My Nigerian brother made us all proud

    khalil adeojokhalil adeojo15 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha the chinese don was telling the triangle to hit harder

    Matt LeeMatt Lee15 dagar sedan
  • do this with viddal and ksi

    TCMZTCMZ15 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    DomnicDVAPLUSDomnicDVAPLUS15 dagar sedan
  • Haven’t seen your stuff in a few years. And you content has gotten better

    Jay KayJay Kay16 dagar sedan
  • Man sub guys he has been stuck in that much for long

    Ahmad GamingxxAhmad Gamingxx16 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to get involved in this me vs chunkz 😂

    Ej JarrettEj Jarrett16 dagar sedan
  • Love niko

    Tommy InnitTommy Innit16 dagar sedan
  • Either Kenny keeps on forgetting his password to SEslow or he has a bad uploading schedule like W2S

    Mr PotatoMr Potato17 dagar sedan
  • Why didn't they involve jj😂because he was gonna knock all yall out

    Thabiso HlopheThabiso Hlophe17 dagar sedan
  • Bring wisdom back

    Adelana AkinAdelana Akin17 dagar sedan
  • Bruhhhh!!! I had to go to my friends, neighbours, classmates, etc. Just to find you guys!!! It took me so long to find your channel and I just realize you guys now have alot of friends last time I saw you guys was when you made that rap about your little brother... I had to search big brother pranks little brother ignoring for 24 hours... But finally I found you guys again😁😁😁😁😊😊

    I_am N00BI_am N00B17 dagar sedan
  • Where’s ksi

    Cj_Thekxller GamingCj_Thekxller Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • Man you be fat😂😂

    Kobbyston x vlogsKobbyston x vlogs18 dagar sedan
  • Class video

    Josh KindredJosh Kindred18 dagar sedan
  • Guys I have a conclusion to where they're at. They're at Watford don't ask how I know but I am bare smart

    Bob LanghamBob Langham18 dagar sedan
    • @Mr Potato Yh I said what that because it said on the side of a ring Watford boxing gym from a sign.

      Bob LanghamBob Langham17 dagar sedan
    • I live in Watford I go to that boxing place every Sunday with my dad I live in south Oxhey it’s right next to Northwood and Watford (where beta squad lives) I’ve seen Niko and Kenny and snarky before but not Aj and chunkz I met Kenny and Sharky at Costco’s and I saw Niko 6 months ago on his bike coming back from Tesco’s smoking a cigar so Yes Niko does smoke cigarettes lol 😂 It’s very common to see them in Watford or south Oxhey

      Mr PotatoMr Potato17 dagar sedan
  • Tbf chunkz is heavier than Johnny but damn chunkz did a madness gg Johnny u did ur best

    Slin92 •Slin92 •19 dagar sedan
  • Ahh i am exited to see ksi vs chunks it would be a amazing fight just 2 rounds

    tugrul omertugrul omer20 dagar sedan
  • Low uploads :(

    SpiderEnder ́s WorldSpiderEnder ́s World20 dagar sedan
  • kenny give wisdon a challenge if he gets a victory royale buy him a ps5

    XD GuledXD Guled20 dagar sedan
  • Jj vs chunkz

    FedcjffvvfufdjcFedcjffvvfufdjc20 dagar sedan
  • u forgot jj

    solomon bolivarsolomon bolivar20 dagar sedan
  • What was that vid he deleted? Yall should know what I’m talking about

    M .BM .B20 dagar sedan
    • No it was different one

      McroMcro20 dagar sedan
  • 15:26 chunkz froze on one side 😂

    JNI bloodasJNI bloodas20 dagar sedan
  • Hi and have a nice day

    THE PUG GODTHE PUG GOD20 dagar sedan
  • im sorry but the crowd was completly on chunckz side

    RetroBlursRetroBlurs21 dag sedan
  • 3:32 you see the smoke get off George George is a smoker

    Akram NajiAkram Naji21 dag sedan
  • 👇🏾this how old Kenny is...

