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As their time at Guedelon Castle in France draws to an end, the team look at the castle's place in the wider medieval world.

Thirteenth-century Europe was a busy, developing, connected place, where work, trade, pilgrimages and crusades gave people the opportunity to travel across the continent and beyond.

From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.

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  • Who else loves Historian Ruth???

    kaztheklutzkaztheklutz21 minut sedan
  • Wow!! Wonderfully done, and I learned so much!! I wanted this to never end!👏👏👏❤💯 Please share more of your work and adventures with this project.🙏💯

    ShannonShannon7 timmar sedan
  • My grandmother and grandfather used to run a cotton loom dye business. I remember my mother telling me how colourful our balcony would be from all the dyed loom

    kimikimi19 timmar sedan
  • Love history!!!

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  • That man,s voice is so good.

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  • Omg!!!!!!! Lol really excited a month late but this is awesome

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  • ♥♥♥

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  • I love seeing stuff like this with all respect to those who have worked so hard in this.

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  • And the ginger bread??

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  • Man I could HAVE really DONE with this when I was doing MY MA

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    • Doing my ma 🤣

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  • extraordinary 😜

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  • Now these people are true enthusiasts.

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  • I absolutely love this segment! However, while I do understand advertisements are necessary, I am getting them every 5 minutes on the dot. It would make the viewing much more enjoyable if they were less frequent...

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    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • How beautiful that stonework is, what amazing craftsmanship. I hope young people keep training in it.

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  • Woow Amazing .🙄

    Saman nandalal RanasingheSaman nandalal Ranasinghe12 dagar sedan
  • This is fascinating.

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  • You should rename this as "How to build a castle"

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  • This video is 58 minutes and 29 seconds long. It also has 18 fecking ads in it. I'm having flashbacks from cable when I was a kid.

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  • And they brought the plague with trade.

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  • Most amazing that programme was. Thumbs up!!!!!

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  • Love that,s man,s voice NZ

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  • this isnt real, we have no proof this even happened

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  • These are the kind of documentaries that I crave. I've learned so much in a little less than an hour!

    Madison MeadowsMadison Meadows19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for teaching us about our roots and keeping our history! How quickly we forget in this modern age! -United States:)

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  • Xin chào các chú và cô em thích thôn quê lắm và em có việc cần xử lý hôm nay em xem đến đây và em sẽ xem và viết nhé cứ như thế em gọi cho bé nhà em!

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  • This was a beautifully done documentary 🥰

    Freya LovelaceFreya Lovelace22 dagar sedan
  • I came here to learn all the positions and jobs performed inside a fully garrisoned medieval castle. Instead, I learned how to build one.

    jdlechjdlech22 dagar sedan
    • Same! Interesting but not what I came for. I stopped watching it, but saved for later.

      KCKC3 dagar sedan
    • Not at all what I expected either

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    • Right

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  • Amazing how similar the masonry technique is to modern day masonry. I worked as a mason for 10 years most of our stone is pre shaped but we still have to do all the things they show to finish and mate the stone because nothings perfect from factory and modern plans.

    MrEvilsurpentMrEvilsurpent27 dagar sedan
  • Kudos to the team of Royal Realty for showing us everything in so much detail and much respect for their first hand experience practice of everything. This brought a smile on my face 😁

    shreya agarwalshreya agarwal27 dagar sedan
  • I love this

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  • Brillianr series, thank you

    catherine gamaroffcatherine gamaroff29 dagar sedan
  • This is the kind of first-class entertainment that the bbc excelled in before they went *woke* and got *broke* (morally, if not financially, yet).

    annastine hammersdottirannastine hammersdottirMånad sedan
    • “Woke”. Pff. A word used by idiots to cancel people.

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  • Love these programs. It makes me grateful for what whe have now.

    janie camachojanie camachoMånad sedan
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying this production, but perhaps it should have been entitled "How to Construct a 13th Centurty Castle". The material about about living within one is conspicuously lacking. Nevertheless, it's a well made video.

