⛵️Getting ready to set sail!! #180

We’re Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that have bought a 44ft steel sailboat (Dinieper Tropic 1200, designed by Joubert and Nivelt) that was abandoned on the hard for 22 years in Guarujá, Brazil. We are on the mission of refitting her to travel the world taking our house with us!
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Instagram: @oddlifecrafting
Reginaldo's contact: +55 13 997676359 (Guarujá - Brazil)
The clutches we used: www.spinlock.co.uk/en
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  • People at Sika should send you some money for all the SIKAFLEX advertisement.

    Wesley MoreiraWesley Moreira23 dagar sedan
  • "Starting the day with Sikaflex" 🤣🤣 Looking great guys, almost there!

    D|M PhotoD|M Photo26 dagar sedan
    • ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting26 dagar sedan
  • I see a clear symptom of people with to much Patreon money and not much will to sail. It is very common, a lot of boaters are perfectly happy fiddling on their boat every weekend for years never getting in the water, but mainly do not forget SEslow is a nice way to make a VERY good living (huge by Brazil standards). Who wants to kill the golden goose.

    jieff lerenardjieff lerenard27 dagar sedan
  • Here is a wonderful explanation of the driveshaft mechanism. seslow.info/u/maGHmdXbgpmIgbs/video

    Jeffrey DeitchJeffrey Deitch28 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting28 dagar sedan
  • Regret showing up late ... But, did you notice what was going on in the back ground @ 7:38 to 8:30 ? Probably not... both of you had your back to it the hole time. BUT, ALL the boats where dancing to the music you put on ! Suggestion : The air box. To help remind you that it's there. Paint about an inch of the lip in that Brite 🍊 color, then stencil " not a step " behind it. Then on the flat spot. Put a pic of a foot with Duca's name on it inside a circle with a RED line through it. Or something to that effect !!! Ha

    Robert CoyRobert Coy29 dagar sedan
  • I so love your channel an your Sailboat is getting more an more done an beautiful... I adore you 2 very much... So excited for your future ✌🏻💗😊❣️

    Donna KawanaDonna Kawana29 dagar sedan
    • 💗💗💗

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting29 dagar sedan
  • I wonder... Two years ago you said you were going to get the boat just good enough to get it home, and then finish the container house. Clearly your channel has gotten a lot bigger with the boat and people want to see the boat rebuild. It is cool, why not right? My question is this: why didn’t you go home to the container home you own and live there while finishing the boat, rather than paying for an apartment all this time? Thank you.

    Chap CChap CMånad sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting Thanks for answering. I appreciate that. I’ll keep tuned, but know some of are still waiting to see that container house finished too! LOL. 😉

      Chap CChap C29 dagar sedan
    • Hi, Chap. As we always say, plans change. We are not paying for an apartment as we are living at my sister's apartment. In the end of last year we decided to replace our engine and we are still waiting for it to be installed.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • do you have stock shares in silkaflex?

    martin Brittmartin BrittMånad sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting :)

      martin Brittmartin BrittMånad sedan
    • We wish

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • stay safe and if you could please like my channel also would be a great help haha :p

    Papa Tomz TVPapa Tomz TVMånad sedan
  • Duca Roberta you have transformed that boat, well done both of you super effort.

    Chrisopher CheshireChrisopher CheshireMånad sedan
    • Thanks, Chrisopher

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Nossa que lindo que está!😍😍😍 Parabéns a vocês, que capricho, que amor em tudo que fazem!

    cristianecristianeMånad sedan
    • Obrigada. 💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Duca and Roberta, you two did a great job on the boat. I actually meant some people friend your country a long time ago. Great people. This was in the 70s and I had never meant people as nice as the people from Brasil.

    John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan
    • Thanks, John. 🇧🇷💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • If Roberta see the tshirts and pants that i wear, will ask if i came of war rsrssss

    gerson araujo silvagerson araujo silvaMånad sedan
    • 😂

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Can't wait to see what you do when boat finished.......use engineering degrees or just play around with a boat?