    Notorious KennyNotorious Kenny21 dag sedan
    • 3 lol he’s like 20 or something idk

      Mr PotatoMr Potato17 dagar sedan
    • 3 ?

      Hamza Gasser AbdelKaderHamza Gasser AbdelKader20 dagar sedan
  • It looks like Chunks eats everybody's food at the mansion...he named himself appropriately

    DK EnterpriseDK Enterprise21 dag sedan
  • *niko steps back* “social distancing”😭😂

    Naomi MasiaNaomi Masia21 dag sedan
  • Start uploading you schmuckalena

    SF slickSF slick22 dagar sedan
  • man like chunkz una looking like tyson fury

    SS23 dagar sedan

    shahmir saleemshahmir saleem23 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a prank with skull Parker again

    iDentical SlayeiDentical Slaye23 dagar sedan
    • @iDentical Slaye stfu

      am 47am 4719 dagar sedan
    • Pls

      iDentical SlayeiDentical Slaye23 dagar sedan
  • Chunks is fat

    Rheo SanchezRheo Sanchez23 dagar sedan

    mexican boimexican boi23 dagar sedan
  • ok how many breaks u gonna take

    nehemiah josephnehemiah joseph24 dagar sedan
  • The breaking point of the gang l

    CloudyCloudy24 dagar sedan
  • haven't watched a king kenny vid in forever, time flies by so fast ):

    SheLuvsSplxshSheLuvsSplxsh24 dagar sedan
  • Kenny could leave SEslow for five months and come back like nothing happened it is so weird but I hope you're doing good

    Itz_ZyntrixItz_Zyntrix25 dagar sedan
  • Where’s KSI

    Mystical BypasserMystical Bypasser25 dagar sedan
  • How come you haven’t done another prank?

    Pablo RomoPablo Romo25 dagar sedan
  • I have a theory that niko is acc rlly strong but doesn't want to boast about his strength

    DRIPDRIP25 dagar sedan
    • Eren jeager drip

      Dipper_trains lolDipper_trains lolDag sedan
    • Nah he’s tall and lanky

      didtheleldidthelel9 dagar sedan
  • if yellow don't understand Cantonese he said "hit harder"

    Jack CollinsJack Collins25 dagar sedan
  • There’s no way chunkz is 119kg.

    kevin thomsonkevin thomson25 dagar sedan
  • Tooo many Ws for chunks alhamdulillah

    Adam AdamAdam Adam26 dagar sedan
  • Most u man can’t tell but Johnny has a good stance and good jabs for a decent boxer

    RayRay26 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz is like Matt from wii boxing, he’s the best Sikeeeee kenny is the best

    EGGZEGGZ26 dagar sedan
  • This is stuff people wanna see ❌🧢

    George ThompsonGeorge Thompson26 dagar sedan
  • Kenny: Once he feels the Power is game over Then gets smoked

    Rimpelfin __Rimpelfin __26 dagar sedan
  • Johnny shoulda won 😐, I hate em but he shoulda won

    18zRvndy18zRvndy26 dagar sedan
  • KingKennyTV is better than Morgz!

    Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell27 dagar sedan
  • Hi Kenny i love all your videos and I was wondering if you could do some off those car videos again of when you were teaching Wisdom too drive.🤔

    Samuel HarrisSamuel Harris27 dagar sedan
  • 4:15 he can’t do sh#t

    Apple JackApple Jack27 dagar sedan
  • I have to give it to johnny. He did very well. I still dont understand why people do 360 spins in boxing. Thats litery how you get knocked out😂

    FlightSimStudiosFlightSimStudios27 dagar sedan
    • never seen someone to a whole 360 and get knocked out not even 180 😂

      Waifu_XxWaifu_Xx15 dagar sedan
  • Why you are my best youtuber

  • I'm olney 13ys I'm from Nottingham I not hard like u and ur budys like chuks and niko u all act hard 😅😅😅do more fortnite vidos with ur brother like brove stop hanging around with ur budys so much better then them

    Cove CareCove Care28 dagar sedan
  • U think because ur hard beacuse ur from London but fam stop acting so hard

    Cove CareCove Care28 dagar sedan