    Grenadier 22Grenadier 22Månad sedan
  • The ladies were crouching over the plants cutting leaves and I thought, "WOOOOOAD." Holy fuck how did I know! They use piss on it to make the dye

    Kara AmundsonKara AmundsonMånad sedan
  • Ay the speed their going it would take a hundred yours to build just one castle . Just to gather the materials need would take for ever, and where did they store the material? How did they get it? Did they have a steady Suply coming everyday from Lowes to the top of a cliff? A few people with horse un carriage did all this all over the world right? Why? Who is going to invade a castle on top of a cliff in the middle of absolutely no where ? How would they even get to it? if you want to kill the king just wait till he is out and about somewhere? There is a history page that's missing, some one tore it out to hide real facts . It makes no sense at all just like any of the history they cram down everyones throats , its all fake . Don't believe it? Why was Tarteria whipped clean of the maps? It was only the biggest territory in the world ? But do you know anything about it? Does anyone?

    Ultra vivioUltra vivioMånad sedan
    • Nurse! Meds needed.

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  • Amazing production!

    CB BCCB BCMånad sedan
  • It was the Norman's who imported castles in England. The Anglo Saxon were shit in architecture.

    Antoine MozartAntoine MozartMånad sedan
  • ... is it Rue that they used to create a blue dye? I didn't catch what they were saying..

    Linda KayeLinda KayeMånad sedan
    • Woad.

      GreyWolfClimberGreyWolfClimber28 dagar sedan
  • Anyone catch the name of that plant that turns blue? I can't quite hear what she says.

    Ivana PlavsicIvana PlavsicMånad sedan
  • Most of this has been proven completely false or Fictitious stories compiled by kings and queens to lay the groundwork for control. I want to be able to block this type of propaganda. I feel bad for the people that devoted their life to government funded history and science but enough is enough. I don't want this fake Hollywood funded and acted out nonsense to come on after a video i chose. Each time it happens i report it as spam misleading because anyone with a brain under the age of 65 has debunked years ago, damn near a decade now. Please youtube if youll protect pedows to the point where your average human can't even comment the word to raise awareness without being silenced then at least give the kids a history that the earth shows and isnt connected to fairytale garbage.

    J ElliottJ ElliottMånad sedan
  • Wow

    shawnte Pittsshawnte PittsMånad sedan
  • It’s so strange but I only know of my ancestors back to about early 1800s, so I don’t even think about the fact that, OF COURSE I had ancestors that lived through this period. And probably in this area. But I just have such a hard time accepting that.

    Maxi VinhausenMaxi VinhausenMånad sedan
  • To make it more realistic, after these people did all of that hard work to build it, have some foreigner come in, kill all of them, and take possession of it.

    Rare BreedRare BreedMånad sedan
  • Hats off to Ruth. I do tapestry as a hobby,

    Sarah NixdorfSarah NixdorfMånad sedan
  • who is the main stone cutter can he be hired? does anyone have a way to contact him?

    Adolph DupreeAdolph DupreeMånad sedan
    • I’d guess he’s working on Notre Dame right now.

      GreyWolfClimberGreyWolfClimber28 dagar sedan
  • You finished yet.? Need any help ? I think there were more people back in the day working on building the Castel's than this? and as far as craftsman moving around and being well-traveled more than the average joe it's no different today. Some do some stick around and build the supporting infrastructure, and so on. I have done it both ways as a skilled craftsman/tradesman, From California Silicon Vally to Montana to the Caribbean and back.

    Eric SwainEric SwainMånad sedan
  • How amazing is this experience! Wow! And Ruth, we love to see you and the way you explain things in such intricate ways.

    Don HolmesDon HolmesMånad sedan
  • What's amazing is that, as advanced as we think we are today, 99% of people today couldn't accomplish what these people did with hand tools almost 1000 years ago.

    John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan
    • @Miki Berge your comment is pointless and stupid

      beentheredonethatbeentheredonethat2 dagar sedan
    • It’s called Chronoracism. Anyone from the past is considered less intelligent than us today.

      GatsbyGatsby3 dagar sedan
    • Now I can have a pizza delivered by a robot car. How is that for advancement?! lol. But yea, hard work your whole life to be sure you have shelter and food. That theme hasn't really changed much.

      T DT D4 dagar sedan
    • @GoldenBoy Weird flex but OK.

      Matthew EltonMatthew Elton7 dagar sedan
    • @Miki Berge 0

      nicole martineznicole martinez9 dagar sedan
  • stop stealing other people's work

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  • Did things not get better for everyone ? Things that were for royalty and the like now lining shopping malls.....

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    • Oops, leaning on cell phone disregard last entry

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      Paula Renee LeePaula Renee LeeMånad sedan

    Emma RichardsonEmma RichardsonMånad sedan
  • I just find this so awsome and amazing.