    Art JacksonArt JacksonMånad sedan
  • I'd put some kind of rubber cap or something over those screw heads around the dorade boxes. You will hit one with a toe while sailing one day and it won't be good. there are some sharp edges there.

    David LawDavid LawMånad sedan
  • Why the sealant between the clutches and the stainless plate?

    Henk KoopmansHenk KoopmansMånad sedan
    • The clutches are made out of aluminum and the plate is stainless steel, so it was put there to isolate them

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Heyy nice work! Have you guys tried using something butyl based as a sealant? If you are only trying to seal and dont necessarily need to glue sika is the wrong choice. Gets kinda leaky after some years and most parts will either never come off or just not in one piece ;). Cheers!

    the 676the 676Månad sedan
    • We are not used to using butyl and we are always afraid that it's not gonna seal as well as we need to be sealed. A friend of ours has a million Euro boat and had problems on his hatches with the butyl tape

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Still on the hard I see.

    Carl BlackCarl BlackMånad sedan
  • Will you sail in this calendar year?

    mark dombrowskimark dombrowskiMånad sedan
  • Please stay safe! Let us know about Fred and his wife and the Yaba couple! Get in the water!!!!!!!!

    rdweeterrdweeterMånad sedan
  • Those are perfect vents where can I order them love the fact water can't get into the cabin and have self drainage can't fine them anywhere online.

    Smokes 65Smokes 65Månad sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting I have these on my boat the airflow isn't that great. I like your setup, not even a chance of water coming into your cabin. You guys are amazing love your work and the energy you both have.

      Smokes 65Smokes 6529 dagar sedan
    • Some people also uses this ones: www.amazon.com/ECO-WORTHY-Solar-Powered-Venting-Stainless/dp/B00I1D4S9C/ref=rtpb_10?pd_rd_w=e68AH&pf_rd_p=be844577-fee7-4bbc-8dda-083e56cc6f0d&pf_rd_r=Y49CEH0D16WDRM8NPX6N&pd_rd_r=60a4b049-af90-4e58-aa53-590784216bcc&pd_rd_wg=iPjx3&pd_rd_i=B00I1D4S9C&psc=1

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
    • As we said on the video they were made for us. You can find it in some places out of Brazil: www.plastimo.com/en/deck-equipment-rigging-hardware/deck-vents-dorade-boxes.html www.amazon.com/dp/B08L19CV6P/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B08L19CV6P&pd_rd_w=SI8SK&pf_rd_p=085568d9-3b13-4ac1-8ae4-24a26c00cb0c&pd_rd_wg=6Xf0d&pf_rd_r=ZPV5PYB4H7S3QQHZVJ4Q&pd_rd_r=25f3e1a8-eb69-451b-aa53-f19795cd5e7d&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyRFkwRTcyM1lVNUpHJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMDg2Njc3TUUxNUpZTEc5Q0FQJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTA1ODgzNTgxMURBN0c5Q1I3Q0NEJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfZGV0YWlsJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ== www.vetus.com/en/ventilation/cowl-ventilators/dorade-box-for-cowl.html

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Heat guns for the win. I use mine all the time.

    Jim MacDonaldJim MacDonaldMånad sedan
    • It's indeed great

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • What happened to Fred has been a long time. We don't hear from him also he has not post any videos on his channel in my opinion they where very creative.

    Jacob AcevedoJacob AcevedoMånad sedan
  • Green T-shirts and black shorts are the official uniform of the ODD.

    tuberterry1tuberterry1Månad sedan
  • have you thought of using butyl rubber for sealing , such as your rope clutch plate; stays flexible and easily removed when needed... love your channel

    bruce warrenbruce warrenMånad sedan
  • Duca eu tambem tenho minhas camisetas de estimação e a minha mulher vive ameaçando jogar fora. São como um whisk 12 anos, demora pra chegar nessa maciez e ventilação. Roberta não seja insensível. kkkk

    André Bonelli de OliveiraAndré Bonelli de OliveiraMånad sedan
  • Mighty beautiful and clean boat you have there!!