    Emma RichardsonEmma RichardsonMånad sedan
  • now I wanna become a stone cutter

    KimiaKimiaMånad sedan
  • lies

    wayWokewayWokeMånad sedan
    • @wayWoke I've thought about answering that but i doubt you'd give any valid sources to support any claims you'd make.

      Maria Theresia von HabsburgMaria Theresia von HabsburgMånad sedan
    • @Maria Theresia von Habsburg I understand why you would say that, I was the same way. Your reply should of been, what makes you think this?

      wayWokewayWokeMånad sedan
    • @wayWoke yeah i'll trust the ones who made this documentary which is backed by historians over a random dude on SEslow.

      Maria Theresia von HabsburgMaria Theresia von HabsburgMånad sedan
    • This is all fake history. This is not how we lived at this time. We were much more advanced. Histroy ch is propaganda@Maria Theresia von Habsburg

      wayWokewayWokeMånad sedan
    • How so? lol

      Maria Theresia von HabsburgMaria Theresia von HabsburgMånad sedan
  • I see everyone living together and enjoying their lifestyle and the simple life. And here I am wondering, how did this year's pandemic [Covid-19] has affected the construction progress? After all, they gave themselves last time about twenty or twenty-five years to complete the site. I definitely look forward to seeing the rest of the small projects before the final showing.

    Chrystal Bess ReddingChrystal Bess ReddingMånad sedan
  • What an interesting program . Havent found something this interesting on youtube in quite some time .

    keith Gabbardkeith GabbardMånad sedan
  • It's spelled woad.

    Aurora PeaceAurora PeaceMånad sedan
  • My mom's side are McNamara's builders of castle's and monasteries, from research I've done theres still a few standing... if we ever get out of our current predicament I'd love to visit them!

    Nel RavenNel RavenMånad sedan

    fred flintstonerfred flintstonerMånad sedan
  • Enjoyed this show

    Bharath KumarBharath KumarMånad sedan
  • Of course this nonsense auto plays next after watching stuff about worlds fairs and and ancient tech

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  • That female historian is really fitting into her 13th century role quite well. I'll wager to bet she turns into a witch at night?

    Peter421Peter421Månad sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      Dana MüllerDana MüllerMånad sedan
  • Did anybody notice that they didn't need to go work out in a gym?

    Politics in Plain EnglishPolitics in Plain EnglishMånad sedan
    • @Dana Müller Because people during that time period were doing so much physical labor and eating organic food that there was no need for artificial activity it would have been too much. And they didn't need a TV either because all the work kept them busy.

      Politics in Plain EnglishPolitics in Plain EnglishMånad sedan
    • Why though

      Dana MüllerDana MüllerMånad sedan
  • We are listen to scared one reading what they stolen .

    Amber HillmanAmber HillmanMånad sedan
  • She ,only complete facts and job's. Before, she put them on thier own mission.

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  • Love main newspapers and the last newspapers that I asked for. Which is put away with others.

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  • Be concerned about city last name and nickname remember we are listen to the channels she watches.

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  • All the way back in the 13 century.

    Amber HillmanAmber HillmanMånad sedan
  • Was that human urine?

    James CurtisJames CurtisMånad sedan
  • The lack of symmetry in color of that arch bothers me. I'm just saying.

    James CurtisJames CurtisMånad sedan
  • look forward to visiting this place one day

    H.R. HufnStufH.R. HufnStufMånad sedan
  • "What Life Was Like In A 13th Century Castle?" Pretty shit actually. People were not peoples but properties of the Lord of the land. If the Lord wanted to come to your farm take all your food , screw your daughters and wife on front of you for fun that was is god rightfully right.

    Super Grafx EngineSuper Grafx EngineMånad sedan

    Gabriel CabanayanGabriel CabanayanMånad sedan
  • I love it. Thank you for your hard work. It was very interesting. I would like to see someone remake Gobekli Tepe with the tools that were available at that time period in which it was made. And some of the other mysterious sites that seem impossible to make.

    Blessed by YeshuaBlessed by YeshuaMånad sedan
  • ads every 3 minutes at times... terrible

    Mark MannoMark MannoMånad sedan
    • Adblock dear... no add then

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  • If people can't see what is happening, I don't know what to say!!!