    Richard BoodyRichard BoodyMånad sedan
  • An enjoyable episode. Be safe out there.

    Amon ShumateAmon ShumateMånad sedan
    • Glad you like it ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Unless I missed something clutches need to be thru bolted.

    Michael DodsonMichael DodsonMånad sedan
    • The old ones were installed in the same way and worked fine. That’s why the plate is this thick

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Wonderful video. Loved the music. Its all in the details! If you make it up to the Pacific Northwest and the Salish Sea, would love to see you sail by.

    coug96fancoug96fanMånad sedan
    • Thanks 😊 maybe some day 😁

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • 180 episode. Are you ever going to sail?

    daniel oosthuizendaniel oosthuizenMånad sedan
    • Until the episode 87 we were building a shipping container house 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Olá, Namastey from INDIA, love your channel🚤🚢 and your positivity💖, its pure happiness. with all the electronic controls i think in near future people might have opportunity to have real boat sailing experience/control from their home just by login in to your boat account/channel something like playing online game , a futuristic idea for u guys.......

    Universal seekerUniversal seekerMånad sedan
  • Get that boat in the water and a cold drink in your hand

    J WJ WMånad sedan
  • I believe Roberta has lost weight. She looks very healthy. Be safe!

    Middle School TeachersMiddle School TeachersMånad sedan
  • Duca I've said this before ...you are a lucky man to have Roberta at your side, she will get stuck in and work to help you out unlike some women that are scared to get there hands mucky. and best of all Duca , she loves you, you can see that the way she looks at you.

    Steven RobinsonSteven RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Hi Guys, With 5 lines in those clutches it's going to get messy tangled and dangerous without bags to hold the tail ends. Any plans for the first port of call when you get in the water? Cheers Eric

    midgoog2midgoog2Månad sedan
  • 6:39. Gonna have your engine compartment clean enough to eat out of. I'm a auto tech, and unless I'm doing a full restoration, I usually spray some degreaser in the engine compartment when I'm replacing or rebuilding a engine, hit it with the pressure washer, and say, that'll do, pig, that'll do....lol

    dave1135dave1135Månad sedan
  • I think Duca dreams of Sikaflex

    Chris SammonsChris SammonsMånad sedan
  • Oh No !! they have run out of green tape !!!

    Sandra DunbarSandra DunbarMånad sedan
  • Cadê o Fred?!

    otavio malheirosotavio malheirosMånad sedan
  • You did a very good job. Congratulations. The best boat ever!!!

    Михаил КалининМихаил КалининMånad sedan
    • Thank you very much!

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Love to you both, as always, from Devon. Your music is perfect, just perfect. X Adam 7 - Faster Than My Dreams One last ticket before it's gone One last summer before it's fall Tune your strings and play your cards Little words hit me like a game of darts And you're beating, beating on my drum And you're beating, beating on my door Running faster, faster than my dreams And I can't stop to breath One last lie before the truth One last fight before I lose I ask myself where should I go Did I do enough to feed my soul And you're beating, beating on my drum And you're beating, beating on my door Running faster, faster than my dreams And I can't stop to breath And you're beating, beating on my drum And you're beating, beating on my door Running faster, faster than my dreams And I can't stop to breath

    John WarmanJohn WarmanMånad sedan
  • Olá amigos.Devagar e sempre. Sim tem que ter paciência. Logo chegará o motor.Cuidem-se bastante.Uma otima semana.Fiquem bem!🤗🤗

    Maria Lina KeilMaria Lina KeilMånad sedan
    • Obrigada pelo apoio de sempre 🤗

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • I just brought my first tube of Sikaflex 😁👍.

    paul bishoppaul bishopMånad sedan
    • Yey!

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • It is criminal that sixaflex doesn't sponsor yourselves. So close now guys. Exciting times.

    Wiggle WiggleWiggle WiggleMånad sedan
  • It's impressive you guys are still posting videos, in and around the pandemic and lockdown situations in Brazil. Just hoping you guys stay so safe and careful! But I know you guys are smart and taking care of yourself. Really smart to use some older small projects to put it together nice videos. While, some of us might not be aware of the current situation of the pandemic in Brazil, I can tell you this, we all want you guys to stay safe and not be stressed about putting out videos during lockdowns. Love you guys!

    Don AshcraftDon AshcraftMånad sedan
  • You might like a bug screen in the Dorade Box... Thanks for sharing.

    Tenright77Tenright77Månad sedan
  • The amount of detail you have put into this vessel is so amazing. Love seeing you to so close again to being under way.

    Pop's Old BoatsPop's Old BoatsMånad sedan
  • Good to see you applying knowledge about galvanic corrosion, especially owning a steel boat. Did wonder about why 3 different metals for the genoa track though. Ah, and yes, you got your Sikaflex Fix! Looking forward to the engine install, a splash and dolphins off the bow! Oops! l almost forgot about the sails and a dinghy?

    PassinThruPassinThruMånad sedan
  • Hi, I customize screw lengths with a milwaukee m12 bandsaw and a pair of pliers. Of course I have other milwaukee battery tools. other brands will work as well. I know makita also has similar tools. the hand held portable bandsaw is brilliant. Cheers from California

    dhincks1dhincks1Månad sedan
  • You have to go sailing soon because there is a world Sikaflex shortage because of ODD!

    Brian EspositoBrian EspositoMånad sedan
  • I prefer to use butyl than Sikaflex.

    Olaff ClaveauOlaff ClaveauMånad sedan
  • Gosto muito de vocês mas parem de fazer e comecem a aproveitar velejar muito bla bla bla aproveitem e curtam

    Andre DidierAndre DidierMånad sedan
  • I can't wait to see ODDS body lines under sail in some weather. Getting close guys.👍

    fortnite Wardog2402fortnite Wardog2402Månad sedan
    • We also can’t wait for it ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • I knew I should have bought shares in Sycaflex??

    sapper stevesapper steveMånad sedan
  • Odd is BETTER then it has ever been. Better than new!

    Paul FredricksonPaul FredricksonMånad sedan
    • ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • I dont know about others but it would be so nice to see some of your normal life and location wherever you are. For example you mentioned about going for lunch....I like content like that mixed in as it makes you more relatable and real. People don't just follow you for the boat stuff, like me we all follow you because you are an interesting couple. The boat look amazing now compared to when you first got her. You must both be so excited and proud. We'll done.

    Kenjikojo MashiKenjikojo MashiMånad sedan
  • You've done an amazing job of restoring this boat.

    Alan SAlan SMånad sedan
    • Thanks, Alan

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • I do not think it's possible for them to find any safety gigs on your sailboat ..As we said in the army . Attention to detail is the key .

    Trevelyn BrownTrevelyn BrownMånad sedan
  • Just a tip I have on my boat around the durade I have a stainless cage sort of preventing them from being smashed 👌

    Alix PeplerAlix PeplerMånad sedan
    • We thought about that, but then we would need to weld it on our galvanized steel hull and we didn't want to ruin the galvanization

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Always nice to see you 2 working together, you guys make a fantastic couple , can’t wait to see you sailing.

    sylvain greniersylvain grenierMånad sedan
    • 😊We also can't wait for it

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Long screw just screw a nut on it then cut the screw. unscrew the nut it will fix the threads

    Danny MooreDanny MooreMånad sedan
  • Your Boat is coming along very nice! But one question since your boat was only in the water for 2 months and the amount of growth on the bottom was alot! Are you looking into something different for coating the bottom or going with the same product? Hello from Florida