    Jacquie SuperJacquie SuperMånad sedan
  • Respect X 2 ......now we know [ just a little more ] All those hours to cut those stones ,... man it did take a lifetime. This project needs a lot more money / man/woman power to see it to a end. This was interesting in many way's and it's worth to do.

    MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News.MrLaTEchno Reality,Stop Fake News.Månad sedan
  • I am looking at this program and being thankful that I wasn't around during this time. I have so much respect for the ppl that made everything possible back then. I don't think I would have survived a week.

    Aretha GrassiAretha GrassiMånad sedan
    • The sad thing is that we take everything for granted now, instead of being grateful.

      Jossianne 19130Jossianne 191303 dagar sedan
    • @LostAmericanHistory well there's nothing wrong with making oneself happy. I can relate because just researching history & attempting to re-create the amazing woodworking craftsmanship of that era is something that makes me happy as well. It would be truly incredible to visit place & time to experience medieval Europe not having to worry about any medical related issues (& possibly being able to understand what they're saying in Latin, Old French & Old English).

      David RustyLouisDavid RustyLouisMånad sedan
    • @David RustyLouis that is true, medical would be one thing that would be hard to give up. The things that killed so easily is nothing to us now. A lot of their ways seemed so primitive to us but my family has been trying to get back to that (growing 100% own food, self sufficient) for years now. We really underestimate how much they knew just to survive. It takes years to get good at gardening, know when its going to frost, what to grow and how to grow it. These people had it down pat. What I've found, the further my family gets from mainstream way of life, the closer and happy we are though.

      LostAmericanHistoryLostAmericanHistoryMånad sedan
    • @LostAmericanHistory also the near constant issue of infection would have been normal to them but still really unpleasant. Especially the virus, so many (the plague- "the Black Death" or as they referred to it - The Great Mortality). That stuff is horrifying & there's been nothing like it since the "Spanish Flu" that I'm aware of since that time (1348+). Not to be to grim.....☺

      David RustyLouisDavid RustyLouisMånad sedan
    • @LostAmericanHistory I am a tailor, trust me making clothes all by hand ( no sewing machine) ain't that much amazing.

      Aretha GrassiAretha GrassiMånad sedan
  • Ruth is fascinated by all of the very early home methods and the messier the better to her.

    gail handschuhgail handschuhMånad sedan
  • So my family has a ton of secrets and other things one of the rumors is that my family owned a castle in Czechoslovakia well you remember the story of Robin Hood well my family was that story it was based off of them. Except they would rob from the rich gift to the poor just like Robin Hood did he except fortune comes where the sheriff would’ve actually been Genghis Khan and we had a spy that warned my family in time and we were able to leave our castle and flee into the mountains and surrounding areas and get away from him and his troops that’s being the reason I am here today because if my family would’ve been killed off I would’ve never been born anyway cool little family story that goes down the line unsure if it’s true or not just cool to tell people about it

    sonja keeseesonja keeseeMånad sedan
  • The stone masonry is amazing

    Esoteric explorers martinezEsoteric explorers martinezMånad sedan
  • Can't handle all the adds, 15 wow!

    Cinda SchusterCinda SchusterMånad sedan
    • Then use an adblocker... it's free

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  • I love these series soooo much I wish they could do more!

    Esoteric explorers martinezEsoteric explorers martinezMånad sedan
  • Tysm for uploading these!!💕💕💕

    AquaStarAquaStarMånad sedan
  • How do these people get health and accident insurance for any mishaps that may occur while working on the castle tower, as a stone cutter or other unusual job?

    Rosella A Alm-AhearnRosella A Alm-AhearnMånad sedan
    • It’s in France.

      GreyWolfClimberGreyWolfClimber28 dagar sedan
  • Wow I learned so much just from this video. How wonderful people are willing to do this to teach us as well as their self how it was done in the past. Thank you for this education..

    Tamara GonzalezTamara GonzalezMånad sedan
  • How many of those trees were replace with new trees after you cut them down? This reminds me of that Donald Trump‘s children games. Where they kill animals that are on the edge of going extinct. Like a little Donnie‘s picture with a lion he just kill. How many trees did you replace? Have you ever heard of CO2?

    Oscar Coreo ContrerasOscar Coreo ContrerasMånad sedan
  • Very moving. Brought me to tears.

    gloria mudaliarhutchinsongloria mudaliarhutchinsonMånad sedan