    Dennis smithDennis smithMånad sedan
  • Hi Guys, I really like the direction, essence and theme that your video editing is going. What you have manged to do since you bought the boat, and I have followed you since you did, is amazing. Not only have you given us all a great demonstration to do things correctly with a commendably attention to detail. You have managed to make a shed load of hard work and organising parts etc look fun. It is no surprise the the boat is looking stunning. I fully understand the concept of your channel in that it is about the restoration of your boat, and the skills that you have had to learn or depend on. I am sure that this will lead to your video content becoming more boat life and sailing etc. The work that both yourselves do is not only interesting re content but also shows how well you work on tasks and as presenters and friends. So cool. A thought re your dorades, why not make some water proof bag covers with a draw string or elasticated opening for the funnels as then you could chose which ones to be open or closed in wetter conditions. An easier solution to blocking them off. Always keep us wanting more. enjoy.

    Rodger TelloRodger TelloMånad sedan
  • Are your solar panels attached to the Hard Bimini, and all the wiring, controls, & switches hooked up?

    Scott SmithScott SmithMånad sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting Oh, ok, that'll work too. I Just want you folks to have the best of everything and to make sailing as fun, pleasurable, and comfortable as possible. Without sacrificing too much on conveniences.

      Scott SmithScott SmithMånad sedan
    • We don't have a hard bimini. We just have our solar panels on the arch on the stern. This is how they were installed: seslow.info/u/oHxemrTNrmewmpI/video

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • I have a new name for the boat sikaflex odd men o men you use a lot of that

    **Pietje** **Puk****Pietje** **Puk**Månad sedan
  • Looking good the big day will be here soon i'm excited for you guys wish i was doing the same thing right now! hopes and dreams

    Craig McdonaldCraig McdonaldMånad sedan
  • Your boat became more nice day after day.👍👍👍

    Dominique HubertDominique HubertMånad sedan
  • Sikaflexw pls sponsor them !!

    koryporci98koryporci98Månad sedan
  • It would be nice to have several cameras on the outside of the boat. One rotatable camera close or at the top of the mast and one at the bow section of the boat pointing toward where you are going, one at the stern pointing to where you have been, and perhaps one more showing helm. And get cameras one can watch over the internet. With such a system, while at some port, when you are down below, perhaps in bed, and someone is messing around outside, you can see what is going on without having to go outside. You could also stream one or more of the cameras live on SEslow (for example) when you have an internet signal.

    William SimmonsWilliam SimmonsMånad sedan
  • Cut the screw ?

    Josip MarasJosip MarasMånad sedan
  • That is the cleanest that engine room will ever be. Your boat is beautiful. I bet you can't wait to go sailing.

    Grant MyersGrant MyersMånad sedan
  • Nice work!!!! Looking beautiful!!!😊🇨🇦👌

    Lynn Del DucaLynn Del DucaMånad sedan
    • Thanks 👍

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • You can cut the screws 🥺

    crisedanacrisedanaMånad sedan
  • Just reading upsetting news from Brazil of Covid Virus in Young people, Please take extra care, be extra safe and aware. You may just get a mild dose but if it gets hold of you it can ruin your life. Take no unavoidable chances!!!!! ✝️✝️✝️✝️

    Philip MastersPhilip MastersMånad sedan
  • Your channel is a uplifting inspirational channel. The two of you show that there is hope in world two thumbs up.

    • Thank you so much 😀

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • There is gonna be time, to clean up the inside, to sort things, to go shop 4 food and then, we set a course.

    iSTAYuGOiSTAYuGOMånad sedan
  • great work! impressed.. but to many commersials

    Hoffen77Hoffen77Månad sedan
  • Sikaflex! It's not just for breakfast anymore!

    Guy RaymondGuy RaymondMånad sedan
  • Couples who play together stay together. Great work, just watch out for your toes on those screws(with 3 washers).

    Job MandersJob MandersMånad sedan
  • Im impressed how well you've kept track of all the parts. No small task friends. And now you practice being on the water?

    Rick GordonRick GordonMånad sedan
  • Hi guys, just a comment about the endless bits of music between your voice overs or talking to the camera. You know, you don't have to fill the silence with music. Most often silence is golden. Music distracts, or can annoy, but silence doesn't. And it is so much easier on the ear...and soooo much easier and quicker to edit the videos if you don't feel obliged to search for the music and edit it in. Thanks. Nice bilge in the engine bay, by the way.

    larry pinterlarry pinterMånad sedan
  • Hello Duca and Roberta , I lije your videos and have also subscribed. I lije the passion you both out into the work. So keep giving us more videos

    Hamish DempsterHamish DempsterMånad sedan
    • 💕 welcome to our channel

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Duca needs to get Sikaflex tattooed across his back! 😆

    Greg MojherGreg MojherMånad sedan
  • Nice. You need a fine gauze over the Dorade hole to keep insects out. You also need a way to seal off/plug the ventilation in heavy weather. If the Dorade get swapped by a big wave, water will still squirt through. Don't ask me how I know.

    LotophagiLotophagiMånad sedan
    • Minute 13:05 on the video 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Well done guys 👍🙂

    David CoganDavid CoganMånad sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Sometimes I think this should be called "The Sikaflex Channel." :)

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable ZoneMånad sedan
  • I have to say...Roberta's smile can launch 1000 ships. Without her resilience and positivity this project would never happen. Ok, Duca did a few things...but it would not have been possible without Roberta.

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable ZoneMånad sedan
  • The non-stop dedication, attention to detail, hard work and persistence of Duca and Roberta are so inspiring. They never stop thinking, problem-solving, working and going the extra mile. Big KUDOS to these guys. This is going to be an utterly amazing boat.

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable ZoneMånad sedan
  • Hi guy's How many rubber holl ? how many sikaflex cartridge ? Roberta we don't know you are a sikaflex expert too ! Do you changed your camera, because sometimes the background is voluntary blurry , but it's look very good ! Have a nice week. It's smell the sea journey become closer. See you soon. Denis.


    Sir FrydrykSir FrydrykMånad sedan
    • Duca is already having this problem 😁

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Duca and Roberta , when you get done show us a before and after shot of the boat . Thanks Jeff Cagle

    Chris CagleChris CagleMånad sedan
  • Looking very fine guys, I’ll miss watching you renovate the boat, hopefully we’ll get a lot a cruising viewing . If you ever get to the Algarve I’ll buy you guys a few beers👍👍👍

    andy davisonandy davisonMånad sedan
  • Hello Duca and Roberta, how are you? Finally Odd looks like he's going to sail. How beautiful the boat is. I want to see those sails hoisted and Odd in the wind !!!

    kradailha - Marcelokradailha - MarceloMånad sedan
  • Could you to explain to me what’s your full time jobs are do you work or do you hang around your boat having people to pay for all the work that you are doing have you got a profession that you are actually earning any money for yourselves without people having to donate to you to live at your leisure and enjoying yourselves at peoples expense so what is your profession

    George VellaGeorge VellaMånad sedan
  • For the dorade box screws just grind them back some till they’re just the right length. Don’t forget to grind off any burs by chamfering that leading edge and then they are set to go. One other thought, when you were drawing the lines on the masking tape for that viewing window under the hatch you could’ve just use the razor knife and then when you got it open peeled off that which would’ve been under rather than having to try to keep the knife right on the line and cut it freehand which was the way you did it. Just a thought for future projects. Keep up the great work, she’ll be back in the water and no time.

    Duane MillerDuane MillerMånad sedan
  • Sikaflex really needs to send Duca some merchandise...a cap or t-shirt.. really

    tokalanztokalanzMånad sedan
  • Looking good!

    AlfredAlfredMånad sedan
    • Thanks!

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingMånad sedan
  • Been following since last january, really glad the final touches are being made.. cant wait for your first journey.

    darrensheredarrenshereMånad sedan
  • It’s lovely, in this time of fear and strife, to see these two, so gentle with each other. I watch as much for their sweet heart rending partnership, as for their intrepid, cheerful, day-to-day attitude towards hard work. Bravo R&D!

    Jim DowneyJim DowneyMånad sedan